Humanists Threaten Legal Action After Elementary Teacher Gives Bibles to Students

blue gideon bibleDUNCAN, Okla. – A national humanist organization has threatened to sue a school district in Oklahoma because an elementary school teacher offered Gideon New Testaments to her students.

Erica Mackey is a third grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Duncan, Oklahoma. Last Thursday, Mackey reportedly announced to her students that she had several New Testament Bibles and asked if anyone would like one. Nearly all her students came up to her desk to get copies of the New Testaments.

Upon learning of the Bible distribution, one of the third grade student’s parents alerted the American Humanist Association (AHA), describing what happened. The AHA quickly emailed a letter to both the principal of the school and the superintendent of the school district, reprimanding Mackey’s in-class actions and threatening legal action.


“The school’s actions in assisting the Gideons in distributing Bibles to elementary students represents a clear breach of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution and we hereby demand assurances that this practice will discontinue immediately,” the letter states.

“Numerous courts have explicitly ruled that a government’s practice of assisting Gideons (or other entities) in distributing Bibles violates the Establishment Clause,” the letter alleges.

The AHA further accuses the school of allowing Mackey to illegally influence her “impressionable” young students.

“The unconstitutional endorsement is even more troubling here because the Gideons were distributed to students in elementary school,” the letter contends. “Elementary students are vastly more impressionable than high school students and are more likely to perceive the school’s actions as an endorsement of religion.”

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The AHA concludes their letter be urging the school district to follow a three-step strategy to prevent further Bible distributions.

“We demand the following assurances: (1) That teachers in your school district be advised that they are not permitted to distribute Bibles to students in class or during class time; (2) That teachers be instructed that under no circumstances should they attempt to persuade students to take Bibles during class time; and (3) The School District and its agents must refrain from leading, authorizing, permitting or condoning the distribution of Bibles at any elementary or middle school premises and during school hours, or immediately before or immediately after school hours.”

Duncan Public Schools Superintendent Melonie Hau promised to conduct “a full investigation” into the Bible distribution, according to a report from The Duncan Banner.

Despite warnings from atheists, other legal groups have expressed support for Gideon Bible distributions in public schools. In a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of legal experts argued that, contrary to atheists’ claims, “banning only religious community groups from distributing literature at public schools is clearly forbidden by the Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment.”

“Controlling Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit precedent permits school districts to allow community groups, like the Gideons, to make Bibles and other religious materials available to students on tables in the hallways or school lobby pursuant to a neutral forum established for private speech,” the letter explains. “Indeed, excluding religious community groups from such a forum would clearly violate the First Amendment.”

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  • bowie1

    What’s next? Teachers won’t be able to promote bible teachings on their own time, in their own home or church? After all, a certain fire chief was suspended because he published a book on his own time and no tax dollars were involved. At the same time secularists have no problem making their own so-called philosophies masquerading as science mandatory in all public schools.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      He then handed it out to his staff, on work time, and his employees complained. So no, that is not an example of anyone being fired, suspended, or persecuted for something he or she did “on his own time.” Nor is this, nor is anyone looking to fire public school teachers for giving out Bibles to anyone while not acting in the role of a teacher.

      • Eponymous1

        He gave it to colleagues he personally knew. One employee passed it on to a councilman, who complained. About two paragraphs in passing in a 160 page book offended the Brahmins. So they sought his head, and posted it on a pike “pour l’encouragement des autres.”

        Had it been a “coming out” book by a deviant in the same Department, you and I both know that individual would be celebrated.

        Christians (real ones that embrace the moral teachings of the Bible) have become the untouchable caste in the pecking order of “protected groups.”

        They need to wake up and realize it.

    • roald

      What ever gave you that idea? The teacher as a private individual can go from door to door handing out Bibles; no issues. The teacher as representative of the State and shaper of young minds; issues. What would your reaction have been had the teacher been handing out copies of the Qur’an?

      Science is verifiable. That is, it makes predictions that can be tested. When the predictions fail, science changes the theory to include predicting this outcome and continues to search for the truth. Faith is the opposite.

      • bowie1

        Unless at some future date they may consider her representing the state 24/7 and thus not allowed to share her faith at any time at least publicly.

        • roald

          And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. She is not considered a representative of the state 24×7. I am unaware of any legislation or court cases that would change that (I am open to learn more if you have more information).

