U.S. Government Drops Remaining Charges Against Evolutionary Foe Kent Hovind

HovindPENSACOLA, Fla. — Federal prosecutors have filed a motion to dismiss the remaining criminal charges against an imprisoned creation science evangelist after a jury deadlocked on the matter and was not convinced of his guilt.

As previously reported, Kent Hovind, the founder of Creation Science Evangelism out of Pensacola, Florida, has been fighting charges of mail fraud and contempt for contesting liens against a number of properties that had been seized by the government several years ago.

He has been incarcerated since 2007 over 58 federal counts, 45 of which centered on alleged “structuring,” a term that refers to breaking up one’s banking transactions into smaller amounts in order to avoid reporting. The original intent of the law had reportedly been to catch drug dealers and money launderers.

In regard to Hovind’s specific charges, the minister and his wife had made dozens of cash withdrawals of just over $9,000 each over a year’s time, and the government asserted that he was attempting to “obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws.” However, Hovind said that he paid for his ministry expenses in cash—including compensation for those involved with Creation Science Evangelism—and was not seeking to evade any laws as anything over $10,000 was reported as required.

In addition to structuring charges, Hovind was leveled with twelve counts of failing to pay payroll taxes. However, he stated that considered those who worked with the ministry to be independent contractors responsible for paying their own taxes and not employees.

Hovind was not charged with tax evasion, but in 2004, his home was raided by IRS agents, and tax liens were placed against 10 properties relating to his biblical theme park. He filed three separate lawsuits against the government in an attempt to stop the proceedings, which he viewed as harassment, but was unsuccessful.

In 2006, the case went to trial, and a jury convicted him on all 58 counts. His wife, Jo Delia, was convicted on 44 counts. In January 2007, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and remains incarcerated to this day.

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As Hovind has been seeking to contest the lien from behind bars, he was subsequently charged with two counts of mail fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and one count of contempt. Concerns were raised that he could spend life behind bars for mailing legal documents about the lein from jail.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, years ago, Hovind had been prohibited under a court order not to contest the government’s lien on the properties. Because he did file papers, including a “lis pendens,” which warns potential buyers that the land is under dispute, he was charged with contempt. The mail fraud charges were for actually mailing the documents from prison.

But in March, jurors deadlocked on all but the contempt charge as they could not come to an agreement over the mail fraud accusations. A re-trial was scheduled for Monday.

However, attorneys for Hovind filed a motion to dismiss, and on Saturday, reports surfaced that federal prosecutors had likewise filed a motion to drop the remaining charges against Hovind without prejudice.

The creation evangelist faces sentencing for the contempt charge on June 12. He was otherwise scheduled for release in August.

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  • Andre Jitta

    Thank God!! I have been praying for Kent and now he will be a free man and I hope He continues with his ministry and the US government shoiuld have to answer for there dispicable actions against him!!

    • Nathan Z Solomon

      I am learning that when the Lord said, “Vengeance is mine”, He’s not referring to now. He’s referring to the ultimate judgement. They indeed will answer for their crime, but it will be balanced justice from the Lord Jesus concerning both the thoughts and intent of their hearts. So fear not. God’s in control.

      • As to the contempt charge: He pours contempt on nobles and embarrasses the mighty. Not all judgement is deferred.

        • Nathan Z Solomon

          Not all ( as you have said)…there are exceptions. But most. Otherwise, why have a Judgement? (White Throne) Believe me Jan, I have prayed for judgement against those who have hurt me. I brought their actions before my mentors and all of them believe that I was unjustly hurt. Even the US law holds their actions as wrong. I yielded to God’s Vengeance. Yet, have they paid the price? Have they been judged? Nope. They prosper. James 1. Let the rich be happy in that they will be made low. What about Heb 11? All those people killed, torn in 2, etc. Yes, there are exceptions, but this is God’s period of patients….from what I understand. II Peter 3:9. God is patient so that all will come to repentance. So though I see evil run rampant, I know its time will end. But that time is not now. Evil will end when the White Throne judgement is completed and all Jesus’ enemies are under His footstool. Heb 13.

          I truly look forward not only to Evil’s judgement, but to my judgment as well. Though I have been cleansed by the blood of the lamb, I know that the wrongs I have done have had an effect on other people. So I await my judgement as well and, in fact, look forward to it.

          But most of all, I await my Savior’s face!

          Blessings to you!

      • Dave L

        Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold (supress) the truth in unrighteousness;

        The wrath of God is upon America and the world now but God must reveal it or we cannot see it.

        Some examples are:

        Bad decisions made by Government; Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever he will.

        Both Good and Wicked Rulers; Daniel 4:32 “… the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.”

        Nature; Nahum 1:3 The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, And will not at all acquit the wicked: The LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, And the clouds are the dust of his feet.

        Death by every means including accidents; Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

        1 Kings 22:34 And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness: wherefore he said unto the driver of his chariot, Turn thine hand, and carry me out of the host; for I am wounded.

        1 Kings 22:38 And one washed the chariot in the pool of Samaria; and the dogs licked up his blood; and they washed his armour; according unto the word of the LORD which he spake.

        Terror, tumult and war; Amos 3:6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid?

        Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?

        Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

        All things; Ephesians 1:11″… being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will”.

        • Nathan Z Solomon

          First of all, you’re a brother in Christ. I’m not here to in any way insult you. I would just say that I’m not seeing the wrath of God in the New Testament. Yes the wrath of God is revealed, but what does that mean in terms of time? I don’t see a time-frame there.

          Rev. 16. How does God have 7 bowls of wrath if He has continually poured out wrath?

          Eph. 1:11 – Just because something is predestined, doesn’t mean it’s happening now.

          If that’s so, where was the wrath of God against Caiaphas? He was the leader of those who killed the Messiah? Where was the wrath against Saul, who killed Stephen? Where was the wrath against those who were torn in 1/2, killed, etc. listed in Heb. 11?

          My belief is not that everyone does not reap what they sow. They do. But reaping requires time for regret to set in, for someone to “see the light” of their wrong doing.

