Calif. Committee Approves Bill Ordering Pregnancy Centers to Promote Gov’t Abortion Programs

Baby shoes pdSACRAMENTO — A California legislative committee approved a bill last week that would require pregnancy centers to inform all clients that they can obtain an abortion at state-funded facilities.

AB 775 is known in the legislature as the Reproductive FACT Act, but to pro-lifers, it is dubbed the “bully bill.” The text of the act states that its author, Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu, takes issue with pregnancy centers that don’t provide abortion referrals to women.

“The author contends that, unfortunately, there are nearly 200 licensed and unlicensed clinics known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in California whose goal is to interfere with women’s ability to be fully informed and exercise their reproductive rights, and that CPCs pose as full-service women’s health clinics, but aim to discourage and prevent women from seeking abortions,” it reads.

The legislation therefore requires that licensed pregnancy care centers to provide the following message to clients in print: “California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion, for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at (telephone number).”

Unlicensed facilities must post a notice stating that they are “not licensed as a medical facility by the State of California and has no licensed medical provider who provides or directly supervises the provision of services.” The message must be posted inside of the facility, on the center’s website and in all advertisements.

SupportBlack Women for Wellness and NARAL Pro-Choice California, served as co-sponsors of the proposal. Those who refuse to comply will be fined $500 for the first offense, and $1,000 thereafter.

Last Tuesday, approximately 80 people testified in opposition to the bill, while 24 supporters spoke in favor of its passage. Representatives from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), California Coalition of Pregnancy Clinics and Centers, and Real Options Pregnancy Medical Clinics were among those who spoke against the proposal, as well as 13 nurses and four post-abortive women.

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“This is a bully bill,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a co-founder of a pregnancy center and father of two adopted children. “This is an effort to strip out free speech and to strip out religious practice rights. This is an exceptionally dangerous, unconstitutional effort that must be defeated.”

CareNet, a pregnancy center chain, further outlined on its website why they believe that the bill is dangerous.

“Pregnancy centers exist to provide an alternative and opposing message to abortion profiteers, and promoters of casual sex outside of marriage,” wrote guest poster Josh McClure. “State government should not pass laws tipping the scales for women’s choice. AB 775 is another example of government over reach, and legislation of morality. That is, the mandated acceptance of the morality of abortion, casual sex and abortifacient birth control.”

“AB 775 specifically targets Christian pro life pregnancy centers to: silence their voice of opposition, encourage potential clients to look to state funded programs that promote abortion and abortifacient birth control, and lastly to force the center and it’s volunteers to violate their conscience by referring for an abortion and abortifacient birth control,” he said.

McClure stated that he found hypocrisy with the proposal as it only pertains to pregnancy centers and does not require abortion facilities to offer pro-life options.

“If lawmakers in Sacramento are concerned about this, shouldn’t abortion providers post a sign notifying their clients of their rights, and alternative programs that would allow them to exercise their reproductive options?” he asked.

But despite opposition, the bill was approved by the Assembly Committee 11-5 and now may advance for further consideration.

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  • FoJC_Forever

    The blood lust of modern society is an affront to God and will be met with Judgement. The innocent blood will be avenged.

    • timetorun

      amen. God’s word and laws will be vindicated. He will not be mocked!

  • uzza

    Excelllent. A law requiring people to tell the truth. Sad that it’s necessary.

    • BravesFan

      I’m still waiting on those laws that require abortion centers to tell the truth. Because they don’t.

      • uzza

        What’s an ‘abortion center”?

        • Lucas Thein

          Come on, Uzza – don’t play semantic games. Pro-life pregnancy centers don’t give government-funded abortions, so you know what BravesFan is talking about.

          • uzza

            Places that give abortions generally give a full range of health care including such things as cancer screenings, vaccines, and vasectomies. Since only a tiny portion of their work involves abortions it would be just as accurate to call them “vasectomy centers”. Who is playing semantic games here?

          • Lucas Thein

            You might want to do a bit of research to more accurately grasp why he called them that. For example, in 2010, Planned Parenthood provided prenatal services to a mere 5,398 women and adoption referrals for only 841 women, while committing 329,445 abortions. Not exactly “only a tiny portion”.

          • uzza

            I’ll be very happy to do the research, as soon as you provide me with a source for your figures, as I find it hard to believe that every woman had slightly over 61 abortions.

          • Lucas Thein

            This site wouldn’t let me post the link. But me giving you the articles isn’t _you_ doing research, anyway. Look it up – 2011 was even worse. PP even futzes what they call certain things to make it look like they’ve helped women more significantly than they rely have.

          • uzza

            In other words, you got nuthin. So we’re left with your stats that 5,000 women had 329,000 abortions, and that’s assuming everybody who gets any prenatal services gets an abortion.

          • Lucas Thein

            Uzza – seriously – re-read the comment. Nobody said 5000 women had 329000 abortions. Your lack of reading comprehension is in no way an argument against the facts.

          • uzza

            You did, I can only comprehend what you wrote: “Planned Parenthood provided prenatal services to a mere 5,398 women”. Now either each of them has 60+ abortions or–the truth, that there were millions of women who received prenatal care.
            Let me guess, you’re going to ‘play semantic games’ and say abortions aren’t prenatal care. Don’t bother, the dictionary says different.

          • Lucas Thein


            Google “prenatal care”.

            It is never defined as the slaughtering, disfigurement, & suction of unborn human life from the womb.

            P.S. – if you bothered to take the time to research, you would discover the article I referenced, which is based on the _self_reported_ statistics of Planned Parenthood themselves. Prenatal care is in the low thousands.

        • An abortion center is the knife that slices a little baby in pieces until that baby is dead. Or maybe it’s that central place where little dead baby body parts are thrown to rot. What do you care?

  • Bolvon72

    So, in short, these people are upset about a sign, but think forced ultrasounds and graphic pictures surrounding clinics are just fine? Fair enough.

  • timetorun

    just because they make laws and pass them, does not mean the Christian needs to follow them. There is a higher moral order. remember what happened when Pharoah commanded the egyptian midwives to kill the male Hebrew children. They feared God and God rewarded them with their own children and protected the Hebrews.