America’s First Islamic Tribunal Based on Sharia Law Being Operated in North Texas

TribunalIRVING, Texas — America’s first Islamic tribunal based on Sharia law is being operated in North Texas, according to reports.

The court, located in Irving, has availed itself to the community to arbitrate disputes between Muslims, such as divorce proceedings, business conflicts and other civil matters.

“All our decisions point back to the Koran and Sunna … and what the prophet Mohammed left to us,” Dr. Taher el-Badawi, Islamic Tribunal judge, told KEYE TV.

But the three men who operate the court state that they do not seek to override the existing courts or the U.S. Constitution.

“We are not here to invade the White House or invade Austin,” Imam Moujahed Bakhach told reporters. “We are humble and want to settle a problem between Muslims.”

The Islamic judges state that their rulings are non-binding, and that they simply “give [people] the Islamic point of view—that’s about it—and it’s up to them to follow or not to follow.” Criminal cases are not among the issues handled.

Bakhach stated that he believes there are misunderstandings about Sharia law.

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“Maybe in their mind, the misconception about what they see through the media is that Sharia means cut the head, chop the heads, cut the hands, and we are not in that,” he told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth.

But some state that Sharia law does indeed require stoning and maiming persons under criminal law—it’s just that the Irving location is not taking cases of that nature.

“There is no school of Islamic jurisprudence among either Sunnis or Shiites that does not mandate stoning for adultery, amputation of the hand for theft and the subjugation of women,” wrote Robert Spence of Jihad Watch in a 2012 blog post.

“Stoning adulterers is in accord with the words and example of Muhammad, whom the Quran holds up as the supreme example of conduct for believers (33:21); amputation of the hand for theft is mandated in the Quran itself (5:38); and the oppression of women in numerous ways is amply attested by the words of both the Quran and the prophet of Islam,” he continued.

Some are also questioning where the existence of Islamic tribunals on U.S. soil might lead.

“[W]hat happens when U.S. law conflicts with their religious beliefs? Is allowing Islamic tribunals to operate in this country essentially opening the door for Islamic law to undermine or even replace U.S. law?” asked Monica Sanchez of MRCTV.

“I think what we will see is a coercion of Muslims to participate in this program,” opined Dr. Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.

Several states have introduced legislation that prohibits foreign law from being used in the courts.

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  • Fundisi

    Where will it lead is the question. For now, Muslims going to other Muslims to help them settle civil and moral disputes among themselves does not seem a particular threat to me.

    • William Mazeo

      They are going to use this to hide crimes that their laws allow them to do…

      • Ambulance Chaser

        Assuming anybody wanted to, how is this court supposed to do that?

        • William Mazeo

          Well, “extremists” manage to get people from western countries to join terrorists group. You really think their leaders, even the “peaceful” ones aren’t capable of some sort of manipulation and very strong influence?
          There are some areas in non muslim countries where if you say something against their religion they can hurt you pretty bad, imagine the power they have on their own people.
          Ever wonder why muslims never defend the victims when a terror attack happens? They only care for their religion and they’ll do what is possible to protect it. I’m pretty sure only the muslims that follow islam more close will use this tribunal even tho all muslims contribute to their goals they know they can’t “trust” some of them and they’d kill these people if they could.

          • Michael Castner

            Do you realise that the king of jordan,who is bombing isis,is also a muslim?Do you realise the jordanian hostage was also a muslim?

          • William Mazeo

            “I’m pretty sure only the muslims that follow islam more close will use this tribunal even tho all muslims contribute to their goals they know they can’t “trust” some of them and they’d kill these people if they could.”
            There is no such thing as moderate muslim. They’ll always defend their religion and not the victims except if the victim is a muslim. But… the “extremists” see the “peaceful” muslims as traitors if they fight against what they are doing anyway. Submit and you live, go against and you die.
            It’s clear enough now… also go read the sharia law…

          • Scott Severance

            This: “There is no such thing as moderate muslim. They’ll always defend their
            religion and not the victims except if the victim is a muslim.”

