District Apologizes After Transgender Book Read to Children Without Parental Notice

JazzKITTERY POINT, Maine — Officials with a school district in Maine are apologizing after a book about transgendered child was read to elementary school students without advance notice to parents.

An estimated 20 out of 22 classes in kindergarten through third grade  at Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery Point were recently read the book “I Am Jazz,” written by and about Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender activist. The book was part of a lesson to children about tolerance and acceptance.

“I have a girl brain but a boy body,” it reads. “This is called transgender. I was born this way!”

But according to reports, the book left some students with a lot of questions and they came home asking their parents if they might be transgender. Some parents consequently contacted the school out of concern that they were never notified that the material would be read to their children.

“My right as a parent to allow or not allow this discussion with my child was taken from me,” one unidentified parent of a first-grader told conservative reporter Sean Hannity. “It is very upsetting to me that I didn’t have an option at all.”

She said that her son asked her if he might really be “a girl in love with a girl.”

“I was taken aback by [what was read to them],” the parent stated. “Being seven, once you put something in their mind they don’t forget so easily.”

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The day after her words were published, Superintendent Allyn Hutton sent out a letter to parents about the lesson with an apology that prior notice had not been given about the reading.

“The Kittery School District embraces diversity and is committed to creating an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for all people, regardless of their race, religion, political belief system or sexual orientation,” she wrote. “… With this in mind, guidance staff of the Horace Mitchell School recently read aloud the book, ‘I Am Jazz,’ a book about a transgender student.”

“We have a practice of if a topic is considered sensitive, parents should be informed. In this situation, that didn’t happen,” she continued. “The whole culture at Mitchell School is about teaching tolerance and respect. The people presenting the lesson thought [‘I Am Jazz’] was one more piece of teaching that lesson. In retrospect, we understand that toleration is tolerating people of all opinions.”

However, the school’s guidance blog asserts that it is not inappropriate to teach elementary school students about gender identity issues.

“Some may think primary school students are too young to worry about addressing issues surrounding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) students. Not so, experts say,” it reads. “It’s never too early to begin teaching children about respecting differences. When our students and their parents have questions related to LGBTQ issues, our goal is to foster healthy dialog, critical thinking and inclusiveness.”

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  • Frank

    This school district and it so called experts committed child abuse and should be arrested and charged with child sexual assault.

    • UmustBKiddinMe

      In what way was this “child abuse” and “child sexual assault”?

      • Paul Hiett

        Probably because it revealed a truth to people.

        • The Last Trump

          Yes, CAUSING young, impressionable children to question their own gender is HEALTHY! You people are sick. Get help.
          (But by all means, keep talking! Everybody should see just how sick your aggressive and invasive agenda really is.)

          • Paul Hiett

            You haven’t even asked me my opinion on this issue.

          • Bill

            yes it is healthy. if any of those kids are transsexuals then this may help them come to terms with it

      • KenS

        because it introduced the topic of sex to a child at an inappropriate age, therefore awakening their sexual desires way to early in their lives.

    • Bolvon72

      Hell, every church could be charged with the same, but I guess that’s OK?

      • smbelow

        Really!? That is a sweeping accusation. Care to elaborate?

    • Bill

      no. What they did isn’t considered a crime anywhere in America.

  • UmustBKiddinMe

    ““Being seven, once you put something in their mind they don’t forget so easily.””

    Then why do you have to tell them 40 times to clean up their room?

    • Simple. They didn’t “forget” that you told them to clean up their rooms, they just refused to do it.

      • UmustBKiddinMe

        Oh. Well that’s great. Then they can remember that some people are transgender and are deserving of respect and tolerance as humans, but they don’t actually have to be transgender themselves.

        Sounds ideal.

        • smbelow

          “Then they can remember that some people are transgender and are deserving of respect and tolerance as humans”

          This is an interesting sentence because first we have to define what it means to be human in an objective moralistic manner. Then, we can honestly determine what constitutes respectable and tolerable behavior.

          In addition, public schools have no business instructing pre-pubescent children on sexuality.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “first we have to define what it means to be human in an objective moralistic manner. ”

            Let me know what you come up with.

            “we can honestly determine what constitutes respectable and tolerable behavior.”

            Let me know what you come up with.

