‘To God Be the Glory’: Student Talks Taking Podium as Emergency Unfolded During Graduation

CrawfordCLAY, Ala. — The Alabama high school student who took the podium Thursday as a medical emergency unfolded in the stands during the senior graduation ceremony is sharing his story of what happened that night, and is asking that all of the praise and glory be given to God and not himself.

As previously reported, a family member of a graduating student fell ill as the Clay-Chalkville High School graduation ceremony was underway at Cougar Stadium. New reports now outline that the attendee began having a seizure, and paramedics were called for assistance.

Christian Crawford, the senior class president, approached the podium and began to pray while medical assistance was being provided.

“Everybody, can I have your attention real quick?” he said. “We don’t know what’s going on, but we will pray. We know that prayer is power, and that God is able. Let’s pray.”

“Father God, we thank you for this day, Lord. We pray right now that whatever is going on, you will fix it, God,” Crawford prayed. “We pray that you will heal it, God. We pray that you will redeem it, God. We pray that you will deliver it, God, because we know that you are a God who knows how to make a way.”

“And in the name of Jesus, we declare and decree in the name of Jesus that whatever is going on shall be fixed, because you are a God who is a fixer,” Crawford continued. “You are a God who is a healer. Jehovah God, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-nissi, Jehovah-shiloh. Fix it, Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

The student’s prayer was met with cheers and applause, as some grinned widely at Crawford upon seeing what he had done and hearing his prayer.

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But in speaking with local television station WIAT on Saturday, Crawford said that he hopes the prayer caused others to glorify God as he does not desire any praise for himself. While the Trussville Tribune reported Friday that Crawford offered a “spontaneous” prayer as he “wanted to pray,” the student explained to WIAT that the idea was not his own, but rather was suggested by one of his teachers.

“Ms. Petty, about five minutes later, came up to me and asked me could I pray for the class and for the lady that was down and pray for everyone that was there,” he recalled. “At first, I was kind of hesitant because I didn’t know what to say.”

But seconds later, Crawford approached the microphone and asked for the attention of all as he began to lead those in attendance in prayer. He had also prayed earlier that evening to open the ceremony.

The video of Crawford’s prayer has since gone viral with nearly 274,000 views.

“People tell me all the time, ‘Oh, you’re famous now. You’re famous now.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not famous. God is famous,’” Crawford stated. “If God’s famous, being exalted because of what I prayed about, then that means I’m doing what I was supposed to do.”

“Everything I do is to God be the glory. If God is not getting the glory out of this, then all of this is in vain, and I don’t want it to be in vain,” he said.

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