            Don’t you think that’s a bit prejudiced? I teach international students and interact daily with people from all over the world, including Muslim countries. I’ve had several of my Muslim students strongly condemn violent jihad, even when the victims are non-Muslim. Of course, I wish that all Muslims would oppose violence, but it’s rather unfair to allege that all Muslims support violence.

            If you had made that statement about someone of a different race, instead of Islam, you would have properly been branded a racist. So make sure you don’t make sweeping generalizations that you can’t defend.

          • William Mazeo

            Keep being fooled if you want. You’ve been warned, it’s your problem.

          • Phipps Mike

            Scott is right and you are paranoid.

          • Phipps Mike

            ” You really think their leaders, even the “peaceful” ones aren’t capable of some sort of manipulation and very strong influence? ”
            Manipulate WHO? certainly not Americans…aint happening, or are you another paranoid conspiracy theorist?

          • William Mazeo

            Yeah I was sure saying americans in my comment.

      • Fundisi

        I know it will upset Christians, but the Holy Spirit through Paul chided the early church for not judging such matter between themselves rather than going to the courts. So, as I said, depending on how far they go and their real intent, this does not sound particularly extreme to me.

        • William Mazeo

          1 – Read my comment again. You didn’t get it.
          2 – Go check the sharia law.

          • ccw

            you are sure wrong you need to read up on it

        • Phyllis Teeters Dawes Page

          The early church were born again Christians which has nothing whatsoever to do with the muslims.

          • Fundisi

            What the Holy Spirit spoke through Paul was not just for the early Church, if we are truly Christians and have a dispute with anyone of the faith, the Lord asks us, should we sue them, should we take such matters to the courts which are enemies of Christ, or should we not be able to take them to Holy Spirit filled elders to seek their counsel in resolving any disputes and if the brother or sister, wife or husband, will not heed that advice and wants to go to court, should we not rather suffer loss and harm at their hands? Or, did the Holy Spirit lie to us?

            I Corinthians 6: “7 The
            very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been
            completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? 8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers and sisters. 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God”

            You are right that there is a big difference between Christians and Muslims, the latter not being of God at all; but if they voluntarily submit to their own elders, as long as they do not violate our laws in the process, who are we to say no?

      • Scott Severance

        Uh, William, how exactly can a non-criminal court, which merely provides non-binding arbitration, hide crimes?

        • William Mazeo

          You really need to go into the real world to see how people can manipulate others…

    • what_would_ghengis_do

      Depends on how it’s done. Pastoral advice is fine. A Sharia-based ruling from an Islamic tribunal is another thing entirely. This is the camel’s nose getting under the tent.

      • Fundisi

        I understand and I agree first steps usually portend further and perhaps more ominous steps to come. Please explain what a tribunal means and how it is different from Paul telling the Church they should judge such things:

        I Corinthians 6: “6 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church? 5 I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!”

        • Phyllis Teeters Dawes Page

          The church of Jesus Christ has not got a thing to do with the muslims. Paul was talking to Christians.

          • Fundisi

            Yes He was, but can we say we should do this and say Muslims may not?

          • Cathy Ross

            Fundisi, Do you understand that sharia means beheading? What makes you think it is ok for them to bring this into our country? That being said, I think you aren’t reading 1Corinthians 6 with the correct understanding. Actually it is an application of Christian principles to carnality in individuals, as well as in the church. Christians are suppose to be different and separate from the sins of the world. But the Corinthians are destroying their Christian testimony because of immorality and disunity. Paul writes this as a means of correcting their improper attitudes and conduct and to promote a spirit of unity among them in their relationships and worship. So he asks in verse 1, ‘Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints? He is talking to the Church in Corinth. That as Christians, they are not to go to the unbelievers to settle their disputes, but to go to their leaders in the church. Read Chapter 6 carefully. But don’t skip over verses 9 and 10. They are important to this chapter. That will tell you why the sharia law should not be practiced in this country.

          • Fundisi

            First, I made it clear in other comments, I am only saying that if they voluntarily submit their disputes to these tribunals and they do not violate our laws in doing so, I see no problem in their trying to settle their own differences between themselves. My first comment was my concerns about how far it could go and that I was not endorsing it all all, just not being overly concerned in the limited ways I have just indicated.

