Audience Dons Devil Horns at Grammys for Performance of ‘Highway to Hell’

PerryLOS ANGELES — Much of the audience attending the Grammy Awards on Sunday donned light-up devil horns for the opening performance of the annual event—a presentation of the AC/DC hit “Highway to Hell.”

“Party time/My friends are gonna be there too/I’m on the highway to Hell,” the Australian rock band blared out as flames blazed on the jumbotron behind them, along with pyrotechnic effects. “Hey Satan/Payin’ my dues … I’m on the highway to Hell/Don’t stop me.”

The group had been introduced by rapper LL Cool J, as the audience stood to their feet.

“To kick off the 52 second annual Grammy Awards, headed down the highway to Hell, for the first time at the Grammys,’ AC/DC!” he declared, being met with enthusiastic cheers.

As the camera swung around to the audience during the performance, attendees raised their hands, clapped and sang along, all the while wearing red horns that signified Satan.

Katy Perry, former contemporary Christian artist now known for her secular hit “I Kissed a Girl,” held her hands up in the air to make the devil horn symbol as the band cranked out the tune.

LL Cool J likewise praised the performance as being “devilishly good” at the conclusion of the song.

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The audience was then advised to put their horns away with a message appearing on the teleprompter that read, “Ladies & Gentlemen: The devil horns are yours to keep, but please put them away for the rest of the show. Thank you.”

However, questions were also raised in reports about Madonna’s later performance of “Living for Love”, which featured a group of horned men who to some resembled demons or Baphomet. Madonna herself was dressed in a risque red outfit, some of which was stripped away during the song.

“It looks like Hollywood’s fascination with demons and darkness is not going to end anytime soon …’And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil,'” wrote Geoffrey Grider of NowtheEndBegins, quoting from John 3:19.

In the film “Hells Bells: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music,” producer Eric Holmberg outlined a number of popular bands who reference Hell and the Devil in their music, including AC/DC, which wore a pentagram on one of their album covers.

The documentary noted that in 1985, guitarist Angus Young stated in an interview with Parader Magazine, “Someone else is steering me. I’m just along for the ride. I become possessed when I’m on stage.”

“Call yourself a humanist, a white witch, a liberal Christian if you must, but ultimately, as [Satanist Anton] LaVey was very fond of saying, you’re just a Satanist in evening clothes dressed up in order to hide your true nature,” Holmberg said in the film, outlining that rebellion against God is Satanism. “Contrary to popular opinion, the essence of being Satanic is simply being interested in what you or other people believe about something rather than what God knows and has commanded.”

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  • ma

    They are going to do what they want to do is what they are saying. They probably are still mocking Natalie Grant for leaving last year due to the content. So let em have it. If they want to act like devils then let them.

    • Lisa

      The problem isn’t that they are acting like devils, the problem is that they encourage their fans to act like devils too. Which is why Hollywood and the music industry are so horrible, they really do shape how people think and many of those people are the youth of this world. I was watching oldie tv thinking that maybe those old shows were better than now. I happened to watch the odd couple where there are two divorced guys and a Bob Newhart episode where they had the show around the divorced guy on their show. Mary Tyler Moore who does things her way now and isn’t worried about getting married and having a family. Or I love Lucy-can’t stand that show (I may be the only one) where she is treated horribly by her husband where her thoughts and wants don’t matter so she has to go behind his back to do the things she wants. I mean ya the show can be funny but that’s the real message women are dumb and inferior. In the last ten years nearly every show had a nice homosexual. I think of the office, their homosexual was one of the normal people on the show. Then the opposite-us crazy and insane Christians who are the bad people in the world. Do we even wonder how the culture changes?

      • ma

        I agree 100% Lisa.

  • Anton Viljoen

    and so they will be recognized by their fruits …. their time will surely come …. to bend their knees 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • MattFCharlestonSC

      There is something psychopathic in the apparent glee you feel at the prospect of people going to hell. I’m personally not worried about it because I don’t believe in an after-life, but if you truly believe that someone will spend eternity burning in a fiery pit, suffering unimaginable anguish forever… maybe you should at least pretend to be a decent person. For example, if something awful were to happen to you I’d read the story and say “poor guy, it’s a shame what happened to him” not ” 🙂 🙂 :-)”.

      • Gary

        By all indications, they want to go to Hell. And we are supposed to be sorry that they get what they want? By the way, you will be there with them. 🙂

        • MattFCharlestonSC

          I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Until that point, you should let me enjoy the ride.

          • Gary

            Go ahead. You don’t have much time left.

