Men Who Marched Into Muslim Event With Pig’s Head on a Pole Get Rare Appeal Hearing

DearbornCINCINNATI — A California-based group that was ousted from an Arab festival when attendees began turning violent in response to their antagonism obtained a rare appeal hearing on Wednesday after two federal courts previously threw out their free speech lawsuit.

As previously reported, U.S. District Court Judge Patrick Duggan ruled last year that men with an organization identifying itself as Bible Believers crossed the boundaries of free speech into creating safety concerns through their inflammatory speech and actions at the 2012 International Arab Festival in Dearborn.

“Your prophet is nothing but an unclean swine,” leader Ruben Chavez, who goes by Ruben Israel, is heard proclaiming in video footage of the incident. “Your prophet married a 7-year-old girl. Your prophet is a pedophile, and your prophet teaches you not to believe in Jesus as the Christ.”

Members also brought a pig’s head on a pole to the event and were subsequently pelted with bottles, garbage, stones and chunks of concrete. Chavez sustained a cut to his face due to the violence.

“I think in reality we should have brought 15 pig heads—that would have maybe soothed them a little bit more from throwing debris at us,” he told reporters.

Because of the reaction of the crowd, police soon approached the group and escorted them out of the festival.

“You need to leave,” one officer states, moments before leading members away from the crowd. “If you don’t leave, were going to cite you for disorderly. You’re creating a disturbance.”

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Bible Believers later sued the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for threatening the group with disorderly conduct charges and for failing to protect them from the angry crowd. It asserted that police unfairly treated Chavez’ organization more harshly than the attendees who had reacted violently.

Attorneys for the police disagreed, arguing in court that “individuals can be held criminally accountable for conduct which has the tendency to incite riotous behavior or otherwise disturb the peace.”

In 2013, U.S. District Judge Patrick Duggan threw out the lawsuit, and a year later a three-judge panel with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati issued a divided 2-1 opinion, with the majority finding that the police had not committed any constitutional violation as the choice of words used by the group, and bringing a pig head to the event, seemed over-the-top.

But attorneys for Chavez appealed, requesting a rehearing by the full 6th Circuit Court. In a rare move, the request was granted and a hearing was held on Wednesday to decide whether the lawsuit should be allowed to move forward. The hearing is considered rare as appeals courts decline full rehearings the vast majority of the time.

Attorney Nabih Ayad, who represents the police officers named in the suit, told the Detroit Free Press that the matter was an issue of public safety.

“I support the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution with full vigor,” he stated, “but I also must support the idea that there are times when it must take a back seat to matters which become an issue of public safety.”

But Robert Sedler, a professor of constitutional law at Wayne State University, said that he believed the police should have controlled the crowd instead of asking the group to leave.

“The basic principle is that police have the responsibility to protect the speakers,” Sedler said. “The speakers aren’t doing anything wrong. The threat of violence or disorder is coming from the crowd. Under the First Amendment, the police have a duty to restrict the crowd.”

Other groups that have peacefully evangelized at the festival, which characterize Chavez’s methods as “vocal [and] confrontational,” have likewise been harassed by police. As previously reported, the City of Dearborn issued an apology in 2013 as part of a settlement with Acts 17 Apologetics, whose members were found innocent of any wrongdoing after being arrested while engaging in conversations with attendees at the festival.

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  • Frank

    The crowd should have been gone after for armed assault and battery. The cops were totally wrong in this instance.

    • Joseph Beatty Cain

      exactly I remember a time when people who burned the flag in the street were protected from those angered by what they were doing. My how times have changed? Makes you wonder if police training has changed.

      • Frank


  • “I think in reality we should have brought 15 pig heads—that would have
    maybe soothed them a little bit more from throwing debris at us,” he
    told reporters.

    Now THAT’S trolling!

    • lynn

      Why not just hand out free ice cream made with a little pig milk mixed in the ingredients? Milk is a soothing food. =0)

  • Gary

    Rare are the instances when insults to Christianity are met with violence. But insults to Islam are often met with violence. The police should have arrested those throwing objects. They probably declined to do that because they were scared the muslims would turn on them.

    • Frank

      Which only encourages their violent behavior and beliefs.

    • Kathryn Evans

      Muslims are reknown for not respecting the free speech of others, demanding that those who speak against their religion or prophet be beheaded….in America, only their “speech” is free….

  • Linda

    God I pray these people win and I am so happy to hear this story. Yay for the pig head that was absolutely great. The criminals are the ones throwing bottles and rocks. Tired of these low life Muslims doing what ever they want. Allah is Satan face facts.

    • Tigor

      The prove is their prophet is a pedophile

    • Mary Taylor

      Yes, tired of them doing whatever they want in our country. If they want Sharia Law and everything connected to it, then they can go to a country that does. I’ll even wave goodby to them.