            The plain fact is that the Holy Spirit through Paul was telling the Church to do this very thing, to settle such matters within the church and rather to suffer harm or being cheated than take such cases to worldly courts.

            Verses 9-10 do not prohibit the Muslim faith from practicing and enforcing their laws as they see fit, nor indeed Caesar from instituting his ungodly laws that rule over the church and in the latter case, as long as it does not cause us to disobey God, to obey even the laws of man.

    • wandakate

      This is today, what about tomorrow, down the road a ways? People’s thoughts, and ideals can and do change and sometimes not for the good. Beware…

      • Fundisi

        Yes, tomorrow may be quite different and terrible, I am not in favor of Islam or Sharia Law, I only commented to the extent if they volunteer on matters of their faith to local Sharia Tribunals to help them settle disputes, as long as it does not violate our laws, then it does not cause me concern.

  • Mary Jensen

    If they are so hell bent to have their sharia law then they need to go back to their own country. This kind of stuff gives them the power to abuse and oppress their women, rape little girls done in secret. Will have a psychological impact to place fear in their women for total control…these Muslim barbarians want to hang on to sharia law so they can continue their evil deeds against women and children in this country. They fled their country for freedom and a better life but not for the women. They’re afraid that their women will be westernized. So sharia law will keep them bound, covered up in those tents with slits to see through and keep them as slaves, be able to marry children which our laws forbid and is a crime punishable by imprisonment. But not if they keep sharia law because their Muhammad was a pedophile and so they follow his teachings. Disgusting .

    • Preston T Shamblen


    • Phipps Mike

      learn how to read: “”The Islamic judges state that their rulings are non-binding, and that they simply “give [people] the Islamic point of view—that’s about it—and it’s up to them to follow or not to follow.” Criminal cases are not among the issues handled.”

      • Sam Houston

        Learn some comprehension. It is called a foot in the door. Once that occurs, they begin making demands for other concessions. Once you have proven to be a willing participant in the takeover, they will just keep demanding more and more till they will just begin ignoring US Law and their word IS binding. That is what is going on in Europe and why there are over 55 million of them over there breeding like wharf rats.

      • Bob Flynn

        you must have been born stupid…move there and learn

      • IloveH8Rs

        They are not “Legally Binding” but to people that practice the faith it is more binding than a non member telling them to do something. radical example, members of the KKK were not permitted to do business with stores owned by non-White persons. legally they could do what they wanted to but as a member of the group they couldn’t. the Law told them they couldn’t kill people …. they did it anyway. the power of your peers is often more powerful than the law.

        • Robert W Rogers

          I understand your point and I myself have had many conflcts during my life with the KKK, but doing business with non-whites is not something I or anyone I know were ever faced as an issue.

        • Phipps Mike

          “the Law told them they couldn’t kill people …. they did it anyway. ” and if they were caught, they would have to ANSWER to the law. Same if an Islamic did it, he would have to answer for it.

      • wandakate

        And you believe everything you read? Sometimes we need to read between the lines or just use a measure of common sense. That may be the intention today but tomorrow it could change.

  • Dianne Robichaud – Gardner

    Nothing civil about Sharia Law!

  • Michael Castner

    Well,christian churches have their own rules.and expect their sheep to act a certain way,so whats the problem?this is america,freedom of religion.

    • JC

      Agreed, Christian churches do have their own rules, however problems are handled through pastoral care and counseling at the local church level – not through tribunals or religious courts of justice. If you live in America, you follow the laws of the land. Our country was founded on certain principals & laws and allowing yet another “court of justice” will undermine our legal system. As you state, “freedom of religion,” yes, but we are still under the laws of the land. If I lived in Iran, I would expect to live under the laws of Iran, whether I was a Christian or not. Here in America, those who seek to live here must also live under our rules & laws. Once you open the door to such a system, you’re opening a floodgate to allow every religion imaginable, including atheists, the right to their own court systems within the United States.

      • Scott Severance

        Actually, some branches of Christianity have–or at least had–courts where members could be tried according to church law (known in some cases as canon law).

        While the precepts of canon law differ considerably from the precepts of Sharia law, there’s no fundamental problem with the Muslim communities applying their law to their members, provided that they don’t violate the law of the land in so doing.