            “public schools have no business instructing pre-pubescent children on sexuality.”

            The discussion was not about sexuality. You are certainly free to work to influence the decisions of school boards.

          • smbelow

            Ohh…a relativist. So then, you basically have no answers, but feel compelled to make generalities of right and wrong.

            If you have any ability to think, you’ll see that the topic above clearly covers a sexual topic.

            sex·u·al·i·ty, n.

            1. sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.

            2. recognition of or emphasis upon sexual matters.

            3. involvement in sexual activity.

            4. an organism’s preparedness for engaging in sexual activity.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “So then, you basically have no answers,”

            Odd statement from someone who has yet to provide an explanation for what they said they felt had to be determined.

            The book described gender. It had nothing to do with how that gender was involved in sexual acts. Therefore, it did not:

            1. Deal with the structural and functional traits of sex

            2. Provide any recognition or put any emphasis on sexual matters.

            3. have any involvement in sexual activity

            4. discuss an organism’s preparedness for engaging in sexual activity.

            If, on the other hand, you believe that the mere discussion of gender amounts to discussing sex, then we should probably remove any mention of “boys” and “girls” from school until the appropriate time – just treat them exactly the same – shared bathrooms, etc., Correct?

          • smbelow

            “Odd statement from someone who has yet to provide an explanation for what they said they felt had to be determined.”

            Think about it…I’m on a Christian website. What do you think my definition of natural human is?

            “The book described gender…”

            You do have a point in a simplistic way of thinking, however, the topic alone opens up the idea of sexuality by introducing unnatural concepts of “boys” and “girls”. It’s generally a spring board to sexuality by means of defining gender roles, which should not be part of a child’s school studies.

            Children are highly impressionable at this age, and to teach them unnatural concepts of sexuality is just wrong and belongs to the parents.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “What do you think my definition of natural human is?”

            I wouldn’t presume to present such information. Are you not able to state it for yourself?

            “the topic alone opens up the idea of sexuality by introducing unnatural concepts of “boys” and “girls”.”

            How so?

            “It’s generally a spring board to sexuality by means of defining gender roles”

            What examples do you have of children being taught that some kids are boys and some are girls being a “spring board to sexuality”?

            “and to teach them unnatural concepts of sexuality”

            But the teaching had nothing to do with sexuality.

            ” is just wrong and belongs to the parents.”

            So parents should be teaching kids about unnatural concepts of sexuality?

          • smbelow

            Most of what you wrote are generally trolling type questions, which would require way too much time to thoroughly answer them. So, I’m just going to ignore them.

            However: “So parents should be teaching kids about unnatural concepts of sexuality?”

            You know what I meant. Teaching morals, when and how, should be left to the parents.

            Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

            The following verse is a little response of why I know you understand right from wrong, natural from unnatural behavior.

            Romans 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “Most of what you wrote are generally trolling type questions, ”

            What questions did I ask that you feel were “trolling type questions” and on what basis are you labeling them as such?

            “Teaching morals, when and how, should be left to the parents.”

            So you don’t want the schools to talk at all about honesty, integrity, kindness, not harming others, not bullying others, not taking things that belong to other kids, etc? They should just leave those topics alone?

            So, are you ready to share your views regarding what it means to be human and what constitutes respectable and tolerable behavior?

          • smbelow

            Trolling, because you are always pulling a line across an obvious response. Normal conversations tend to have generalized content that is easily quantified by the subject matter. For example: saying that I’m Christian would obviously provide all kinds of understanding into what I believe, or at least should believe, about human behavior. And being you are on a Christian website, I would expect you to have at least a parochial understanding of this. However, you keep trolling.

            “So you don’t want the schools to talk at all about honesty,..”

            This is also a prime example of trolling. There are certain parts of behavioral lessons that can be gained outside the home. But again, you are trolling. Why? because if you weren’t, you’d understand the dramatic difference between normalizing gender mis-identity and being polite.

            It’s obvious to understand that any Christian parent would find issue as to what the school did. The only question is: do you think these parents deserve to have a say about what is presented to their children, which cross obvious divisive moralistic lines?

            See? Trolling.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “Trolling, because you are always pulling a line across an obvious response.”