          There are exceptions: Acts 5: Ananias and Sapphira and many others have been judged on the spot. But I do not believe we will see God’s judgement until His Judgement….which seems to make sense to me. We, in America, will reap what we have sown and that time is at hand. But, for me, God’s judgement comes to all of us, at one time, during His judgement and that the Vengeance He speaks of (where He puts all those enemies under His foot stool Heb 13).

          That’s just my take on things. It’s a combination of how I’ve seen my life go along with my best understanding of the Bible. I truly wish I had been able to see God’s judgement upon those who hurt me without cause (that determination was not only from me, but from several mentors), but it hasn’t happened. Actually they are going along with their lives happily, in prosperity. The rapes, the drug and other addictions, the murders of all people (especially young children) have never seen proper judgement. You are more than welcome to believe what you said as truth. I hold no ill-will toward you. I just don’t see Vengeance. Thank you for listening.

          • Dave L

            Thanks for the reply. You said, “I’m not seeing the wrath of God in the New Testament”. Remember the destruction of the world at the last day by fire is the New Testament wrath of God, also the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. If the wages of sin is death, everyone not atoned for by Christ dies as a direct result of the wrath of God. God does not change, if he exposed his wrath in the Old Testament, it is the same today. Mal. 3:6, … I am the Lord I change not”; Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever Hebrews 13:8.

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            My words were poorly chosen. I should say that during this period of the NT, I’m not seeing God’s wrath. I see grace, I see reaping what has been sown, but I don’t see judgement: The Israelites who worshipped a golden calf died in a chasm that opened up. Saul was judged. Nebuchadnezzar was judged when he became like an animal. I see judgement as a direct intervention of God. If God were to speak to all of us and say, “The United States has been weighed in the scales and found wanting…”, then that’s what I would call judgement.

            You’re right. God never changes. But like He was in the Old Testament, there was a time when God called the Israelites back to Him…and they came back. During those times, God gave warnings, but never judgement. He even did this to the Assyrians via Jonah at Ninevah. But when they didn’t (Jeremiah, Lamentations, etc), there was wrath, judgement. I choose to believe that this was God’s direct intervention because the Israelites were told that it would happen through the prophets. However, I name the times when God does not directly punish: God’s grace. He allows reaping/sowing, natural consequences (you put your hand where it doesn’t belong and its gets chopped off), etc. Back in the OT, the blood of a lamb, once a year, was enough to cover the sins of the Nation…thus re-establishing God’s grace. However, that’s no longer necessary as the blood of Christ has already been shed and now He sits at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us….i.e. a time of grace.

            Rome was, indeed, destroyed, but was it God’s judgement or was it reaping what had been sown? Remember Nero was, most likely, the one who set Rome on fire…it may not have been God and I don’t recall any warning to Rome to turn from their sins, given through a prophet or by God. If you do, please remind me.

            Even now, when a tornado kills, is that God or is that the Earth (Rom 8:22)? I don’t know. I’m not saying one way or the other. But when I consider wrath of God over many many centuries built up, I see it coming with God, Himself, projecting that judgement, so that there is no doubt where it comes from…at least that’s my take.

            Thank you for reminding me that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. It never hurts to discuss these topics as iron sharpens iron. 🙂

            Would it be O.K if I Disqus “Followed” you?

          • Dave L

            Thanks for the reply. It would be good for us to follow each other.

          • Tim

            I just wanted to say to you Nathan, I believe you to be a good man. I think you have the right and privilege to discuss your beliefs, interpretation of the Bible, and fitness to the article at hand, so don’t allow anyone to “correct you” especially people that are wanting a superiority contest. Stay true to your heart. I recommend you look at the “Biblehub”. You will likely be amazed at its resources, the most complete study material on the Bible anywhere. I hope you’ll take a moment to look at it. May Christ always be with you.

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            You are most kind, Tim. I have looked at and enjoy Biblehub. I’ve found the Interlinear to be very helpful as well as the Matthew Henry Commentaries. I also enjoy the parallel scriptures from different versions. Anything else, specifically, you would suggest?

            I will certainly stay true to my heart. But I will also be willing to learn. I don’t know everything.

            For some reason, I can’t explain, I feel I can learn so much from you. I know as I’ve read your previous discussions that you’re logical, well-enformed as well as a Christ-follower.

            I am on Facebook with the same ID. You are welcome to friend me if you’d like. I can always use another friend. If you do FB friend me, you’ll find my Timeline from 2010 tells of a tale of extreme hardship that is about to culminate in the loss of the home we now live in. Yet, I still have peace that God is even now, with me. That faith in Him is His desire for me.

            Our Christ is with us both, strengthening us, loving us, helping us. It is a pleasure to walk this part of life with you. Again, thank you for your encouragement! It is very much appreciated.

          • Theodore Gebretsadik

            What are you saying exactly? there is no wrath in the New Testament period? so are you saying God is not Holy since His wrath comes from His Holiness does it not?

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            You may want to re-read what I wrote. I site a few exceptions, but in general, I see that God is allowing evil to have its way during this time because God is patient and doesn’t want anyone to perish. That, in no way, means that God is not Holy. That would be jumping to a conclusion without any reason from my post to do so. As I read your post, I can see this underlying crescendo of astonishment and anger (i.e. dislike of a perceived injustice).

            If, after re-reading what I’ve posted, you still have questions, I will be more than glad to answer them.

          • Theodore Gebretsadik

            The reason why Jesus spoke in parables is because those who are not chosen by God for salvation would be judged, is that not judgement and God’s wrath? Notice the quotation from Isaiah 6 Matt. 13:10 Then13 the disciples came to him and said, “Why do you speak to them in parables?” 11 He replied,14 “You have been given15 the opportunity to know16 the secrets17 of the kingdom of heaven, but they have not. 12 For whoever has will be given more, and will have an abundance. But whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.18 13 For this reason I speak to them in parables: Although they see they do not see, and although they hear they do not hear nor do they understand. 14 And concerning them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: ‘You will listen carefully19 yet will never understand, you will look closely20 yet will never comprehend.
            15 For the heart of this people has become dull; they are hard of hearing, and they have shut their eyes, so that they would not see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’21

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            Yes, I understand pre-destination. John 6:44-47. After their time is up, it’s up. But I believe God’s grace and not his judgement is present in this life. Next life…not so much (exaggerating here).