          • MattFCharlestonSC

            Got plenty of time Gary. That’s why I shouldn’t be sweating people like you. I’m still young — your side is old. Do you know why support for same-sex marriage grew so quickly? Because your generation is dying out. The fight is over 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Anton Viljoen

            Matt the best mail here is …… you still have time ,many people love you and care for you … change your spirit into an spirit of truth and not of error … it reminds me about this Cherokee >>>>
            One evening an

            old Cherokee told his grandson about a
            battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between 2″wolves” inside us all.
            One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret,
            greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
            The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility,kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith in the true God.”
            The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather:
            “Which wolf wins?”
            The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

      • Fundisi

        Where in did Anton in his words express any glee? Show us those gleeful words please. Show us wherein Anton expressed any desire to see anyone in hell.

        • Anton Viljoen

          thanx !! 🙂

        • James Grimes

          He can’t because they do not exist.

  • Fundisi

    At least they are honest, we all know that Hollywood, the entertainment industry has always rejected God in favor of indulgence of their flesh in all sorts of riotous revelry, sexual sins, drugs and sowing seeds to their flesh. So these deceived souls have truly, literally, consciously given themselves to Satan and they are being used of him to lead as many souls as possible into hell by making them seem cool, attractive and truly idols for our youth. I can only pray a few may yet be awakened to the evil in them before it is too late and find Christ.

    Notice that all pretense is gone that Katy Perry was ever a child of God, that she was not promoting sexual sin – she was among those in essence praising Satan, she has sold her soul to Him and it makes me sad that because of her fame and riches, she has been seduced into hell and there is little chance she can be brought to repentance – although we should pray for a miracle.

    • thoughtsfromflorida

      Well at least you are devolving to making broad statements about every single person who works in the television and film industry, as that would certainly be bigoted.

      Oh, wait, sorry, that’s exactly what you did.

      • Fundisi

        I understand, as you are one with them in your devotion to the Devil, so you will defend them.

        • thoughtsfromflorida

          “I understand, as you are one with them in your devotion to the things of the Devil”

          You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

          “Why do you come to this Christian News blog, wherein Christians want to share their beliefs on current events?”

          There is much angst in certain people about certain social issues. This angst, in turn, drives wedges between our status as citizens of this great nation. In addition, considerable time, energy, and money is put into issues such as attempting to codify discrimination and inequality into our legal system.

          It is my hope in coming here that some people may understand that there is a difference between what each of us may choose to believe and how each of may determine what decisions we make in our personal lives, and what is legal under our system of law. it is my hope to perhaps help people understand that if each of us wants to maintain our freedom and liberty, that inherent in that is the acceptance that others will also have freedom and liberty and that they may choose to exercise that in ways which I don’t agree with or would not participate in myself.

          Since I have so much at stake personally, I feel it is important to stand up to point out the lies, falsehoods, and misinformation that is so often put forth as a means to justify harming others. you know, like Jesus taught.

    • Raphael Merriman

      Sorry, Fundisi, but you’re exactly the type of Christian that gives us a bad rep.

      For you, everyone who isn’t praising Jesus out loud is a knowing slave of satan, deliberately doing his work. And what are you doing about it? Going onto forum boards and condemning them. Just as Jesus would, right?

      There’s no excuse for your attitude. It’s judgmental, condemning, devoid of compassion, and totally removed from anything Jesus taught. Trouble is, you’re hardly unique on this thread.

      You people seem to feed off each other, and thrive on your shared hatred of everything that isn’t openly Christian. But I guess where there are sheep, there are also goats.

      • Harry Oh!

        “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? Matthew 23:33
        Jesus didn’t mince words when he was addressing evil and neither should we.

  • Rebecca Webb

    I pray that they do not find out for real .. that there will BE NO PARTY in HELL! all fun here on EARTH.. LOL BIG SURPRISE AWAITS those who follow their leader into HELL.God have mercy on their souls.

    • Fundisi

      This was for all intent and purposes, a Satanic worship service. There is no joy in my heart seeing people become so foolish and selling their everlasting souls for a mess of flesh satisfying pottage.

      • thoughtsfromflorida

        “This was for all intent and purposes, a Satanic worship service.”