        (I’m not trying to draw moral equivalence between Sharia law and canon law. There are significant, important differences. But Sharia is an entire system of law, portions of which could be followed without violating US law.)

  • Phyllis Teeters Dawes Page

    Give them an inch and they will take a mile. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Why does America allow laws from other country in America? This is what I want to know. If you go to these countries, you won’t be following your American laws, you’ll be following theirs.

    • Cathy Ross

      MizKrys, You are so right! !

    • Scott Severance

      How is this America allowing laws from other countries? The report clearly stated that this court is effectively providing non-binding arbitration, which is something that is readily accepted under existing US law.

      This court is powerless to force anyone to abide by its rulings. If someone thinks otherwise, I’ll establish my own court under my own system of laws (which decree that I will always win). Then I’ll sue them in my own court. Hopefully they’ll be gullible enough to pay up.

    • wandakate

      Spanish people come into Florida and expect us to learn and speak Spanish. Take a look at the want ads on the internet or in a local newspaper, MUST BE BILINGUAL…MUST SPEAK SPANISH. You can barely get a job in central Fl. and beyond unless you can fluently speak Spanish. So, this reminds me of the same sort of thing. No, when we travel to their country we abide by their rules and follow their customs for the most part, so why should it be different here. Our government lets them get away with it, that’s why.

  • Dave Mason

    Them Them Them ……..Quit blaming them an realize its not them its obama simply bringing his beliefs home

    • Scott Severance

      Where’s your evidence that Obama had anything to do with this?

  • Matt Tumbleson

    And so the Muslim Invasion of America begins. Read your history folks, this is just how every other invasion by these genocidal animals has begun. The Crusades were begun after Muhammad himself sent in agents to cause religious strife in the area, populated at the time by Eastern Christians and Jews of the Byzantine Empire. Same for other areas around the world. They leave the Middle East, claiming to want “religious freedom” and end up taking over the areas by silently moving and infiltrating. They then force the indigenous populations to convert to Islam or die. Parts of India, Africa, Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Vietnam have all had Muslim incursions. Just look at Europe today. If we let them begin practicing Sharia Law in America, it will be the end of our Country as we know it.

    • John Mark IB

      the term dhimmi dupe!! applies here, submit or pay the jizzya tax, or leave the land, and or be killed, or indentured as slaves to islam, take your pick ok, thanks for the truth in your post!! people won’t get it until it’s too late, which it looks like it’s too late, and of course they’d rather call us islmaphobic and our own so called brethren call us names like hypocrites for wanting to stand against this invasive cancer?? ha ha ok, well to them I say ok, enjoy your sharia cup of tea if you can stomach it!!! ha ha
      here’s hope pass it on to your muslim friends if you have any we should be bombarding them and their mosques with gospel tracts and Arabic Bibles etc., and be as relentless as they are in wanting to kill us!!

      • Phipps Mike

        it appears you have no grasp on reality where the spying eyes of the US Govt via the Patriot act…etc.. would PREVENT Islamic from taking over.

        • Sam Houston

          You mean the spying eyes of Mark Zuckerberg’s Farcebook that woks for the Obama NSA to track dissident Americans who speak out against islam.

        • John Mark IB

          Dear Mr. Phipps thanks for your reply at least it wasn’t that negative 🙂 and I’m sorry, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, unless like the gentleman below Mr. Houston so aptly said it, that they’re actually tracking the true Bible believer’s etc.?? as for my grasp on reality, come on now really? but sorry again, it’s happening the world over, so I’m not sure which reality we’re speaking of here but islam is a happening, but here in the USA we have been spoiled rotten and super overly blessed by The LORD, to the point of taking it all for granted, we want what we want, and we want it now!! and also, we’re just so blessed we’re not having to actually die just yet for our faith in Christ but then again that would be a true blessing to die for Christ though would it not don’t you agree, I’m not your enemy here friend if I can call you that, and I’m watching some of the same lame stream media you are, and I truly believe none of it or put on my cow manure detectors every time I do watch the lame stream controlled media, and again as to reality, but reality is exactly what’s happening before our very own eyes, times of the gentiles is being fulfilled, as Jesus said and it’s all head spinning, so fast, and so rapidly happening in our times, that no matter what, it’s all coming to a head very soon, He’s coming very soon, even at the doors, so no worries friend if you’re my brother in Christ then that’s great, it matters not what happens here or what the powers that be try to do to stop His coming His plan etc., but we are here to serve Him and live and do His will, so let’s be busy passing doing our part and the good news to all and everywhere all the time, here’s hope friend, please read it and pass it on, and may the LORD GOD bless you and yours with love joy and peace always in Jesus name amen have a blessed day and weekend!