        • Ambulance Chaser

          When that happens, we’ll discuss it. Until then, let’s not tilt at windmills, shall we?

    • Bruce Wayne

      This wasn’t on their own time, in their own home, or in church. It was in a public school, during class time. Are you too thick to see the difference?

      • bowie1

        Perhaps it is you that is a bit “dense” since I was looking at a theoretical possibility, since a few months ago a fire chief was suspended because he published a book on his own time, with his own money, which was deemed “offensive”. I seem to recall it was about the gay issue. Public employees sometimes seem to be under the scrutiny more so than private citizens when it comes to what they can do on their own time as well.

        • The book was homophobic. And freedom of speech protects you from censorship, not consequences.

    • yes, that’s EXACTLY what’s next; thank you for not exaggerating

    • “so-called philosophies masquerading as science” HAHAHAHAHA MURICA!

  • GibbyD

    It is lawful to allow the Gideons to be permitted to distribute Bibles in the public schools. It is unlawful to prevent them . The time of that distribution would be after school not during class time though. Those Bibles are allowed to be available to students . This is not any violation of the establishment clause of the constitution because through allowing this Bible distribution , NO RELIGION OR DENOMINATION OF RELIGION IS BEING SET UP AS THE OFFICIAL SPECIFIC RELIGION OR DENOMINATION OF RELIGION FOR THE STATE AND OR COUNTRY !!!

    • roald

      Correct and the best people to distribute them would be people the students do not see as school authorities.

      • GibbyD


    • Bruce Wayne

      And had that happened in that manner, instead of the teacher handing them out, there wouldn’t be an issue.

      • GibbyD

        Yes , more than likely. The reason is because we do not want cults giving out their literature either by the hands of state teachers. The problem though is that there are some administrators and principals of some public schools that are taking it upon themselves to forbid even the Gideons to give out those Bibles at times when it would be proper for them to do so

      • The Last Trump

        You mean, the teacher asking if anybody would freely like one?
        The criminality of it all is appalling! 🙂

      • Paula Gary

        The teacher did not “hand them out”…..just had a stack of them on her desk and told the kids they were welcome to one.

      • getstryker

        Agreed – The teacher’s error was ‘making materials available to students IN THE CLASSROOM. The ADF points out the following: “Controlling Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit precedent permits school districts to allow community groups, like the Gideons, to make Bibles and other religious materials available to students on tables in the hallways or school lobby pursuant to a neutral forum established for private speech,” The key is apparently a “NEUTRAL FORUM” outside the classroom in the hallway or lobby.

  • Mutti Kephara

    Would there be as much righteous indignation had Ms Mackey provided copies of the Koran to the students?

    • Eponymous1

      Muslims and homosexuals are currently separate but equal minorities in the pantheon of left-wing “protected groups.” They are kept apart from one another (notice no LGBT trolling of Muslim bakeries?) for now; both are used to trump disfavored racial and religious groups.

      • Paul Hiett

        Is there a law protecting sexual orientation in Dearborn, Michigan?

      • hahahahaha
        Can I have a link to confirm any of those claims?

        About the Muslim bakeries haha, people have only trolled BUSINESSES THAT SPOKE OUT ABOUT THEIR HOMOPHOBIA

    • SaKaf

      Yes, there sure as hell would be indignation over a teacher passing out the Qur’an. This is the bible belt and I assure you the one parent brave enough to complain will catch more grief than the teacher will. They pulled this crap in my son’s 5th grade class in the same town.

    • Even more, actually

  • Eponymous1

    The Bible — the one forbidden book by the U.S. government-education complex.

    • roald

      You are wrong. Had the teacher handed out copies of the Quo’ran, the Tipitaka, or the Satanic Bible, the action would have been equally wrong. You are smart enough to know this. Why do you insist on hiding your knowledge?

      • Eponymous1
        • roald

          Please provide an unbiased source. You two sources are well known for inflammatory misinterpretations (polite for “lies”). Were these events part of a comparative religion or a world history class? Were parents allowed to remove their children? If not, what happened after? Was anyone disciplined? Were policies or practices changed?

          Try these sources to get more information.

          • Eponymous1

            You cry about unbiased sources then give me politifact? LOL

            You can google all the instances cited in my “biased” sources.

            Here’s from your “truthorfiction” site.