  • Lisa

    I thought they were talking about Katie’s hand signals. They all have the occultic hand signals that they flash. And I think that that crowd would gladly wear the baphomet horns!I don’t agree with the guy in the article that just are interested in something other than God-these people are seriously interested in undermining the youth of this world morally. Teaching them that satanic, occultic things are cool and you will be cool if you do it too. Think of Brittany Spears and Miley Cirus and their influence on generations of young girls whose parents had no idea that the girls would grow up into such shady role models when they started out so fresh and innocent. That’s a pretty sneaky way into people’s lives. Then the caricature devils horns-wink wink, the devil is not real we are just gonna have fun here-is that the message? It is amazing to me how well that works to deceive people that the devil isnt real-it’s really sad that people believe that. The other sad thing that this article didn’t mention was the little kids that were there. Jaime Foxx’s daughter who I think was 8 was there flashing some hand signs in every picture she took. She doesn’t look all the way there either.

    • Anton Viljoen

      thanx Lisa

      • Lisa

        Your welcome! But may I ask-why are you thanking me?

        • Anton Viljoen

          your mail re : amazing to me how well that works to deceive people that the devil isnt real-it’s really sad that people believe that. ..> many many are being deceived these days and whats scary as you have mentioned is they are unaware of this “subtle cancer”

          • Lisa

            Yes it’s subtle and unfortunately works very well. Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you liked about my post, have a good day!

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    People put devil horns on their head like thousands do at Halloween. The end is near! The end is near! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  • I am having a tough time believing that this article isn’t satire.

  • Abby2010

    If this girl is really a born again Christian, God will convict her of her sins.

    • Lisa

      Or maybe He won’t because she made her choice? She fell away and chose satan.

  • Here’s my question, Is AC/DC releasing a new album? (if so, when?) That’s the only logical reason I could find for them to be opening the Grammy’s. Usually being an opening act would mean they’re using it as a promotional tool for their latest album or as a spotlight for new talent. AC/DC is neither. Although, yes, I admit I am a Metal-head from back in the day and I have a few AC/DC albums (along with some Metallica, Priest, and Ozzy…), they are OLD NEWS. Metal was killed in the late 90s by Rap and the latest music is Pop. SO WHAT GIVES??

    • Tim Raynor

      Actually, last years record sales show Rock as being the #1 selling music genre. Hip-hop came in second, pop third and country fourth.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m glad rock n roll is making a comeback. Can ya tell I’ve been living under a rock for a while! LOL

    • Raphael Merriman

      Hate to see people so badly misinformed… metal is alive and kicking!

  • Brian Paille

    Crazy idea: Turn off the tv if you’re so paranoid about everything.

  • Badkey

    Oh, the insanity is strong in this one!!!

  • wildstarr

    I guarantee most of those celebs have given more money to charities that help the poor and needy than all of you make in a year. And they do it under the media radar. They are doing more of “God’s work” than any of you.

    • Fundisi

      If they give money to charities, while it may help someone in need in temporal ways, if it is not given in Jesus Name and with the goal of saving souls, they may have fed the body and left those souls in danger of hell. So what good was it? Do you think they can live like and promote hell in such matters, but by giving will earn a place in Heaven?

      • Raphael Merriman

        Matthew 25:31-46. Where does it mention saving souls? Jesus talked about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, visiting those who are imprisoned, not so we could convert them, but so we could show compassion. The righteous didn’t even realise they’d done it.

        If you do it for an ulterior motive, however righteous you believe it to be, then you aren’t doing it with compassion, you aren’t doing it because you actually care about the person, you’re doing it because you’re trying to rack up a “soul-score” to show off before the Judgment Seat.

        Here’s the deal: if you NEVER lead anyone to Christ, not even indirectly, what do you think Jesus will say to you when you face Him on that day?

        • Fundisi

          It is an ulterior motive, something bad, to seek to save those that are lost? No one even hinted at a soul score, that is your own evil imagination.

          Jesus does not save based on our saving souls, He will not judge us for our not having a soul saving score.

          Your compassion is a false compassion, one where you can feel all good about doing these temporal things; but, wherein you feed the body, clothe them, give them shelter and meet other needs and then heartlessly leave them without Christ and to suffer everlasting punishing for their sins; and that is hate, your compassion is a cover for your hatred. Christians are always in the lead giving to help those in need, but they also should minister to their everlasting souls, which is by far the greater need than these temporal things. If you help them one day and leave them to hell forever, what kind of compassion is that?

          • Raphael Merriman

            If you don’t help them at all, you’re abandoning them to hell.

            And meanwhile, you sit here arguing semantics, and calling me evil. Congratulations, I figured that was only a matter of time. I’ve come across so many like you; “You disagree with me, therefore you’re evil”. Keep on thinking that if you want, I’m not losing sleep over it.

