College Ministry Kicked off Campus for Requiring Leaders to Be Christian

Chi Alpha LogoTURLOCK, Calif. – A Christian campus organization has lost recognition from its university and been accused of “religious discrimination” for not allowing non-Christians to hold leadership positions in the group.

Chi Alpha is a national student ministry organization with a presence in over 300 college campuses across the United States. According to the group’s website, Chi Alpha exists to “reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.”

On September 11, 2014, Chi Alpha’s chapter at California State University-Stanislaus was informed by the university that the group would no longer be recognized as a campus organization. The school accused the organization of religious discrimination and abruptly severed ties with the Christian group.

In a letter mailed last week to Cal State Stanislaus, Chi Alpha’s National Director, E. Scott Martin, explained that the Christian group was effectively “exiled from campus.”

“Within twenty-four hours, university personnel locked Chi Alpha students out of their reserved meeting space and forced them to hold their meetings off campus—in effect our Chi Alpha chapter was exiled from campus,” Martin wrote. “The harm from these incidents is ongoing, as it continues to affect Chi Alpha’s student members to this day.”

Chi Alpha was allegedly kicked off the Cal State Stanislaus campus because, although any student can become a member of the group, its leaders must affirm the organization’s Christian beliefs. University officials claim that this requirement violates the school’s non-discrimination policy.

“No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society, or other student organization that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability,” states the university’s official policy.

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However, Chi Alpha leaders argue that the organization’s standards for group leaders are simply common sense.

“How can someone lead us if they don’t share our mission?” said Bianca Travis, president of the Chi Alpha chapter at Cal State Stanislaus, in a press release. “It’s impossible to genuinely lead a worship service or Bible study unless you believe what you’re teaching.”

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is representing Chi Alpha, urging the university to reinstate the organization.

“Cal State Stanislaus allows fraternities to limit their leaders and members to men,” said Adèle Keim, Legal Counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, in the release. “So why can’t a religious group require its student religious leaders to practice what they preach? We call on Cal State to reinstate the Chi Alpha chapter immediately.”

“Asking your leaders to believe in what your group teaches isn’t discrimination. It’s just integrity,” Keim further stated, according to FOX40.

One local lawmaker even voiced support for the Christian group and censured the university’s recent actions.

“I am requesting that California State University, Stanislaus immediately reconsider and reverse their actions against Chi Alpha,” stated Turlock City Councilmember Matthew Jacob. “In the University’s attempt to enforce non-discriminatory policies, they themselves are discriminating against the religious creeds of this particular student organization.”

Other Christian organizations have faced similar opposition from campus officials in other schools. As previously reported, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was accused of discrimination last year for requiring its leaders to be Christian. Likewise, a Christian group at a liberal arts in Maine recently lost its recognition for requiring group leaders to be born again Christians.

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  • Regina Forbes

    Matthew 10:14 “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” Maybe it’s time Christians left California to its own devices. The Californians will be happy because all the Christians are gone, and the Christians will be happier in places that actually welcome them.

    • brine

      The only issue is that Christianity is very visibly under attack in every nook and cranny of the US. The PC police, the homosexual agenda, and the anti-God crowd have found people in the judiciary (as well as politicians whose god is power and money regardless of how they try to label themselves) that have long hated what America once stood for and have been trying to take a wrecking ball to anyone that holds to biblical truth.

      The other part of the problem is Christians have kept their mouths shut for too long on sin of all kinds in order to appease the world. Instead of being obedient to God they came up with their own way…one that usually ignores the fact that while God is love He is also a God of judgment…and He told His followers to ‘do good and communicate’…and the communication is supposed to involve reproof, rebuke, warnings and admonitions both inside of body of Christ and to a lost world. Look at what the anti-God crowd espouses now…You can help people you just can’t talk of biblical truth. You can believe what you want you just can’t act on it. You have 1st amendment freedom of Religious expression but only so long as it is in your own mind behind closed doors and none other can witness.

      Hopefully Christians will start waking up and remember the lessons of Daniel and refuse to bow. We do win in the end….unfortunately those that lose will pay a very heavy price and there is no rejoicing in that. As God stated…He takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked…but as a just, righteous and holy God He will still do it.

  • bowie1

    Does that mean a Climate Change club, if they had one, could not refuse a leadership bid by a climate skeptic? I would say this would be a theoretical possibility.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      No, because climate change skeptics are not a protected class under the University’s code of conduct. It’s written right in the article; you can read it yourself above.

      • bowie1

        Very convenient of course. I see more of a principle involved.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          You asked a question, I gave you the answer. Sorry that you don’t like the answer but that’s what it is.

    • thoughtsfromflorida

      What part of “on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability,” did you find confusing? How would your scenario be theoretically possible based upon those criteria?