            ” How the guidelines are implemented in the classroom is largely up to the teacher and critics say that in many classrooms, Islam has been emphasized while other religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, have sometimes been hardly touched upon. In an article on, Diana Lynne said that other parents in California have reported Islam-related activities that have caused them concern. One parent says her daughter was indoctrinated about Islam for four months while in seventh grade in Elk Grove, California. She said one day, she arrived at school to find a banner in front that said “There is one God, Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet.” She says she had also seen children chanting from the Koran and praying.

            The Snopes reporting on the Maryland incident is horrendous, inaccurate and biased, btw.

            Nonetheless, there is a lot of evidence that schools study Islam and the Koran in classrooms in a variety of ways, so how is a Bible then impermissible?

          • The Last Trump

            You would have thought she was passing out drugs the way the leftist react to scripture! What a depraved generation.
            And imagine! Banning books! Banning the Bible! FROM schools!
            You know when books are being banned we have truly arrived to a dark time in our history. Particularly where the Bible is concerned.

          • roald

            What if the teacher had passed out copies of the Satanist Bible or the Qua’ran instead? Don’t point me to any stories about any other religious texts being used in a world history or comparative religion class, just pure and simple, the teacher handed a copy to each student and students felt compelled to take them.

            What do you not agree about the concept that religion belongs in the home, in the church, in the media, and on the street, but not promoted through government and its representatives?

          • Paul Hiett

            You’ll find they rarely, if ever, address that question to them.

          • ImTheNana

            “the teacher handed a copy to each student and students felt compelled to take them.” — Wrong. She offered from her desk, and the students could come up and get one if they wanted one, or remain in their seat if they did not.

          • roald

            My error. There is clearly no peer pressure for a child to act like everyone else in the class and get the book. There is no fear on the part of the child that a person with significant influence over their life will not notice who does and who does not take a book.

          • ImTheNana

            You’re excused. Don’t let it happen again.

          • Jo Parker

            I feel bad that people who never receive the Bible and find Jesus may end up the same way as you will, that is my main concern.

          • roald

            I would prefer that you study Jesus’ teachings and philosophy, then try to emulate him rather than trying to pull the mote from my eye.

          • Bruce Wayne

            They’re not banned from school. In fact, if you ever bothered to learn to read, you’d know that they would have been fine if they’d been placed on a table in the hall with a “take one, free!” sign. The problem was the teacher handing them out, in school, during class time, which can be seen as a government endorsement of religion.

          • The Last Trump

            Wrong “Batman”.
            Do a google search and educate yourself about the schools that have begun purging their libraries of all Christian literature. Or the schools that illegally banned private Bible study groups from meeting on campus on their own time. And government endorsement of religion?
            Please. I think that ship sailed when the Bible was taught for CENTURIES in public schools, and government officials including presidents and judges swore others over THEM before taking office, never mind that Christmas and Easter were given as school and government holidays. But lets not endorse Christianity! Yeah, that desperate claim is gettin’ old partner. Know any other tunes?
            The facts keep getting in the way of that nonsensical BS.

          • Mick-Doscious

            Yes, the Bible was taught for centuries…and look how much death, terrorism and destruction it has caused. School is for facts, church is for your archaic fairy tale beliefs.

          • The Last Trump

            Oh we’re blaming the Bible for all of the death, terrorism and destruction are we? Ahh, you God haters are all the same. Opinionated and uneducated. Or just out right liars.

            It is a matter of historical record that it was Christian people in Christian nations who abolished slavery, established laws protecting individual rights, elevated the status of women, protected the rights of children, established unprecedented worldwide humanitarian organizations like The Red Cross and The Salvation Army, and inspired some of the greatest works of art, architecture, music, and literature the world has ever seen. Christianity has been an unparalleled force for good for mankind and transformed untold millions of lives for the better.

            But let’s go with YOUR version. I’ll bet you’re just insane enough to actually believe that things today are so much better! Yeah, that’s what I see when I turn on the tv or take a look outside my window.
            Apparently, willful blindness is a side affect of hating God.

          • Mick-Doscious

            What a joke and fallacy. Someone who does not believe in your archaic fairy tale sky daddy cannot possibly hate him. I don’t believe in Bigfoot or Unicorns, either…and I don’t hate them. Grow a brain, son. Christianity has been the biggest scourge of religion AND this planet since its inception; more than any other malady known to humankind combined. Seriously…a religi-tard calling anyone else uneducated…grow up and face reality.

          • American Infidel

            You lost all credibility when you started name calling. “relig-tard”? Seriously? What’s next? CACA HEAD, DOO DOO FACE?