            You talk about leading people to Christ, but you’re not showing any interest in doing so. All you’re doing is condemning people. How would you show them Christ’s love and compassion? Because I think your best effort would be what’s on display here. You’re playing at being the “better Christian” by speaking fluent religionese, while passing judgment on the lost. You don’t care about them, you don’t care if they’re saved or not, and you’re saying you wouldn’t feed them, clothe them, care for them, visit them, any of these things, unless you can convert them while doing it. Who authorised you to choose the conditions under which you “do it for the least of these”? Concentrate on the compassion, and let the Spirit do His work. You don’t see the big picture. Your job may be to simply provide for someone’s need as Jesus said. It may be someone else’s to follow up on that. If your motive is not compassion, then you’ve failed to understand a basic tenet of faith.

            You know, the fact is Christians AREN’T always in the lead. Sometimes they’re alongside and sometimes they’re behind. It’s not the point. The point is, there is a need, and SOMEONE is trying to meet that need. All you seem interested in is leading that person to Christ. And while you’re doing it, they’re dying of starvation, exposure, loneliness, illness, and you don’t care about that, as long as you’re seen to be trying to “save their souls”.

            In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus tells us what the greatest commandments are. “Make sure you convert everyone you meet” wasn’t one of them. You have no love for your neighbour. To you, the unsaved are projects to work on until you can tick the “saved” box and move on to the next. You have no understanding of actual compassion. And you hide your lack of compassion behind a facade of wanting to see people saved.

            My compassion is genuine. I grieve to see people die without Christ. That’s why I treat them as people, not projects, and when I give to charities (not to mention working for them), I see the good that is done, the way lives are improved, the way the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, the sick are taken care of… I see these things and I celebrate. Jesus didn’t discriminate when he healed the sick. Neither do I. Obviously you feel you should. You’re not arguing with me, you’re arguing with Scripture. With Jesus. If you can show me where Jesus qualifies Matthew 25:31-46 or Matthew 22:34-40 to mean your motivation has to be to see them saved, rather than just to have the compassion to do these things, then I’ll show you a vegetarian wolf.

            The one thing you’ve got right so far is that there is no such thing as a soul score. If you don’t see anyone saved in your lifetime, it in no way invalidates your own salvation. So stop thinking like a Jehovah’s Witness, and simply love people because you love them. If you actually do.

          • Fundisi

            I don’t know why I should even waste my time with you. You start by saying something you know is false – I never said or hinted anything about not helping them at all.

            Your next false statement, I did not call you evil, I spoke of your “evil imagination,” by false accusing me of talking about a “soul score.” Even the best of Christians can have evil imaginations at times.

            Your next false statement, that is three strikes by the way, I did not condemn anyone. Saying that the lost will go to hell is God’s Word, it is not judging any specific person, but in the general sense that if they are without Christ they will go to hell.

            Your next false statement, now you are going for out number two: I never spoke of denying anyone the things you mentioned, I did not even hint at denying them. Yet, while you feed, clothe, shelter and care for them in temporal ways, you seem to have no concern for their spiritual needs. The Lord said in Luke 12 “23”For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.” If we feed the body and clothe them and leave them without the words of life, we are not compassionate at all and we actually are showing hatred for them.

            When the disciple complained that expensive perfume used on Jesus was a waste and should have been used for the poor, what did Jesus say, did He say take it, sell it, give the money to the poor and forget about me, was that His priority? John 12: ” 8″For you always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me.” What was His priority? He was most interested in their real need, He knew what He would do at Calvary was more needful for them, it was eternity that was Jesus main concern. Yes, He would have us feed the poor, but wait, Jesus could not be a Raphael type Christian, He failed you, you should take out your anger on Him. For what did He do every time He fed those that came to Him, He first preached the Good News of the Kingdom, He first fed their souls, He was interested in their eternal fate and feeding them temporal food came next. In fact, He was made sad that they were coming to Him for food, rather than the spiritual food and drink that lasts.

            So, I know I waste my time with you, you are a hater, you hate me because like Jesus, I am not your kind of liberal Christian, because my greatest concern is for the everlasting souls of everyone and if I have the chance to feed them, I will seek by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to feed their souls first. I recall being asked to work in a Rescue Mission and when I arrived, before they could go into the kitchen and eat each morning and evening, the very Christian Mission Director made sure they heard God’s Word – FIRST, feeding their souls first.

            So, you will go on pretending you are filled with compassion, pat yourself on the back as you have done above, for what you think are your good deeds, your good works for the poor; while, you are spiritually starving people that Jesus knew need spiritual food and drink more than temporal food. You have it upside down, it is Jesus that we take to the poor, He is far more needful and as He guides and empowers us, we feed their bellies, clothe them and give them shelter as well.