    • brine

      It would fall under the guise of…”That person is just trying to stir up trouble and is making students that believe in climate change uncomfortable” and they would be removed…just had two stories involving colleges on the subject. One discussing the false rape statistic and the second of a student at a Catholic University regarding discussion of traditional marriage.

  • TheBBP

    That is mind-blowing. A completely voluntary student union cannot place standards on their own leadership?

    • RWH

      No, a voluntary group can place standards through the election process. Each group elects its own officers. Someone who enters a group to cause problems will be taken care of by standard university disciplinary procedures. If the majority of members of a group are Christian, they should band together and elect the individual of their choice. Should an atheist be elected, it means that the majority of the group sees no problems with an atheistic leader. It’s that simple.
      The same procedure follows for most churches. How many churches do you know of that had a significant contingent of unbelievers join and then vote the pastor out?

      • brine

        No they can’t. Because it is discrimination according to the university. Someone entering the group and stirring up problems would be protected by the University because obviously they aren’t happy with Christianity. Schools and some in government have been waiting for the wedge issue that would allow them to discriminate against Christians and some ungodly judges have thrown open the door by reimagining the Constitution. Just like how people passing out anti-abortion information or Constitutions are harassed, people that speak out against homosexuality are removed from courses…but people that side with sinful practice are embraced as inclusive free speakers. God said there would be division based on His Word. God’s people are told to stand and speak…not go along to get along. Christians aren’t stirring up the trouble here. Christians aren’t the ones stirring up trouble when they get mobbed for being obedient to God.

        As far as your church question…how many times have I seen the world dictate to the church what is doctrine…and how many times have I seen a church keep their mouths shut because they are bullied as lacking compassion…and how many times have I seen a church crumble from within because ‘the world’ ended up outnumbering Christians…plenty. It doesn’t happen in a second like you make it out to be…just like this country didn’t fall into the pit it is in overnight.

      • Frank


        • RWH

          If you look at the PCUSA, a resolution was taken to the 100 or so presbyteries around the country. Churches got together to do business and to vote on issues. A majority of these presbyteries decided that they would approve of same-sex marriages. Everything was done legally. There is no evidence that people other than the elected delegates from each of the churches had voting rights. However, we are talking about student organizations, not churches. The topic at hand are student clubs and organizations. Again, you need to show us how people who are not members of the organization somehow came in and got voting rights. I can’t imagine an atheist joining a Jewish organization and sitting there cooperatively for a year or more just to get himself elected to an office. It just doesn’t make sense. With so many groups on a campus and the ability to form groups as long as someone can produce a list of 25 names or more of current students, why wouldn’t someone form an organization that he supports rather than subvert an already existing organization? I have been teaching for 40 years, and in this time, I have not heard of one single organization that experienced a hostile takeover in this fashion.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            There is, to my knowledge, no epidemic of students joining clubs they disagree with to infiltrate upper management. What would be the point? What if the students spent all that time and effort and didn’t get elected?

          • brine

            Churches shouldn’t ‘vote’ on the clear dictates of God. That is just showing you how God set an order and people violate that order to achieve their purpose. Legally doesn’t mean morally. During my time in the education system that was actually part of the state mandated test…”If something is legal does that make it moral or ethical?” You always seem to be arguing on the side of unrighteousness…again…why is that.

    • NoCrud

      Those standards can and often are according to an election process if that is included in the bylaws of the student union. And it is mind-blowing. Don’t let nay-sayers offer objections to your comments and divert the conversation instead of suggesting answers that could possibly negate such pressure from a “school of higher learning.”

  • RWH

    Student groups usually elect their own leadership. If a “non-Christian” is getting elected, what does that have to say about a group? If a group is healthy, it will certainly elect a “Christian.” However, to receive funding and recognition, a group has to prove that it is not discriminating against certain people. Electing people is not discrimination, and if a group is healthy, it will certainly not elect anyone to any position that doesn’t agree with the foundational principles of a group.

    • brine

      The only problem with that is the playbook has already been established. The group will be flooded with members that are not Christians but have other agendas in order to outvote ‘the healthy members’. The foundational principles should be in line with the Word. At the end of the day The Word is what is under attack. Again, check out rulings and things that are being said by politicians. You can do anything you want so long as you don’t live out what you believe. We aren’t talking about cutting off heads or burning down homes. We are talking about ‘walking in the light’ and ‘not being partakers of other mens’ sins’…and the government is god crowd can’t stand it…especially those that hold such positions and promote themselves as rulers over the masses.