          • Jo Parker

            if HE didn’t believe in you, you might get away with this but HE does, and HE will handle you AND your problem unless you sing a new song 🙂 I pray you do

          • The Last Trump

            Wow, Somebody needs to get some help with their misplaced anger issues. Not enough Christmas presents when you were little? The chocolate bunnies in your baskets too hollow? 🙁

            “Grow a brain, son. Christianity has been the biggest scourge of religion AND this planet since its inception; more than any other malady known to humankind combined. Seriously…a religi-tard calling anyone else uneducated…grow up and face reality”

            Thanks, “Dad”. Yeah, you don’t hate anybody. Guess you’ll be heading on over to the Bigfoot and Unicorn websites next, huh? No? Didn’t think so.
            Hate on, partner! 🙂

          • KenS

            Really did you not read this part:

            “We demand the following assurances: (1) That teachers in your school district be advised that they are not permitted to distribute Bibles to students in class or during class time; (2) That teachers be instructed that under no circumstances should they attempt to persuade students to take Bibles during class time; and (3) The School District and its agents must refrain from leading, authorizing, permitting or condoning the distribution of Bibles at any elementary or middle school premises and during school hours, or immediately before or immediately after school hours.”

            I point out to you demand # 3

            The part you are addressing was a quote from ADF in response to the above quoted letter from the humanist groups. Please get your facts straight. It is clear from this article that they want no distribution of the bibles on school premises, whether it is constitutional or not.

            Now who needs to learn to read here?

          • John

            Then, please explain, why, after the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were ratified, was the Bible still used as a standard textbook in schools for a long time, and not banned?

          • KenS

            I am not sure why you are asking me this question, my post was in response to you saying that the complaint wanted them to not be handing out the bibles when it clearly wanted no bible distribution at all.

            im all for them handing out the bibles, I feel that the Supreme Court’s decision about a teacher at a public school praying, or distributing bibles, etc, is an establishment of religion simply because they work for a school, which is controlled by the government.

          • John

            Thank you for the correction. It is my error.

          • Mick-Doscious

            It always has been part of the establishment cause, bud. It’s against the rules, plain and simple. The darkest time in our history was the Dark Ages, when Christianity had its bloody rule. Get over it.

          • The Last Trump

            Not even close. Bud.

            Establishment clause? Oh you mean this:

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”
            THAT Establishment Clause?
            Yeah, you despisers of freedom like to try to manipulate that and always seem to forget that key last part, huh? Bud.
            Guess if passing out Bibles in schools was against the rules they wouldn’t have been doing it for almost TWO AND A HALF CENTURIES now would they? Funny how it’s only now become an issue, what with all the gay marriage, abortion, legalization of drugs, prostitution, etc.etc.etc. Must be a coincidence.

          • Tom Haynie

            Actually, the immoral and corrupt practices, and the growing voice that calls evil good and calls good evil has been foretold in the scriptures. These are the signs of the times. Satan is alive and well and his influence is growing. But we shouldn’t be surprised. The prophets down through the ages have foretold of this day when wickedness will abound in the land. They also foretold what would eventually happen to the wicked. Stay strong in your faith, this won’t last forever.

          • roald

            Can you demonstrate that politifact and snopes are not accurate, based on facts, not opinions?

            I did look at a sample of your instances and found your biased sources lied. They cherry-picked information. World Nut Daily is as bad or worse than your other sites. They were one of the leaders in the birther movement until they couldn’t make any more money on it.

            The Bible is used in the comparative religion and world history classes the reports you provided had the authors chosen not to lie to create outrage.

          • JCNow

            And tea bag cites an article from WorldNetDaily as proof of an assertion. LMAO

          • ImTheNana

            Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
            Across the Centuries

            “Ask students to share what they already know about Islam. Without commenting, write their ideas on the board. Then discuss how religion is an important part of many people’s lives. You might want to mention any mosques or Muslim practices evident in your community. After reading the section, ask students to review the comments written on the board about Islam. Circle the comments that were correct, and erase those that were not.”

            “Have students work in pairs to create a chart reviewing key teachings and beliefs of Islam. Encourage students to include explanations about how these beliefs affect the everyday life of Muslims.”

            Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
            Lesson at a Glance Outline
            Chapter 3, Lesson 2: Muhammad and Islam (pp. 58-64)

            “The group met in response to an incident at North Stanly Middle School in a social studies class concerning the passing around of a Quran in a classroom.”

