Megachurch Preacher Paula White Marries Rocker Jonathan Cain in Third Marriage

Cain WhiteMegachurch preacher Paula White has married rock and roll star Jonathan Cain, making the occasion both her and Cain’s third marriage.

White, 49, is known for founding without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida with her second husband Randy White. She turned the church over to him years after their divorce in 2007. White hosts the television show “Paula White Today,” which airs on TBN and BET, and now serves as leader of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida.

She also considers herself a life coach, authoring books such as “The Ten Commandments of Health and Wellness,” “Simple Suggestions for a Sensational Life,” “I Don’t Get Wholeness, That’s the Problem—Making Relationships Work” and “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”

White’s first marriage was to Dean Knight, who she married as a teenager. The two have a son together, named Bradley.

Jonathan Cain, 65, is known for his roles in the bands Bad English and Journey, especially for penning the Journey hits “Don’t Stop Believin,'” “When You Love a Woman” and “Who’s Crying Now.”

His first marriage was to singer Tané McClure, who he divorced and later went on to marry Elizabeth Fullerton, with whom he has three children. Cain recently divorced for the second time, and married White last month.

Cain continues to tour with Journey, and posts about his concerts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, such as he did earlier this month when he played a casino in Las Vegas.

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“Journey is in the house. Craps anyone? @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino,” he Tweeted.

“I know you will rock it tonight,” White messaged to him.

She also shared a photo on her own Instagram, writing, “I love this pic of my baby rocking it last night @jonathancainmusic—missing him tonight.”

In addition to playing secular music with Journey, Cain is also a winemaker as a part of Finale Wines. He thanked Vegas’ Southern Wine and Spirits for carrying his wines in a status earlier this week.

White’s ex-husband Randy says he is supportive of her re-marriage.

“I am so happy for Paula and Jonathan,” he wrote on Facebook on April 20. “I pray they have a great marriage and do great works for the kingdom! I said I would never marry again until I made sure Paula married someone else.”

However, others have expressed concern over the matter, pointing to biblical commands against divorce and remarriage.

“She obviously thinks the parts in the Bible that condemn and severely restrict any justification for divorce (i.e., adultery) do not apply to her,” one commenter wrote.

“This is why the institution of marriage is mocked,” another stated.

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  • weasel1886

    I hope they didn’t allow any evil gay people to their wedding. It would get crowded if the 6 ex spouses showed up

    • Teresa Barnes

      That’s the truth. Dont leave out Jenner!

    • Bobby Mae

      Let us bow our heads and pray there were no homos at the wedding.

      • Is this supposed to be humorous?

        • Bobby Mae

          One bread, one body, one lord of allllll. Great username! Haven’t heard that song since like 6th grade. Good memories

          • meh

          • Bobby Mae

            Why so serious?

          • Why so witless?

          • I suppose if you have nothing interesting to say you can attack my username. I chose that username because I used to try to have adult discussions on this site but I haven’t found too many adults lately.

          • Bobby Mae

            I’m not attacking your name. I seriously like it because it reminds me of my time at a private Christian school. You should relax. It’s not healthy to be so uptight over something so trivial.

          • Well, that’s different. It is a good song and more importantly I chose it because expresses my desire to counter the hatred shown toward Catholics by many commentators on this site. So now that we’ve worked through that, let’s back the train up to your original comment. What exactly was it you were trying to say, or were you just being sarcastic?

          • Bobby Mae

            Good, you’re countering the catholic hatred, I’m countering the homophobic hatred. And yes it was a joke.

          • Fair enough.

          • dontblameitonthesunshine

            If you go to a Christian website as a Catholic… You’re gonna have a bad time

          • And there you have it.

          • One could reasonably argue that this is not a Christian web site. “Christian News Network aims to fairly represent both positions on a given issue.” This is their stated purpose, yet their reportage belies the fact. So how can a dishonest web site be a Christian one?