      • RWH

        Do you know of any examples where a significant group of students joined a group of any stripe with the clear purpose of turning the group into something completely different? Students have the right to form groups. It makes no sense for a group of unsympathetic students to join a group to undermine it. I would like to see examples of this to prove your point. I don’t know of any examples where Republicans have joined Democratic groups to subvert, or meat-eaters joining vegetarian groups to subvert. People who are not interested in religion are not going to join a group and become faithful members in order to subvert. Students generally are not interested in putting in the time and energy to attend a group faithfully over a stretch of time in order to run for office and change the nature of the group. They can form their own group.
        The “Word” is not under attack here. What is under attack is the presumed right of some students to think that they can form a group where they use the excuse of religion to subvert the rules that all must live by. Again, if the group is healthy, and the faculty adviser does his job, the group has nothing to fear. The rules against discriminating between members cut all sorts of ways. This paranoia is what is disturbing.

        • brine

          There have been several articles posted over the past 2 years where this type of thing has been brought up and random quotes of people wanting to force their way into organizations as members. What do you think their point in joining the club is? That isn’t paranoid…that is logical. People have went to churches to help stir up trouble and push agendas. There have even been comments in forums such as this where people would spout off about taking over…maybe some are just talking but don’t think for a second that people wouldn’t organize to do it. Was it Louisiana that they had a bunch of people crossover during congressional elections to try and oust a conservative?

          I just watched an interesting documentary that talked about Saul Alinksy(?) where Hillary Clinton said subversion and getting into leadership positions is key to ‘changing America’. You want examples. Look at the Republican party. Constitutionalists are painted as ‘wacko birds’. RINO’s lead the party, there aren’t really any conservatives.

          Look at the business climate…A creative business doesn’t want to promote a lifestyle that is incompatible with their beliefs and they are sued into oblivion or mobbed by homosexuals to shut them down even though they could go down the street to find someone to do their bidding. Christians don’t stop being Christians because they own a business. There is the Christian T-shirt shop in Kentucky that the people went to specifically because they were a Christian shop in order to get them in trouble. Bakers, photographers. designers, videoagraphers….targetted in mass…

          How about the Boy Scouts…they got a man into leadership position and forced an agenda where the courts said they have every right to not allow things they see as unfit….you don’t think there was subversion.

          Look at the military. Forcing people out of leadership positions that don’t agree with promotion of homosexuality…look at the latest Chaplin under fire. Being told to deny your faith and plain teaching of scripture to keep your job. The ‘helper’ got his job specifically to target the Chaplin is a distinct possibility. Paranoid? I was stationed at Ft. Banning when Clinton had a review of don’t ask don’t tell with soldiers. 50 people were there and everyone but a nurse and her boy buddy was against it. But the report came out that there were no objections.

          You are absolutely wrong when you say the Word is not under attack. When a judge tells a business you can believe what you want you just can’t live it…the same as these school clubs…then it is completely under attack. Daniel was told to not pray…Hebrew children to bow. The apostles were told to not preach…When you are told to not live the life God instructed you to…when you are told to deny your faith or lose your job, business, finances, personal property then the Word is under attack. People hate the Word…people attack the Word….people attack those that stand for the Word.

          “What is under attack is the presumed right of some students to think that they can form a group where they use the excuse of religion to subvert the rules that all must live by.” Christian club…Christian leadership…

          • RWH

            We’re not talking bout the Military, nor of any other group but student ones on a campus. If you know of instances where people unsympathetic to a group’s stated purpose have joined a group in order to change its purpose, please provide examples. I know of no examples where a group of students have joined a group in order to turn it completely around to make it something completely different. I know of no examples where someone has entered a religious group in order to make it something else. In my 40 plus years of teaching, I know of no instances where a non-Catholic has joined the Newman Club and made it Jewish. I know of no instances where a non-Evangelical has joined an Evangelical group to make it Jewish, or atheistic, or whatever. If this is such a big problem as you believe, you should have no problems bringing up examples from schools across the country where groups have been infiltrated and through this infiltration somehow become the opposite of what they were not supposed to be.

          • brine

            The fact you overlook is that this hogwash of ‘religious discrimination’ for a Christian Organization to have Christian leadership is a new tilt for those that oppose Christianity. Never before has a Christian club been dictated that they must give potential way to nonChristians in a Christian club. Recall that people went after the Salvation Army to for them to not discriminate against homosexuals in hiring….oh wait….that didn’t happen on a college campus so that has no relevance. I gave you other real world examples (and intent of those that want to do such a thing in message boards). Just like at one time you would have probably pulled the card of ‘Show me one time where a chaplain is told not to adhere to his faith when someone asks them a moral question.’ Now look at the ‘cleansing going on in the military’. Just like the cleansing that is going on in colleges.

