Concerns Raised After Police Scare Away Midwife of Arkansas Couple Whose Children Were Seized

Stanley ChildrenHOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Concerns are being raised after scrutiny continues into the lives of a homeschooling family whose children were taken from them earlier this year by the Garland Country Sheriff’s Department—which friends of the family now state has scared away the midwife who was to have helped with the soon-coming birth of their ninth child.

As previously reported, seven of the eight children of Hal Stanley and his wife Michelle were removed from their Hot Springs home on Jan. 12 following an anonymous complaint. The eldest child does not live at home since she is grown.

The situation began in December as a social worker with the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) showed up at the Stanley’s door after receiving a complaint that the children were permitted to go outside in the snow barefoot. The Stanleys assured the case worker that everything was fine, and that the children had plenty of shoes, but had a custom of making footprints in the snow for fun.

“We showed her some of the 200 and something pair of shoes and told her—actually the kids told her—how it was their preference to go barefoot and that it was like a tradition to briefly run out in the snow barefoot and take a picture of the footprints,” Michelle Stanley told reporters.

However, authorities then received a second complaint claiming that the couple had a “poisonous substance” in their home, and so on Jan. 12, both DHS and members of the Garland County Sheriff’s Department appeared at their door. According to the family, officials forced the parents to step outside, at which time they were served with a search warrant.

“[They] said we could not enter our house or talk to our kids until the search and the investigation was through,” Stanley said. “They said the charge was that we had a poisonous substance in our house and that the kids were being exposed to it and it endangered their welfare.”

It turned out that the substance that was being referred to was MMS (“miracle mineral supplement”) or sodium chlorite, which is used to purify water and is claimed to help to cure diseases. The Stanleys state that the product was used to balance the PH of their fish tank, but that her husband had also been drinking it to help make his system more alkaline.

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Five hours later, after the search concluded—along with an interrogation of the children, officials informed the Stanleys that all seven of their children were being taken into custody.

“Six intimidating, brute looking males and one DHS female all lined up in our den to tell us they would be taking our kids into their custody for 72 hours,” Stanley recalled.

But after a week later, the couple’s children still were not returned and were placed in public school—and did not come home until March, and even then on a trial basis. Arkansas DHS has not yet provided an exact reason as to why the children were seized.

“It could mean that the home is unfit. It could mean that the environment is not a good environment, that there’s dirt everywhere; it could mean that,” Public Information Coordinator Kate Luck told KATV earlier this year. “It could also mean the children cannot safely remain there. It may be that the parents have done something to make the environment unsafe. It could mean that the children did something…”

Now, friends of the family are concerned as officials continue to scrutinize the family.

“They have state ‘agents’ showing up at their house every day unannounced who stay for hours and ‘observe’ and seek to ‘counsel,'” outlines the “Bring the Stanley Kids Home” Facebook page, managed by a friend simply identified as Kristy.

Hal Stanley also notes that during a hearing last month, it was ruled that the three eldest children must remain in public school, and that a psychologist must visit the home 20 hours a week for the next 6-12 weeks “to promote harmony in the family.”

As Michelle Stanley is almost 9 months pregnant, a recent update additionally states that the midwife the Stanleys had sought to use was questioned by police, which frightened her away.

“[T]he midwife they had planned to use for a home birth next month was interrogated and intimidated by police and ‘warned’ to stay away from the Stanleys, which means Mrs. Stanley is [just a few] weeks from her due date with no midwife,” Kristy explained.

“She feels threatened and her counsel has advised her to stay away,” she continued. “The sheriffs department has searched every angle of the Stanley’s personal life to find some criminal wrong doing to be able to charge them with something and are still searching.”

The Stanleys are hoping to have another midwife in place so that they can give birth at home as they wish—but their concerns do not end there.

“[T]here have been hints that the newborn will be taken away if ‘things are not in order,'” Kristy explained. “This poor mother has endured enough heartache over these last few months. How much more tyranny can we dump on her? Where are the midwives who will come to help her?”

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  • Emm Jane

    Local followers of Jesus, need to step up, get involved and stand up to this infringement and bullshit. Those poor children. Clearly they have a ‘friend’ who is a poisonous viper, to ring services in the first place.

  • Frank Huber

    Christian attorney said file for the needs of these people who is helping them.

  • weasel1886

    This family is nuts. They were feeding the kids bleach as a medical cure.

    • 1956cyndi

      NO one said that! (the dad chose to try it to make his body more alkaline, others use baking soda in their water- perfectly legal and potentially very helpful) And a few drops in a gallon of water is how many drink it in other countries! But the key is that they said the mere PRESENCE of it made the home a dangerous one. DoYOU have no bleach in your home?

      • weasel1886

        Read some other news sources This bleach treatment has been banned in most countries and the producer is a quake.
        There is no evidence that this does any good and it can be harmful. The older kids said they were given it and the dad admitted he gave it to them, things left out of this article. They are kooks

        • whatifitwereyou

          Where is the proof that the children have been harmed?
          You are a kook to think that it is the government’s place to take away children from their parents for doing nothing illegal and nothing that has proven to be harmful, let alone seriously harmful. Meanwhile, the children are forced to be taught in a school against the choice of the parents, and to be counselled by who knows what kind of pshychologist. Have you ever heared of Hitler or the NAZI’s? Have you ever considered how that was even able to transpire? I would rather not have Der Furer, and let families, live within their God-given rights to not be like you or me or whoever. By the way, how healthy is your diet? Just wondering if the pot is calling the kettle black.