            It’s clear you do not understand the meaning of the word “trolling”. I’d suggest you look it up.

            “Normal conversations tend to have generalized content that is easily quantified by the subject matter.”

            Perhaps YOUR normal conversations are like that, but well reasoned conversations are not. Generalizations, by their nature, do not lend themselves to discussions regarding specific issues.

            “saying that I’m Christian would obviously provide all kinds of understanding into what I believe, or at least should believe, about human behavior.”

            How so? Are you saying that any person who is Christian would provide the same definition of what it means to be “human”? If the understanding is so basic, why is it you aren’t simply able to provide it? Why would you want me to reach conclusions based upon my own views as to what you mean, rather than providing absolute clarity of your position by explaining it yourself?

            “This is also a prime example of trolling.”

            No, it is a prime example of pointing out the fallacy of your argument. To attempt to shift the conversation from your lack of specificity to what I am doing by improperly labeling it, is a sign of insecurity. If you don’t like having the flaws of your arguments pointed out, then I would suggest you spend more time thinking about what you actually want to say, before putting it in writing.

            “do you think these parents deserve to have a say about what is presented to their children, which cross obvious divisive moralistic lines?”

            I think parents deserve, and should, have a say about what is presented to their children. I fully support parental involvement. Any number of studies have shown that greater parental involvement in the education of their children results in better outcomes. I fully support school boards and parental involvement in school boards. I think that the school should have informed parents beforehand regarding the use of this book.

            “See? Trolling.”

            No, I don’t see. What was your point?

          • smbelow

            Okay troll.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            Ahhhh…reduced to only name calling. Unfortunate.

          • smbelow

            It’s not name calling if it’s a true representation of what you’re doing. Think about it Mr. “UmustBKiddinMe” with no true profile photo. Plus you’ve shown no ability to comprehend my posts on a rudimentary level. So, you’re either in High School, which would explain your undeveloped thought process; or you’re trolling.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            Since you obviously haven’t taken the time to look up the definition of an internet troll, I’ll help:

            “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

            My posts to you do not fit that description.

            The definition continues: “Like any pejorative term, it can be used as an ad hominem attack, suggesting a negative motivation.”

            That is what you are doing.

            “with no true profile photo.”

            How is that relevant? Are you suggesting that all posters without a true profile photo are trolls?

            “Plus you’ve shown no ability to comprehend my posts on a rudimentary level.”

            What would be some examples of my being able to comprehend your posts?”

          • smbelow

            “That is what you are doing.”
            No…that is what you are doing.

            I called trolling when you started asking for details on something that is topically clear, which falls under the definition that you posted.

            Your whole posting dynamic is the quintessential definition of trolling. I mean, just look, you’ve now redirected the topic to “trolling.”

            “What would be some examples of my being…”
            When you used the “How so?” or “Let me know what you come up with.” in response to my declaration to having a Christian worldview. If you can’t understand that position then WHY are you on a Christian website?

            “How is that relevant?…”
            Because by hiding like a coward, you place yourself in a position to postulate any contentious point of view without accountability. Just your username supports a trolling accusation.

            “Are you suggesting…”
            Come on be smarter than that.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “you started asking for details on something that is topically clear, which falls under the definition that you posted.”

            Your views as to the definition of “human” are certainly not clear based upon the topic of the article nor are your views regarding what is what constitutes respectable and tolerable behavior.

            “I mean, just look, you’ve now redirected the topic to “trolling.””

            You: “I called trolling”

            As you admit, you were the one who brought up trolling, therefore it was not I who redirected to that subject.

            “When you used the “How so?” or “Let me know what you come up with.””

            That is not an issue of comprehension. That is asking for clarification through additional details. You have provided none.

            “My declaration to having a Christian worldview should be sufficient”

            So, again, you believe that all Christians would provide the same definition of “human” and what constitutes respectable and tolerable behavior? I find that very hard to believe. If you spent as much time explaining what you mean by that as you do blaming me for your lack of explanation, you would have already cleared this up long ago.

            “WHY are you here…on a Christian website?”

            To learn how others view things and to share my views. Why are you here?

            “Because by hiding like a coward”

            So then everyone who does not use their own picture as an avatar is a coward, correct?

            “without accountability.”

