‘I Was Stunned’: Alabama Pastor’s Wife, Son Working at Abortion Facility in Bible Belt

RHSMONTGOMERY, Ala. — Christians are expressing concern over revelations that a pastor’s wife in the Bible Belt has been working as a counselor at an Alabama abortion facility.

David Day, Sr., a Mission Service Corps (MSC) missionary with the North American Mission Board (NAMB), told Christian News Network on Friday that Callie Chatman, wife of Louis Chatman of New Elam Baptist Church in Montgomery, has worked at Reproductive Health Services for years, along with her son Jerome, who is employed as a security guard at the location. He said that he first had been informed of her employment two to three years ago when he began preaching the gospel to women outside the facility.

“I was stunned that there is actually a pastor’s wife that works there,” Day said. “I can’t image this pastor whose wife works at the clinic and his people not knowing.”

But then, he met Chatman and spoke with her.

“I’ve spoken to her one-on-one, and she tells me that women know what they’re doing—they know what [abortion] is—but she says that there’s no sin greater [than God’s forgiveness], that we’re not to judge and that God forgives,” he outlined. “It’s always the same thing: We’re not to judge and God forgives. There’s none of us without sin, is what she says.”

But Day believes that Chatman’s logic is faulty in believing that one should commit sin just because you can ask for forgiveness later.

“I love my wife. I don’t go cheat on her because she’ll forgive me,” he said.

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Day said that he has advised Chatman that she should be turning women away from abortion, not simply consoling them after-the-fact.

“We told her, ‘You need to tell these women that God’s word says that you shall not kill innocent children, [and that] He hates the hands that shed innocent blood,'” he explained. “[Tell them,] ‘You shouldn’t do it.'”

Day said that he believes Chatman’s husband, a pastor, drove her to work this past Wednesday. He captured her on camera being dropped off at the abortion facility in a Mercedes Benz and later posted it to Facebook to share his concern.

“Sadly, this is a Montgomery pastor dropping off his wife who works at the abortuary,” he wrote. “Pray for her soul and the sheep of this pastor.”

But Day says that he is not only concerned that a pastor’s wife and son work at the abortion facility, but that many of the people that are coming to the facility for an abortion are professing Christians.

“We had a pastor’s son that was there, and he and his girlfriend were getting an abortion,” he recalled. “There are people who come to the clinic with crosses around their neck…”

“Everybody professes to know Christ … In Alabama, you can kick a rock and hit a church,” Day said, noting that a Gallup poll taken last year ranked Montgomery as being the second most religious city in the nation. “Being a Christian in Montgomery, Alabama is like going to the Y. They’re more ‘formal’ Christians than anything.”

He outlined that there is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God.

“These people coming to the clinic, I don’t think they really know Him,” Day stated. “If you really know God, and you have a relationship with Christ, how can you do this? How can you kill what he says is His?”

But there is yet another aspect to the picture that concerns Day: the lack of Christians in the city seeking to reach out to abortion-minded women with the gospel.

day children
Day’s children create a sign to hold outside of the abortion facility.

“I think of Charles Spurgeon, who said, ‘Do something. Do something. Do something.’ … We’re called to be salt and light. We’re called to defend the fatherless and weak,” he said. “We know what these people are doing is sinful, and if they die, what will happen to their soul? How different our life would be if no one told us about Christ.”

Day said that he finds it perplexing that residents can rise up against other crimes in the city, but yet be apathetic toward the plight of preborn children who are daily being torn apart limb-by-limb in the womb.

“We have a situation here in Montgomery where a man beat a dog and lit him on fire, and it made the news, and everybody wants to go lynch this guy,” he noted. “But we have a place where people can go and legally tear their baby apart—most of the time, just for convenience—and I don’t know how we can be quiet. It doesn’t make sense to me. When you know babies are being murdered and do nothing, that bothers me.”

Day advised that the abortion facility is right down the street from the governor’s mansion, and that he regularly sees Gov. Robert Bentley, a former deacon and Sunday school teacher who attends a Baptist church, pass by the location. While Bentley has been in the headlines lately over his belief that he must follow the law even if he personally disagrees, Day hopes that the governor will see the fallacy of such thinking, including when it comes to abortion.

“Governors 100-200 years ago were hanging black people, and it was legal,” Day noted. “Don’t be like that and stand by.”

But even with the few Christians that have been reaching out to women at Reproductive Health Services, Day reports that at least seven babies have been saved within the past six months—the time since he left his job to focus full time on missions work, including ministering to women at the facility.

“There are days that are wonderful,” Day said. “There are days when women change their mind. We’ve [even] had men lock themselves in their cars and cancel their credit cars so their girlfriends can’t pay for them. … We had two babies saved this past week.”