            If I may offer an illustration: Let’s pretend that the Rich man and Lazarus were real. There’s been debate about whether it’s a parable or it was real. But for the sake of argument, it’s real during this discussion. The question I have: Do you think the Rich Man believed he was going to end up in Hell?

            If you say No, then that’s what I’m referring to as God’s grace. He allowed time for the Rich Man to make up his mind about God…which he apparently did. God knew it would happen, yet that did not deter God’s patience with the Rich Man. God had mercy and grace upon him allowing him to live his life by his choices. When judgement comes, the Rich Man will know without a shadow of doubt that he screwed up by his own choice. That’s what it’s really about. Free-will. Just because God knows who’s going to be written in the Lamb’s book of life, doesn’t mean that He consigns them there immediately. He allows, what He’s always allowed men/women to do…make a choice…have free will. Just like He allowed the angels to have free-will.

          • Theodore Gebretsadik

            You speak of Caiaphas and Saul, Saul was chosen by God for God’s mercy and forgiveness not His wraith. Caiaphas was not chosen for God’s mercy and grace that is why He is in hell facing God’s judgement and wrath. How do you explain evil? do you believe evil things and people in this world is God’s mercy and grace? Its God’s judgement on the world and people

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            I think you’re misunderstanding. Allow me to clarify, if I may. I’m looking specifically at judgment/wrath on Earth during this life by God’s direct intervention. An OT example of wrath/judgement would be Pharaoh’s Army chasing after the Israelites. There are many other examples in the OT. Not so many in the NT. The after-life is a whole different story…or, at least, that’s how I’m separating it. White throne judgement doesn’t count as it’s in the after-life.

            This whole conversation started when I quoted, “Vengeance is mine”, saith the Lord, in an attempt to remind all those in this discussion that God’s got this. If Mr. Hovind did something wrong, it will be dealt with by God…most likely in the afterlife…not in this one. If I may add, since I don’t know the specifics of the case, who am I to judge, so this situation may be a test/trial for Mr. Hovind. I don’t know. I just know in most cases…I mean 99.99% of the time, I don’t see God, in the NT or in reality, performing a direct judgment/wrath against people who sin simply because He’s patient and doesn’t want anyone to perish. God’s mercy and grace are in place in this life.

            There are 7 bowls of wrath God is saving up. He’s going to pour them out. Revelation describes this. God is just, God is holy, but now God is merciful and graceful. I don’t pretend to understand Revelation, but what I see is that God will bring about suffering over and over again so that people will know that these acts are by God. When that starts to happen, then I see that as God’s judgement. Of course, after we die…the decision has been made. Either your name is in the Lambs book of life or it’s not…If not..then those people get to visit a nice warm bath of burning sulfur (a.k.a Lake of Fire).

            I hope this helps you understand where I’m coming from.

    • Nox

      for what? he broke the law and the only reason he’s not being punished is because of moron like you

      • Nathan Z Solomon

        The only reason he’s not being punished is because of the locked jury. Andre had nothing to do with the outcome of the trial. If God did, then He has a purpose in what He’s doing…again, not Andre’s issue.

        Also, how do you know he broke the law? If you are an eye witness, you should have come forward…but you didn’t…because you weren’t there.

        How many times have men/women walked out from dealth-row because man convicted them?

        Let God handle this…Let His Vengeance come upon this man or allow God’s mercy to do the same. No one will escape His judgement.

        • Nox

          he broke the law and you can piss off you stupid pig

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            Again with the insults. I’m all for justice. It seems Mr. Hovind has gone before a judge and jury of his peers. The matter is settled in Man’s court. The rest is a matter for God. Sorry you can’t see that.

    • Bobby Mae

      Really? You’re support a person *that* much just because they believe in creationism? Lol

    • momtarkle

      I think that it is a bit early to be planning Kent’s coming out party. The trial isn’t over.

  • Nox

    great so the idiot is back peddling his garbage.

    • bowie1

      Why would you care since he does it on his own dime and those who support him?

      • Nox

        because he drags down the collective intelligence of every nation were his garbage is taught

        • Elizabeth Neely

          Nox many many people do believe that God created the eart, there is plenty of scientific evidence of creation. The theory of evolution is well, a theory, and Darwin denied that he even believed in it. opinions are like noses, everyone has one and they are all different. Try being a bit less hatefull.

          • Nox

            no there isn’t and you need to look up the definition of scientific theory. and there are no opinions in science you are either right and intelligent or wrong and a moron

          • bowie1

            Intelligence is not linked to what one believes. I, for instance, have an intelligence within the normal range according to a local neuropsychologist.

          • Nox

            yes it is. if someone believes something stupid then they are stupid

          • bowie1

            What is stupid today can be a scientific discovery tomorrow. Of course, with a response like yours, I question your intelligence, if you cannot come up with a more intelligent response.

          • Nox

            no it can’t. if you believe the earth is 6000 years old you are stupid, if you belive that all life on earth began in a garden you are stupid and if you believe that the whole earth was flooded yo are stupid

          • Ron Watson

            Look in the mirror when you say “you are a moron”

          • Nox

            why? you wont be there

          • YinMei Quan

            Evolution is not a “theory”, as in a likely hunch, It is the highest level of scientific evidence, like the Theory of Gravity. Cell theory. Atomic Theory. Theory of Relativity. To call evolution “just a theory” is to demonstrate a lack of scientific knowledge.

            Yes, it is true many people believe God created the Earth, but many people also believed the Earth was flat, and they are proven wrong. “Many people believe…” does not make anything true, majority does not rule over reality. Fact does.