          and some islam sites for info. etc.,

        • John Mark IB

          also another opinion sorry but the USA I would appear is in grave danger from our enemies in the times ahead as nowhere are we mentioned in His Word I’m sure this will get a fire going to the folks who believe we are in the Bible but sorry and sadly we are not, that being said, the great super powers that Daniel spoke of Rome Greece Persia and Babylon and the coming revived roman empire end times and even Babylon in Iraq, were all mentioned and have their purpose but us not being mentioned is a sobering thought it could mean we get hit by Russia or Iran for one reason or another?? who knows but even someone said the great powers only lasted for close to maybe 200 years and then faded away I hope it’s not our fate maybe you have better insight into the end times and Biblical eschatology than I, but The LORD will allow the coming anti Christ to have his 7 year period and then a short while more during the millennium, so it’s all coming, we need to be working while it’s day!!

          anyways have a blessed night and weekend, just food for thought,

        • John Mark IB

          sorry one other issue the patriot act is no friend to real constitution loving patriots like myself who am called an enemy simply for being a peaceful Bible believing Christian, remember our own govt., has labeled us such funny they even labeled our troops returning home as enemies and stuff, crazy world but just look at the muslim brotherhood they are in control of the govt., albeit underneath and have the fbi and cia all the branches taking the terms for Islamic silam muslim terrorist etc., taken away from the govt., rhetoric, it’s a fact just check it out on some of the sites I listed below for you, and they do it so it’s not offensive to them, the muslims, things have turned around since 911 and they purposely use it against law abiding constitutional loving peaceful Americans who care, so they can be watching and reporting keeping their dossiers on us right now big deal who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?? not I! but the patriot act was and is a huge violation of our rights in the name of govt. security which I’m not buying into I’ll vote for my party the Constitution Party even though we have no huge billionaire big money people backing us and are not allowed free and fair access to the sham one party debates and are even blocked by the so called republicans from getting on states ballots incredibly enough right? check it out if you’re like myself and love this once great nation and sadly feel hopeless at it’s demise but it’s all in His Hands! amen!!

          have a blessed night and weekend see the following

          see your state hopefully they have a party for yours too,

    • xinthose

      Amen. The Lord rebuke the Muslims.

      • Sam Houston

        You misspelled it. They are moslems not muslims. Both terms evolved from the 17th century but in most scholarly circles, moslem was the accepted well into the 1980’s. Much like homosexual to gay to same-sex, the word moslem has been PC’d into muslim. It was not “offensive” to some moslems till most recent.

        • xinthose

          OK, thank you. Moslem implies that they are more archaic and barbaric?

          • Sam Houston

            No, it is the actual translation of the Arabic word that was first seen in print in 1615. It was the approved spelling/translation till the 20th century.

    • Sam Houston

      Exactly. Look at at the pig Farmer in Katy, Texas that was told by his new moslem neighbors that it would be best if he just packed up and moved because they wanted to build a mosque there.

  • Dr. Dee Tee

    i thought north texas was still in america.

    • Scott Severance

      It is, and no matter what this court does, I’m absolutely certain that it will never be able to place me under Sharia law. Period. Because this is still America.

  • jennylynn

    This is a deception to bring sharia law into America. Tell the people what they want to hear to allow their inhumane practice in. Only I’m America where tolerance outweighs American freedom and people are foolish enough to believe their lies. The Koran teaches that it is ok to lie to promote Islam.

    • Scott Severance

      Wait, what? This American freedom you speak of? It’s exactly what allows this court to be established. See the First Amendment, which reads in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of any religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Are you for denying Muslims their ability to freely exercise their religion? If so, you’re a hypocrite for speaking of American freedom.