          • Raphael Merriman

            You’re right, why waste time on me when you have soldiers’ funerals to picket?

          • Fundisi

            That is a lie!

          • Raphael Merriman

            So you say. Good for you.

          • Lisa

            You should probably just ignore fundisi. He’s the most arrogant, prideful know it all here. Commenting and giving his “expert” opinion on everything. You can’t talk to him or reason with him because he thinks he’s always right and when you disagree with him your wrong and your evil. The guy has some serious problems and he’s not doing the lost any favors. He’s as mean and condescending with them too, all the while pretending to “help” them. I’ve tried to talk to him multiple times and he just calls me names. Unfortunately he’s not the only person here who is like that. The sad thing is they won’t stop what they do and try to talk to people like people and help them see God, they just give Christians and God a bad name. It makes me sad but I don’t see anyway to stop them from doing this.

          • Raphael Merriman

            Thank you, Lisa. I’ve met this kind of person before, and it saddens me. Anyone who disagrees with these people is not only wrong, but evil.

            I noticed in his last rant, he called me a “liberal Christian”. Interesting. I actually call myself a fundamentalist. But I base my definition on getting the fundamental understanding of the core of what we believe and why we believe it. Fundisi probably considers himself fundamental too.

            I guess we both represent the different elements of fundamental Christianity; I’m fun, he’s mental.

            Jesus died for every single person on the planet. Each one of us has a choice to make about that. But the result of that choice should have no bearing on our love for our neighbour. Jesus didn’t command us to only help fellow believers. Fundisi appears to have no compassion while complaining when he’s called out on it. I guess the bottom line is by your fruits you’ll be known.

            Thanks again for the heads-up with this guy. I appreciate it.

          • Lisa

            Your welcome. You’re right-by their fruits they are known.

  • Alexander Summers

    Hollywood is full of wankers. It is no surprise to me since the Church of Satan is based in L.A. REAR WHAT YOU SOW. Sin is like a credit card, enjoy it now, but you will pay for it later.

  • Tim Raynor

    I can only imagine CNN would have made a huge issue of Elvis shaking his hips back in the 1950s. Astonishing they’d actually make an article dramatized over people wearing devil horns. Why don’t that make a big issue of this during Halloween? If they were to bother doing any tangible research, they’d know the song “Highway to Hell” is not about hell in the literal sense. Bon Scott wrong the song back in 1979 and, according to Scott’s meaning, the song is about coming to the United States to tour. Therefore, yes, “hell” in this sense IS the US.

  • Chrissy Bachmann Mead

    Good Grief, the guys in the horns during Madonna’s number were supposed to be BULLS! She was dressed as a matador. Stop being so paranoid.

