Charlotte Considers Allowing Men Who Identify as Women to Have ‘Restroom Choice’

Bathroom sign pdCHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are considering additional wording for its existing non-discrimination ordinance that would allow men who identify as women and vice versa to have “restroom choice” in public.

The issue reportedly has the city council divided about the proposal, which seeks to add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, marital status and familial status to its current citizen protections. If the ordinance is passed, any places of public accommodation, such as restaurants and stores, must allow transgendered persons to use the restroom with which they are most comfortable.

But according to reports, Monday’s meeting in Charlotte City Hall was tense as some expressed apprehension over the potential ramifications of the legislation.

“I think there exists in our community still a concern about exposing children, for example, at an early age to kind of the complexity of gender identity issues,” Council Member Ed Driggs told those gathered.

Council Member Kenny Smith said that he does not feel it is appropriate for people who are biologically of the opposite sex to share such a private and personal space as a restroom.

“I am not comfortable taking my six-year-old daughter into the men’s room, nor is it acceptable for me to go into the women’s room,” he stated. “And I think I should have full faith and confidence as I send my daughter into the restroom, who’s in that restroom.”

“If I send one of my daughters into a public bathroom, and I see [a man] going into that bathroom, I am going to have some concern,” Council Member Michael Barnes agreed.

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But Council Member Al Austin, a homosexual, disagreed with those who expressed hesitation and stated that those council members were lagging behind on the Civil Rights Movement.

“Mr. Barnes, if you want to know about people being discriminated against because they are LGBT, it’s a bad feeling going into a restaurant and being asked to turn around,” he stated.

Smith presented a motion to have the matter removed from future agenda, scheduled for later this month, but votes to keep the item prevailed 7-4. The next discussion on the proposal is scheduled for Feb. 23.

As previously reported, following a similar matter in Delaware, some expressed concern regarding how such laws would require Christian businesses to violate their convictions.

“If you’re a Christian business owner, it automatically immediately directly affects you,” Mike Fox, pastor of The Trek in Smyrna, told Christian New Network. “The biggest grieving of my heart is that churches have been apathetic. Christians have been apathetic thinking that it’s really not going to affect them in the churches, and that’s the farthest from the truth.”

“It’s like the old joke: One person said, ‘Hey, did you hear about all the ignorance and apathy in the world?’ And the other said, ‘No, but I don’t really care.’”

Fox said that it is the duty of every Christian to be salt and light in the culture, and the “bathroom bill” is no exception.

“I would encourage every Christian … to stop looking inside of the church, because the battle is not on the inside of the church,” he stated. “The battle is on the outside. [We must] gather together as Christians and speak up and speak out.”

“Jesus said, ‘If you’re ashamed of Me in front of men, I’ll be ashamed of you,’” Fox added. “And so, it’s easy to talk to other Christians about morality and Christianity, but James said, ‘Show me your faith without your works, and I’ll show you my faith by my works, for faith without works is dead.’”

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  • Lisa

    I would disagree I think that there is a battle going on inside the church for truth and it seems that truth is losing and deception gaining there. I kinda get confused as to what people think Christians ought to do with these situations. If Christians aren’t loud and tell people this is wrong then we aren’t good Christians, but if we are loud and tell people this is wrong then we are bad Christians. I am reminded that Jesus didn’t go round and change the culture around Him. He died for sins. I can’t change the culture around me as a Christian, I can only try to hold onto the truth and remain in Jesus. I may be able to say something or do something to help someone see Jesus but I’m not sure why as a Christian I can change the world just by being a Christian. I can’t make anyone act morally and neither can any law that is made. The closer the return of Jesus the increase in lawlessness as the lawless one comes closer to ruling the world-why does any Christian then wonder as lawlessness increases?

    • Fundisi

      I agree mostly, except if Christians do not oppose this lawlessness, if they do not speak out against sin, then they hate these precious souls that will be lost, because they are afraid to open the eyes of even one lost soul that they might be led to repentance, salvation and healing.

      • Lisa

        So do you think then that if all Christians get together and speak up that lawlessness will be lessened? People will listen and stop their sins?

        • Oboehner

          Nope, 501(c)3 won’t let the churches do anything and all Christians do these days is vote for the perceived “lesser of two evils” and then let the useless politician handle things.