No one could be reached for comment at New Elam Baptist Church.

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  • John Duckner

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. Here is my website and to let you know that I am a serious Christian. God BLess all your work for the Lord.









    If you die and go to hell, you’ll look back on your earthly life now in great regret. NOW is the time to change things before it is too late! NOW is the time to tell your family and others to REPENT.

    Looking back on your week, how many precious opportunities slipped through your fingers to witness about salvation or at least hand out salvation literature? Our days are dark and desperate. Many people are without hope and many others have a false hope. People need ETERNAL TRUTH. They need God’s word. You are to be LIGHT in your area!

    Friend of Jesus Christ and desperate to introduce him to others.


  • Addison Blakemore

    dear God, so many call themselves your children but by their fruits we can see they are children of the devil. Please come back soon, this is such a terrible place to be 🙁

  • sammy13

    Such a sad story. I wonder how the church/congregation is handling this. Rather than betrayal, they should pray for the aborted, those yet to be aborted, those considering abortion, and of course the pastor and his family. Remember, Paul was of the devil before he came to Christ.

  • “He captured her on camera being dropped off at the abortion facility in a Mercedez [sic] Benz…” How does driving a $94,400+ Mercedes S Class square with being a “pastor?” How about buying a normal car and giving the other $60K or so to a crisis pregnancy center?

    • Beth Bollig

      I don’t any pastors that make enough to buy that kind of car! Holy cow

  • Edsel Chan

    What a shame 🙁

  • Debra Gregerson

    She is ministering to lost souls at the very hour of their need. I don’t see this as her condoning anything. I see it as someone is reaching out to the lost and giving them a life line. AND those of you that are condemning her for it, don’t know the true love and grace of Our Lord. What part of Jesus’ blood does not reach their sins???? What part of Our God’s love and forgiveness does not reach out to sinners??? What about your sins that you commit daily?? What makes them so specail that they can be forgiven and cleansed????? Don’t you understand that Jesus’ blood covers ALL sin not just YOURS!! Go get into your prayer closet and let God love on you and show you who He truly is.

    • Frank

      You do not know Jesus. You do not understand salvation.

      • jmichael39

        Give it a rest, Frank. We get it. You’re better that everyone else. You can stop telling us that now.

        • Frank

          I am better than nobody. Probably worse than most. I do know Jesus personally. If I said I didn’t I would be lying.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            You sure do throw around the “non-Christian” label rather freely against anyone who disagrees with you.

          • Frank

            Hey! How are you? I hope you are in good health. Ahh that all depends. But some people definately fit that bill. There are a lot of warnings all through out the NT about false teachers, prophets, Christians. God didn’t put them in there for no reason.

          • Frank not once implied about nor questioned anyone’s salvation, he said she doesn’t UNDERSTAND SALVATION…Beware of starting false rumors and gossip, it is the most abhorred. All 7 abominations are in the heart of a gossiper, meaning, it is the worst of all 7 other abominations…
            You spoke falsely of Frank…

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Who brought you in to white-knight Frank?

          • Just consider it a Christian Brotherhood kinda thingy!
            You made a false allegation against him, so I invited myself!

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            That is strange considering that I am also a Christian.

            The fact remains that Frank made a major assumption about the person’s salvation, i.e. he said she does not know Jesus, which means that he thinks she is not a Christian.

            Frank is prone enough to laying on the rhetoric about these sorts of things. He does not need you to come along and try to parse it for him.

          • Frank most certainly did not, he simply stated a fact, that she did not know Jesus and that she didn’t understand salvation…Which by her post, its easy to discern she does not understand either, He never implied that she wasn’t a Christian, nor that she hadn’t acquired salvation, only that she didn’t understand either!

            Many people are born again, but do not know Christ intimately and lack an understanding of scripture, meaning they are growing in Christ or that they are just starting to learn about Him through scripture…Her post showed she doesn’t understand scripture, nor the meaning of salvation!

            This Pastor is not there ministering to souls, that’s just not scripturally possible…And anyone who knows Jesus and has an understanding of His living word would know this…

        • Frank was absolutely correct, and she doesn’t understand scripture or are ignorant of it..

          • jmichael39


    • Gary

      If she is working at the abortion mill, she is encouraging women to murder their children. Wake up.

    • Josey

      No, she is helping them go through with the murder of their child. We don’t sin so grace can abound even though grace does abound and we are forgiven when we repent. If she wants to help these women, then she can start a ministry that helps them through their pregnancies, helps them afterwards or helps them find good homes for these children instead of being a sheep in wolves clothing, there is seriously something wrong with this and I know in my own heart God who creates life would not condone this. I pray she comes to repentance and turns her life into encouraging women not to sacrifice their children to Molech.