            You also misjudge the hate of those that oppose Christianity. Again I easily refer to the homosexual agenda crowd. You don’t think for a second at these liberal universities where non-Christians far outnumber Christians that they won’t flood the membership in order to make a joke out of a Christian club. That is foolish thought. You would rather have organizations be destroyed or even worse, have a Christian title and celebrate wickedness then to be able to dictate rules within their own belief system. Called watering down and it happens all the time in real churches.

          • RWH

            We need to be careful that we’re not setting up absurd conditions and scenarios. I have yet to meet a group of people who would join a club for which they had deep philosophical differences. I have yet to see any group of students join a group to make a joke out of it, especially since they would have to attend regularly for a year or more before anyone would even think of electing them to an office. Can you think of anyone or any group of people, who in their right minds, would attend meetings for a year or more just to get themselves elected to a group that they disagree with? Group members elect their own leaders. Groups have constitutions and bylaws which must be filed with the student government association of their prospective universities. We can talk about “what if” scenarios till the cows come home. Let’s talk about examples of known groups that have been infiltrated by those who oppose the group and who have taken over the group and have changed their constitutions and bylaws to make the group something that it is not.

          • brine

            The Devil thinks he should have a heavenly leadership position as well and be protected. It seems you are arguing from the standpoint of unrighteousness and again straight from the liberal playbook. How absurd that you argue that a Christian group should not have rules in place to protect themselves and under the guile of ‘discrimination’ demand they change or be ousted. Using this tactic is a new thing championed by the hard left and brought out of the closet into the spotlight by none other than our president. For the majority of the history of this nation this has never been a problem…it was expected Christian organizations have Christian leadership and workers that adhere to whatever the organizations stances are…it is now only a problem when those that want to attack Christians and remove them from any position of authority or relevance gain traction by using the claim of bigotry and discrimination. Repeat the play and mantra over and over in every area.

            You realize that, in colleges, this had helped to ‘weed out Christians’ in majors…nursing because they refuse to participate in abortions, psychology because they refuse to not counsel people according to scripture, science because they refuse to bow to the altar of evolution or dare even question it. You realize that Hitler had the same goal. Remove those with a moral foundation from education as well as business because they stood in the way. Universities with Christian clubs that stick to their guns are a threat. Under your scenario God it the most intolerant bigoted being there is. He said you have to go through Christ, God the Son to get to God the Father…not Mary, not Joseph Smith, not Vishnu, not, Lucifer, not Buddha…

            Business owners get the same treatment for refusing to partake of other mens’ sins in participating in something Scripture says is wicked. And by the way, on that front…if a Christian Club says that they stand against homosexuality because of the truth of Scripture you would also be fine with them being shut down because of their bigoted non inclusive stance, right? Not sure what part about Christian organization you are getting confused on.

            Weren’t several (if not many) of the Ivy League schools (college groups) started out as schools to prepare people in ministry work? So how did they become moral cesspools? 1. Attack the leadership and change the body. Not as you imply ‘in the blink of an eye’ but slowly over time. Guess who else thinks like that that has said they wanted to destroy this country from within…2. Once leadership is established and undermining begins…and people that have had their heads in the sand complain…what is the next statement that always comes out…’Too late to put the toothpaste in the tube now’. Your playbook argument is no different than the same thing that has been going on…it has just found a new arena.

            Lastly your argument that if such an event did happen (that the club was flooded and elected non-Christian leadership) that the school would protect them. First, I have a bit of time involved in education myself…not the 40 years you have but over 10…I’ve seen the inner workings and discussions that go on in some of these ‘disputes’. Second…on this site there have been stories of how even school employees have violated students rights, sometimes even in a violent manner only to have letters of support written for the attacker by other members of the faculty. If you have a liberal university where you have a Christian club, say Berkley, and 10 people start a Christian Organization…1. There is venom towards Christians. 2. Christians are vastly outnumbered. 3. There is no doubt they would flood the club in attempts to make a mockery out of it and overtake it. Your denying that is shortsighted.

          • Luke Skarin

            Our government is now run by socialist/ communists. There is one group for you. This is clearly outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Infiltrate and work from the inside out. The Bible warns us about this often and for those who actually believe in the Word of God we also know this is a reality we will face since it has been going on sine the beginning of humans history. America is another one for example. We are being bombarded with illegal, law breaking criminals approved by the president of this Nation flooding our boarders in order to bring about his promise to fundamentally change America.. I could go on and on with how we defeated communism during the cold war and how they were trying to defeat our Republic by putting people in place to steal information to use against us and us against them in order to change us/ them from within or out, by any means possible. Satan in the form of a serpent made the same effort in the Garden of Eden. So, as you so flippantly dismiss these truths, they are very real for those of us who know Christ. It has been going on since the dawn of time. Satan works today under this very same premise, that he is not real. We get a picture of a cartoonish character in red tights who is evil yet harmless because he really has no power.