      • Bacchus

        Now for the good news. When Sharia law is present. killing muslims who have non muslims friends are apostate muslims and must be killed
        Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them. 5:51 Muslims that make friends with disbelievers will face a doom prepared for them by Allah. 5:,,Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. 9:5

    • Are you a Christian? “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Speak the truth in love.” “Love your enemies” “Seek peace and pursue it.” “As far as it depends upon you, live peaceably with all.”…

    • weasel1886

      I hope they lose.

  • gregkliebigsr


    DID HE TEACH , LOVE your enemies and forgive your enemies ?








    • Paul Hiett

      Believing in a different religion should never be the cause of such treatment to another human being.

      • lynn

        Paul, which side are you taking? Are you for freedom of speech, or for the Muslim’s? Of course you might say that throwing bricks is a form of speech. LOL

        • Guest

          Paul, he is taking the side of Christ, rather than the side of the world.

        • Paul is taking the side of Christ, rather than the side of the spirit of the times.

      • nmgene

        islam is not a religion, it is an ocult; the quran was written by a pedophile with guidence from Satan also known as allah !!!!!!!

        • dark477

          it’s recognized as a valid faith, your opposition is irrelevant

          • lynn

            Dark is a muslim extremists???

          • dark477

            I’m atheist and why would I you think I’m muslim?

          • Marc Fogarty

            Mate scientology is recognised as well, hell is there really any provable criteria upon which they can not be recognised, its all about who has the best imaginary friend really.

          • lynn

            Looks like you are supporting them. I thought you might be one of those people who wanted to join up with isis.

          • dark477

            it’s not a matter of support it’s a matter of fact’s Islam is considered a valid religion with all the legal benefits that entails

        • Truthhurts24


    • gimpy

      Mohammed is off raping children and fornicating with goats, a decent woman wouldn’t have him.

  • blueray

    .., as CHRISTians, we should never incite anyone with intentional props, if we are true followers of CHRIST, His word, the bible is sufficient, sharing boldly, but with love,,,this group was wrong, JESUS would not adhere to this method,,, having said that, the police were wrong, they should’ve protectedthem,,,if this ruling stands, any officer, with ant beliefs, can and will use any excuse, any pperceive clash, as justification to arrest on the premise of a safety issue,,,in other words, freedom of expression, of religion, especially CHRISTians, will be censored…they tried to censor JESUS, using multiple reasons, they finally silenced Him, they hung Him on a cross, and with love, He died for all mankind…Shalom…….

  • John Munro

    and In many places of the USA the government has allowed the muslims to do terrorist training for 30 years so if a act of terrorism occurs we should he Government’s feet to the fire for allowing it to happen in the first place.

  • Wayneb36301

    Sorry, just can’t see Jesus confronting a crowd with a pigs head and insulting their leader.

    • Mary Taylor

      Really? You must not have read the four gospels. Jesus was very outspoken!

    • Michael Patterson

      I can see him insulting their leader, he was not a pansy he went head to head with the religious leaders of that day.

      • Wayneb36301

        Yes, I agree he confronted them, but he had a way of doing it in a redemptive and loving way. Although I do not know their motives, but it seems these guys were out to get noticed and they succeed. There are groups that go to Dearborn and witness in a loving way without a show. The police run them off two, but it wonder who leads the Muslims closer to Christ. the mentioned or the latter?

        • Michael Patterson

          Muslims don’t tend to convert to Christianity very often because they get all these virgin young girls when they die and we get to be celibate and sit around on clouds and play harps right LOL!

          • Wayneb36301

            You are so right, We will enter the presence of the Lord and no where in the Koran does it speaks of Muslims being in the presence of Allah, someone correct me if I am wrong. And by-the-way, what happens when you use up your allotment of virgins?

          • gimpy

            Then they turn to beastility

    • Amen

  • staad

    don’t understand why arabs are having their day in a non-arab country. you won’t have a ‘christian day’ in arab countries, they would all be blown to pieces by arabs who desire doing harm as a way to heaven. “pelted with bottles, garbage, stones and chunks of concrete” – o c’mon, when these pighaters become majority, throwing things is the least behavior every non-muslim will get.

    • lynn

      Only in America.

  • Kathy Starke Hickman

    This is not the way Christianity would handle something like this. Antagonizing does not get people to believe in Jesus . Showing love over the top, does sway some. People have such sick minds of what Christianity is and it’s not this.

    • Marc Fogarty

      I would love to think that show the other cheek would work in the case of muslim/Islamic cultures, but history shows that is not the case. Just ask the Indians and Buddhists slaughtered in their tens of millions by early Islam, the only thing that stopped the spread of Islam was the crusades. Unfortunately it is spreading again like a disease as people are indoctrinated from birth. Islamic culture(not the religion) is all encompassing I a person’s day to day life.

      • Wayneb36301

        Only the Spirit of God can convert or make martyrs, either one is a good thing.

  • lynn

    Since they were going to get in trouble anyway, they should have used watered down ketchup in squirt guns and told them it was pigs blood. Ha, ha, ha! Just kidding.