            Speaking of reality, there is no evidence for creation, because it is technically impossible. Creation means to make something out of nothing. It can not be done. Man can transform a forest into homes, but does not create the wood out of nothing. If there was nothing in the beginning, then there was no God either. If there was God in the beginning, then there is no nothing – there was God. God and Creation are illogical, so you need “faith”, blind belief without proof or reason.

            Darwin believed his own eyes, not his opinion, but his facts. No scientist should be blindly believed in, but his verified evidence must be respected as true, until proven wrong. Humans are evolved primates, we are hairless apes, according to DNA and fossil evidence.

            If you have any evidence anything I wrote here is incorrect, I am eager to see it.

            scientia potentia est

          • juansantiago

            There is no proof of evolution and the fossil evidence that should be everywhere is non-existent. Darwin admitted that without the body of fossils indicating innumerable “false starts” – his theory would be false. “Creation means to make something out of nothing, etc.” The Bible claims God made all physical matter out of nothing – he simply spoke the universe into existence. We admit this is a faith statement. But evolution claims that all the universe, all matter, came from a tiny dot the size of a period on this page. We have never seen any compression like this, so it is a faith proposition and by all evidence we have so far, impossible. Mr. Hovind also shows that man’s DNA signature is closer to a fern than to an ape. Apes are the perfect example of why evolution is a bogus theory. Apes have not evolved – they are still language-less after all these years. The Bible states that man alone was made in God’s image. We are not hairless apes.

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            If I may help clarify some items:

            1) There are many theories as you state. Recently the Theory got a major adjustment. The gravitational constant varies. A theory is just a model and that model can be changed. Seems that Evolutionist use the word “theory” as something concrete, when it isn’t. It’s a model that currently in use to explain the world around us. As we are errant, so are out models.

            2) There will never by any evidence for God…period. Science requires proof. God is not science. Ergo, God does not require proof. Simple logic. Many times in the Bible, God states that He provides no proof…everyone who comes to God must do so in faith. This faith is incremental, it is built on the completion of God’s promises as stated and it moves forward. Even if I showed you God, you wouldn’t believe it. Even if someone were raised from the dead or was going to die and I showed you that no medical intervention helped, yet they showed no signs of the injury, you wouldn’t believe in God (See teen with irreversible brain injury). So, if you won’t believe in God as a result these things, why should God offer you any sort of proof?

            3) There are ramifications to my beliefs, just as there are ramifications to your beliefs. You cannot believe something and simply think that your beliefs have no affect on the world around you. Eugenics is one of the many effects of Evolution. The Red Cross was an effect of Christianity. The YMCA (Young Man’s Christian Association) was an effect by Christianity. The Founding Fathers of our Nation believed in Divine Providence. These have had an effect on our Nation…resulting in “In God We Trust” or “under God, indivisible…” I will, in a heart-beat, mention that there are negative effects to poorly interpreted or taught Christianity. I have suffered as a result. But I would also say that the same Christianity healed me…for it wasn’t the religion…it was the God behind the religion. It was/is faith in God. Name some of the positive ramifications of Evolution?

            Scientia potentia est – Yes science does provide ability (a.k.a power). But with faith and God’s authority, people who get well faster (see prayer’s affect on healing). With faith, I believe that I have significance in the Universe. You, on the other hand, have no significances. The Universe does not glory in your creation. It isn’t alive. You’re just a random convergence that happened to turn into “life” while random chance doesn’t care about how things turn out. This isn’t some great experiment as far as Evolution is concerned. You’re just random bits…just like a random number generator that creates a bunch of bits. The generator has no concern for its “creation”. But the really sad thing is, you choose this. You choose to have no significance in the Universe. I choose to have significance. My significance comes from God who is the creator of the Universe. I believe that…by faith…”the road less traveled…. and it has made all the difference” (Robert Frost)

            The fonts on this web page won’t allow me to provide you with and accurate depiction, but instead of Latin, let’s use Greek

            Pistel nooumen katertisthai tous aionas rhemati Theou.

            Hint: Heb 11:3a

          • Elizabeth Neely

            God, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ did in fact create not only the earth, but the entire universe. You can believe whatever you want and that is your prerogative, but don’t Bash Jews and Christians just because you dont understand their faith. When Jesus returns, you will wish you had listened to us.

          • YinMei Quan

            “God, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ did in fact create not only the earth, but the entire universe.”

            >> This is called a “claim”, not a fact. Your claim is based on primitive belief systems from the iron age. Many people are abandoning these beliefs in light of scientific discoveries.

            “You can believe whatever you want and that is your prerogative, but don’t Bash Jews and Christians just because you dont understand their faith.”

            >> I’m sorry you got that impression, I think very highly of Jews and Christians and understand their faith completely. I understand it, but I reject it, based on reason, logic and evidence. The Christian concept of vicarious redemption has no place in a civilized society.

            “When Jesus returns, you will wish you had listened to us.”

            >> I know you wish this to be true, but have you seen any evidence outside Scriptures that tell you it will happen? I was a believer too, until I stopped trusting people who did not have reasonable answers and I started looking for the truth. There is no contemporary evidence for the existence or crucifiction of Jesus Christ. I would think to be a Christian, you would search for truth too.

          • YinMei Quan

            I can I bash it if I understand it then? Good! As a former Christian for 25+ years, and a present atheist who goes to church and Sunday School weekly you can bet I am an expert in your religion. Christianity is a cult preoccupied with death and blood. Jesus is a myth,and the afterlife a carrot the priests dangle in front of your eyes as they rape your pocketbook and children. Come to your senses, stop denying science in favor of ancient obsolete barbarism.

          • Elizabeth Neely

            YinMei Quan, Faith is just that, faith, it is not scientific and it does not make sense. If you dont believe, then that is OK.

          • YinMei Quan

            It’s not OK when your faith does not make sense yet you impact people around you in a negative way. Your faith has not done anything good or noble that a secular person can not do. But faith can do plenty wrong! Faith has hanged innocent people as witches just 300 years ago in Salem. Faith is piloting jetliners into buildings and getting heads cut off in the Middle East. Faith has caused wars, the Inquisition and the Crusades. Faith throws live babies into post holes, so gods won’t blow down your new building. Faith had priests ripping the beating heart out of thousands of human sacrifices in the Mayan and Aztec empires.

