Worship Leader in Mourning as Newborn Baby, Toddler Die Following Car Crash

EddingsCHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A worship leader from North Carolina and his wife are mourning the loss of both of their children following a car accident over the weekend.

According to reports, Gentry Eddings of Forest Lake Church in Ballantyne and his wife Hadley traveled to Gentry’s sister’s wedding on Friday where Eddings officiated over the service. The two traveled separately in a caravan of four family vehicles as they returned home the following day. Hadley, eight months pregnant, rode with the couple’s two-year-old son Dobbs.

But as the vehicles came to a stop at a red light in the town of Hempstead, the box truck behind them slammed into the back of Gentry’s vehicle, who was riding in the last vehicle of the caravan. The impact pushed Gentry’s car off to the right, and then struck Hadley’s vehicle, smashing the rear where Dobbs was riding in his car seat.

While Gentry and Hadley sustained minor injuries, Dobbs died on the way to the hospital. Hadley was taken to the operating room for an emergency C-section to deliver the couple’s 38-week-old baby, who they named Reed.

As the baby suffered bleeding on the brain, he was flown to another hospital for pediatric medical attention. But on Monday, Baby Reed died as well.

Matthew Deans, 28, who was driving the box truck, has now been charged with misdemeanor death by a vehicle and failure to reduce speed. Police state that Deans explained to them that he tried to brake, but his brakes weren’t working.

“He was driving down the road eating and he saw that traffic was stopped,” Trooper Richard Hendrickson told WSOC-TV. “And he tried to stop his truck and it just wouldn’t stop.”

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Forest Hill Senior Pastor David Chadwick broke the news to the congregation via email on Tuesday.

“Gentry and Hadley are beloved by us all,” he wrote. “[Gentry] is a man of enormous integrity. They both possess a deep faith. But it will be challenged in the days and weeks to come like no other time.”

“There are no words to describe how sad they feel now,” Chadwick added to the Charlotte Observer. “The feeling is just incomprehensible.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the couple, which has raised over $133,000 as of press time. A Facebook page has also been created to offer condolences and prayers for the Eddings family.

“While these incredibly tragic events are hard for us to understand, we know that God is always in control even in our pain,” the fundraiser reads. “These are exceedingly demanding hours for Gentry and Hadley.”

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  • Bobby Mae

    Since when is providing information “promoting?”

    • Bobby Mae

      Never mind, just remembered these are the same people that think informing people of safer sex options is promoting sex.

      • Alex A

        Would informing people of the option to join different jihadist groups be “promotion” in your opinion? Maybe ISIS or Nusra Front?
        After all, we have to let people know their options in life.

    • I’m not sure there is anyone so naive not to already know that abortion is readily available. PPA gets their panties in a bundle when the state attempts to require their clinics to provide information regarding gestational stages. Gross hypocrisy! I say leave PPA and CPCs free to disseminate (dissovulate??) whatever information they see fit. Unless, of course, the state is trying to”promote” abortion.

      • The wife

        Or equally promote all options so women can choose for themselves? Based on factual, medically accurate information? Jesus hates liars, right? Tell the whole truth.

        • I’m too much of a libertarian to tolerate forced speech of any kind. There should be a free market of information. PPA can push their agenda, CPCs can push theirs. The moment you start dictating fairness, fairness goes out the window. The whole truth is told when each person is free to express her/his opinion.

          I don’t think Jesus hates anyone. Lying is a sin and no Christian should be a liar. However, my refusal to let someone else put words in my mouth does not make me a liar.

          • The wife

            Medical information is not meant to be presented as a person’s opinion. There is a difference between an unlicensed person in a CPC saying “My personal opinion is that you should not abort” and telling women that abortion causes breast cancer (which is does not, and that is medically proven fact) or that abortion causes women to be depressed or commit suicide more often (again, factually false.) Do you see the difference?