          • AmyGirl88

            Actually, if you knew anything about the two…..Roman Catholic folks ARE Christian and Protestant folks ARE catholic (notice the little, non capital c) in the sense that the very word catholic means that if you are Christian, you are part of the holy, universal, church. That is where “The holy catholic church” bit comes from in the Trinitarian’s Apostles Creed. That being said there are Protestants and Roman Catholics that will agree with me and then others, who will definitely NOT agree with me and just like any issue use, their favorite part of their out of context version of THEIR Bible. Because at this point, I believe every Bible believing Christian/Catholic is issued a Bible JUST for them. That last part is a bit of humor which some will say is just not allowed here. Anyone who agrees with me is likely an open minded, progressive or just plain educated Roman Catholics OR are part of a Protestant sector that is Trinitarian’s in nature, rooted in that theology OR are just have traditional theology which make the differences between Roman Catholicism and Trinitarian Christianity narrow and trivial. Episcopalian for example. Then again you can be like me and could have grown up in one deeply, landed in between and then somehow not be sure what you believe. My main points here were to say that you could not be more wrong about the Catholic or being welcome in a Christian setting or vise versa because the words themselves and the means behind literally prove the exact opposite. There is MUCH more truth to see and people who ascribe to the notions of one God and coexistence between “Christian – Catholic.”

    • Off the subject. Try to focus.

      • Peter Leh

        not really. given the “reasons” for not providing a service because it is an “abomination”

        • ??

          • Peter Leh

            Weasel is reiterating the argument of those against SSM their argument is lacking consistency.

  • Bobby Mae

    “In addition to secular music, he also makes wine.” Really? Lol I love how this website is like the equivalent of globe magazine. Anything to give Christians a chance to judge others keeps em happy!

    • Steve67

      You mean kind of like how you just judged the writer of the article??

      • Bobby Mae

        You betcha, baby. I love how people who listen to “secular” music and make wine are being made out to be bad Christians. It’s funny. Lighten up , chuck.

        • Steve67

          I would say you are the one who might need to lighten up. There was no judgement whatsoever in the article. You conveniently neglect to mention that it was also mentioned that White’s first husband was very gracious in his response to the news, which was also mentioned in the article and speaks well of White, Cain and her ex-husband.

  • FoJC_Forever

    Paula White is an adulterous and a false prophetess.

    • 123Star

      Careful what you say. Never judge, because if you do, well God says not to. You got it ?

      • Willem Toerien

        Where does the scriptures says I should keep quite when someone is sinning? Also, why do you tell @FoJC_Forever:disqus to ignore Jesus?

      • Crono478

        Hello 123Star, please visit www DOT gotquestions DOT org/do-not-judge DOT html as Matthew 7 is frequently taken out of context.

        • Lupe

          Misread is more correct. People read the first verse and stop because then they can use it to escape counseling or correction.

      • FoJC_Forever

        I’ve spoken the Truth. Paula White is an adulterous and a false prophetess.

        Are you threatening me? Do you think God is going to heed your words and Judge me?

      • Lupe

        Chapter and verse please. Only thing I’ve seen is says get your own stuff cleaned up before you judge. God says if you judge while committing the same error, then you will bed judged accordingly. Eh?

      • Gigi Junker

        We can judge each other in the body of Christ. We are not to judge those outside the body.

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Paula White epitomizes the Foolish Woman mentioned in 2nd Tim 3. She leads the church mentions in 2nd Timothy 3. Practicing merely “a Form of godliness”. A church that Paul warns us to “have nothing to do with them”.

      • FoJC_Forever

        She is simply following in the footsteps of the culture, which is embraced by any number of denominations, both large and small. What people have considered Christianity for hundreds of years is only false tradition and twisted doctrines from people who do not have the Spirit of God.

    • Jenni Lovsey

      Here’s to hurting your “feelings”, SHOVE IT!!

      • FoJC_Forever

        Your comment didn’t hurt my feelings, but it did reveal your corrupt heart.

  • TC

    These people, all of them, are not leaders of Christ’s Church. They are those who seek to lead the children of God to disobey God’s commandments, pursuing the things of this world while stealing the tithes and offerings that are God’s. Holy Father, in the name of your Sob Jesus Christ, remove from the midst of your people those who do what is right in their own sight, and who do not your will. Amen.