            Why not give reason and logic a chance instead?

        • bowie1

          I’m sure they can think for themselves and I can’t see him having that kind of influence on a major basis. It’s not the kind of thing that would be relevant in the day to day lives of people in their homes and jobs. Lastly of all he is not supported by taxpayers and public schools have a monopoly on what is taught and it isn’t creationism to my knowledge (and if it is mentioned atheists get all hot and bothered about it seeing they can’t get their grubby paws on ever last living soul.)

          • Nox

            he and other like him continually try to subvert the separation of church and state

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            Do you truly understand the separation of Church and State? Have you read Jefferson’s and Madison’s letters on the subject…or are you just pushing some bias?

          • Nox

            there opinion are irrelevant

          • Nathan Z Solomon

            So you like the phrase “separation of church and state”, but you want to redefine it’s meaning…i.e. you’re a progressive, not a conservative constitutionalist…either that or you just hate this man so much that you have to yell and scream at everyone.

            Wasn’t it Yoda who said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”? I think you’re somewhere between the anger and hate stage. You’re on the Dark side of the Force.

          • Nox

            blah blah blah. the Constitution prevent the government from favoring one religion over another and that has been interpreted by the courts to be the separation between church and state.

          • Mike H1776

            show me that in the constitution or in the bill of rights, you will not find it, so who is brainwashed really?

          • Nox

            the courts ruled that there is separation you don’t get to ignore them

          • daffodil127

            Creationism is neither science nor history. It is religion. Schools are run by the government, which means they have to abide by the first amendment to the Constitution.

          • Mike H1776

            evolution is a religion because they have no facts to prove it so you have to have faith that makes it a religion. They have nothing at all except an idea. Creation has way more evidence than evolution does.

          • daffodil127

            You aren’t very bright, are you? Clearly not, since I can see that your avatar is to repeal a program that has allowed many millions of Americans to have health care.

          • Mike H1776

            you must be a liberal because we all know how hard it is for you to stay on subject when you have no truth behind what you believe.

          • daffodil127

            LOL open a science book. Do you enjoy modern medicine? It wouldn’t be if not for evolutionary science, the basis from which all biological science stems. Next time you get sick, why don’t you pray for gawd to make it all better, if you don’t believe the science that underlies it.

          • Snowflake0446

            Daffodil127 – I’m calling you out on that one. Modern medicine wasn’t established by Evolutionary Science…nor was it enabled by evolutionary science. Understanding proteins, lipids and performing autopsies on cadavers have nothing to do with evolution. Prove otherwise, if you can.

    • Stephen Duplantis

      Why are you so disgruntled? You don’t like what he teaches? Don’t listen to him–it is quite simple!

    • Scott Williams

      Be AFRAID atheists and evolutionists. Be Very Afraid!!

      • Nox

        of what? some idiot that flunked high school science

        • bowie1

          Did he?

          • Nox

            if he believes half the crap he spews he should have

  • Frank Gervasio

    Is this a Christian website? Because I sure can’t tell by some of the comments on this thread. Where is the edification? where is the speech, seasoned with salt that the apostle Paul demands of the followers of Jesus Christ under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost?

    • The Last Trump

      This site has been overrun by atheists and LGBT trolls who come to attack and provoke. Discussion with these agenda pushers always leads nowhere.
      So just keep quoting scripture to them and remember:

      • Taussig

        poor baby

      • MisterPine

        Discussion leads nowhere because you don’t discuss, you rant and scream and pee your pants and shriek “AGENDA!!!” and “TROLL!!!” and “SATAN!!!” and “LGBT!!!” at people who point out that you have your head up your butt. By all means keep quoting scripture to us, like we haven’t heard it a million times before. It’s going to suddenly make us all good little Christian supremacists.

        • The Last Trump

          Hey, look at you!
          Figured out all by yourself what category YOU fall into! Gold star!

  • slappywpg

    If stupidity were illegal, he’d have gotten the needle.

    • Scott Williams

      Yes and that’s why the only thing that atheists and evolutionists can do is make insults on him but they can’t disprove his scientific arguments. He’s defeated nearly everyone he’s debated. The facts don’t lie.

      • Mike

        Shame on you — Kent claims to have defeated *everyone* he’s debated, just like he claims to have multiple doctorates, to have owned 130 cars, to have given 700 public presentations per year, to have always paid all the taxes he owed.

        I will leave it up to others to decide whether any of these claims are in the least bit credible.

      • slappywpg

        An elementary school trip to a museum disproves his arguments. To call his arguments scientific betrays your complete ignorance of what science and facts are,

      • slappywpg

        Creationists don’t understand the definition of the words “science” or “facts”

  • Scott Williams

    Be AFRAID atheists and evolutionists. Be Very Afraid!! Kent Hovind is BACK. Muhaahahaa…..

    • Mike

      Afraid of what? Kent Hovind preaches to the converted, allowing them to feel more comfortable in their delusions, nothing more.

      He’s had zero impact on the scientific debate over evolution. He has always been nothing more than a sideshow, and will remain irrelevant when he finally gets out of prison.

      • You’re an idiot. Even in several of the debates in schools several people WHO BELIEVED IN EVOLUTION by default told him that they were now doubting evolution after hearing the evidence from Kent Hovind otherwise they never heard anyone give evidence against it before yet alone like Kent Hovind did.
        Most kids are bombarded with the lies of evolution all the way through school and just assume it is science because no one told them otherwise.
        The fourth in evolution is dependant on lies.

        • YinMei Quan

          I doubted in evolution because Kent Hovind’s evidence seemed legitimate. After all, he was a high school science teacher!! Not grammar school – but high school! Of course he knows a lot more than Geologists and Cosmologists and Biologists with PhD’s, right? Doctors of religion from a diploma mill like Hovind always know more than actual scientists paid to do research, right? Oh wait, Hovind was never hired as a teacher in a high school, he just taught some kids in church what he called “high school science”?