    • MichelofChrist

      Stupid; Moronic Madonna – The “Old Italian Degenerate” promoting:
      The ‘Latin Shame’ of:
      *Bullfighting (which is ‘Roman Catholic’): The sadistic; ritualistic ‘Torture’ of bulls and horses for ‘perverted entertainment.’
      – It’s not ART; it’s not CULTURE; it’s not SPORT; it’s ‘TORTURE.’
      Bullfights are the most ‘indefensible and abhorrent’ type of animal abuse that IS, and always WILL BE; a ‘Tradition of Cruelty.’
      Bullfighting is not a fight at all, but a systematic torture-killing that pits a gang of armed thugs wielding razor-sharp barbed spikes, spears, swords and daggers (these weapons are designed to inflict intense pain and cause massive blood loss to weaken the animal) against a lone, terrified; confused; fatally disabled; wounded animal.
      It’s a sickening economic industry based on HORRIFYING victimization; sadistic abuse; extreme cruelty and mutilation and torture of bulls (and horses) during the cruel exhibitions of bullfights (which are barbaric ‘blood fiestas’) in Spain; Portugal; France; Mexico; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Peru and Venezuela (in which the ‘Majority’ of the native people are campaigning for Total Bullfight ‘ABOLISHMENT’).
      *The Bull:
      Handlers weaken and cripple the bull for days before the bullfight:
      They starve him; give him laxatives and deny him water, or they put massive doses of sulphates (epsom salts) in his water to induce severe diarrhea, intestinal pain and subsequent lack of coordination in the ring. He is beaten with heavy sandbags on his back; kidneys and testicles. He is wedged into a tiny corral and drugged to make him docile. Up to four inches of horn is painfully hacked off with a saw down to the tender quick (that bleeds) to interfere with his ability to navigate; the mutilated stump rounded off with a rasp and smeared with black grease; his hooves are burned with turpentine so that he cannot lay down; he is locked-up in total darkness for days while being harassed and tormented.
      They blind him with vaseline and salt rubbed into his eyes and drug him; they stuff his ears so that he cannot hear; they stuff his nostrils so that he cannot breath. Just before he enters the ring he is harpooned/stabbed in the back with a sharp; steel ‘breeder’s mark.’ In the ring, they drive razor-sharp lances and harpoons into his back and neck muscles so he can’t lift his head. By the time the matador appears, the bull is weak from blood loss and dizzy from being chased in circles.
      *The Horses:
      The horses used in bullfights as ‘living walls’ are old and drugged. Wet newspaper is stuffed in their ears so that they will not hear the approaching bull and run away; their vocal cords are cut so the audience will not hear their cries. They wear long blankets to hide their entrails, which spill out when they are gored and disemboweled by the tortured; agonizing bull (who has been deceived into thinking that the horse is causing his pain, instead of the ‘wicked human’ riding the horse).
      It’s no fun to see an innocent, crazed animal tortured before a screaming crowd of people, who should be hanging their heads in shame. Even if you leave after 15 to 20 minutes, the damage has been done – money has gone to support this hellish, satanic business, which ‘decent people’ (in the bullfight countries and all over the world) are working to ‘end.’
      The continuation of bullfighting depends on ‘Corrupt’ Government Subsidies and to an even Greater Extent; the ‘Ignorant Tourist’ who is unknowingly supporting this cruel industry.
      Don’t be an ‘accomplice’ to this Vatican Ordered; Jesuit ‘Savagery’ by supporting it with your ‘tourist dollars.’
      So-called *’bloodless/cruelty-free’ bullfights (‘corridas incruenta’) are practiced in the United States, where bulls are wedged into a tiny corral and mutilated (up to four inches of horn is hacked off with a saw down to the tender quick (which bleeds) to interfere with his ability to navigate); locked-up in total darkness for days and teased and harassed.
      Teased; terrified; confused and tormented, only to be killed once outside the arena in a Mexican bullfight; a slaughterhouse or elsewhere.
      In these events bullfighters perform who ‘mutilate; torture and kill’ many bulls during regular ‘bloody’ bullfights.
      ‘Bloody or bloodless,’ bullfighting is a ‘senseless, degrading’ spectacle that has no place in a ‘civilized’ society.
      There is NO such thing as a ‘cruelty-free’ bullfight.
      *Bull Runs:
      Spanish ‘Bull Runs’ are ‘part’ of the ‘Evil; Sadistic; Cruel; Sleazy’ (and rightfully so; ‘Dying-Out’) bullfighting industry; they are classified as ‘bullfights.’
      Bullfighting: It’s not ART; it’s not CULTURE; it’s not SPORT; it’s ‘TORTURE’ (ask the Majority of the people in the bullfighting. predominately “Catholic” countries of Spain; Portugal; France; Mexico; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Peru and Venezuela who know, and are working on, and passing BANS and ABOLITION of bullfights).
      A Tradition of Cruelty
      All the bulls that run on the streets of Pamplona during the ‘Running of the Bulls,’ from July 7th to 14th, are killed that same afternoon in a bullfight, in the name of San Fermin and his traditional ‘Fiesta.’ Torturing and killing a defenseless animal should not be celebrated as tradition. People have always tried to use tradition to justify horrible things, such as child labour and slavery. But tradition doesn’t make something right. Bullfighting is a cruel blood sport that should have been relegated to the history books a long time ago. No matter what it’s history, bullfighting consists of the torture, mutilation and slaughter of animals for entertainment.
      The ‘Running of the Bulls’
      Bulls are bred in fields and are not accustomed to the noise of the crowd or being surrounded by people. They are prodded onto the streets with electric shocks and shouts. They run to the open area and are hit by runners with rolled up newspapers. The corners of the bulls’ route are quite sharp, and the animals often lose their footing and slide into walls, breaking bones and injuring themselves. All the bulls who slip and slide on the streets of Pamplona are running towards a bloody and horrific death in the bullring.
      ‘Bull Runs’ (Bullfights) are a ‘senseless, degrading’ spectacle that have no place in a ‘civilized’ society.
      Help these ‘suffering’ animals – stay away from bullfights ; speak out against them; boycott companies that sponsor them, and demand that they be ‘ABOLISHED.’
      – She’s DISGRACEFUL.

  • ariel2900

    Just wondering why all the Christian haters are on a Christian website judging Christian comments? If you so dislike our beliefs, why would you be on this site? Is Communist News Network not working?