          • Luke Skarin
          • brine

            Jude 1:4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

            Not a new tactic.

        • slange

          RWH…. I have an example for you…. YOU!!! When you followed a link here and decided to comment on this story did you happen to scroll to the top of the page? See right up there at the top of the page you will find you are on a sight called And yet here you are commenting and throwing out opinions, and telling others that they are wrong. So how much of a leap is it to believe that somebody might join an organization just to express their opposing ideas. Lets not be silly and and say that wouldn’t happen.

          • RWH

            Steve, just in case you haven’t noticed, this site is not a university student group that is holding elections for officers. And what makes you think that I am not a Christian? I am throwing out opinions and stating that others are wrong because I work at a university and am an advisor to a group on campus. I know how things work. Do you? People may well join a group to express an opposing idea, but this type often will stay for only a short time. Group consensus will often override people who come with hidden agendas, and groups often have the means to take care of those who enter a group under false colors. If you can prove that people have joined groups and have successfully pulled a coup d’état, please cite your evidence. I know of no such cases, and I have a lot of contacts with colleagues from other universities who would be able to bear witness if such a thing happened. As I have said before, I have been in this business for 40 plus years and know of no examples. Furthermore, FERPA regulations have been around for quite a while. A school can lose federal funding if it allows discrimination to exist within any part of the organization. The rules apply equally all across college campuses, and as such, no group can claim special exemptions from policies.

          • Steve Lange

            Thanks for your reply, I appreciate a good dialog. Your interpretation of the story, is clearly different than mine.

            FERPA is not brought up in the story, and my understanding is that it applies to the University, and University funded organizations. This decision was based on as specifically stated in the story “University’s official policy”.

            There are a variety of structures in organization, the leadership structure is not defined in this story so your reference to a “coup d’état” is not appropriate. They only cite having this standard for a “leadership position” which could be one of many roles.

            By your standard, you dismiss any opinion unless I can cite proof of my opinion. That’s no different than saying “So you say you don’t beat your wife, prove it!!”

            I state my opinions based on logic, common sense and personal experience. Sadly I read far too many stories where logic and common sense are the last thing considered at many “Higher Education Institutions”

            My experiences are different than yours, but I can assure you that one person in an organization can have great effect, and do great things or cause much damage whether it be a religious, political, public or private.

          • brine

            “And what makes you think that I am not a Christian?”

            Would love to hear your testimony of when you were born again….I’m a bit confused by your fruit.

            Local school…discussion in class. Homosexual ‘marriage’ was being discussed. A student brought out scripture. Because schools are areas for the exchange of free ideas and open discussion. (There was an article posted on that not too long ago to burst that lie for you, including another where a professor at supposed ‘conservative religious institution’ was censored for writing something on his FB page on his own time talking about such fraudulent beliefs) During a break the student that brought out scripture was confronted by someone identifying as homosexual and had a very large member of a sports club stand beside her. Large guy tells student that brought up Scriptural opposition to say it again and he’ll ‘break his face if he sees him out in public’. Next day student is sitting and the LGBT club is in an area and has someone drop a tray of food. Scripture guy turns around to see what happened as did everyone. LGBT girl goes up to guy and starts screaming at him, “Why are you staring at me.” Keeps screaming and nobody stops it even though administrators are there. Goes on for a good 10 minutes before Scripture guy finally has space (LGBT group had surrounded guy at that point) and he leaves area. LGBT girl goes to administration and claims harassment. Next day guy sits in front of him and asks him a question on scriptural opposition. Scripture guy answers question…LGBT group surrounds him again and screaming about hate speech. Scripture guy is called before administration and told he is disrupting the school and to be silent on the matter or face serious consequences. Scripture guy is leader of Christian Club. LGBT students go to the teacher that is the sponsor and say they have no sponsor for their club and want to sit in with the Christian Club. School grants permission for LGBT to merge with Christian club under the same sponsor. Same room…same meeting time. Christian Club is not allowed to say or bring up any topic that may deem hostile to LGBT club….LGBT is protected…Christianity if not silent and invisible is in violation of the magic ‘establishment clause.’ Keep in mind this is the same group of people that screamed at guy for 10 minutes and threatened to physically harm him while administration kept silent. Of course their motives were pure as the driven snow. Christian Club is forced to disband. Behind closed doors…Administration is afraid of lawsuits and any reprimand of the LGBT crew will be seen as discrimination…Christian crews are the ones that are the easy targets because there is much less of a chance of lawsuit or negative publicity.

