‘Mentally, Physically Traumatized’: Nine-Year-Old Girl Impregnated by ISIS Rapists

IraqIRAQ — A nine-year-old Yazidi girl has been impregnated after being raped by at least ten members of the barbaric Islamic group ISIS, which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, according to aid workers in the region.

“This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby,” Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who has been working in Iraq, told the AFP. “Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

He said that the girl, whose identity remains concealed, “was sexually abused by no fewer than 10 men.”

“Most of them were front-line fighters or suicide bombers who are given girls as a reward,” Daoud explained. “She was in very bad shape.”

The child was among the 200 Yazidis that were released earlier this month after being held by ISIS since last August. Mostly women and children were freed, as well as the elderly.

A Kurdish aid group took the pregnant girl to Germany following her release, and she is currently being cared for by a medical charity.

“If she survives the ordeal, her outlook will be better than that of dozens of other pregnant, traumatized Yazidi women,” The Star reports. “Unless Canada or other Western countries are willing to accept them quickly as refugees—and allow their babies to be adopted—aid workers say, the militants’ jihad will reach into another generation.”

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Daoud told the outlet that some Yazidis who are impregnated by ISIS seek abortions.

“If they are married, their husbands won’t take them back if they are pregnant. And it’s clear that the babies will never be accepted,” he explained. “I don’t know what the future would be for their babies. The girls and women don’t want them. They have suffered so much they just want to forget.”

An 18-year-old Yazidi girl simply identified as Hannan (not her real name) told the BBC in December that many girls are taken as sex slaves after being captured by ISIS. She herself had been captured, but later escaped.

“They said: ‘Yazidis are infidels. Now you will live as Muslims,'” Hannan recalled. “They took many girls for sex. They told us, ‘Forget the life you knew. … If you do not follow Islam, we will kill all of you.'”

Christians, Catholics and Yazidis alike have been targeted by ISIS for capture, with thousands believed to have been taken since last year.

Yazidis worship the Melek Tawwus, or the Peacock Angel, who they believe was an angel who fell with Satan at the rebellion, but was later forgiven and returned to Heaven. They believe that the Melek Tawwus helped create the universe, and when he descended to earth, he took the form of a peacock. The angel then purportedly transferred his array of colors to the earth.

In the Yazidi religion, when a person dies, they appear before Sheikh Adi—an 11th century Sufi—where they are questioned about their marital and sexual lives. If they are approved, they are allowed to enter into paradise. However, Yazidis also believe that a person may reincarnate until they reach a level of purity.

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  • FoJC_Forever

    Islam is a violent religion. Never mistake the pagan religion being persecuted by another pagan religion as the former being right. Being attacked doesn’t qualify ones religious beliefs as being of God. Jesus said we would be persecuted for following Him, but that isn’t the only indicator.

    The world is full of pagan religions and the first Apostles and disciples of Jesus encountered them and some that aren’t even in existence today. The same message then is the one now, repent of your sins and sinful nature and accept Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as LORD and Savior.

    Satan’s (aka Lucifer, the Devil, etc.) has been twisting Truth for thousands of years. He twisted it when he tricked the first woman into violating God’s Word and has been active ever since taking pieces and leading people into forming false religions. More will form and some will dwindle, but the Truth, Jesus Christ, will remain forever.

  • Truthhurts24

    Isis will be reap all their crimes in the flames of hell

  • HisChild

    Father in Heaven, for the sake of Your innocent children, send Jesus!

    • Bolvon72

      Haven’t you figured it out? After centuries of this sort of thing, nobody’s coming.

      • HisChild

        Yes He is! Read the Word.

      • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

        You will get the shock of your life one day when you see the one you Rejected.

  • sammy13

    More demonic evil. Satan must be very gleeful over what is occurring.