            “Texas Students Wear Burqas During Geography Lesson, Prompting Parental Backlash And State Investigation”

            Hendersonville, TN high school was taking field trips to a mosque and Hindu temple, but not a Christian church, including receiving a copy of the Q’uran, before those were canceled due to parental complaint in 2013 (

            If you are not seeing this in the news, your head is in the sand.

          • roald

            So, part of a class on comparative religion or world history. There is a huge difference between taking religion into account when teaching and pushing one religion as a representative of the State. I pity you if you are so blinded that you cannot see this.

          • ImTheNana

            Lost the plot, did you? So handing out a bible is wrong, but having them wear a bruqa is okay. Mmmkay

          • roald

            You seem to think those who want to separate state from church think church is only the various Christian churches. Had the class covered only one religion, been a math or similar class or no class at all, it would have been just as wrong as this teacher clearly was.

          • ImTheNana

            Straw man. I’m pointing out the lack of outrage from people like you when it’s any other religion, but losing your minds when it’s Christianity.

          • roald

            Do you know what the straw man fallacy is?

            I and everyone saying the teacher is wrong would be just as outraged had a teacher handed out copies of the Qua’ran. No of us would have cared if Christianity had been acted out as part of a class intended to teach children about various religions as long as the teacher were neutral.

          • ImTheNana

            Sure. You gave a perfect example in your other reply.

            Now you’ve made a nice example of goal post shifting.


          • roald

            I see now that you do not (see, nor do you know what goalpost shifting ( is.

            People like me try to look at the whole picture rather than reacting to a small bit of the information. Context and intent count.

          • ImTheNana

            Shame you didn’t do it this time, then. I’m sure you’ll try harder next time.

          • roald

            You failed to take the intent and context into account, heard one phrase that seemed Muslim to you and reached a conclusion with nothing to support it. Perhaps you will take a moment to check your conclusions next time. It took only a moment to find the entire outline, including a section on Christianity.

   You should look at the seventh grade program too.

          • ImTheNana

            No, you have totally lost the plot. You need to go back over the conversation to gain perspective into why people are responding to you in the manner in which they are.

          • roald

            This is nothing new. I have seen it over and over. A set of Christians who see nothing wrong with an authority figure pushing their religious beliefs on a captive, impressionable audience while having a hissy fit when their children are taught aspects of other cultures and religions as part of a class that either teaches about many cultures or religions or teaches about world history.

            Show me where I am wrong.

          • ImTheNana

            Like I said, you lost the plot. It’s not about other religions. It’s about people like you singling out Christian teaching in public school, while burying your head in the sand that other religions are being taught. Like I said, you need to go back over the conversation and understand why people were responding to you in the manner in which they were. Instead, you are simply doubling down on your inability to follow dialogue.

          • roald

            Your comment is quite confusing. First you say it is not about other religions, then you say it is.

            You refuse to consider context – an authority figure handing out bibles vs a teacher teaching a subject that includes Islam’s and other religions role in history.

            Let me make this clear to you, Christianity is not under attack in this country unless you think defending against your attacks on all other religions is an attack against Christianity. If a teacher were to hand out qua’rans as an authority figure, I would condemn it. If a teacher talked about Christianity’s role in the history along with Islam and other religions, I would have no problem.

            The dialog you attempted to have in your echo chamber was based on untruths and each commenter merely increased the untruth.

            As I said before, show me where I am wrong.

          • ImTheNana

            I can explain it to you; I cannot make you understand it. Try reading more slowly.

          • roald

            Then please explain it to me. Do not simply repeat what you said before. Look at my last response and tell me what I got wrong.

          • ImTheNana

            I’m done talking to you because you aren’t even trying. I explained myself; it is not up to me to make you understand. Re-read the conversation, recognize your hypocrisy, and try to make a positive change.

          • roald

            This is a typical dodge, You have nothing to say, so you put it back on me. It won’t work.

            All you have said is go back and re-read the comments and you’re all picking on us poor, persecuted Christians. You have not addressed that in one instance, holy books are being distributed to impressionable minds by authority figures with peer pressure pretty much ensuring all children will make the short walk to pick up a book. In the other, you have a attempt to teach those same impressionable minds a broad view of the world – how people lived and how led to the world in which they and we live.