            ‘Lesbian minister’ comes to start a ‘church’. School newspaper has an issue dedicated to the matter discussing it from multiple standpoints, including a two page article from the Scriptures. No hate speech…just the facts from the right side of life. There are two newspapers ran by student groups at the university. After this issue…after years and years of existence…suddenly the one paper is told they are not accepting of diversity and inclusive enough in their voice…and there is only room for one paper (and this is before the advent of the agenda we see going on today where discrimination is cried at every turn.) Their funding was immediately stopped as well as any access to printers and computers that would have allowed for them to foot the bill on their own.

            These two instances are not hypothetical what-if situations but perfectly show the hatred and disdain for biblical Christianity as well as a view as to where things are headed on the Christian hunt. You would think that the 1st amendment is a protection quite easily readable and established to protect Christians from ‘government’. However, as previously stated you can see that what liberals do is get into a position of power and ‘change the meaning of the words’. Another cue taken from Satan.

            Here’s the fact for you…biblical based Christianity has been, will be, and is in the minority and will always be attacked. I’m not talking about labeling oneself as a Christian because of some ceremony where a new creature isn’t made and a life isn’t changed….

          • RWH

            Brine, if you are confused by my “fruit,” that is your misfortune. I am under no obligation to share anything personal about myself–just as you are under no obligation to share anything personal about yourself.
            Why all the extraneous arguments here? This is not a discussion about gays. It is not a discussion about things that happen randomly across the universe. It is about membership in student organizations and policies concerning discrimination. However, I will answer one of your points. The professor at the “conservative religious institution” was a professor at Marquette University. He was not suspended for being a Christian. He was suspended because he commented publically about personnel matters that were outside his jurisdiction and caused what is termed as a hostile work environment for a teaching assistant–so hostile that she dropped out of the program in fear for her life. This was a serious violation of University policy. It has nothing to do with gays or gay rights. It has everything to do about talking about students in a public place. According to FERPA regulations, faculty can’t talk to students about grades or performance in any location where others may hear. You may seek to trivialize these things, but universities have been successfully sued for millions for breaking confidentiality agreements, and those schools that violate these standards can lose all federal funding–and perhaps their accreditation. These FERPA standards, although not mentioned in the original article, are the very basis for strict policies for nondiscrimination. You may not like my answer, but those are the facts. I get involved with some of this as a supervisor, and I know what I am talking about even though you may think that I am biased. So, unless you work at a university and you are familiar with all of these policies, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of this stuff before you hurl unsupported accusations.

          • brine

            Paul was able to defend his authority. Paul had no problem expounding to people about his conversion. I’m not ashamed of my testimony. I’ll give it all day long with proof…line upon line, precept upon precept and evidence. I know what Scripture says and about how to judge righteous judgment as His Word commands and how to view those that twist the scripture to their own destruction. You sir argue for unrighteousness under the guise of discrimination. By YOUR proof, you sir would have been in line with those that beat the servants of God and told them to no longer speak in the name of Christ because they feared what He can do in the lives of men. I note how you argue and defend unjust University policy but leave out the truth of scripture. You ‘answer one of my points’ but ignore the real spotlight ‘of the argument’ that would clear up a lot for a lot of people on why you argue to uphold unrighteousness. What is your testimony sir. Nobody knows your name or location or is looking to search you out.

            Extraneous arguments…absolutely not. ‘Arguments’ the point of what you deny. And I have been involved in education, a real genuine employed person, working at Secondary, Post-Secondary, and State levels. I know what goes on when the doors are close. It is a discussion about all levels of attacks of Christianity as this is just another example. ‘What is termed as a hostile work environment’ because as much as he belongs to a ‘religious’ group he spoke the truth on the matter of hostility to those that hold to traditional values. You keep confusing the fact that this IS all related. Shutting off Christian clubs for lack of diversity and acceptance, be it speaking out against wickedness or not allowing infiltration and leadership from nonChristians is exactly the same thing. A means to an end and that is to remove Christianity from all areas. You ignore the ample evidence that I have shown in historical perspectives, in education, in government and in business that show not only is there an attack on Christianity but done under the banner of diversity…be it homosexuality or allowing the opportunity for nonChristians to potentially infiltrate and destroy Christian clubs.

        • Daniel Thom

          “It makes no sense for a group of unsympathetic students to join a group to undermine it. I would like to see examples of this to prove your point.”