          • I see what you are saying and heartily disagree. ALL speech is protected, including speech YOU believe to be false or misleading. Or do you think that PPA clinics should be required to provide detailed information about gestational development and age of viability? They fight tooth and nail not to provide this information under the false premise that this “restricts access to reproductive health services.” That’s a bit disingenuous don’t you think?

            Your assumption that women with unplanned pregnancies are ill-informed and gullible before the fact smacks of sexism (women are inherently ill-informed) and/or racism (the vast majority of women terminating pregnancies are black or Hispanic).

          • The wife

            Sexism? I never even implied that women are generally uninformed. They do have the right to accurate medical information when discussing a medical issue, which pregnancy is. Gestational age and viability are already a part of a woman’s care with her doctor. Racism? You really pulled that one out of your ass. Women tend to abort when they are in poverty, most are already mothers and cannot afford another child. There are stats on that. I support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions, with full access to licensed medical professionals and support for any choice she makes. You talk about freedom, but you don’t extend it to women who legally have the right to make their own choices, free from coercion. Women who choose to continue their pregnancies are supported by PP and state services, which you as a libertarian vote to dismantle. If you don’t financially support women who choose to become mothers you are not pro life. You are pro forced birth.

          • If you knew anything about libertarians you would know they are pro-choice. The best government is the least government. I’m not a libertarian, but at least I know what they stand for.

            And I am not discussing abortion per se, FYI. The issue here is whether the state can compel private organizations to engage in speech of which they disapprove.

            You lost your argument as soon as you made that obscene remark. I’ll pull my opinions out of any orifice I please, thank you very much.

          • And one other thing, PPA case workers are for the most part NOT licensed health care providers.

          • pastoredsmith

            Make it balanced between CPC’s and Abortuaries when it comes to distributing all the information and it will be fair. Currently, women at abortion “clinics” get lied to, facts about the BABY they carry are hidden and lives are lost because “doctors” are not real “doctors” but are butchers like Gosnell.

        • pastoredsmith

          Too bad this is one-sided. Abortion mills do not tell the truth. They are not required to inform the woman that she is carrying a BABY. They tell lies. CPC’s tell the truth.
          This is indeed the “bully bill.”

    • bowie1

      Will state funded abortion facilities also provide information for pregnancy support centres if women want to keep their baby? It seems only fair.

      • Bobby Mae

        Sure, I dont have a problem with that lol funny how everyone here talks to me like I want to argue

      • The wife

        They already do. If you visit a PP for a test and you are pregnant, they offer all choices to you and if you choose to continue the pregnancy you are referred to social services to support you through the pregnancy. I was offered assistance in finding the doctor that accepted my insurance, help applying for WIC, and they discussed with me my plans to continue my education and what services were available to me to make that possible.

        • bowie1

          Pregnancy Support Services also can provide a pregnancy test at least the one in our Canadian city does.

          • The wife

            But that’s the extent of the service. If PP can give the test, refer to public services, and discuss all of the options available to the woman to give her fully factual information so she can make her own fully informed choice, why is the CPC even necessary?

        • pastoredsmith

          That is a lie, “The wife.” They do NOT tell the truth. PP is the nation’s largest provider of abortions and the LIE about scientific facts in lieu of their own “agenda.” Abortion stops a beating heart. It is murder. Period.

          • The wife

            I’m not using second hand knowledge here. I had an unplanned pregnancy in college and used PP for my healthcare. They treated me with respect and I received excellent care. I was given every option to choose from. I was supported emotionally, referred to state services that would allow me to continue my education, and referred to WIC. I in no way felt pressured to make one choice over another. I came to visit my PP nurses after my daughter was born . they put her picture up on their wall of patient’s babies.
            The CPC I visited called me a whore and gave me five diapers. That’s it.