            You have failed to describe how that kind of education is the State favoring one religion over another.

          • ImTheNana

            No, it’s typical dealings with people like you, who refuse to comprehend a conversation and pretend the evidence doesn’t exist, continue only to annoy everyone else to the point that they bow out, so you can crow you “won”. Well, “congrats”.

          • roald

            I can only comprehend conversations that make sense. I will not claim that I have “won”. I have failed. I have failed to help you admit there is a beam in your eye.

          • hahaha But why won’t you accept his sources?! is a VERY reliable source!

          • roald


          • ROFL – You complain about biased sources, then cite PolitiFalse? (Oh, excuse me – Politifact is the proper – if misleading – name.) I point this out only to – well, besides the good belly laugh, I mean – note that one man’s :”biased source” is another man’s “reliable news outlet”. Eponymous cited four sources. You may consider one or more of them biased, but even if you’re right about that, “bias” doesn’t inherently equal “not true”. If it did, then we’d have to assume everything we hear on the CBS Evening News is a lie.

          • roald

            Did you get a new identity and decide you had to come back to “win”?

    • Its forbidden here too…

      The decree set forth in the year 1229 A.D. by the Council of Valencia… places Bible on The Index of Forbidden Books. The doctrine withholds “it is forbidden for laymen (common man) to read the Old and New Testaments. – We forbid them most severely to have the above books in the popular vernacular.” “The lords of the districts shall carefully seek out the heretics in dwellings, hovels, and forests, and even their underground retreats shall be entirely wiped out.” Council Tolosanum, Pope Gregory IX, Anno. Chr. 1229

      “Socialism, Communism, clandestine societies, Bible societies… pests of
      this sort must be destroyed by all means.” The encyclical Quanta Cura Issued by Pope Pius IX, December 6, 1866

      “The belief in the Bible as the sole source of faith is unhistorical, illogical, fatal to the virtue of faith, and destructive of unity.” -The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII, “Protestantism”, Section III A – Sola Scriptura (“Bible Alone”), Nihil Obstat, February 1, 1912 by Remy Lafort, D.D., Censor, Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York

      “The Bible was not intended to be a textbook of Christian religion.” -Catholic Facts, p. 50

      Why? Because the Vatican controls the US government. There are doing all they can (and prophecy says they will succeed) to turn this once founded upon Christian morals of a nation into an anti-christian socioliberal nation.

      • Eponymous1

        There was no Council of Valencia, Spain in 1229. In 1229, Valencia, Spain was ruled by the Muslims, not Christians.

        In fact, no Ecumenical Council has ever been held in Valencia.

        And the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Index of Forbidden Books) was not created until 1559.

        However a council was held in Toulouse, France in 1229 to deal with the Catharist heresy, which held, among other things that there are two gods. In order to promote their heresy, the heretics published a deliberately inaccurate translation of the Bible. To protect the Catholic Christians, the council bishops forbade the reading of that one bad translation. They never prohibited anyone from reading the Bible in its original language or an accurate translation.

        As for your claim that the “vatican controls the US government. ” Absolutely they do. As chief members of the Bilderburgher council, The Vatican calls all the shots for the U.S. government. Obama opens each day with a conference call being told by a top-secret cabal of albino monks what he needs to do each day.

        • Wikipedia as a trusted source of information?

          • KenS

            Exactly, a site that allows anyone to post things as fact, Colleges wont even let students use that site for Research Papers because of thatv

        • KenS

          If what you are spouting is true, then why did the Catholic Church kill William Tyndale, Wycliff and others simply for translating the Bible into the common English Language.

    • yes, because of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.
      And we both know it’s neither forbidden nor the only one.

  • Peter Leh

    The teacher cant distribute any religious material in the classroom

    • The Last Trump

      Sure they can. You’re supposed to go to school to get an education. ALL books should be made available and students encouraged to read. Asking anybody if they would like to personally choose to take any given book is hardly forcing anything on anyone.
      But sure. Let’s ban books from schools (!?) and maybe even have a good old fashion fascist book burning in the school parking lot, eh Peter?
      Love how you haters of freedom think. Would have made a great Naz!.

      • Paul Hiett

        I bet if it was a Koran handed to your child, you’d be screaming for heads to roll.

        • The Last Trump

          You’re so right. If my family and I followed Islam and read the Koran, we most assuredly WOULD BE screaming for heads to roll! 🙂

          • Cara Kelly

            Nice bigotry there.

