‘Love Not Limited?’: Three Thailand Men ‘Marry’ Each Other, Photos Go Viral

ThailandPhotos of three Thailand men who recently ‘married’ each other have gone viral, garnering societal support for the concept of same-sex “throuples” worldwide, but also generating remarks from Christians about the confirmation of the slippery slope that has long been predicted.

The men, who have only been identified as Joke, Belle and Art Thani, reportedly participated in a traditional water-pouring ceremony on Feb. 15 and had photographs taken of their union. However, the act was more of a symbolic gesture as neither homosexuality or polygamy are legal in Thailand.

“Love occurs unconditionally and is not limited to only two people,” Art wrote on Facebook. “Love brings peace to the world.”

The threesome has also been featured on Thailand television, and have posted affectionate photos online which include captions such as, “The three of us will forever hold hands and walk together.”

One Facebook post received over 50,000 likes regarding the three-way relationship.

As previously reported, last May, three women in Massachusetts exchanged vows as they claimed to be the world’s first lesbian “throuple.” Brynn, Doll, and Kitten stated that they view their relationship as a “romantic committee,” where the household responsibilities are allocated between the three of them, and wanted to each get pregnant using anonymous sperm donors.

“I had always dated girls, who—although they had boyfriends or girlfriends—were also allowed to date me,” Brynn told reporters. “I never thought that much about it and I had never really come out as poly to my friends and family. To me, it was just how I was.”

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But after this month’s report out of Thailand, some Christians are noting the inevitable slippery slope that they have stated would result if society deviated from God’s creation order.

“The events in Thailand simply confirm what we’ve been saying all this time: If marriage is no longer the union of one man and one woman, then it can be anything: Two men, two women, three men, three women, or an almost infinite number of other possibilities,” Dr. Michael Brown wrote for Charisma News.

He noted that the situation demonstrates how mankind has made up its own rules along the way in an attempt to legitimize and justify what a particular person wants. Since homosexuals have stated that marriage should be defined as the union of two people who have feelings for each other, regardless of gender, where does the rule about two people come from?

“If a gay activist says, ‘But marriage is the loving, long-term commitment of two people,’ the answer is simple: ‘Says who? That’s just your new definition. Where did you get the idea it was two people if not from its historic, natural meaning?'” Brown explained. “And so, if I’m ‘bigoted’ because I don’t recognize same-sex ‘marriage,’ then gay activists (and their allies) are just as ‘bigoted’ if they don’t recognize three men (or women) ‘marrying.’

He said that last year, he was asked to participated in a debate surrounding whether consensual adult incest should be legalized. Brown recalled that he was the only one on the panel that said that such relationships are never okay in the eyes of God.

“All the other participants, including a professor and a psychoanalyst, advocated for removing the laws against consensual adult incest,” he stated. “Are you surprised? But what’s the problem? Love is love [according to society], right? As long it’s consensual, who can say no to love?”

Brown stated that these developments are demonstrating the domino effect that results when the world rebels against God and His Master design for mankind.

“Those who have taken down the fence of marriage as God intended it have opened up a Pandora’s Box of possibilities,” he said, “none of them good.”

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