Company Under Fire for Agreeing to Pour Foundation for Delayed Mega-Abortion Facility

ACSNEW ORLEANS. La. — Despite much opposition, a Louisiana business is forging ahead with plans to pour the foundation for a $4 million dollar Planned Parenthood mega-abortion facility that has been delayed in being built as other area contractors have refused to help with the project.

Planned Parenthood broke ground in May 2013 to build an 8,000 square foot abortion facility in New Orleans, a city that once had seven abortion facilities and now is down to its last location. It filed a “certificate of need” with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to assert that the facility was needed, but its application was rejected.

“The Department simply stated that they didn’t meet the need requirement,” Bill Shanks, pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Kenner, told Christian News Network. “[Planned Parenthood’s] statement was that New Orleans was 2,844 abortions less than the national average, therefore we need their facility to bring it up—to kill 2,844 babies so we could be with the national average. And the Department of Health and Hospitals rejected that.”

He said that the mindset of those behind the building project is not surprising.

“Why not, because that’s where their founder stood,” Shanks continued. “Margaret Sanger said that the best thing a family can do for its offspring is kill it. She said that the undesirables—blacks—were human weeds and needed to be exterminated. Can you imagine that?”

But not only was Planned Parenthood denied by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, area businesses either refused to work with the organization or later backed off the job.

“None of the contractors would supply the concrete,” Shanks explained.

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The building was to have been completed last year, but because nothing had been accomplished except for the hole being dug for the foundation, the completion date was pushed back to 2015.

Now, Absolute Concrete Solutions, owned by Melvin and Linda Backes, and managed by their son Ron, have decided to accept the order. Shanks, along with Dale Sochia of King Jesus Ministries, went to the owners’ house last week to urge them to reconsider.

“[Melvin] told me that this [order] is just money, [and that] ‘If you give me $20,000, I’ll tear up the contract,” Shanks said.

But he said that he was even more taken aback when Backes’ wife came to the door.

“She made the comment, ‘I’m for Planned Parenthood and I’m for abortion,’ and she said, ‘If we let all these little kids live, they’ll just grow up and kill us,'” Shanks said, expressing shock.

He stated that he urged the couple not to be complicit with those who snuff out the lives of the most defenseless among us.

“I said, ‘You have aligned yourself with people who murder little boys and girls,'” Shanks recalled. “And you’re going to be as guilty as they are by helping them build this place.”

Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek also contacted manager Ron Backes by phone. He denied that his parents made the statements, but confirmed that both he and his mother are “pro-choice.” Backes allegedly told Stanek that it was the pro-lifers who have been standing against the project that motivated him to accept the order.

“We were on the balance beam, and when the pro-life people jumped the gun, that’s what made me take the job,” he said. “Pro-life people made me pour this. The blood is going to be on their hands.”

But Stanek said that pro-lifers couldn’t have “jumped the gun” as they didn’t find out that Absolute Concrete Solutions had been approached by Planned Parenthood until after the agreement had already been made.

Shanks said that Christians have the responsibility to take a stand for the children, and urged others to do likewise.

“God doesn’t take this lightly at all. Proverbs 6 says that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood, and He told us to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves,” he explained. “And the position we take is Psalm 94, [where] God said, ‘Who will rise up for Me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for Me against the evildoer?’ I believe that our response should be, ‘Lord, we will. … If You hate something, I cannot tolerate it, especially in my city and on my watch.'”

The New Orleans-area pastor said that he has seen a number of women at the last remaining abortion facility in the city change their minds about abortion simply because Christians were there to reach out to them. He said that the result would be enormous if more Christians nationwide would do the same.

“What would happen if just ten percent of the Church went out to the clinics?” Shanks asked. “[Jesus] loves people, and He doesn’t want to see innocent people killed. He gave us a commandment to love the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind and soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Those little babies are our neighbors, and if we love them, we can’t just sit by.”

Editor’s Note: Readers who would like to voice concern to Absolute Concrete Solutions for their part in helping to build the New Orleans Planned Parenthood abortion facility may call 504-756-5310 or email

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  • If you own a business, the smart thing to do is to stay the heck away from any controversial issue. Now of course they do have the right to contract with whomever they please, but the people also have the right to boycott them. Hopefully the planned parenthood contract is the last one that Absolute concrete services ever receive!

    • jmichael39

      can’t do that anymore…if you’re a photographer or baker and a gay couple comes in to have you shoot their wedding or bake their cake you can’t avoid that controversy. You either spit on your own religious beliefs and shoot their wedding/bake their cake, or you should just close your doors and shut down your business…you’re not welcome in our society anymore.

      • Yep, I wonder if there’s going to be a shortage of florists, bakeries, or wedding photographers because of this. Or you may have businesses who once offered services for weddings, no longer want to touch a wedding cake with a 10 foot pole.
        On the other hand, it could be a big opportunity for people to step in the gap and make some money. Hey, make a pro-gay bake-shop and you’ll be raking in the dough! (yes, that pun was intended)

        • jmichael39

          There already are such shops. Don’t worry…its just their way of making anyone who doesn’t agree with their worldview into second class citizens. It won’t be long until they declare anyone who doesn’t agree with their worldviews to be suffering from mental defects and thus ineligible to own guns or hold certain jobs.

  • Oleg Shishko

    The lady behind 504-756-5310 told me that she is just the dispatcher and does not know anything. She told me to call (504) 254-0025 for the administration. Noone picked up on the number she gave me; the voice mailbox was full.

    So when you call, make sure to tell whoever is behind the phone to pass on to the admin that what they are doing is unacceptible!

  • Weary Warrior

    The public will have the final word. If they disapprove, this will be the costliest contract Absolute ever signed.

  • Paul Hiett

    How sad that the author of this “article” chose to either deliberately lie, or allow a false statement to be made.

    “She made the comment, ‘I’m for Planned Parenthood and I’m for
    abortion,’ and she said, ‘If we let all these little kids live, they’ll
    just grow up and kill us,’” Shanks said, expressing shock.

    There is no way for the author of this article to know if that statement was made, going only on what is considered “hearsay”. This is dishonest journalism.

    • Tim Raynor

      You get that a lot with article around here. Lots of emotions and less facts. It’s actually quite amusing and entertaining when you think about it. This site is basically my comic relief for the day. lol 😉