      And, lest you think that this court could somehow force unwilling people to submit, let me dispossess you of that fear: No matter what it may be called, it is not a real court constituted under the law of the land, and as such has no power to force anyone to abide by its rulings–no matter how badly some people might want to see those rulings enforced.

      • jennylynn

        You do not understand the true freedom I am talking about.

      • lynn

        Then why call it a court?

    • Phipps Mike

      “to allow their inhumane practice in”

      do YOU know how to read? once again:”The Islamic judges state that their rulings are non-binding, and that they simply “give [people] the Islamic point of view—that’s about it—and it’s up to them to follow or not to follow.” Criminal cases are not among the issues handled.”

      • jennylynn

        Are you that misinformed as to the history of Islam? Do you actually believe that their intentions are so innocent? This is a cancer that is spreading and they have one purpose. It is to take over and infiltrate America on all levels. I would suggest doing your homework and stop buying the liberal lie that your being fed. You can put lipstick and earrings on a pig, and it is still a pig.

        • Phipps Mike

          “It is to take over and infiltrate America on all levels”
          wishful thinking on their part. They don’t have the power or the brains to forfill their delusions of grandeur.

          • muskyharry

            sorry, Mike, but they do have the power and the brains, if you don’t believe that, I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you

  • Scott Severance

    This website’s sky-is-falling approach obscures the facts and is a kind of falsehood. Let’s examine a few facts.

    First, there’s a huge difference between Sharia as the law of the land and
    Sharia being practised by individuals where it isn’t the law of the
    land. If it’s the law of the land, everyone is obliged to abide by it
    whether they like it or not. But since Sharia is not the law in Texas,
    this Islamic court is powerless to enforce its rulings. It depends on
    the goodwill of the opposing parties to accept its decisions and
    voluntarily abide by them. The TV news report described it as
    non-binding arbitration, which is well-established in US law. But even
    if it were binding arbitration, the court’s decisions would still be
    unenforceable unless the parties were contractually bound. And that
    contract would have to be executed and enforced in accordance with Texas
    and/or Federal law, NOT Sharia law.

    Additionally, for those who worry about a slippery slope, remember that a Sharia
    court CANNOT take on more power than I previously mentioned unless the
    law of the land is changed to allow it. Would such a law change take
    place? Possibly, but it’s unthinkable in Texas, despite having one of
    the US’s largest populations of Middle Easterners. So, there’s no
    slippery slope, and there’s no danger of anyone in Texas being forced to
    submit to Islamic law.

    Finally, the kind of thinking about Islam that many Americans engage in is
    counter-productive. For those on the Right, there tends to be an
    overblown fear of all things Muslim. This makes it easy for those we
    should be concerned about to distract us by debunking myths while
    avoiding the real issues. Plus, decisions motivated by fear are rarely
    good decisions.

    On the other hand, the Left tends to paint an entirely rosy picture of
    Islam, or else they attempt to mask the real issues present within Islam
    by drawing moral equivalence where there is none. An example is Obama’s
    attempt to equate Christians with Muslims during the recent National
    Prayer Breakfast.

    Both extremes tend to obscure the reality that (a) the vast majority of
    Muslims are peaceable people who present no threat to America, and who
    (in the case of immigrants) may well be here because they disagree with
    the way things are in their countries; while (b) a worryingly large
    minority of Muslims (supposedly 10% or 160 million) engage in or approve
    of violent jihad.

    So, when there is an attempt to establish anything with a likelihood of
    encouraging violent jihad, we should become concerned, and arm ourselves
    with facts instead of fear-mongering. But when there is an attempt to
    establish something that isn’t aimed at violence, we need to remember
    that our country–unlike many Muslim countries–is founded on religious
    freedom, and that that freedom extends even to those with whom we