    • Michael Eade

      We thought it about time Christians got some abuse as they have had nearly 2000 years head start.

      • ariel2900

        Explain—what sort of abuse do you mean? Two thousand years would put us historically in the grips of Rome where all believers were constantly in fear for their lives. They were crucified, imprisoned and beheaded for their faith by the Romans. They were tossed into the Roman arenas to be eaten alive by lions for sport. Surely, being a liberal, peace-loving, politically correct member of society, you are not advocating bringing back those days? Isn’t being tolerant about acceptance? Why do you wish to abuse anyone? Aren’t you above such terrorism?

        • Michael Eade

          To start off I said nearly 2000 years not exactly 2000 years, please learn to read a comment properly before you spout your nonsense at me.

          And to answer your question it would be more fun as a hunger games type scenario or like the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “the running man”.

          Rome were throwing people into the arena centuries before christianity arrived, do not try to make out as if they did it just for christians, i am pissed off with right wing christians playing the “Oppressed” card whenever someone criticizes your dogma.

          • Raphael Merriman

            Michael Eade, you’ve missed the point. And you’ve tried to sidestep a correction about your glib remark by making it look like you were making a serious point.

            The fact is, early Christians were being martyred in hideous ways for the entertainment of Rome. Not just in the arena, but by other means. For example, Nero would tie Christians to a stake, pour pitch over them and set fire to them, using them as human candles for his garden parties.

            What you haven’t bothered to wonder is this: after the death of Jesus on the cross, the remaining disciples hid in an upper room, their dreams and visions shattered, fearful for their lives as they risked arrest and execution if they were seen.

            Then something happened to change all that; they suddenly reappeared on the streets, preaching the same Gospel that got their leader killed. They, and many of those who saw what they saw in the following weeks, were later murdered by various authorities for openly preaching the very thing they believed had been taken from them. They preached his resurrection.

            If their story was a lie, and they hadn’t seen Jesus risen, none of them would have resurfaced, and they certainly wouldn’t have risked and actually suffered some of the cruelest forms of execution devised by man.

            Nero felt threatened by the rise of Christianity, so threatened he used them as a scapegoat for the burning of Rome. Many of the people who died were alive when Jesus was performing miracles. They saw him, knew him, and were prepared to die for him.

            If the resurrection didn’t happen, then Christianity would have fizzled out without a whimper in that upper room within days of Jesus being killed.

            But nobody ever asks why it didn’t.

          • Michael Eade

            Using nero as an example is pure stupidity, as at the end of the day Nero killed no matter who they were, he had the british put down, he had the greeks put down and the jewish people.

            Nero was insane after killing his own mother he went on a murder spree killing off his political rivals and anyone who spoke out against him.

            I might also add early christians thought nero would be “reborn” as the anti christ, we all know that never happened.

            Now i digress, i have no problems with people having religion, but christianity tries to sit on a high horse claiming it has done nothing wrong despite several crusades, the inquisition, torture and excommunication of galileo, execution of scientists who happened to say earth was not the center of the universe.

            I can go on for hours saying all the wrongs the church has committed, even today the current pope tried to force his way into british politics, the last few popes have protected pedophiles even you have to admit that was a stupid thing to do.

          • Raphael Merriman

            Pure stupidity? Ok. It’s an opinion. Nevertheless, he did conspire to pin Rome’s burning on Christians because he felt threatened by their unswerving faith. That’s a matter of record. Debate it all you will.

            You talk about “Christianity” as if everyone follows the Pope. You should be aware that isn’t true, but it hasn’t prevented you from asserting it. It’s not a case of “admitting” protecting paedophiles is stupid. Of course it’s stupid. The act itself is abhorrent, and protecting those who commit it is equally abhorrent. I would hope that can be taken as read. But it’s not like even a majority of Catholic priests are doing it. It’s the few who bring scandal among the many.

            Yes, the church in the past did a lot of things it shouldn’t, promoted beliefs that it shouldn’t (actually, because those beliefs aren’t supported by Scripture, the earth-centric universe and flat earth being among them), and many actions sold to the masses as God’s will were merely political manoeuvres. But the church’s actions in the past do not reflect the modern church, and are not in any way evidence of atheism being correct.

            And you talk about all the wrongs committed by the church as if atheism is pure and spotless. Like all you “enlightened” types are incapable of getting your hands dirty with such undignified activity as crime, and socially unacceptable behaviour, like homophobia and racism. Unless you want to perpetuate the fully debunked myth that Hitler was a Christian, for example.