            How would a picture make me accountable? You have a picture as your avatar, yet you have shown no willingness to be accountable for the statements you made.

            “Come on be smarter than that.”

            You suggested that my lack of a personal picture as my avatar is a criteria for labeling me a coward and a troll. Unless that was nothing more than a personal attack, then the same thing to should apply to everyone who doesn’t have a personal picture as an avatar. Why would it not?

            I think a better example of cowardice is being unwilling to explain your statements. You like to say things, but then when asked to expound on them, you shrink from doing so and attempt to distract from your lack of doing so by blaming me.

          • smbelow

            See! Trolling still…

            “You: “I called trolling”
            Re-read what I said. For real! Are you in high school or something; maybe even grade school?

            “…As you admit, y…”
            I called trolling. I didn’t start trolling. And you are STILL on the trolling topic.
            Get a clue, man.

            “That is not an issue of…”

            Asking for clarification on an easily discernible topic. If you can’t rationalize past my posts, you need to take a step back and rethink your reasoning abilities.

            By the way: I’ve decided to review this string of arguments again and determined that I’ve pretty much answered your questions rationally, while you keep deflecting.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            You were the first person to mention “trolling” in our conversation. You brought the topic into the conversation. In each post to you – even the ones addressing your inaccurate accusations of trolling – I have gone back to your original statement – the definition of human and what constitutes “respectable and tolerable” behavior. Therefore, to suggest that I “redirected” the topic to trolling or that I am deflecting is both nonsensical and false.

            “Asking for clarification on an easily discernible topic.”

            If understanding how you define “human” and what constitutes “respectable and tolerable” behavior, why not just state it? It would be presumptuous of me to suggest that I would be able to accurately determine what you mean. Wouldn’t you prefer that my understanding was accurate, rather than simply coming up with my own ideas as to what you mean? Is is normal for you to let others decide what you mean, rather than providing clarity yourself?

            “I’ve decided to review this string of arguments again and determined that I’ve pretty much answered your questions”

            Since you have not provided your definition of “human” nor provided what you believe constitutes “respectable and tolerable” behavior, how is it you have come to the conclusion that you have answered my questions?

            I’ll ask again: Why are you here?

          • smbelow

            Yep! Still Trolling. However, now you’re just typing in circles.

            Of course I mentioned trolling first. But you started trolling long before I mentioned it.

            “I have gone back to your original statement…”
            Do you not understand that you are on a Christian website? My definition of “human” can built up from the first chapter of Genesis. Remember: Christian website.

            Also, morality is an objective principle of life that God has placed in our hearts. There will be no excuse in the end. You will not have the luxury to troll once you’re face to face God.

            Micah 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

            “It would be presumptuous of me to suggest that I would be able to accurately determine what you mean…” AND “Since you have not provided your definition of “human…”

            See…you’re a troll on a Christian website. If you can’t honestly understand my position on humanity (morals and the like). Unlike naturalists, Christians tend to maintain an object position on what’s right and wrong.

            I recommend you start listening to the sermons from Paul Washer, John Macarthur and Ravi Zacharias–to start. These men can do a much better job at explaining things.

            You should start reading the Bible too. And when I say “read”, I mean “study.” Try saying a prayer first, even if you don’t believe in God. If you do this, in time, you will start to understand.

            2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

          • KenS

            It must have somewhere, because it prompted a young man to ask if he was transgendered and in love with another girl.

            “She said that her son asked her if he might really be “a girl in love with a girl.”

        • Completely off topic. But as long as you bring it up, the issue is not whether children should be taught respect and tolerance (which they certainly should), but whether parents should have final say in how sensitive topics like this are presented. A parent best knows her child’s developmental level and whether it’s appropriate at the time. The parent also has the right to present the subject in a manner consistent with the family’s beliefs. Public schools grossly overstep their authority when they try to push a social agenda by indoctrinating children under the guise of “education.”

  • FoJC_Forever

    The Devil wants the perversion planted early so he has more opportunity to control and desecrate the person as they grow into adulthood.

    Children remember many things that are taught them when they are young. It is not unusual for these “instructions” to manifest later in life, especially during a crisis. Crisis isn’t an abnormal thing, and Satan and those who embrace his Lie will use crisis points in children’s lives to get them to accept and move into perversions such as this.