    • John Mark IB

      not sure whose side you’re on, no offense really my beef is not with you but the enemy of the Christian faith, but now go tell that to muslim sharia infested England, who the muslims will tell you all day long oh yeah sure we’re law abiding citizens etc., please be real once they establish their little sections it’s done why do you think they call it dearbornistan in Michigan? islam is a threat period! and all things muslim are a threat they are allowed to lie to their enemies via takiya or taqiyya, and it’s spreading lik wildfire from the colleges calls to prayer on the west coastr to the east coast whrever a muslim set his or her foot is deemed to be land for islam dar al islam I’m not more of an expert than you are but we can learn and we have to be proactive and do whatever we can if there is really anything to do England France Amsterdam Germany, it’s just signs of the times the historical churches in England and others are now no more or are turned into mosques?? time is short we need to spread the Gospel message my friend if you’re a fellow believer may GOD bless you with love joy and peace always in Jesus name amen, if not have a blessed day and week and here’s hope either way

      • Phipps Mike

        “islam is a threat period”
        oh great yet ANOTHER paranoid person in this thread. NONE of you give the US credit for standing up for our freedom and the fact that we will continue to do so under ANY threat. Does the phrase “will not negotiate with terrorists” mean anything to you?

        • John Mark IB

          ha ha come on man you like going after me and my posts but that’s all good it’s ok I enjoy your replies too, sorry but you can claim to know I’m paranoid or not, I’m just stating what I see and what I perceive, and what I believe, and you can simply disagree, ok may GOD bless you and yours always with love joy and Peace in Jesus name amen! and may you have a blessed day and weekend,

          here’s hope from a Bible believing Christian whose not paranoid as you say

          (really you just don’ know me at all, I’m stating facts, sorry you choose to not like me and my beliefs here, thanks for your replies though)

          but Trust in Christ and His shed blood on Calvary and Him Alone, here’s one for you enjoy,

          Only one life, twill soon be past,

          only what’s done, for Christ will last!!

          taken from C.T.Studd

          here’s hope pass it onto all your friends muslim whatever and even your perceived paranoid ones too 🙂

          another great news source on all things Bible prophecy etc., not to be paranoid of course ha ha

          news from those experiencing the real peace of islam and maybe aren’t just a wee bit paranoid ha ha jk

        • lynn

          Me thinks we negotiated with the terrorist not too long ago in the traiding 5 terrorist for one American that was most likely a trator.

          • Phipps Mike

            somehow I missed that happening. Do you have a link I can go read? Just in case what you are saying is true, what makes you think for even one second that the United States as the biggest superpower would EVER yield to extremists or for that fact ANY other kind of leadership? The United States is indeed the “sleeping giant” that wont take guff from anybody.

          • lynn

            The gitmo trade last July. We (U.S.Government) traded 5 captured top terrorist for 1 U.S. soldier.

  • John Mark IB

    gee let’s see how many of my fellow true Christian brethren can see what time it is and say end times anyone? what you talkin bout willis? well the times of the gentiles coming soon to and end but not before the atheists get their wish and will be dominated by the religion of peace?? ha ha they can blame it on us Christians for being tolerant and allowing the freedom of religion etc., liberty, etc., not far from where I live in the black neighborhood they recently put up a dahwali islam Islamic center which I’m tempted to see if I can get the boldness to street preach in front o or try to go witness to them hopefully the fact I’m white won’t get me killed?? this plague has to be part of the prophecies of the end times the end of America after almost 200 years not unlike all the great empires time limits?? sad really but he these guys are like cancer and a disease that’s out of control and it’s part of the coming world religion they are attacking the heart land of Texas really smart and the college campuses with their horrible sounding satanic worshipping calls to prayer ugghhhhhh yuck Obama says it’s the most beautiful sound so what does that tell us about him?? here’s hope for the sincere muslim who wants compete assurance of eternal life after death from a True and Loving GOD have a blessed day in Jesus name amen!!

  • Diane


  • jmichael39

    I’m not sure what to make of all this. I remember a couple of decades ago the federal government got all bent out of shape when some conservative groups were setting up those so-called Common Law Courts and dealing with cases in them. I don’t honestly see this being much different and yet the government seems to be okay with this. Doesn’t make sense.