          • Lisa

            Well maybe that is the way Christians try to solve things is with their vote? Hoping that will do some good? You do know that the useless politicians actually have an agenda? A pastor once told me that they all work together even though they are supposed to be on opposite sides, I didn’t believe him then….

          • Oboehner

            It’s laziness, the lesser of two evils is still evil. The Pastor was right.

          • Lisa

            But I think that many people who call themselves Christians don’t know any of that and they think the right and Christian thing to do is vote. It seems to me that many Christians don’t know the true state of things and maybe it really is ignorance I don’t know.

          • Oboehner

            Ignorance is no excuse, the truth is out there.

          • Lisa

            We are all ignorant of something sometime.

        • Fundisi

          We are to be like the watchman on the wall, to testify against evil so that they are without excuse before God. We are not concerned with changing the world, God tells us evil will only abound, but testifying against it.

          • Lisa

            Well one day we will all either bow down to the god of this world or be against him. We won’t be given any other choice. So I think that there will be testimony from Christians until the end. I just don’t see how Christians can be blamed for lawlessness which is how I read what the Christian in the article seems to say. We don’t do anything he seems to say, we don’t care and we let evil flourish. I don’t see that at all.

          • Fundisi

            We are not to blame for the lawlessness, we are at fault if we do not testify openly against evil and warn as many souls as possible of the price for their rebellion against God. When good people remain silent, when we do nothing, we allow evil to destroy precious souls. If all our opposition brings only a handful of souls to Christ, it is worth engaging in the battle.

          • Lisa

            I don’t see that Christians remain silent all the time. It’s like when I post things here I don’t post on every article because sometimes I don’t feel I have anything to add to the conversation or an opinion either way. I comment on articles that I feel I may add to. I know though that if I don’t comment on something that someone else will.

          • Fundisi

            Fair enough!

      • Oboehner

        Christians are being taught to obey government no matter what – by the churches themselves.

        • Fundisi

          By the man organized, mainstream apostate church, not the real Church, the Body of Christ.

          • Oboehner

            Clergy response team.

  • Gary

    Insanity follows immorality as night follows day.

  • Fundisi

    America the genderless society, we heed your call, everyone here is really transsexual, right?

  • BravesFan

    Seriously? When are LGBTQRSTUV being turned away from restaurants?

  • bowie1

    Would this be in a third single individual washroom – a sort of gender neutral option – which was what another place opted for? Many places have a family washroom option, usually for women who want to change their baby’s diapers.

  • Tina Taylor

    next comes dressing and locker rooms- would you want your son, born as w woman, in the locker room with guys who might rape and post it on social media? this opens doors that creates an even worse environment for the person who is transgender as well as the person who is not. many businesses have changed to 2 single stall restrooms that anyone can use. this means less toilets for everyone. majority no longer rules

  • Guest

    Heather Clark! Enough already– why the ‘single quote’ around restroom choice. I can see why you do the “marriage” quotes even though I don’t care for it. At the very least shouldn’t this be “Men who Identify as ‘Women’…”.

  • Paul Hiett

    Even as an atheist, I have a problem with this…regardless of how you dress, if you have male parts, use the male restrooms.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Thank you for having the courage to speak out for sanity on a Christian site! God bless!

  • Lesli Spice

    This is why it is a lie when we are told it’s just about marriage.

    • Paul Hiett

      This has nothing to do with marriage equality. Nothing.

      • EdWalton

        You’re wrong on this point, when men decide on the standards, there are no standards.

        • Paul Hiett

          That makes no sense. “Men” have been deciding the standards since the dawn of time. This particular situation, men wanting to use women’s restrooms, women wanting to use men’s, has nothing to do with gay marriage. Where on earth would you get that from?

          • EdWalton

            As soon as we start allowing perverts to use the woman’s restroom they’ll be howling insanely for more wretched debauchery.

  • TheBBP

    It won’t be long until it will be acceptable to identify as a teenager so that pedophiles can have their way too.

  • Dr. Dee Tee

    sorry but transgenders need to learn that they are deceived and need to go to the washroom for the gender they were born.

  • What about the women who have to use those restrooms? Have you been into a ladie’s room- It’s crowded enough! Besides that, what about women who are recovering from domestic violence or stalking- the last thing they wanna see in the bathroom of all places (where they are more vulnerable) is a MAN!! What about their rights huh???

  • glory

    Why not have three toilets. One for the men, one for the women and one for the NOT SURE ones