    There is no such thing as a “girl brain”.

    • Paul Hiett

      I always get a kick out of people who assume to know what others are feeling and thinking.

      • The Last Trump

        And we get a kick out of trolls who cry “why can’t you just live and let live?” as they seek out Christians on Christian websites to harass about THEIR beliefs! You represent your intolerant, hateful and hypocritical group well, Paul! Keep up the good work. You must be converting untold numbers of people TO Christ when they see the poor alternative you represent. 🙂

        • Paul Hiett

          The issue Trump, is that you, and many others like you, turn your beliefs into actions at the cost of the freedom of others. You place your beliefs at the highest level of importance over the lives of people who don’t share your beliefs.

          That’s why people like myself, and others like me, have taken an active stance against the intolerance and threat you pose to us in our lives.

          • The Last Trump

            So you are doing the VERY thing you demand Christians don’t do and you are hypocritically trying to justify your shameful behaviour based on what you think I MIGHT do!?
            Hee, hee! I love it!
            Keep talking kook…

          • Paul Hiett

            So standing up to bullying and intolerance is hating on Christians? McGuffey High School.

          • Recon5

            Who was it that hounded Brendan Eich out of his job for a vote he took a decade ago on Prop 8? How about the two Christian tv hosts? How about the West Pointers no longer allowed to display Biblical verse on their own whiteboards because some sad little atheist might *see it* and cry rape?
            Who’s driven Christians out of their businesses whether florist, or adoption agencies, or charitable toy drives? Who’s informed Chik Fil A that “their kind” weren’t welcome in town anymore? Who’s demanding Christian organizations carry birth control and supply abortificients, from Little Sisters of the Poor to Hobby Lobby?
            Spare me your whimpering about subjugation at the hands of Christians or the right, Paul.

          • Paul Hiett

            Mcguffey High School. Look it up.

          • railhead

            Actually I think it’s quite the opposite. I am a libertarian at heart, and the Bible is a libertarian book. I am all for freedom, and I don’t care what you or anyone else does behind closed doors.

            But that’s the whole point. Homosexuals are actively advancing their agenda beyond closed doors at the expense of freedom of the majority of people in our society. People have a right to teach their own children, for instance, but more and more the school is usurping parental freedoms and teaching whatever they choose, and requiring students to “learn” agendas, not facts and skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Parental opposition is increasingly ignored and even punished in some cases. There was a case of a father being arrested for coming on school property to retrieve his own child.

            Then there’s all the “hate speech” lobbying and “constitution free zones” where homosexuals actively and knowingly suppress the right to free speech so that they can assemble without any active opposition. Pastors who take a stand against homosexuality (and there are very few) DO NOT enjoy those same protections. Their churches are picketed, and actively targeted for harassment. No pastor I know of has EVER petitioned the government to SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION so they can preach.

            Then homosexuals want the right to marry each other. The only purpose
            for such is the forced normalization of their sexual
            behavior…..something they are already free to practice behind closed
            doors. With this they want to force businesses, who have throughout
            American history reserved the right to refuse service to anyone, based
            on the fact they are a private entity, to take wedding photos, make
            cakes, etc. This encroaches on the freedoms of those business owners.

            I think I have demonstrated that the advancement of the homosexual agenda actually results in MORE government regulation; which automatically means LESS personal freedoms. The homosexuals are the one lobbying for MORE LAWS, and MORE REGULATIONS.

            So people like myself, who are Christian, are starting to take an active stance against all the government intrusions into our God-given rights; such as the right to teach our own children, the right to own a business and refuse service to people we do not want to associate with, the right to peaceably assemble and speak freely.

          • Paul Hiett

            Are you gay? This is not a question designed to insult you, I’m asking for a reason.

          • railhead

            No, I’m a Christian.

    • The Last Trump

      Apology NOT accepted. People ALWAYS apologize once they get CAUGHT.
      SUE the district school board for damages and hold these predators accountable.

  • Evangelist K L Rich

    They should read the book God’s Rainbow For Good the Devil Turned Bad. It teaches kids about the real reason of the rainbow and that homosexual marriage is wrong.