          I can name one such example, although it’s not within a university setting. During presidental state primary elections numerous states, primarily blue states, have ‘open primaries’ where any registered voter can vote in either party’s primary election regardless of the person’s registered party affiliation. This allows Democrat voters the opportunity to vote for weaker GOP candidates in hopes of tipping the delegate counts to the weaker/more unelectable GOP candidate in order to make it easier for the DNC nominee to win the general election. They (democrats) tried it against Romney, against McCain, against Bush. They (democrats) just haven’t successfully pulled it off yet, meaning sway the delegate count to nominate the weaker GOP candidate. But they always try to. And the fringe Libertarian voters (Ron Paul supporters) tried it in the last election too. So don’t deny the obvious to us, what is obvious is the rule that these university Christian student groups have in place is meant to ward off the potential for ‘dissenters’ to join in numbers with the ~possibility~ of then electing dissenters into leadership and authority positions. And you are certainly smart enough to know that those types of people who would be interested in subverting a Christian student organization like this one are dissuaded by the impossibility of gaining leadership/authority positions within the group by the group’s requirements of being faithfully Christian in order to be eligible to be elected into those positions. And you’re smart enough to understand that the university is signaling to those many many students who would sieze the opportunity to subvert Christian student groups that they will have such an opportunity as soon as those groups drop their ‘faithfulness’ requirements. And you damn well know that is why the university is (mis)using it’s anti-descrimination policy in order to force those groups to drop the requirements which will inevitably open the gates of dissent/dissenters into the clubs having been granted the ~possibility~ of overtaking them by sheer numbers and votes. So we see subversion in presidential election primaries which is much bigger and much more challenging to pull off so it’s very obvious to us that outspoken critics of Christianity/Christians which are NUMEROUS on campus will jump at the opportunity to subvert a Christian student group when given the opportunity to, and that’s exactly what the university is intending to let happen. You are smart enough to understand this is a reasonable fear these Christian students have and their faithfulness requirements to hold leadership/authority positions is meant to dissuade dissenters from joining. After all, it’s as you put it, who would want to join a group they don’t agree with? Nobody, except for those who seek to subvert those groups because they disagree that much. And without the ~possibility~ of gaining control over the group those people won’t join if it’s impossible for them to take over by sheer numbers. But if that’s all it takes is sheer numbers to vote in dissenters to take over, they’ll be joining in mass and that would be the end of true Christan focused student organizations on university campuses. You know what I’m saying isn’t a rediculous senario to believe what will happen given the fact that subverting a small student group would be very easy given this senario, particularly when you acknowledge the fact that leftist college students are generally more radical in their beliefs and their tactics compared to just leftists in general. And as I explained, we see evidence that leftists in general attempt to subvert GOP presidential primaries every four years. So please stop insulting our intelligence with trivial denials and shallow attempts to placate our justifiable fears of the true motives of the university and of this example of Christian persecution, sir. We’re smart enough to see through the phony excuses and denials no matter how dumb you believe we are. Later

  • It is a Christian organization ….not secular …It is unreasonable for secular rules to apply to the group . if it happens that a secular person becomes a leader in the group ..the christian message and principle are at risk of being watered down with secular values …the group should hold to the integrity of the truth and values that Jesus taught …those values are not available for compromise…..That shouldn’t stop a secular person from being a part of the group and participating in its activities …most Christians welcome people from outside the faith to be a part of their activities…

    • thoughtsfromflorida

      It’s not necessary that they be officially recognized by the school. If they don’t like the rules for recognition by the school, then meet on their own.

      • Frank

        Your comment makes zero sense.

        • thoughtsfromflorida

          In what way?

      • That is always an option ….


    The key is that the group is Christian, this is the only reason why they are being persecuted, just as Christians the world over are being tortured, killed, and hounded for their beliefs. Because I am certain that no institute in the nation would exile a black fraternity for not allowing a white member of the KKK to be in leadership, or demand that a LGBTQ group permit an evangelical, Bible-believing(anti-homosexual) minister be in their leadership or else face excommunication. When the tables are turned and equality is not shown in all scenarios then we can see that this is nothing more than anti-Christian persecution. I guess we can be thankful that the group was not beheaded…..

    • Ambulance Chaser

      We don’t “see” anything. You just made up a bunch of hypothetical situations with hypothetical outcomes and then got outraged over things you imagined happening.

      • Xeb97

        No, they are true. But you in the good ole libtard tradition are intentionally obtuse.

        • NoCrud


        • Ambulance Chaser

          They are? When did a school tell a black fraternity they had to allow a Klansman to run for president of it? Are Klan members a protected class now?

          • minowe

            But what if the Klansman were white? Surely the black fraternity would then be obliged to allow him (or her) to run for president? Are whites the only non-protected race?

          • Ambulance Chaser

            The fraternity can ban any students from running for office or being members for being Klansmen. They can’t ban them for being white. “Klansmen” is not a protected class.

          • minowe

            I suppose the white Klansman, then, would have to say, “Yes, I used to be in the Klan, but I’m not now. And I really want to help run your fraternity.” THEN wouldn’t the fraternity be required to let him run?

            Of course if he ran and was not elected, he could claim racial bias in the voting. That would be a fun case to watch.