  • hihoze

    These people are NOT AMERICANS or here to live in a Western Culture. Sharia law is Political Tyranny wrapped in a Religious Cult. There is no place in the Muslim world for outsiders, atheists, Christians or Jews, Islamic Muslim countries are INTOLERANT, HATE FILLED, BIGOTED, VIOLENT places and these Muslims are sticking with their cult and Middle Eastern laws and implanting it in the West and USA. They need to go back to whatever racist, bigoted, intolerant, violent Muslim hell hole they came from

  • hihoze

    They are promoting an eye for an eye in criminal cases. They are promoting bigotry and hate in Civil and Criminal law. They are NOT SUPPORTING THE CONSTITUTION. They are PROMOTING A HATE FILLED, VIOLENT 6TH CENTURY FOREIGN LAW.

  • hihoze

    These animals are instilling Sharia law while we ignore their toxic Middle Eastern hate disguised as law. They are Not American they are foreign as foreign gets and need to be told NOT HERE ON AMERICAN SOIL If you want Islamic Law GO HOME TO IRAN OR SAUDI ARABIA OR WHAT EVER HELL HOLE YOU CRAWLED OUT OF

  • hihoze


  • Phipps Mike

    ““[W]hat happens when U.S. law conflicts with their religious beliefs? Is allowing Islamic tribunals to operate in this country essentially opening the door for Islamic law to undermine or even replace U.S. law?” asked Monica Sanchez of MRCTV.”

    the answer is NO, that’s a pretty IDIOTIC question. US law will ALWAYS be US law…end of story.

    “The Islamic judges state that their rulings are non-binding, and that they simply “give [people] the Islamic point of view—that’s about it—and it’s up to them to follow or not to follow.” Criminal cases are not among the issues handled.”

    I guess that blows a hole in the theory of Muslim-haters that Islamic law is FORCED on people no matter the location. Imagine that!

  • Tonya Stokes

    Who are you people to come into our country and even possibly think you can decide on your own laws. I think they should put you on plane and send all of you back to your own countries and should never be allowed entrance back. And furthermore this country was in harmony before your people come here. And personally am willing to stand up for what I believe. I also noticed this country did not have all this craziness until we got this disgusting example of a President. He is shameful and I also can’t believe the true American people have not threw him out of the white house. The American people have been blinded the race propaganda so much they are being fooled by a man that does not love our country but is supposedly leading it.WAKE UP AMERICA.Just one American’s opinion

  • John Carter

    They say their rulings are non-binding! What than is their motive ?

  • Lyn

    Slow down — this is a ploy. What about the Waco sect and the Latter Saints w/all these wives and incest, Satanist and GOD knows what else. They, the muslims want to get your goat (or pig that will get the muslims). We do say in the US BILLS OF RIGHTS it states Third Article:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Just make sure OUR rights are not infringed by any reason….

  • Kachina

    These things are happening because Christians have been Silent!
    The Full Armor of God
    our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,
    against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against
    the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13Therefore,
    take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in
    the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. 14Stand firm therefore, HAVING GIRDED YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH, and HAVING PUT ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS,…
    Paul calls the Bible “the sword of the Spirit” USE IT! The future of our children and grandchildren depend on US.. It is not enough to go to Church, read your Bible, pray..Actions Speaks Louder than Words and America, our government, our Public Schools and Businesses have been invaded by an ancient pagan Moon God! It is time Christians Stand Up! Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Stop hiding like cowards!

  • John Onwuka

    The West must learn about this sharia stuff from the history of other nations. “A stitch on time saves nine.” The US must wake up on time before it is too late.

  • Wayne Warren

    Last place in the United States where I thought I would see Sharia Law, Texas. Have these idiots lost their minds obviously. Always said Texans were 10 cents short of a dollar in the Brain Matter category when it came to gun legislation but this they have lost it.

  • Nik Schumacher

    4sept15 never got off the ground

  • LisaDe

    When your religious beliefs conflict with laws passed by the legislature in your state or by the US Congress does your local state or federal magistrates, judges and prosecutors take that into consideration when you are trying to get a divorce, custody, pay a ticket or defend yourself against a criminal charge? No. When you live in the US you consent to the laws of that land not to religious laws or sharia law. To ensure that the laws being enforced are just, representatives that serve on the legislature in your land, if you don’t like the laws you make that known at the ballot box, you don’t set up some independent court. This is BS.