    • UmustBKiddinMe

      Thank goodness you wrote that. Kids had no other way of finding out “the real reason of the rainbow” (well, except for the Bible) and that homosexual marriage is wrong (well except for all the other ways they can hear that). Such groundbreaking work!

      Oh, by the way, why is homosexual civil marriage wrong?

      • Evangelist K L Rich

        Hello! Thank you! The reason that homosexual “civil” marriage is wrong, because God does not approve of “any” type of sexual immorality. Romans 1:26-28 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. (ESV) If a couple is engaging in ANY type of homosexual acts, they are committing sin just as a couple who is committing fornication/adultery. This is absolutely wrong! Therefore, civil unions are just as wrong as what they consider as “marriage.”

        • UmustBKiddinMe

          What do biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality have to do with the laws which govern citizens under our constitution?

          • chrisleduc1

            It all starts with the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are…” The founders of this country understood that men were created by the One True God and our “rights” come from Him. This implies that His will has been made known. He defines our rights. Homosexual “marriage” is not one of them….

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            The DoI, while an important historical document, has no relevance to our laws. They are based upon the constitution, which contains no mention of God or Christianity.

          • FoJC_Forever

            You are wrong. Half-truths are just lies in disguise.

          • Paul Hiett

            How can he be wrong when our Constitution is what lays down our laws?

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “You are wrong”


            “Half-truths are just lies in disguise.”

            What half-truths are you referring to?

          • chrisleduc1

            I(f you do not think our Constitution is not based upon the truths in the Declaration, you are delusional. The Declaration is the worldview upon with the Constitution is constructed.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            The constitution is what it is. The version signed by the founders contained no mention of religion, God, Christianity, or a Creator.

            The founders were wise enough to separate their religious views from the basis for our government and laws.

          • chrisleduc1

            “The constitution is what it is. The version signed by the founders contained no mention of religion, God, Christianity, or a Creator.”

            Oh, so now you want to try and narrow the scope down to the Constitution and none of the amendment ? I bet you would…Unfortunatley it does not work like that. The Bill of Rights builds upon the Constitition which builds upon the Declaration. To think otherwise to declare yourself almost entirely of both history and the history of understanding or laws.

          • UmustBKiddinMe

            “Oh, so now you want to try and narrow the scope down to the Constitution and none of the amendment ?”

            Not at all. I simply made a statement of fact. If that is something you are not aware of, I would suggest you may want to bone up on your history.

            The first 10 amendments were added by the first Congress. The Bill of Rights didn’t “build upon the constitution”, it was an amendment to the constitution.

            The D0I, while certainly an important historical document, does not serve as a basis for our laws. That resides solely within the constitution, which makes no mention of God or Christianity. The ONLY mention of religion is that the government may not create/decree a national religion and the government may not pass laws which prohibit expression of religious beliefs. Please note the word “prohibit” – which is not the same as “restrict”.

          • Deina

            Quite simply nothing!

        • Deina

          Thank you!

          I think that put everything in perspective.

          So other than the religious views of a shrinking minority, which are prevented by our Constitution from being enacted in Law anyway, there is no reason whatsoever to prevent the legalization of civil marriage for mono-gendered couples throughout the US.

          As for religious marriage, that is up to each denomination to control via their governing dogma, just as it has always been.

  • Oscar Posada Jr

    transgenderedism is a mental disorder plain and simple , even the book says so . girl in the brain but with the body of a boy. that right there shows the issue is in the head , meaning its a mental disorder

    • Paul Hiett

      I would agree, in the case of transexual people, that there is clearly something different in regards to their mental status. Whatever the “switch” is in the brain that decides female or male was turned around. It’s not something they can just “talk” about and be cured. It’s not something they can take psych meds for to fix. Further, it’s not a bad “wrong”, it’s just that they’re wired differently.

      I personally don’t believe that this book was appropriate for the school to read without the knowledge of parents. In fact, this is the kind of thing that parents need to approach with their children on their own, without usurping their rights as parents.

    • FoJC_Forever

      Great point. I remember a preacher who called such things “stinkin’ thinkin'”. It certainly smells of the Devil and not of the mind of Christ.