    • Charlene Rollins

      Are you casting a stone? Is your every action, everyday according to Gods word?

      • newmanifest

        It doesn’t require perfection in ourselves to be discerning and (yes, get ready for it) to judge the fruits of others. I don’t know TC, but I don’t hear him saying he’s perfect and they’re not. As a corollary, like it or not, those who claim to be leaders/teachers/mass influencers/tithe gatherers in the Church are held to a higher standard by Christ himself.

        • LeftCoast

          Amen and Thank you, the secular world does not comprehend this and they think we are judging and being mean. NOPE, we are holding the leaders accountable like Jesus did with the Pharisees.

          • They seem to lean on the few words that they know in Scripture – Do not judge or you too will be judged & the other one is If you’re without sin, cast the first stone. They seem to use these often without the true knowledge of what is behind the words.

        • Samuel F Waddell

          Amen. Leader in Christ’s church must be held to a higher standard. There is no one perfect off course but somethings are just obvious.

      • Jbeverly

        Do you realize that Paula White is the one who puts herself out in the public as a preacher of the ‘Word” and ought to live up to her preaching.

        • Jenni Lovsey

          Do get over yourself! “Christians” like you are exactly why people are leaving organized religion.

          • Paulnbama

            No. A powerless and watered down pseudo-gospel, hypocritical leaders, and church attendees that live like there is no judgement, no hell to escape from. That is why I left organized religion.

          • Thank God that the lies and hypocrisies of “christians” in no way changes the truth of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and His word, or YOUR responsibility to seek Christ for yourself in spite of.
            You are not called to accept Christ based on the perfection of others, and thank God for that, because then, we would be worshiped even more than people worship church leaders now. Christ didn’t sacrifice Himself and shed His blood on the cross because we are sinless and perfect. The perfect are not in need of a perfect savior

          • Rosanna Miller

            Yes, glory to God, Amen!!!

          • Rosanna Miller

            If people make you leave God, then your faith is in people, not God.

          • Paulnbama

            I didn’t leave God. I left a false assembly of people who pose as Christians that follow false shepherds, not led by the Spirit, that teach what a denomination tells them to teach, rather than what is recorded in the bible.

          • Rosanna Miller

            But of course. That is not the same thing. Do you preach against church though? I also left a false assembly but I do not preach against church like many do because God says do not forsake the Assembly, as many have done. I am sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who leads me to all truth.

            I know the Word of God….He says my sheep know my voice.

          • Paulnbama

            “Where two or three are gathered in my name…” That’s church to me. Not a building ran by a denomination that holds certain scripture over others, mixes old testament law with the gospel of grace, concerned more about entertaining the numbers in pews than salvation of souls.

          • Like a Paula White church maybe?

          • Alice Kirts

            That is why we are to know God for ourselves and not live our “Christian” lives through man. If we put them on pedestals, they will usually fall. But we do have a right to expect leaders to lead by example. But God judges. Be aware who you sit under. Your point is well taken.

          • Rosanna Miller


          • Kelly Corbin

            SOOOOOOO true!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

          • libertybells2

            Good let them go. They obviously do not know the bible, the instruction manual for life.

      • lord vuga

        doesnt stop one from calling a spade a spade.

      • Third_Party_Now

        no. Well, maybe Inti, the Incan Sun God.

    • Suess

      Do you realize you called Jesus an SOB?

      • TC

        The worst case of typo – thank you for pointing this error out.

    • AmyGirl88

      And because *You* decided this…..I suppose…*You* ARE a leader of Christ’s Church? Or…..maybe you could name a few of the good ones for us?

      • TC

        AmyGirl88…I don’t decide… But God’s Word (contained in the Bible) provides clear guidance throughout on how to identify those who assume the mantle of prophet, teacher, etc., yet are wolves in sheep clothing, or false prophets and teachers. The Word tells us: You shall know them by their fruits; a good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. There are many good ones who bear good fruit: Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and on and on.

        I understand your anger, and I pray for God to open your heart to His love and mercy, and realize that the ultimate leader of the Church is Christ Jesus, and that all, especially those who lead His flock in His name, are to follow him, emulate him, represent him in every way.