    • brine

      The reality is a Christian would not go to an LGBTQ group and demand to be in a leadership position…nor would they knowingly go to a homosexual business owner and demand they print their flyers with verses opposing homosexuality and then try to sue them out of business for refusal to provide service. They might try to talk with them and share the Word, pray for them and with them…but they wouldn’t operate in the manner that for some reason has everyone quaking in their boots when it comes to opposing the direction of this world.

    • eddyjames

      Maybe conservatives should join the campus socialists, what is it called? Young Democrats? And then vote right leadership in. Works both ways.

    • TheMatrixHasU

      Beheaded….they will be soon

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    Oh waaa, waaaa, waaaa. We want to have a club, we know the rules, but we don’t want to have to follow them. We’re Christians. They shouldn’t make us follow the rules. We’re special.

    What babies.

    • Frank

      Your comment makes less than zero sense.

      • thoughtsfromflorida

        How so?

        • Frank

          If you seriously don’t understand how so, there isn’t much explaining anyone can do for you, unless you are a child and do not have your reasoning fully developed yet because of your physical age in which case some explaining would do you some good. Same answer for th comment below.

          • thoughtsfromflorida

            So you can’t explain yourself and you blame your inadequacy on me. Too funny. What a coward.

          • NoCrud

            How Cute…!

            You have really nothing of value to say but you say it, anyway.

          • thoughtsfromflorida

            That would seem to be an accurate description of your post.

  • Elat

    very well said. Especially the last lines. It is incomprehensible that anyone can propagate for the absurd idea that it doesn’t matter if one has a mother or a father. it’s beyond insane. The world is full of people who have scars for being deprived of either a mother or father, no need to even look at gay household kids. This is such a fundamental issue it is mindboggling to say the least that anyone can even for a split of a second argue against it. Obama himself has talked about how it has affected him not having a father when he grew up. It is so offensive on so many levels it’s just beyond…

    • Xeb97

      That’s why Obama is into men. It’s an open secret.

  • Xeb97

    So no w the LGBT club can be run by a conservative Christian?

  • NoCrud

    So, I read the University’s position is:

    “No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor
    society, or other student organization that discriminates on the basis
    of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender,
    marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability,” states
    the university’s official policy.[…]

    I wonder if any Islamic group is also exiled from campus since they do indeed discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, just to name a few. Or, is the campus showing a blind eye toward Mecca while looking daggers at Calvary?

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Maybe if you have some evidence for these accusations you’re hurling, instead of baseless speculation, we could all sympathize?

  • NoCrud

    So, my comment was deleted, huh. Typical of some Liberoid…

  • Noctis Wolf

    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  • roccolore

    Are there any non-Muslims leading the Muslim Brotherhood Student Association?

  • Gary

    The answer is simple: Christian students attend schools that appreciate Christians. Don’t give your money to your enemies. Colleges are mainly about making money. That is the main reason they exist. So just take your money elsewhere.

  • Nn

    Does the men’s basketball team have to allow women on the team so as not to be kicked off campus?

  • TheMatrixHasU


    No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society, or other student organization that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability,” states the university’s official policy.**
    That’s a JOKE. Muslim orgs don’t allow Non Muslims to lead their groups and yet no one says anything. So this is purely discrimination against Christians

    • Oshtur3

      Actually they do, one of the cases that went to court showed that all the other student organizations had no problem with complying with the rules.

      The way most organizations work this is they require a certain attendance record for being able to run for office – the regularly attending members will know who they want to vote for. Just because you can’t have a rule that officers must be a certain religion doesn’t mean the organization will ever have an officer that isn’t that certain religion.

  • tovlogos

    Yet, the Holy Spirit was not including muslims, homosexuals, kkk, etc. when He forewarned us that “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But evil men and imposters will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” If evil men suffer, they cannot complain

    This life is of course still an advantage for us, because our citizenship is already certified to be in heaven. Nevertheless, the ante is being upped as ISIS/evil incarnate is testing the spiritual core of believers.

  • Oshtur3

    Who writes the headlines for these articles? They aren’t kicked off campus, they just aren’t going to be an official campus organization. Anyone who has attended college knows that a near infinite (☜ hyperbole) number of unofficial organizations meet on college campuses.

    You aren’t going to be available to all students in all positions? Going to conduct worship services as part of the club? Not suitable for an official organization of a government run school in California. They, like my state of Washington, constitutionally prohibit a single dime or monetary equivalent go to the funding of religious institutions or organizations that do that.

    Find a local church that will support the group, but public money? Nope, not constitutionally possible.

  • sammy13

    Just another assault on Christianity.

  • Richard French

    Jesus said they would hate us for his names sake. God’s Word will not return void.

  • David Hansen

    We as Christians have a lot to do so Christian students can have their organizations on their respective campuses. We must all vote and hold our leaders accountable