          Guess what? The man is a liar, a convicted felon, and an expert in falsehoods, NOT a man of science. He’s a clown, and he belongs to you Creationists. Evolution is a fully documented scientific theory, we are betting our lives on it. based on the evidence, modern medicine and pharmaceuticals are designed around it.

          I can’t wait to see this fool back behind bars, where the con men belong. Meanwhile, send him more money!! Yay!

          • So says a person who thinks that the religion of evolution is “science”.

          • YinMei Quan

            Go back to school and learn evolution from a biology teacher, not from a talking snake.

          • I don’t get my truth from a talking snake.
            You however believe that you evolved from a rock (as did snakes) because someone was paid to tell you so.

            No “biologist” has ever witnessed evolution.

            It is their religion. They preached it to you. You believe in it.

          • YinMei Quan

            Yes, you do get your lies from a book with a talking snake, a talking bush and a talking donkey. You think its fine that a virgin can give birth and that zombies come out of the ground. You think that a man can live in a great fish for many days and that God was actually worried some men could build a tower to reach him.

            Nobody thinks we evolved from a rock, that’s a straw man argument. We didn’t witness evolution? Wrong, its well documented and can be seen in nature and the lab. But Jesus is not documented at all by first hand witnesses outside the Bible, because hes a myth.

          • Again, you believe you evolved from a rock but the big difference is belief in a CREATOR means that a virgin giving birth and a Donkey talking IS NOT BOUND BY SCIENCE ALONE yet since you reject God the creator, your religion of evolution should be bound by science but evidently it isn’t since you take it on faith from the liars who brought you Lucy, Nebraska man and the Piltdown man. All hoaxes. All now admitted. Yet many still in print in that text book that my tax dollars paid for so kids can be indoctrinated.

            And yes. You think you evolved from a rock.
            Kent is 100% correct there.
            You think that a rock (the Earth) was rained on for billions of years and then magically a soup of amino acids and minerals was struck by lightning and became the first living organism.

            And then you MUST believe that it blindly mutated and self reproduced into other organisms and eventually mutating into complex male and female copairs with no pre conceived design.

            Don’t make me laugh!!!

          • YinMei Quan

            When you begin your accusations with “Again…” this is called argumentum ad nauseam, a logical fallacy where you believe repeating yourself makes you believable. It does not. Show me ONE scientist that agrees with your inane accusation of people coming from rocks. You can’t do it because you have constructed a straw man for you to valiantly fight and win against! Bravo, you did it! Only we don’t believe we came from a rock, we don’t just sadly ‘believe’ things like a theist does – we actually KNOW and have PROVEN that our bodies are made up of the same non-living compounds that are found in nature. It must really kill you that amino acids can form in nature without intervention. You must hate that we have shown evolution and natural selection exists both in the lab and in nature.

            “…belief in a CREATOR means that a virgin giving birth and a Donkey talking IS NOT BOUND BY SCIENCE ALONE yet since you reject God the creator, your religion of evolution should be bound by science…”

            >> God in not bound by science but evolution is? Meaning you can make up anything you want and we don’t have to test it for truth and accuracy? But when we DO find evidence for evolution, you get to reject it? Are you seriously that brainwashed?

            “…but evidently it isn’t since you take it on faith from the liars who brought you Lucy, Nebraska man and the Piltdown man. All hoaxes. All now admitted. Yet many still in print in that text book that my tax dollars paid for so kids can be indoctrinated.”

            >> You bitch and moan about science self correcting itself when it makes an error, yet your holy books are FULL of stupid, idiotic, false, crazy, errors that remain uncorrected – and you see that as a negative? I am speechless at that. Science changes as we learn more, if you don’t like the old books, buy the latest ones. Its not that hard to figure out what to do, is it?

            “BTW, the bible said that God PREPARED a great fish.”

            >> Why do you think that is important to point out? God ‘prepared’ a fish to swallow Jonah just means he put him in a certain place and time. That’s according to Christian scholars and multiple translations such as “Now the LORD provided a huge fish, Now the LORD had arranged for a great fish, And the LORD appointed a great fish, The LORD sent a huge fish. No, there was no special fish prepared with a galley and a toilet and oxygen tanks. This is an allegorical story, something impossible that never happened, to teach you a lesson.

            “And yes. You think you evolved from a rock…You think that a rock (the Earth) was rained on for billions of years and then magically a soup of amino acids and minerals was struck by lightning and became the first living organism.”

            >> I once found Kent compelling too, but he is not well educated person, he is just charming you. He even has you confused between evolution and abiogenesis. Rocks are dead and static. The Earth is not a rock in any sense of the word, like Mars for example. The Earth was in a state of great changes, weather, geology, and a place where trillions of chemical interactions were taking place for billions of years formed compounds necessary for some kind of life. Not a rock. Duh.

            “And then you MUST believe that it blindly mutated and self reproduced into other organisms and eventually mutating into complex male and female copairs with no pre conceived design. Don’t make me laugh!!!”

            >> Close, but no – you should look that up in a science book. Argument from ignorance is the logical fallacy where you say something is not true because YOU can’t believe it. You have done nothing here today except give me many different logical fallacies, you have even told me what YOU think I believe, not what I actually believe. You have misunderstood the Bible, and you have misunderstood the science too. You round it out by telling me “you don’t know shit.” You offered zero evidence for a Creator, and worst of all: You can’t explain why disproving evolution would prove Creation by magic is true. Your Creation story is one of a thousand myths,

            >> You can’t be a Christian, because they don’t curse. According to the Bible, calling people a fool puts you in danger of hellfire (Matthew 5:22) and also says what you eat does not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth does. Matthew 15:18

            So watch your mouth, if you think you are a Christian.

          • Are you a sodomite by chance?
            And before you avoid the question and declare that I used an ad-hominem, I’m seriously asking because you are full of debate like one.

            Your religion of evolution does in fact begin with life coming from the inanimate. Minerals that got rained on until it formed a soup.
            Again, yes again, that is believing that your came from a rock. Inanimate minerals etc.
            There is no escaping that.