        • “Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham”….hmmmm, doesnt good fruit mean you have to be a receptacle of the Holy Spirit because that’s the only way good fruit is produced? And, in order to be possessed by the Him, you have to believe in the Christ of the bible? Clearly, as good as the Pope and mother Theresa treat people, they do not worship the Christ of the bible. A good relationship with man is not the same as having a relationship with God. Billy Graham says that you don’t have to believe in the Christ of the bible to have salvation. THAT is NOT biblical.
          As for Ms. White, what happened to not being unequally yoked? Why would a true Christian want to be married to someone who is not? Would God empower us to do something contrary to what He commands us? Just provokes being charasmatic and know the word, doesn’t make you a BIBLICAL child of God.

          • TC

            Jeremiah, Jeremiah. Your own self pride cast a shadow upon your faith in Christ, and in trusting too much in your own judgment and not the judgment of God, the fruits of your faith are stones. The Church would benefit from your zeal if it was wrapped in the love of Christ instead of your love of self. Be careful that you are not found guilty of fighting against God, when you should be fighting the good fight of faith in Christ, proclaiming the Way to those who have not heard the message of salvation. Peace be with you.

          • doree10

            Would be interested to know when you heard Billy Graham make that statement…Thank you…

          • Rosanna Miller

            Google it…..

          • libertybells2

            Google it. Saw him on Larry King making that shocking announcement several years back when he was still preaching in stadiums. Just about fell off my chair.

          • Rosanna Miller


    • Jobe Nelson Statum III

      Amen and the Muslim president too.

      • oregon_man

        Thou shall not bear false witness. You did. How ironic you did it while critical of someone else.

        • chimpimp

          You got proof he was bearing false witness????? There is mountains of proof Obama is a Muslim. I guess that makes you a false witness.

          • Somebody Else

            That is ridiculous. Now you are the one lying. What is with you guys? Just because your media repeats-repeats-repeats it doesn’t make it true.

          • chimpimp

            You are brainwashed!!!!! There are numerous videos of Obama pandering to Muslims along with his video taped statements. He is fluent in Arabic. What the heck iswrong withyou?????

          • Somebody Else

            Pandering is what diplomats do, fool. You claimed you have proof Obama is a Muslim. You lied, plain and simple. Although you may harbor a delusion in that false reality you live in.

  • 123Star

    The Blood of Jesus covers all….

    • Willem Toerien

      …excuses to sin as well?

      • Lupe

        Doesn’t excuse it. COVERS it. Rom 6:1 applies. Just because we’re forgiven we don’t go on sinning. Rom 6:2.

        • Tim


        • Willem Toerien


  • Christopher John Buechler

    From the title of this article it’s full of hatred

    • Christopher John Buechler

      I’m stoked so found love, and I love hanging with sinners

  • UmustBKiddinMe

    “She obviously thinks the parts in the Bible that condemn and severely restrict any justification for divorce (i.e., adultery) do not apply to her,” one commenter wrote.”

    An interesting comment. Given the considerable time, effort, energy, and money that is expended on fighting same-gender marriage with the rational often being “children have a right to be raised by their mother and father”, you see zero effort being put into making it illegal for married couples with children to get divorced, which affects vastly more children than allowing less than 4% of the population to marry would ever affect.

  • Jacques

    So much judgement and animosity from so called Christians! It is you who do more damage to the body of Christ, pretending you never sin. Get over yourself and repent of your ways.

    • Willem Toerien

      Don’t ever confront a man when he’s raping a woman. You’re not without sin…

    • LeftCoast

      Read your bible and tell me who Jesus was calling vipers and snakes? and hypocrites?

      • Debbie

        Amen! A brood ! Lol ! And John asked the vipers whom had warned them ? Lol !

    • Walt murray

      Please stop accusing people of sinning because they are confronting sin. Your confronting of the confronting of sin is just sinful. AND PLEASE do not confront my confronting of your confronting of sin of confronting of sin. That is just judgemental.