          • The Last Trump

            Yeah, cause Islam is not known for calling for beheadings.
            Nice education there.

      • Peter Leh

        “ALL books should be made available and students encouraged to read.”|

        that is true. i should have said a teacher must distribute all or nothing not just any

        Thank you

  • FoJC_Forever

    Technically, the Establishment Clause was meant to keep the government from establishing an official, legal religion to which all must adhere or, possibly, be punished. Handing out a Bible in school doesn’t establish a religion.

    It may be that one of these children will take the Bible home to their unbelieving parent, who will then be prompted by the Holy Spirit to read it.

    Knowing and following Jesus is the only Way people can be saved from Sin and receive Eternal Life. It is imperative that we continue to get the message to as many people as possible, as the Holy Spirit wills, guides, and enables.

    • Paul Hiett

      That’s only your opinion, and not one that everyone shares. Public schools are not allowed to do this.

    • Bruce Wayne

      As long as it’s done legally, have at it. This was NOT legal.

    • thoughtsfromflorida

      “Knowing and following Jesus is the only Way people can be saved from Sin and receive Eternal Life. ”

      That is your belief. Your choosing to believe something does not make it true.

  • I would threaten too if someone handed me a half of a bible. Oh…and its an NIV (Not Inspired Version) too? That thing is just as good as a paperweight. You are gonna have the young people believing in a secret rapture, seven year trib, futuristic antichrist, physical Israel is still God’s chosen people, eternal torment in the flames of hell forever and ever…shame on these humanists! What are they thinking!

  • OldArkie

    “Last Thursday, Mackey reportedly announced to her students that she had several New Testament Bibles and asked if anyone would like one. Nearly all her students came up to her desk to get copies of the New Testaments.”

    And they freely came to her desk getting a New Testament! No hand outs.

    • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

      “And they freely came to her desk getting a New Testament! No hand outs.”
      According to the above story, “Erica Mackey is a third grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Duncan, Oklahoma.”
      A third-grade teacher instructs students in the, ummm, third grade, otherwise known as 8- and 9-year-olds.
      You know, children. If your 8- or 9-year-old came up to you on Sunday morning and said, “Papa/Mama, I don’t want to go to church. I’ve read my Bible and I don’t believe in God,” what would your response be?
      “Son/daughter, that’s a mature, well-reasoned, rational response. I’m glad you’ve read your Bible and reached the conclusion. I may disagree with you, but I’m proud of you.”
      “Shut up and get your butt in the car! And don’t hit your sister/brother with the Kindle in the backseat. Behave, or when we get home, I’m gonna get out my can of WhupAzz and go all Old Testament on your behind! Now git!”

  • David Springer

    Strictly speaking, the AHA complaint is also forbidden as it constitutes a negative bias and impacts negatively on peoples decision making process to either accept or not accept religious material. Their compliant is religious in itself, it’s atheistic tone or just plain agnosticism, is still a form of religion ( a strong belief). No such complaint should be allowed and our freedom to choose should not be influenced whatsoever by any group, for or against. Also, we parents have a right to influence our children with the values we believe, choose the schools we want our children to attend, and it is more the right of the parents to have a say in what happens in school than any outside group who have little to do with children. Busybodies doing evil in the name of their own sense of boredom.

    • Asemodeus

      Read The First Amendment.

    • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

      “Also, we parents have a right to influence our children with the values we believe…”
      But no parent has the right to make his/her religious, political, and/or social views part of the public school curriculum or classroom setting. No parent can tell the school what religion (or no religion) your child should worship. And, guess what, you don’t have the right to tell another parent how (or if) their child should worship.
      Influence your child all you like. Please. Do it well. Have fun with process. Love the stuffing out of your child.
      Just influence at home and in your place of worship (or if you don’t believe, your place of non-belief). Like the Founders drew it up way back when.
      It really ain’t that hard to understand.

  • BarkingDawg

    When do they start to pass out the satanists coloring books?

    (Or the Ted Cruz, coloring book, since that man is the anti-Christ himself)

  • Melohawk

    Wait a minute! The public schools can teach all about the Koran and even make the kids go through mock ceremonies and we can’t have our own religion in the classroom?! Something’s gone rotten in America. . . and we know where the stench is coming from.

  • Paulette Stanek

    That is not what separation of church and state even means. It seems OK to me. After all they are teaching the Koran, and tolerance. So let them tolerate Christianity for a change!