          • Michael Eade

            I never once said atheists were all good people, there are many that do wrong things that i will not deny but there are bad christians, muslims, atheists, buddhists and jewish people, no matter where you go people do bad things.

            The catholic church is the largest christian organisation on the planet that is why i cited it as an example, if you are not catholic then so be it but all christians stem from the vatican one way or another.

          • Raphael Merriman

            I think you need to understand that many Christian denominations today bear little, if any, resemblance to the Catholic church. There’s a reason for that.
            Yes, it’s undeniable, every group of people, by whatever criteria you categorise them, has a share of “bad apples”. Some do bad things because they misunderstand whatever guiding principle they follow, while some do bad things because their membership of that group is nominal and carries no personal conviction. As an example, you won’t find many Christians acknowledging Westboro Baptist Church as a genuine manifestation of Christianity. They use the name of Jesus to promote their own brand of bigotry, and we are as outraged as all right-minded people, regardless of their faith, about what we see coming from them.
            It’s pointless trying to pretend that men have done horrible things in the name of whatever they claim to worship, and Christianity has had plenty of them in its own ranks. We still have them. For every Billy Graham, there’s a Joel Osteen.
            But discounting Christianity as viable because of this like discounting law enforcement officers because a gang of them assaulted Rodney King.
            Immoral and unethical activity, legal or illegal, by Christians does not, in itself, invalidate all Christians as genuine people. Nor does it imply that Christianity is based on a false premise.
            I don’t defend these individuals, nor do I defend those who’ve abused their power in the church throughout history. But I will defend, and indeed proclaim, my relationship with a living God who guides my actions and gives me a reason to be the best I can be. Yes, I make mistakes, I’m human. But I’m the best person, the best father, the best friend I can be to those around me because that’s who I choose to be.
            At the end of the day, whatever motivates us, isn’t that what we all want to be able to say?

  • terrymengle

    Hebrews 6 speaks to Miss Perry’s spiritual state. We should pray for her to be “snatched out of the flames and saved as by fire”.

    • Fundisi

      That is not what that verse refers to! It is about good works standing the test.

  • Magister_militum_praesentalis

    Oooohh, Katy Perry is so METAL! /sarcasm

  • Peter Leh

    the devil does not have horns. It is making fun more than anything else

  • Evangelina Vigilantee

    The whole world is under the devil until Jesus returns. 1 John 5; 19, etc.
    The broad way leads to destruction, narrow is the way to heaven and few find it.
    Repent and turn to the light and love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ today!
    Time is short. Jesus loves you and will forgive you if you turn to Him with a sincere heart.

  • Anton Viljoen

    “There is a wicked and heartless
    onslaught by the forces of darkness which is aimed at single and married men (the kingdom husbands, fathers and
    priests of their families of today and tomorrow) and although there are
    various areas within the life of a man over which he (and all mankind)
    should be watchful and alert, this current ambush or attack is aimed at the
    physical area of man which contains his natural, sensual desires (natural
    bodily or physical needs and the lack and the fulfillment thereof).
    This is not a new killing, stealing
    and destroying strategy from the evil forces of darkness, but the onslaught is
    intensifying and men are being bombarded within the spirit of their mind by
    thoughts of relational and marital infidelity and sexual immorality (especially through pornography and
    women who have yielded themselves to be immoral, sexual hosts of evil), etc.
    This onslaught is focused at and fought in the spirit of their mind and the
    primary objective of evil is to get men to entertain and nurture these un-Godly
    thoughts, (sometimes opportunities) until it develops into carnal and
    un-Godly mindsets (mentalities, set patterns of thinking, etc.) which
    will eventually lead to carnal and un-Godly behaviors, actions, reactions,
    decisions and attempts.
    Conclusion – I believe God is saying: “Men listen to Me! Be watchful and alert! This
    is not a time to be self-seeking, ignorant, stubborn, proud, isolated,
    unaccountable and tolerant of this evil that not only desires to destroy you,
    but also your entire future and all those who are part and destined to be part
    thereof. This is a time to humble yourself under My mighty hand so that I can save you and your loved ones.” – yeaaa ! remember the word accountability 🙂

  • Truthhurts24

    The enemy of souls is getting more bold each year and many people are being totally influenced by him along with his army of devils. It is becoming really sad in America were you have people praising Satan who wants them in eternal fire more than The Creator who gave them life, and his son who died for millions so they can escape hell and gain eternal life and his words which leads to abundant living on earth but no America does not care about God or his laws at all they would rather worship Satan and live in total rebellion to satisfy the flesh. Satan is gaining total control of America at all levels of society and the body of Christ in this country better prepare for great persecution because its coming soon.