      • Debbie

        Amen ! So true Walt. It’s a ploy of the enemy to distract one from the mission of freeing the captive. Remember it’s not a flesh and blood battle. The battle is a spiritual. But greater is the Prince of peace, the Lord Jesus, that is in us, than he, the Prince of darkess that is in the world. Amen !

    • Jacqueline Knight

      We are called to judge others. Matt. 7:1-5. It’s not the judging, it’s how the judging is done and by whom.

  • Charlene Rollins

    Let him or her who IS, WITHOUT Sin, Cast the first stone. Have you all looked in the mirror today. What sinful thoughts have went through you head. Have you criticized or judged someone. Have you taken a pen or rubber band or post it note from work. Have you told a little lie, a fib. Have you exaggerated while telling a story? Well then my dear, you are a sinner too.

    • Lupe

      Yup. We’re all sinners Rom 3:23. Also, see Luke 17:3, Gal 6:1, Col 1:28, 2 Tim 3:16. We are to rebuke our sisters and brothers. Not with hate or yelling but by gentle reminders.
      What is sad about White is that she is, I believe, a reprobate.

    • LeftCoast

      Char, as Christians we can, in love, go to Paula and say something. Kinda like what Jesus was doing to the Pharisees. Jesus spoke out against the “Religious Leaders” of his time. If you are going to call yourself a pastor, act like one. So Paula, if you are going to be a leader, be one. if not, you are the same as a Pharisee- viper.

    • lord vuga

      i guess because all have sinned permits one to get away with it right? i have never heard of a judge setting free a bike thief because there are car thieves walking about free that haven’t been caught yet.

    • So let me get this straight. It’s not alright to give the Bible’s point of view, because that’s judging, but it’s alright for you to judge those who do this as being judgmental and sinners? Listen sweetie, if you’re going to take that stand, then you can’t take any stand at all. You have to hold your tongue or YOU are judging. Do you see the conundrum you have put yourself in?

    • Debbie

      Charlene you are in need of salvation. Study to show yourself approved in the written word. One has to grow in the wisdow and knowledge of God(Word). It is obvious by your statements you are ignorant of the written word like many others posting comments that are lacking knowledge of the Holy scriptures.There are perfect people walking before the living God everyday. Even before the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ, search the scriptures for yourself. Job was perfect and upright in his generation. Noah was perfect in his day. And Jesus never set a leader in his church. He is the bishop of his sheep. He told Peter to feed his lambs, then to feed his sheep. I thank the Lord for retaining ownership of my soul. Amen ! Paul said to obey them who have the rule over you. The Holy Spirit leads and guides the children of God. I pray for you and all the others who are in need of salvation of the one the living God has sent to be the Saviour of the world. Amen ! Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God and He will have mercy up on you all and heal your sin sick souls. Amen! Now faith is not tomorrow, but Now….

  • Tim

    Paula = HOE!

    • LeftCoast

      LOL, Christian hoe

      • Tim

        She is NOT a Christian! She is a HIRELING, a religious opportunist!!

  • TC

    Casting no stone, Charlene. Only calling those who use the name of Christ for their own gain and celebrity as the apostates they are. You shall know them by their fruits. I obey God’s commandments, and never intentionally or knowingly disobey his Word…every day. I ask God to forgive me everyday as well. God is holy. Christ is holy. We are required by God to be holy as he is holy. Read God’s word, Charlene. Follow Christ. Be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only. God does not compromise his Word.

  • Lupe

    The amazing part of this is that her followers will continue to buy into her garbage. It’s also sad that they can’t see the lies she spews.

  • Jbeverly

    Although Paula White is entitled to her happiness, she as set a double standard for her ministry. Its do as I say and not as I do.We have to follow Jesus and know Him for ourselves. The ”flesh’ has gotten the best of Miss White. Hope she will realize that she is either fully for God or not at all. You cannot serve God and the devil at the same time.

    • Paula White is entitled to her happiness? Surely all men are entitled to nothing but misery and ruin on account of sin and rebellion against God? All we are entitled to is the wages of sin!

      • Yup. Luckily Jesus paid for that. He came that we might have joy and that abundantly!

        • urbanvrwcmom

          Not “luckily”, PROVIDENTIALLY

  • Tim

    Paula White = the HIRELING, that Jesus WARNED about!