    • Asemodeus

      This is exactly what it means. The state cannot establish a religion, so having any government worker use government resources for religious purposes is unconstitutional.

  • Paula Gary

    The teacher did not “hand them out” to each student, but simply laid a stack of them on her desk and told the students they were welcome to one.

    • Asemodeus

      A distinction without a meaning.

  • Remember when Christians accused others of “shoving ideology down our throats”?
    Oh, and I can’t wait for them to claim persecution.

  • Bruce Morrow

    That was the BEST thing that teacher did! Give her students the precious word of God!

  • gods need not apply

    The teacher should not have been making any religious writings available UNLESS it is The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  • Parque_Hundido

    As long as she’s giving equal time to satanists, this seems okay to me.

  • Cindy Spurger Dorris

    Matthew 5:11-13King James Version (KJV)

    11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

    12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

  • Rich Rochester

    When are we going to have judges who preside over these “legal actions” that will actually require EVIDENCE that giving someone a Bible somehow magically “establishes” a religion. And exactly how does giving someone a Bible “establish” Christianity when it is already established???

  • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

    Some questions:
    1. Which version of the Bible did the teacher pass out?
    There are a few.
    King James Version (KJV)
    New International Version (NIV)
    New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    English Standard Version (ESV)
    New Living Translation (NLT)
    Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
    New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
    New Century Version (NCV)
    New English Bible (NEB)
    American Standard Version (ASV)
    Good News Bible (GNB) / Today’s English Version (TEV)
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    Today’s New International Version (TNIV)
    New English Translation (NET)
    Revised Standard Version (RSV)
    Contemporary English Version (CEV)
    God’s Word Translation (GW)
    Common English Bible (CEB)
    New International Readers Version (NIrV)
    Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
    Bible in Basic English (BBE)
    21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
    What is the Modern King James Version (MKJV)?
    What is the Modern English Version (MEV)?
    World English Bible (WEB)
    Revised English Bible (REB)
    Jerusalem Bible (JB)
    New American Bible (NAB)
    The Living Bible (TLB)
    The Message (MSG)
    Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
    The Bishops’ Bible
    Douay-Rheims Version (DRV)
    Tyndale Bible
    Geneva Bible
    2. Which Testament?
    Old or New?
    3. Which version of Christianity?
    According to the 2001 “American Religious Identification Survey” conducted by The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, here’s just the 35 largest Christian denominations in the U.S.
    Christian – no denomination supplied
    Methodist / Wesleyan
    Mormon / Latter-Day Saints
    Churches of Christ
    Congregational/United Church of Christ
    Jehovah’s Witness
    Assemblies of God
    Church of God
    Seventh-Day Adventist
    Orthodox (Eastern)
    Church of the Nazarene
    Disciples of Christ
    Church of the Brethren
    Reformed/Dutch Reform
    Apostolic/New Apostolic
    Christian Science
    Full Gospel
    Christian Reformed Church
    Independent Christian Church
    Foursquare Gospel
    Born Again
    Salvation Army
    Yup, 35.
    4. If one Bible’s the same as another, why are there so many different versions of the Good Book?
    5. If Christianity’s just Christianity, why do American Christians – you know, the Good Guys – worship in at least 35 different denominations (not counting the various smaller versions of Christianity)?
    6. If Christianity’s the official religion of the U.S.A, then why didn’t our Founding Fathers make Christianity the official religion of the U.S.A.?

  • JCNow

    Sure, distribute your mythical book of fairy tales (AKA as the Bible) after school is dismissed. But then understand that the Satanists have the right to distribute their coloring books as well.

  • The AHA hates Jesus. That’s no newsflash.
    Is it remotely possible that we could maybe just try to look at this with an ounce or so of common sense? With that in mind, I don’t see how a teacher merely saying, “I’ve got some extra Bibles up here – If anyone wants one, feel free to take one” is a genuine danger to either schoolkids or the republic.
    And based on all the various reports of the incident, I do NOT believe the claim by the parents of one child – the single complaint that started the whole firestorm over this – that the kid was “pressured” into taking a Bible. That scenario just does not seem to fit the basic facts of the incident as reported by a variety of news sources, including liberal, conservative, and “who cares”. There is no evidence of such behavior on the part of the teacher, not from any source other than the single complainant. So, again, just appealing to basic common sense, if the complaint is based on false testimony…