  • Reason2012

    Indoctrination, plain and simple. It’s why they go after everyone else’s kids and expose them to images and ideas of perversion. It shows the activists know on way this perverted behavior is brought about via indoctrination as young as possible. Google homosexual kindergarten and be flooded with the growing number of cases of how they’re perverting the minds of everyone else’s 5 year old kids then “ooops -we’re sorry please forgive us” meanwhile damage is done.

    • Paul Hiett

      Do you know what indoctrination is?

      • Machiavellian

        It’s a synonym of parenting.

    • FoJC_Forever

      Hitler targeted the youth, for he knew it was key to building his tyrannical, murderous regime. He didn’t originate the idea, but is a prime example we shouldn’t forget as we watch the same thing unfold in our country. The first example is Satan using Adam and Eve, who were in effect children, to infuse his sinful nature into mankind.

  • Reason2012

    Now you see why they want homosexual marriage – so they can go after your kids/grandkids in kindergarten, filling their minds with images and ideas of homosexuality. Behold the truth behind the demand the government legally redefine religious institutions and create this new State Religion of theirs.

  • John_33

    If transgender people are really born that way, then why do activists need to constantly tell children that they might be transgender? They wouldn’t need to do this if they were really born that way.

    • Paul Hiett

      Are you transgender?

      • FoJC_Forever

        Paul, you’re just a comment board troll with nothing better to do than burble lies and trick people into believing you care about things other than your incessant desire to antagonize.

        • Paul Hiett

          Answer the question.

          • Deina

            He won’t, because then he’d be admitting that he hasn’t got a clue about that of which he whines.

          • Paul Hiett

            It boggles the mind that none of these people have the first clue what a gay person feels, thinks, or experiences on a daily basis…but they’ll condemn and judge them based on their own ignorant assumptions.

    • FoJC_Forever

      Yes, it’s an agenda to promote sexual perversion. The world likes to refer to the myth of Pandora’s Box. The homosexual agenda is in the lead of this push to normalize sexual perversion, but the seeds for have been planted for years by excusing non-Scriptural divorce and accepting the subsequent “blended families”.

      It only takes a crack in a foundation to start the eventual crumbling of it.

      • Paul Hiett

        Are you gay or transgender?

    • April J

      There’s a huge difference between informing children that transgendered people exist, are human, and have feelings too…and telling children they might be transgendered. The book in question in this article is doing the former, not the latter.

      • John_33

        That’s quite interesting since the article notes that the children came home with the idea that they may be transgender. Either they got that idea from the book or they got that idea from the teacher who chose the book. It doesn’t matter where they got the idea from, the fact remains that they got it and demonstrates an agenda.

  • TruthSeeker ForChrist

    If all Christians obeyed the command to homeschool their children this wouldn’t be a problem. The world is a sick polluted place that no child should be left in.

    • Liz Litts

      Some people are unable to do that. Would you be willing to help, say a single parent who has to work and does not make enough to afford to say home and homeschool?

      • TruthSeeker ForChrist

        There are Christian homeschool co-ops all over that can help with this situation. If not, groups need to be started to help give Christian families the opportunity to get them out of the public school system. It’s not as complicated as it seems.

    • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

      Home schooling is best ,but some are unable. But If there would be Christians willing to home school children who’s parent can not would be great. Schools are teaching our children a lot of evil these days. It is so sad.

      • bluegrandma52

        It depends on the laws in your state. In some places, if people are homeschooling children who aren’t their own, they have to have a teaching certificate and register as a private school. That brings back in the state and its regs and curriculum, which is what many homeschoolers are trying to avoid.

        • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

          I’ll have to check them in my State.

  • Truthhurts24

    This school should be burned to the ground for trying to influence children to accept this abomination.

    • FoJC_Forever

      No, it should not. Someone advocating violence against a school for any reason should be looked at by competent law enforcement.

    • April J

      You’re right…lets just get rid of all educational institutions so we can indoctrinate and brainwash our children at home all by ourselves! That never went horribly wrong or anything…

      • Truthhurts24

        Yes schools are way better now that the libtards have took over all common sense and morality.

  • Saint

    Wont be long till we hear in court about a pedophile claiming to be a 9 year old girl trapped in a 40 year old male body and trying to justify his right to hangout in the female student’s restrooms…

  • OldArkie

    He sent out an apology afterwards? Seems he is tying to keep the parents off his back, it should have not be read to the children. He should be fired, quickly.