    • Evelyn


  • lynn

    I don’t know about you all, but when I see a person wearing a rag on their head, I go in the opposite direction. These days you can’t trust any muslim as to whether or not they might be a suicide bomber. Even if you have a concealed carry permit and are packing heat, it is no good against a concealed bomb. Just saying.

    • Mary Taylor

      I feel the same way. If they’re here for freedom, why do they cover up. A man could be under there or any would be killer. How would we know the difference.

  • GibbyD

    If that ruling stands, then it means that anytime someone is offended by what others say , all the offended party has to do is get enough people to throw rocks and cause a riot and instead of the police stopping those that are assaulting the speakers and those that are rioting , the police will arrest those that are legally exercising free speech .

    • lynn

      Depends on who is being offended.

  • Paul Hiett

    And yet I read many of your comments that claim that Christianity is being insulted and persecuted.

    Is this really how you want to treat those who believe differently? To insult and persecute them so?

    • Bless you for asking the correct questions.

    • lynn

      Seems they are doing a pretty good job of persecuting themselves.

  • rnot

    we need to force what the crapran – oh er I mean Koran – says in it regarding non-moslems to the judges and politicians. Also their sharia laws since they will know that they can get away with anything because we are forbidden to criticize anything Islamic under sharia laws. That is NOT what this country is based on. And if they threaten violence THEY should be locked up.

  • Art Hernandez

    I have no problem telling muslims their prophet is a pedophile. Just try and behead me in MY country! You are all dirtier than pigs! I am tired of our country catering to these swine! That includes obamas’ closet muslim asse!

  • ltc444

    Nazi’s marched in predominately Jewis Skoki IL under police protection. It would seem that Christians no matter how misguided they are deserve the same protections. This is the second incident were Christians were arrested for exercising their faith at a public Muslim affair which was being held on public property subsidized by public funds.

    • This was not an exercise of faith but an un-Christian provocation. They called themselves ” Bible Believers ” and if that is so: “Love your enemies” “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” “Love your neighbor as yourself” “As far as it depends upon you, live peaceably with all.”

      • ltc444

        You missed the point. It is a free speech issue not a religious belief. Nazis and Muslims are afforded more protection under the first amendment than are Jews and Christians.

  • Horatio Hornblower

    I love these guys and would go with them

  • Maria Wilson

    USA should send all muslims home to their own countries ,they are nothing but hate and trouble .In England muslims are patruling on streets stopping English women and telling them that next time when they walk on the street they have to have their heads and face covered and complete body cover .If we continue to tolerate this beasts they soon will do the same treatment to us here .

    • lynn

      Next thing you know, they will be throwing gays off high rise buildings.

    • James

      You know, orthodox Jews have been putting up signs in Crown Heights telling people to dress “modestly” because it’s a Jewish neighborhood.

      How do you feel about that?

  • Mr. Avatar

    Muslims are the reason for the season of violence, their Satanic Quran is the reason of violence. The police are afraid of insulting Satan’s followers!

    • lynn

      Homeland security won’t let the police do anything to stop the violence.

  • Truthhurts24

    This is called America not Saudi Arabia and I applaud Mr. Ruben for his stand against Islam he had every right to do whatever he wanted to do as a citizen of America as long as his movement is not of violence but look who turned violent the Muslims as usual they can take no criticism without turning into ninjas. The so called religion of peace is destroying every country it infiltrates just look at Uk and its time for Americans to rise up against this cult of the devil.

    • There is something greater than America–Christ and His Kingdom way.

      • Truthhurts24

        Amen but are you saying that what Mr.Ruben did was wrong

    • lynn

      Probably already too late.

      • Truthhurts24

        I hope not but your probably right just look how Islam is being given the preferential treatment in this country it makes me sick.

        • lynn

          Me too.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    From the police logic, when the sodomites come out of the court house after being

    ‘married’, we would have the right to pelt them with rocks and other items, because the sodomites would be causing the disturbance by their sexual deviant behavior.

  • Christopher Todd

    ~ Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation… Hear The Word of The Lord! ~

  • anglicanusepapa

    This is disgusting! Notice the name of the attorney representing the police – it is a Muslim name!

  • Jesse Morrell

    Praise God for Ruben Israel. His Movie is great!

  • Brenda Golden

    Think of the furor if the Americans had started throwing rocks and bottles back at them. They can scream about “death to america” and that is okay but say the truth about islam and get attacked physically and You have infringed on their rights. The police dept should be sued beyond what Dearbornistan can afford. Tired of muslims being coddled and appeased. But they are lucky, many would have returned fire with bullets maybe these should have.

  • Peter Leh

    Other Christians were at this event witnessing and passing out tracks yet they were not assaulted nor did their presence start a riot.

  • Peter Leh

    Has anyone else experienced a productive witnessing campaign by insulting the lost?

  • David Ellis

    Muslims are a Disturbance in ” THE FORCE “