            I’ll not waste much more time going over type stupid punts but I’ll touch on the one about the fish swallowing Jonah.
            Bible says God prepared the great fish. That’s wear it says. There is no debating that.

            It is not allegory. Jesus mentions it happening.

          • Why would I go listen to a “Biology teacher” talk about some fictional thing they have never observed yet believed on faith?

            True biology just as true science does NOT support evolution. Evolution is a religion. Nothing more. And it was created to promote racism and it worked.

          • YinMei Quan

            You need to go listen to a Biology teacher so they can explain two things you don’t know. One, that evolution is a fully accepted theory, just like atomic theory, germ theory, quantum theory, the theory of special relativity. There is no doubt Mankind is a primate, an ape that evolved. The second thing you are overlooking is that even if you did the impossible, and came up with a better explanation for all the fossils, genetics, and DNA evidence, that explanation could never be a magic man in the sky said “abracadabra”. Creation is not a viable choice if you proved evolution was wrong! There are thousands of gods and creation myths, what makes you think yours is better than the others?

      • Reason And Believing

        If anyone has evolved from apes, it’s atheists.

  • Carmen Hill Wathen

    But, they still get to sentence him for the one charge that they found him guilty on last trial. That could have up to life in prison as a sentence. I so want Kent to come home. We must keep praying so that we can have our Dr. Dino back. God, please allow him to be released.

    • Mike

      One charge of contempt of court is not going to get him life in prison. That’s just a baseless rumor being spread around by Hovind supporters trying to stir up outrage against the judge. He’s facing a sentence of a few month to a year in jail, perhaps two years at the very most.

      Since he still has a year to serve on his original sentence, and the new conviction will almost certainly preclude any chance he had of early release (the parole board doesn’t look kindly on people who commit crimes while in prison), the most likely outcome at this stage is that he’ll be going home sometime later in 2016 or early 2017.

      That is, of course, if he stops snubbing his nose at that the court, and stops taking legal advice from tax protesters and fellow prisoners, which is never certain.

  • Mike

    “Hovind was not charged with tax evasion”

    True, but he was assessed over three million dollars in back taxes and penalties in a civil action by the IRS against him. He’s still on the hook for that, and if he refuses to pay, he could find himself back in jail.

  • Jim Deferio

    I don’t have all the many details on what Hovind has done or has not done so I can’t make an informed judgment and I doubt anyone else commenting can either.

    However, Hovind’s apologetics are deplorable and even Answers in Genesis took him to task for using fallacious arguments. Also, Hovind’s KJV Onlyism is nothing short of cultism.

    If he was unjustly imprisoned I do hope he is freed and compensated for the injustice. Concerning his ministry: he needs to make some serious adjustments.

    • Kevin Harris

      I agree! I hope we never have to hear from him again! His radical YEC views has done more harm than good in my opinion.

      • Jim Deferio

        Oh, I am FIRMLY YEC, that is not what I meant. If you are OEC then YOUR views are undermining the Bible and much evidence.

        If you would like to debate me on this in person, fine, but I don’t want to get into another long drawn out social media debate again. They are almost fruitless.

        • Kevin Harris

          I understand. I am OEC and hold the Bible to be inerrant and infallible. But as you say, his apologetics are really bad.

          FWIW, YEC, in my years of apologetics ministry, is one of the biggest and most unnecessary stumbling blocks to faith in Christ. I think it’s best to tell the seeker that there are two (conservative) views and that we can follow the evidence where it leads. One is YEC and one is OEC. Hopefully we can all do a good dose of Romans 14:1 on this issue!

          • Jim Deferio

            I know it’s best to tell the seeker that there is only one view supported by the Bible and supported by the evidence and that is the YEC view.

            Unfortunately heretics like Hugh Ross have spread their false views far and wide. However, there is much to counter him and the others.
            See the wealth of info on Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, Institute for Creation Research, and Who Is Your Creator. There’s more but these are stock full of good info.

          • Kevin Harris

            And there you go calling conservative Bible-believing Christians “heretics”! And I guess that would include Norm Geisler, William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland, Alvin Plantinga and a host of other inerrantists? I co-host a podcast with Dr. Craig called Reasonable Faith. You may get a lot out of it even if you disagree with OEC. I’ll leave you with this: if YEC is true, then Psalm 19 is false! Because the universe has the appearance of age and the evidence is far and away on the side of an ancient universe. That means God is a deceiver! The appearance of age is not knowledge, it’s deception! And Psa 19 says the universe gives knowledge! (don’t say Adam had the appearance of age, he was created, not born. Did God give him liver spots, lower testosterone, and thinning hair so he would look older?). Just some things to think about.

          • Jim Deferio

            While I have numerous books by William Lane Craig and Norman Geisler, and one by Plantinga and one by Moreland, their OEC views are heretical.

            Appearance of age? You were taught (indoctrinated) to think that way. You were indoctrinated to think “uniformitarianism” and that processes observed today occurred at the same rate in the past. You were indoctrinated and your indoctrination undermines the clear teaching of the Bible and also undermines that multitudes of evidence accumulated by scientists who have earned Ph.D’s in various scientific fields like astronomy, astrophysics, geology, biochemistry, genetics, etc.

            Craig, Moreland, Geisler, and Plantinga are PHILOSOPHERS!!! (Moreland does have a BS in chemistry though.) They are not qualified in any way to be teaching science and the age of the universe. They need to get their long noses out of academic areas they have no business sniffing around.

            Btw, Craig cannot answer the argument from harm because of his OEC. He stumbled very badly against Corey Washington because of his (Craig’s) indoctrination into the OEC lie. One more thing, when I was at Oregon State University in the 1970’s I briefly thought about transferring to Biola. I didn’t because of their compromise in this area.

  • truecreation_dot_info

    I guess Kent can teach the following men a thing or two about how to interpret Scripture!