  • Recon5

    I suggest they make it their goal to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, and leave discussions about cultural, social, and political issues to the discretion of the family they are not a part of.
    Along with dictating the content of home lunches, inquiring as to whether the family owns guns, and punishing kindergardeners for finger guns and assault ‘tarts.
    Let’s not pretend we don’t all know the benefits of apologizing after the fact versus asking permission.

    • FoJC_Forever

      Yes, the motto, “It’s easier to apologize later than to ask permission”, is not good practice and should not be embraced.

  • Deina

    I wonder how many here actually know Jazz?

    She is truly an incredible young woman, that just about any parent here would be proud to call their daughter!

  • Christians N Gensan

    A transgender in our country, Philippines , was killed by a US Serviceman Pemberton. That transgender received little sympathy and was even ridiculed about his death. If he was straight, reactions would be different.

    • Deina

      I bet Pemberton thinks it’s hilarious!

      He’ll probably be laughing his ass off after he’s convicted & put in the general population!

      • Jeff Briggs

        Pottymouth, a sign of someone with a limited vocabulary, and small brain.

        All lesbos talk dirty. Does it make you feel like a man?

        • Deina

          “Potty mouth”? You’d better make sure EMTs are real close by next time you hear your kids talking when they think you’re not around.

          For what conceivable reason would I want to “feel like a man”?

  • Coach

    Romans1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

    24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

    26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality,[c] wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they arewhisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving,[d] unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

    • Paul Hiett

      Do you realize that belief in a religion is just an opinion? You’re trying to force people to live based on nothing more than your own, biased opinion.

      How would you feel if someone else was trying to force you to live based on their opinions?

      • Coach

        The speed limit is based on opinion and even though I may think it should be higher, I have to obey it, but I’m not forced to obey it, I just accept the consequences of going 20 over the speed limit and trying to explain to the cop “hey it’s not hurting anybody”. The Word of God is what I base my faith off of. You don’t believe the Bible, why? Since you can disprove God based on so-called science, go ahead.

    • April J

      Thank you so much, I don’t have my own Bible…so the copying and pasting with no input of your own thoughts is sooooo helpful….

      • Coach

        No problem April J, you’re very welcome

  • Dolly E. Korsi-Thomason

    I think it is criminal to introduce transgender issues to underage children. They have enough troubles being just children without introducing transgender issues. As a two year old, I already liked boys, I thought they were cute. If the opposite would have been the issue, in due time I would have found out. Why on earth do I want to confuse little ones with such challenging situations. This world is going to the dogs because people just don’t know how to keep issues such away from the innocents.

  • scottrose

    There are transgender people on television and a transgender person has graced to cover of TIME magazine. These are real human beings, not punching bags for religious bigots. If my child were read that story and then had questions, I would simply tell him or her that a small number of people are transgender and it isn’t likely that he or she is, but if he or she were they would be supported, and that there is no good justification for prejudice against transgender people.

  • The teachers and school administration knew day one it was illegal to read that book to the children, but they did it anyway so as to further indoctrinate the innocent children into a sinfilled mindset that is in agreement with the government approved
    pro-homosexual lifestyle the vat of sin in Rome has been pushing in America for decades.Not only did the school know it was illegal to read that book to those little ones, they knew they would have to apologize later. So why did they do it? It’s simple. Once it’s read to the kids, that offensive book’s homosexual filthiness cannot be undone in the minds of those precious little children. If it’s accepted as truth, and most little kids trust adults impeccably, then those beautiful little innocent babes will grow to embrace homosexuality as the norm. Worse yet, many of them will be moved to become homosexuals themselves.

    And by the way, this isn’t the first time the schools have been caught doing such things they knew parents wouldn’t approve of. This is their modus operandi in fact. They share offensive material they know will alter the thinking process of the little children and they also know the parents would never approve of it if they were alerted beforehand. But they do so anyway knowing that even if they have to apologize, the deed is done and the children have been indoctrinated just as they planned. May God have mercy on their souls

  • Jazz, tripe and rubbish: just in case your children were not able to confuse themselves, your school may just let the friends and relatives of perverts help them out. Interested in living a lie? Try this: lie about being a boy, or lie about being a girl.