Georgia Air Force Base Reverses Course on ‘Blessed Day’ Ban Following Outcry

Air ForceWARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Guards at an Air Force base in Georgia will again be allowed to say “Have a blessed day” to their fellow airmen after the phrase was initially banned due to a complaint from an organization that seeks to keep religion out of the military.

According to reports, security forces at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins had been greeting military members with the phrase of their own volition—that is up until this week. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, run by Mikey Weinstein, who views evangelism in the military as being a type of spiritual rape, contacted base officials to ask that the use of the word “blessed” be stopped.

He told the Air Force Times that he had received 13 complaints from both airmen and civilians who were uncomfortable with guards wishing them a “blessed day,” but were “afraid” to report the matter.

“I found the greeting to be a notion that I, as a non-religious member of the military community, should believe a higher power has an influence on how my day should go,” one complainant wrote to Weinstein’s organization.

Due to Weinstein’s phone call, the base agreed to have security forces wish those who enter and exit a “nice” day instead.

But after the matter was made known in the press, many rose up against the prohibition on the phrase, and the Air Force decided to remove the ban on wishing others a “blessed day.”

“We are a professional organization defended by a professional force. Our defenders portray a professional image that represents a base all of Middle Georgia can be proud of,” base spokesman Roland Leach said in a statement. “The 78th Security Forces members have been asked to use the standard phrase ‘Welcome to Team Robins’ in their greeting and can add various follow-on greetings as long as they remain courteous and professional.”

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“The Air Force takes any expressed concern over religious freedom very seriously,” he continued. “Upon further review and consultation, the Air Force determined use of the phrase ‘have a blessed day’ as a greeting is consistent with Air Force standards and is not in violation of Air Force Instructions.”

Weinstein says that he is disappointed that the base decided to reverse its decision, as he asserts that the allowance of the phrase is a “vicious savaging of the Constitution.”

“Whenever the Air Force is pushed to the test, they will cater to the religious right,” he told Air Force Times. “This an example where it’s fine to say, ‘Welcome to Team Robins,’ but, as I said before, what are you going to do if the gate guards say, ‘Welcome to Team Robins. Hail Satan!'”

But the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, led by retired chaplain Col. Ron Crews, said that there was nothing improper about the usage of the phrase.

“Using the phrase ‘Have a blessed day’ is not offensive; it is common courtesy,” he stated during a televised interview on Friday. “We commend the Air Force for this return to sanity.”

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  • The Last Trump

    Get over it atheists. How infantile can you get.
    And have a blessed day!

  • Gary

    The us military is officially anti-Christian. It makes no sense for a Christian to work for an organization that is hostile to Christianity and that promotes homosexuality. Therefore, any Christian who is in the us military is helping to promote homosexuality and anti-Christian policies. It is hypocrisy.

    • bowie1

      What happens if the draft comes back?

      • Gary

        Refuse to go.

    • TheBBP

      Gary, you and I agree on many things around here and I say this with all due respect, but I have to depart from that here on this one.

      If you were to hold that standard to everything, where would any of us work? If you were to hold that standard to your leisure time, you would not be on the internet. I am sure that you can imagine what perversions and evil that your internet provider allows to flow through their cables.

      We are even implicitly called to go out into the world and into the dark corners to spread the word. You are to stand and be a light in that darkness. There are many men and women of God who serve who do make a difference in the lives of other service members and do their share of expanding His Kingdom. Why would you call these men and women to leave that mission field?

      • Gary

        Oh please. Nobody is in the military as a missionary. People join the military for reasons having nothing to do with Christianity. I would not put my life in the hands of people who care nothing about me, and that is what everyone in the military does. If I can talk them out of it, nobody that I care about is going to put their lives in the hands of B. Hussein Obama.

        • TheBBP

          As you know, Gary, the Lord put Barrack Obama in charge of this nation. There are many young men and women who feel called to serve and I thank God for them. Everywhere we go is a mission field, not just the places that you politically agree with.

          You know that we are called to go into the dark corners and to be a light. Nobody is called to sit in safety and shout over their wall about how other people are doing it wrong.

          You are also still ignoring the rest of my message. Where should we work by your standards? How do your standards allow you to be on the internet? Don’t come at me with the angry rhetoric, come at me from a biblical stance.

          • Gary

            I don’t believe God calls anyone to serve in the US Military. I understand that you and others may have a different opinion. I have lost all respect for the US Government, including for those who are employed by the us military.

            Personally, I would not work for any government, or any business that is openly anti-Christian. Supporting homosexuality is anti-Christian, so I would not work for most major corporations such as Apple, Bank of America, etc. Everyone has to make their own choices.

            I understand that it is easy to say these things, and harder to do them if you think you have no choice.

  • sammy13

    Being ‘blessed’ makes one feel uncomfortable? May I please be the most uncomfortable person alive.

    It is quite possible these folks who feel uncomfortable are realizing, at the moment of the greeting, that they are cut off from something or someone greater than themselves. And it is frightening. Maybe they should examine their life.

  • bowie1

    I’ve always said “have a nice day” or “see ya later” automatically, but each person has their own way of a so long greeting.

  • Angel Triumphant

    Praise God for some sanity! God bless and protect them! In Jesus name!

  • timetorun

    they need to terminate Mickey Weinstein’s contract!

    • Neil Parker

      Can’t do that. He’s retired.

      After graduating with honors from the Air Force Academy, serving with the 2049th Communications and Installations Group at McClellan Air Force Base, then enrolling in the Air Force law school program. He served as a U.S. Air Force JAG officer for ten years.

      Then he worked in the White House as a legal counsel to Ronald Reagan. So I’d say he’s served honorably.

      • timetorun

        but now, he is clearly taking an anti-Christ public position. the military needs to evaluate what is the motivation of Mr Weinstein. He is a Jew and he is clearly taking a stand against God’s Messiah, his Holy Son just as Saul of Tarsus did until the Lord knocked him off of his high horse and that ended the persecution. The church should be praying for Mr Weinstein for his salvation and repentance. The Lord can do that!

  • Logic&Emotion

    It’s only logical to “have a blessed day” What seems Illogical is being offended by a statement of kindness. To the Atheist – relax. The appropriate definition as used is:

    bringing happiness and thankfulness:

  • Neil Parker

    As long as y’all are just as happy with a “salaam aleikum”, or “May the Goddess be with you”, then the folks at the gate can bless me however they want.

    • TheBBP

      Among the several definitions of “blessed”… “bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune.”

      The word “blessed” is about a neutral as a warm greeting can get. People can bestow blessings on each other, it does not require any belief in a higher being. I can bless you with some kind words or a gift. Your neighbor can bless you with a trustworthy friendship.

  • DoktorFuturepast

    May the Emperor be with them.