  • lord vuga

    she is reported to have twitted ” i know you will rock it tonight” to her new “hubby”.I wonder how what he is doing playing rock music in HardRock cafe advances the kingdom of God or glorifies Him. All i perceive is FLESH , FLESH. At times i wonder if verses like 2 cor6:14 ; Mat 7:21-23 were deleted from her bible.

  • Romeo Huggins


  • James

    When did Johnathan Cain get saved? Is he a brother in the Lord? Last time I checked, God forbids marrying those who do not follow Him. I can’t help but notice a serious lack of any mention of Cain’s spiritual condition. No mention of whether or not he’s a brother in the Lord. I wonder why!

    • libertybells2

      he is not.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        He recorded a CD of New Age music some years ago.

  • Cindy Anderson


    • Peter Leh


  • Peter Leh

    so did SHE get a cake?

  • Christopher Kanas

    I’m forever yours, (maybe), faithfully…

  • Lizzie

    I’m sorry you just don’t get a divorce because you have grown apart and have different interests now. That is what Randy and Paula told the public. According to the Word the only causes for divorce is adultery or if the other is a unbeliever and they want to divorce. So this makes both Paula and Randy adulterers and also anyone who marrys them as well. The word also says that those who practice Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, etc. will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. She preaches greasy grace too! Perfect combo for apostasy.

  • Lizzie

    Oh by the way, I am judging her. With a righteous judgment as Jesus tells us to do.
    The word judges her and I am tell you what the bible says, since a lot of you don’t read it enough to learn discernment. Her fruit is rotten and anyone who eats from her tree is deceived.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Something is deadly wrong here. She should not have been a pastor in the first place, and she should have resigned from ministry at her first divorce.

    • New granny

      Ding,ding ding !!! Absolutely correct ! She should have never been called a Pastor in the first place M

    • urbanvrwcmom

      I’d like to know if Jonathan Cain surrendered his life to Christ? if not, Paula White is wrong for being unequally yoked.

  • ExVaultDweller

    Paula White is an adulterer, fornicator and a false prophet, leading many to the Lake of Fire with a Prosperity Doctrine shared with by many other so-called pastors of the Mega-Church variety.

  • Jacqueline Knight

    God DOES NOT say Don’t Judge! He says you will be judged with the same measure that you judge. So, first make sure that you have cleared the sty from your own eye, so that you can see clearly BEFORE trying to remove the plank from your brother’s or sister’s eyes. So, God says that if you are clear in the area you are about to judge, HAVE AT IT! People need to read the Bible beyond the verse they purport to know and love! Matt. 7: 1-5

    • Naomi Verdugo

      Your comment is the best response about this topic I have ever heard! God Bless You 🙂

  • Thrice? Strikeout.

  • Magical Tours

    Women are not to take on the roll of pastor.

  • Roxanne Ask Me Will YOU

    this woman – is in dire need of correction – she can not share a recipe with me!
    Please JESUS make the insane stop!

  • Suchery Robin

    Her short, shorts in a pic with Hinn, ah vey’, Noth-ing she does is a surprise to me.

  • Mike Stidham

    Thus prolonging the age-old stereotype of the pastor’s spouse who can play the piano…

  • Rebecca

    Paula is not a Pastor. She is a charlatan.
    www dot gotquestions dot org/women-pastors dot html

    Third marriage? Ha
    www dot gotquestions dot org/divorce-remarriage dot html

    To those who say don’t judge. They are judging in saying that. We are to judge, just not hypocritically. www dot gotquestions dot org/do-not-judge dot html

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Holding someone accountable isn’t the same as judging them.

  • Rosanna Miller

    “She obviously thinks the parts in the Bible that condemn and severely restrict any justification for divorce (i.e., adultery) do not apply to her,” one commenter wrote.


    I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, EXCEPT for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” (Matt. 19:9)

    But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. (Matt. 5:32)

  • Rosanna Miller

    I am curious, does anyone know why the marriages were dissolved?