    • G-Man Nicholl

      She may be entirely innocent and her motivations very well may be sincere. However, as a Christian, the Good Book admonishes us to avoid even the very appearance of evil, not to mention the possibility of causing one of one’s brothers and sisters to stumble.

      • Absolutely not, misguided possibly, but she is a Pastor and has no excuse!
        Nor will God grant her any.

    • Nonsense, and her actions are scripturally damning…

  • Frank

    Hopefully this pastor and family are removed from authority immediately. He is no pastor of Jesus.

    • jmichael39

      That’s the most humble and respectful admonition I’ve ever heard. Its a very good thing that the Lord has forgiven that disgusting couple. Otherwise I’d be questioning whether they’re even saved themselves.
      Yes, Frank, that was me making fun of your post. Be happy I didn’t say what I really wanted to say.

      • Frank

        You do not know Jesus.

    • Gary

      The “pastor” is unqualified to pastor a church. Him, his wife, and son are not even qualified to be church members.

  • James Staten

    I have tried through the years to explain to particularly black friends that Margaret Sanger’s plan in starting Planned Parenthood was ethnic cleansing. I have told them if I wasn’t a Born Again Believer that I would be like most people…wouldn’t care or at the worst another black eliminated!!! The statistics are unbelievable for the Black population, what 12-13% of the American population and 60-70% of the abortions? It’s been a while since I have looked at the figures. Why are most abortion clinics in lower class to poor neighborhoods? They are close to the business. While I was writing my comments the thought shot through my mind, because the Lord several years ago told me of a Pastor that “the Love of Money is root of all kinds of evil”? Not saying that this is the case, but driving an expensive Mercedes, and the wife get’s probably from the system literally a Government Check…I will stand before the Bema Seat of Christ one day, and I will answer for things I have done in the Body. But in this world let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!!! Let the stones start flying!!!!! Believe me I could have said a lot more. This is the short version

  • Gary

    Become a bartender to console drunkards about the effects of their drunkenness? Become a drug dealer to console addicts about the effects of their drug use? Become a pimp to tell whores that they can be forgiven by God? This “pastor”, his wife, and their son are fake Christians. Their “church” is what needs to be picketed. They need to be confronted, and their church members need to be confronted, about their sin and hypocrisy.

  • IJS

    Yep, not a lot of good counseling them ‘after’ they’ve killed their preborn child.
    Be interesting to see what type of sermons her husband is preaching. I wonder if they’re prosperity focused or if they tout living according to God’s word and seeking to please HIM. Im Just Sayin

  • NCOriolesFan

    This ‘pastor’ needs a defrocking urgently.

  • RooforLife

    Will God hear your prayers if you support abortion?
    And when you
    spread forth your hands [in prayer, imploring help], I will hide My
    eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not hear. Your
    hands are full of blood! Isaiah 1:15 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=778794788811462&set=pb.100000428435669.-2207520000.1425345582.&type=3&theater

  • Why in the WORLD would anyone think it’s ok to publish an article that’s primarily an interview with a stalker? What kind of an editor reads his words and thinks “yeah, I’m totally going to run this without even bothering to get the other side of this story?” This is ridiculously awful editorial decision making and the editors should be ashamed.

    • You either didn’t read or misread the article, they did interview her.
      And stalking????
      Its called reporting, and Christians have a right to know what their Pastors are doing in their private lives….Yes! Their private lives.
      Especially when they are representing the Church and Gods living and holy words.

  • Imagine this if you will; God cried out when Cain killed Abel: “And He said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” -Genesis 4:10

    Yet today in America, we have spilled the blood of over 50 million innocent baby’s onto our Nations soil and this woman, a self professed Pastor is repetitively leading these mothers time and again onto an operation table where they will rip out yet another and another and another helpless baby from the comfort of its mothers womb where that child should be kept at its most safest by his/her mother….

    We have the blood of over 50 million aborted (murdered) baby’s crying unto our Father from our Nations soil, and I cannot imagine the consequential wrath that is going to fall upon our heads for the blood that we have allowed to be spilled….

    There is absolutely No Excuse that can be given here on behalf of this woman, or any other who works in these clinics, and God will hold them accountable!

    “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” -Jeremiah 1:5 (KJB)

    And we dare allow their lives be taken from them….May God forgive us all, for we know what we do!

  • sam atk

    This pastor’s wife has every right to work in this facility. If you don’t like abortion, support family planning to reduce unwanted births