    “I don’t think that there’s any conflict at all between science today and the scriptures. I think that we have misinterpreted the Scriptures many times and we’ve tried to make the Scriptures say things they weren’t meant to say, I think that we have made a mistake by thinking the Bible is a scientific book. The Bible is not a book of science. The Bible is a book of Redemption, and of course I accept the Creation story. I believe that God did create the universe. I believe that God created man, and whether it came by an evolutionary process and at a certain point He took this person or being and made him a living soul or not, does not change the fact that God did create man… whichever way God did it makes no difference as to what man is and man’s relationship to God.”

    – Billy Graham: Personal Thoughts of a Public Man

    “…that man is physically descended from animals, I have no objection.”

    “For long centuries God perfected the animal form which was to become the vehicle of humanity and the image of Himself. He gave it hands whose thumb could be applied to each of the fingers, and jaws and teeth and throat capable of articulation, and a brain sufficiently complex to execute all the material motions whereby rational thought is incarnated. The creature may have existed for ages in this state before it became man: it may even have been clever enough to make things which a modern archaeologist would accept as proof of its humanity. But it was only an animal because all physical and psychical processes were directed to purely material and natural ends.

    “Then, in the fullness of time, God caused to descend upon this organism, both on its psychology and physiology, a new kind of consciousness which could say ‘I’ and ‘me,’ which could look upon itself as an object, which knew God, which could make judgments of truth, beauty, and goodness, and which was so far above time that it could perceive time flowing past. This new consciousness ruled and illuminated the whole organism, flooding every part of it with light, and was not, like ours, limited to a selection of the movements going on in one part of the organism, namely the brain. Man was then all consciousness.”

    – C. S. Lewis: The Problem of Pain

    “It is Christ Himself, not the Bible, who is the true Word of God. The Bible, read in the right spirit and with the guidance of good teachers will bring us to Him. When it becomes really necessary (i.e. for our spiritual life, not for controversy or curiosity) to know whether a particular passage is rightly translated or is Myth (but of course Myth specially chosen by God from among countless Myths to carry a spiritual truth) or history, we shall no doubt be guided to the right answer. But we must not use the Bible (our ancestors too often did) as a sort of Encyclopedia out of which texts (isolated from their context and read without attention to the whole nature and purport of the books in which they occur) can be taken for use as weapons.”

    –C. S. Lewis

    “We must be on our guard against giving interpretations which are hazardous or opposed to science, and so exposing the word of God to the ridicule of unbelievers.”

    – Augustine of Hippo

    “If anyone shall set the authority of Holy Writ against clear and manifest reason, he who does this knows not what he has undertaken; for he opposes to the truth not the meaning of the Bible, which is beyond his comprehension, but rather his own interpretation; not what is in the Bible, but what he has found in himself and imagines to be there.”

    – Augustine of Hippo

    “But if you look in the first chapter of Genesis, you will there see more particularly set forth that peculiar operation of power upon the universe which was put forth by the Holy Spirit; you will then discover what was his special work. In the 2d verse of the first chapter of Genesis, we read, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” We know not how remote the period of the creation of this globe may be certainly many millions of years before the time of Adam. Our planet has passed through various stages of existence, and different kinds of creatures have lived on its surface, all of which have been fashioned by God. But before that era came, wherein man should be its principal tenant and monarch, the Creator gave up the world to confusion.”

    – Charles Spurgeon

    “Years ago we thought the beginning of this world was when Adam came upon it; but we have discovered that thousands of years before that God was preparing chaotic matter to make it a fit abode for man, putting races of creatures upon it, who might die and leave behind the marks of his handiwork and marvellous skill, before he tried his hand on man.”

    – Charles Spurgeon

    (Spurgeon didn’t accept evolution, but as you can see from the quotes above, he had no problem with millions of years of creatures living and dying before Adam.)

    “If evolution simply means that a positive thing called an ape turned very slowly into a positive thing called a man,then it is stingless for the most orthodox; for a personal God might just as well do things slowly as quickly, especially if, like the Christian God, He were outside time.”

    – G. K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy

    “There is a Christian conception of evolution, and in light of it, I propose to interpret the fall and the redemption of man. To prevent misunderstanding, I must define what I mean by evolution. Evolution is not a cause but a method. God is the cause. He is in his universe, and he is the source of all its activities with the single exception of the evil activity of the human will. When I speak of evolution as the method of God, I imply that the immanent God works by law; that this is the law of development; that God, and the old the basis of the new, and the new an outgrowth of the old. In all ordinary cases God works from within and not from without. Yet this ordinary method does not confine or limit God. He is transcendent as well as immanent. His is not simply ‘in all’ and ‘through all’ but he is also ‘above all.’ “

    – Augustus H. Strong

    “It should scarcely be passed without remark that Calvin’s doctrine of creation is, if we have understood it aright, for all except the souls of men, an evolutionary one. The ‘indigested mass,’ including the ‘promise and potency’ of all that was yet to be, was called into being by the simple fiat of God. But all that has come into being since- except the souls of men alone – has arisen as a modification of this original world-stuff by means of the interaction of its intrinsic forces. Not these forces apart from God, of course…”

    – Benjamin B. Warfield

    “‘Evolution,’ in short, is coming to be recognized as but a new name for ‘creation,’ only that the creative power now works from within, instead of, as in the old conception, in anexternal, plastic fashion. It is, however, creation none the less.”

    – James Orr

    • YinMei Quan

      Just as we atheists predicted, once the Creationist fables were crushed underneath the weight of reason and a ton of indisputable physical evidence, theists would just go back and re-interpret their erroneous beliefs. They just dust themselves off, turn around and make a new claim, that God also created evolution. Prediction fulfilled.

      Once we find the God particle and fully explain how universes are produced by natural forces, and not a magical sky genie, what new lie will you tell yourselves then?

  • Sergio Lepore

    What about the contempt charge (for life??)

  • oregon_man

    Another tax cheat and fraud gets out of jail so he can continue to deceive and tell lies and misinform thousands of Americans and make money doing it, then cheat on his taxes again. I doubt that is what Jesus had in mind, ever.

  • IstandWithTheDuggars

    Wow, to think that the government who is supposed to represent us bullies a fellow citizen. What an abuse of power!