  • storie

    This doesn’t sound nice but I have been a Christian for a very long time and she came off as a fake the first time I ever laid eyes on her. Her life is not conducive to what she portrays.

  • tinbon434

    The Bible does say don’t judge. But the Word also give Christian the Will of God for His people. One thing the Bible states does say is NOT to marry someone that NOT a Christian. 2 Corithians 6:14 Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? 15 Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever. It also Jesus states that a person that divorces another person; other than adultery is an is in sin. Matthew 5:32 But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. Christian aren’t suppose to change their mate like the do the personal wear.

  • tinbon434

    Benny Hinn made a open confession about doing wrong and having an affair with Paula White. She never made a open confeesion or an apology to acknowledge wrong. SAD!!!

  • Evangelist O’Johnson Bamidele

    Adultery no doubt, what makes Paula think the quote in the Bible not applicable to her? Paula you need to repent simple else………….

  • Michael Falsia

    I have seen this wretched woman preach in such a way that her movements and gyrations could only be from a demonic spirit! Satan moves in mysterious ways his evil to perform! A Jezebel to be sure!

  • Michelle Evans

    Without Walls failed because of greed. It has been shown on youtube abandoned and eventually torn down. God intrusted the Whites with His mission. What did they do to it? Leave it to rot. Sad.

  • Rick

    I feel bad for all of the people that have been deceived into following her.

  • libertybells2

    And she calls herself Christian???? Last I saw her she was “praying” over Trump along with some other fraud “preachers”….. then I recall seeing a pic of her holding hands with Benny Hinn on a walk in some Mediterranean resort area. Anyone who follows the “teachings” of this phony Jezebel should fast and pray for discernment if time.

  • Dio Jones

    And yet people who I KNOW are Christians cannot see past this woman’s veil of deceit… No wonder they call the 1900’s the age of Apostasy…

    Always be a light that is

  • Daddy50

    Divorced people are not qualified to lead the church. Even if they were an innocent party, it reduces the church’s credibility in holding fast to biblical standards of marriage and family. But three marriages… really?

  • Ho Ri Fuk

    Wow, that preacher woman is hot! I see her sermon on youtube wearing leather skirt and high boots and think “Wow, that is preacher I can definitery forrow!”

    Too bad she disobey injunction about “What God put together, ret no man rent asunder”. Oh werr.

  • Boommach

    I have no idea if this woman is Christian or not. I don’t have the data and it’s not my responsibility to figure that out. I do know she holds her self out to be a number one preacher. I also know the Bible says something about a pastor’s accountability and it says something about the first will be last. I think there’s no more foul way to take the Lord’s name in vain that to use His Holy Name to aggrandize ones self. I hope they’re very happy together until their deaths.

  • Liz Holder

    This is what the Bible says in 1 Tim. 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence…This is the example set for young people everywhere?

  • David Collins

    God is not mocked. She is on her second adulterous marriage.

  • libertybells2

    This woman is in it for the money…nothing born again Christian spirituality about this babe.

  • Ernie Hughes

    Oh Paula Congratulations! You have defied Luke 16:18 yet again, well we are all just sinners save by Grace. Please send donations they need the cash!

  • lexcion50

    The reality with White, which is more concerning, is that she is not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the root of where we need to look, because it’s the division that followers of Jesus Christ must be making in these dark days, that is the division between the truth and lies. We all know who is the father of lies. So I would further suggest that we pray for these types of false teachers that the Lord open their eyes and they turn to him for salvation. We are not here to throw stones, but to lift up the truth, and pray for those in error so that they would be saved. Only Jesus Christ can save a person in their soul. We are given examples over and over in the New Teatament about how we are to conduct ourselves as christians. see Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:28. Fear God and keep yourself humble and repent and seek Him and remain studying His word always and pray without ceasing. Be vigilant, keep youselves from idols, defend the faith and watch. I too often read comments of people considering themselves christians but their words don’t demonstrate love. We are instructed in the bible to love God and love our neighbor, which means standing for truth, admonishing those in error and praying that God saves them from the error of their ways.

    There is a big differnce between the sin of self-righteousness and standing by faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, which is a place of humility.

  • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

    Wow, you cant make this stuff up

  • Somebody In Texas

    Well Paula sure is a Busy Person with all of those Honeymoons. And it keeps a Smile on her face. Like the Cat that ate the Canary.

  • Ranveig Sørensen

    Every individual will stand or fall by their actions. God is the judge in every humans life, and He is the one to measure up our lives according to His word, but we do not know who is right or wrong in details on strange peoples lives. If Paula left 2 husbands and broke the marriage by her will; she will have to answer to God. If she never broke any marriage, she did not break the law of marriage. It takes two to tango, but if one leave the dance there are no dance anymore. You will NOT bed judged if your spouse break the marriage; as God can not judge the innocent victim who gets killed by the gun; He knows who is the sinner. Strange people do not know what happened in Paula´s past. Only God and she knows.

  • Kelly Corbin

    My goodness people, what more do you need to see that this charlatan has been seduced by the world, money, and plastic surgery! No one who is truly in the Lord’s will and letting Him guide and instruct her would be married THREE TIMES!! This woman is not from God, she is a fake!

  • Bertha Warren

    One thing about the Truth, if we’re not there we are speculating. Jesus know the truth about all of us. The moment we conceived and who we’re going be our parent, and our identity. The Word of Says He know how many hairs on our head. What is Truth, we can not enter Heaven unless, we Accept God Son Christ Jesus. We should try getting our life in order and stop worrying about people, that do not know we exist. But Jesus know we exist.

  • Rev. Zi’Yon

    I’m praying for you President Trump. I see the spiritual warfare against you. But, no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Yahuah is on your side. May every strong hold in the congress and senate be broken in the name of Yahusha! I am a women of
    color and a US Army Vet. I believe President Trump is the best thing that happened to the USA. Every nation has a border. Thou shall not kill (abortion). pray for your leader as he follows The Most-High! Americans REPENT and bless Yahuah, ‘Come Out of Pagan sun-god worship, and then the blessing will fall on you, your nation and your children. There is a spiritual battle going on for YOUR soul. Lets love one another. The wealthy elite are trying to divide and conquer us. Examine your ways. I hope you chose today to serve the living GOD. To yahuah be ALL of the glory. Rev Zi’Yon

    • Amen. We all should continue to lift the leaders in prayer as commanded.

      • Rev. Zi’Yon

        It is my prayer that Rev. P White fervently sought yahusha before making her final decision. I hope that she is equally yoked. She has gone through enough with men who fall out of the WILL of the Most High. She deserves to be happy. However, when we have a ‘Higher Calling’ on our lives, you really need a man that is the ‘head and not the tail’… A man with a heart after yahuah’s heart. Otherwise it seem to be a recipe for Satan to stir havoc. Grace and Peace to Rev. P White and to the saints of Yahuah.

        • My reply was more along the lines of saying amen to praying for the leaders of our nation & all nations. It had nothing to do with Paula. Let’s be real, had she truly sought the Lord’s will for her life, it would look nothing like it looks now. This is Paula White’s world – Not God’s.

  • Tamra Lee

    Well, there you go. Ms. White must have cut Mark 10 out of her Bible.

    “And the Pharisees came to him, and asked him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife? tempting him. And he answered and said unto them, What did Moses command you? And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away. And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. And in the house his disciples asked him again of the same matter. And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her. And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.” (vs 2-12)

    I’m sure she didn’t like Romans 7 any better: “Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth? For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.” (vs 1-3)

    And 1 Corinthians 7 would be of no comfort to them either: “And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband: But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.” (vs 10-11)

    The two of them are not man and wife, they are adulterer and adulteress. They are just a long string of TV religious adulterers. Remember Richard and Patti Roberts (Oral’s son and his first wife)? Patti requested the divorce; and only weeks later the “devastated” Richard came up with a new wife–Linda Ann Salem, who was heretofore called Lindsay after they were married.

    The luxurious, licentious lifestyles of such rich and famous false teachers have a large part of the evil in Christendom today.

  • TruthvLIes

    Third marriage? No wonder the church in America is a laughing stock.

  • Sparks13

    There goes all the respect I had for Cain.