          • weasel1886

            Hitler was a Christian. And yes the state does have a right to take children away from parents that harm them. Funny how this own families is now not defending them.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            False Christian. He even wrote his own bible. Satan used him ti try to destroy both Jew and Christian. Remember he also killed Christiansas well as the Jews. Stop using Hitler against real Christians. Even today there are real Christians and False Christians.

          • weasel1886

            T Jefferson also wrote his own Bible.
            Always when someone does something evil we here “but they weren’t a real Christian”

          • Asemodeus

            I have a copy of that bible. So refreshing to read it without all the useless clutter.

          • but the Words of God’s word are life and peace. John 3:16

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            You are a silly weasel !!!

          • I agree with you Lady FreeBird.

          • Jobeck74

            Weasel lol your a funny little person. Thomas Jefferson wrote more on government corruption that anything concerning Christianity. The 2nd amendment was not written so we could own guns to hunt or nearly protect ourselves it was written so we could fight a tyrantical government if need be. Holy shnikes you are very ignorant and self rightous.

          • weasel1886

            What does this have to do with the second amendment ?

          • marg

            Because there are a lot of people who claim a lot of things, does that make it true for them? Hillary claims to have nothing to do with anything in Bengazi, does that make it right? Don’t be so dumb please.

          • A Christian is a follower of Christ. Hitler was not a follower of Christ. It appears that he was a follower of satan.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            I wish others would see that.

          • Mr. Avatar

            weasel886 your part of the problem in this country like anyone who supports this type of behavior by the State! It wouldn’t surprise me if homeschooling is the hidden reason why this is happening.

          • weasel1886

            I’m glad to be a problem to the evil ones

          • I know many homeschooled chldren. They are well educated, well mannered and a blessing to their communities and churches.

          • Hitler was NOT a Christian.

          • weasel1886

            He said he was, just like people on this site and TV preachers

          • Jobeck74

            Hitler was not a Christian. And you’re a f-ing sheep. This crap is so aweful its criminal that it has gone on for so long.

          • weasel1886

            And Jesus said ” f**k all you sheep”

          • Jobeck74

            Your the sheep…or weasel no difference. And my comment posted before I finished. By its moot anyway for someone like you.

          • weasel1886


          • FoJC_Forever

            Hitler was not a Christian.

          • marg

            Hitler was NOT a Christian, I wish idiots would stop throwing that out everytime they want to be rude. It is just wrong.

        • it isn’t “bleach.”

          • weasel1886

            OK It just turns into bleach “The supplement is not approved by the FDA for any of the remedies touted by its proponents, but it is popular in the evidence-light world of online natural health sites. MMS, according to the FDA, becomes “industrial bleach” when mixed with citric acid, as directed. The substance’s “discoverer” Jim Humble, claims it treats malaria, and others have touted it as a “natural” cure for cancer.”
            This people are nuts and needed to have their children removed. There is also evidence of child abuse

        • Minerva V

          Do you know ANYTHING about the stats on kids who are put in foster care?? MUCH higher percentage chance of harmful effects from being in foster care than anything these kids parents were doing. There is NO excuse for what was done to this family and to these children. And the real tragedy, NO ONE will be held responsible for all the anxiety, fear, molestation, abuse, etc. that may be suffered by these children in foster care.

          • weasel1886

            If it is found that they were being harmed by this goop or let’s say being sexually molested it would be better if they stayed with the parents? Do you think the state just picked a family at random to harass?
            There are plenty of home schooled families that aren’t bothered by the state.

    • you are wrong as noted by FoJC_Forever, “it is not an unsafe product, if used appropriately.”

      • weasel1886

        It’s plain idiot stupid

        • Jobeck74

          Says the weasel…the FDA and big pharma want us to use their poison period.

          • weasel1886

            So go drink bleach then. It is still stupid

  • Andrea Nash

    this really should scare those with children …

    • weasel1886

      To be careful of kooks that have their children drink bleach as a medical plan

  • FoJC_Forever

    Why isn’t the ADF defending these people? Something seems to be amiss. We don’t need fake victims of State intrusion, but we also don’t need to let something like this continue simply because some people think families like this are “kooks”. If no real wrongdoing is evident, then the State shouldn’t be allowed to troll into their daily lives, manipulating the way the family functions.

    Sodium chlorite is used in municipal water treatment systems, so it’s not “bleach”. It is not an unsafe product, if used appropriately. Sodium hypochlorite is in the standard bleach product.

    I have known some “kooky” people, and being different doesn’t constitute criminality and should not be allowed to be prosecuted or harassed by law enforcement. Anonymous reports need to be highly questioned and the sources should be checked to remove any potential personal bias. Maybe someone doesn’t like this family and has taken it upon themselves to break up the family and cause general discord. What has happened is that someone is using tax payer paid employees to cause great distress in these children’s lives, as well as their parents.