          • pastoredsmith

            If your account is accurate, which I doubt (I work with several CPC’s and they are the most loving and caring people anywhere), then you had the exception and not the rule. Most women that discuss their former abortions with me had no idea that they were carrying a BABY. They were told by PP or whoever the abortionist was that it was a “blob of tissue,” or that the only thing that mattered was their own situation. But, after the abortion, they had seen mothers with their babies or some other traumatic sight in public and realized at that point what they had done.
            I’m sorry you felt that because your “unplanned pregnancy” in college warranted the death of your child. And, if you are sharing a true and accurate account, again I say, you are the exception and not the rule.
            I wonder if your baby was a boy or a girl and where they would be today.

    • Since the invention of advertising, providing information is promoting.

  • bowie1

    Why would such a bill be necessary when women already know about state funded facilities that provide abortions?

    • The wife

      Because CPC’s are not up front about what they are offering. They use vague language to lure girls in, provide inaccurate medical information, and shame girls for their “sin”. I went to one near me and they did not state that they only provided pregnancy tests (that you can take but are not allowed to read yourself) and limited donated baby items. I was heavily encouraged to give my baby up for adoption despite my explicit desire to parent. I was told that it would be better to give my baby to a christian, married, WHITE family than to raise my daughter myself.

      • bowie1

        Here pregnancy support centre listings in the Yellow Pages explains what they do and don’t offer. Is that the same where you live? At least it clarifies what they offer and the same can be explained with those who mainly offer abortion services.

      • I wish I could say that your experience was unheard of, but sadly there are a few that do operate that way. The CPC where I was a board member was nothing like that. They were very up-front about what they offered: pregnancy tests and ultrasounds performed by a licensed practitioner.

        They never pushed adoption, in fact they encouraged the mothers to keep their babies. They provided a LOT of support both materially (formula, diapers, clothing, etc) and spiritually. They gave away tens of thousands of dollars a year in supplies that they raised from an annual walk-a-thon and regular donors, all this in an area with around 40,000 people.They of course wanted their clients to “accept Christ” but there was no pressure to do so. Probably less than 5% ever did. There was no attempt to shame anyone.

        They offered child-rearing classes and gave the women credits toward more stuff if they completed their classes.The center is run by mostly white evangelicals but the vast majority of their clients are Hispanic. I saw no sign that they wanted to steer the mothers toward “white” (non-Hispanic) families.

        I’m sorry you had the experience you did, but I sincerely believe it was not typical.

  • Emmanuel

    This craziness is just days away from spreading all over America.

  • Frank

    Next legislative bill is to make McDonalds sell the Whopper.

  • Bobby Mae

    It’s the last days for sure!!

  • The California Assembly voted Tuesday to advance a bill that would require state-funded abortion facilities to inform all clients that they can obtain counselling and support at privately funded crisis pregnancy centers. Allison Ruff told reporters that the effort would keep state abortion facilities from “misinforming” mothers, as she noted that state funded abortion facilities counsel for abortion. “That is their focus, and they have every right to focus on abortion, but they also can’t misinform,” she stated. “Besides, how can you be an informed mother when you kill your child.”

    • The wife

      Because a zygote is not a child. Because sometimes even wanted pregnancies are not viable or become a danger to the woman’s health. Because the right to reproductive autonomy is the law.
      Also, not all women who become pregnant are religious and would want to be counseled by a religious organization whose views they do not share.
      If a woman became pregnant and DID want the counsel of a religious organization they could pick a church that fits their views and ask for counsel and support there.

      • So she’s the mother of … a zygote? That’s as amazing as when old MacDonald had a farm.

  • Dave L

    Perhaps Gay Marriage would provide a greater demand for adoption and lessen the numbers of aborted babies?

    • The wife

      Comprehensive sex education and readily available, subsidized birth control works really well for abortion reduction.

      • I agree to a point, as long as the sex education is age-appropriate and the parents have the ability to opt out before the material is presented.

      • Dave L

        Yes, but this combined with SSM and adoption would spare more lives.

    • In my opinion, one of the positive effects of SSM would be a possible increase in families willing to adopt (assuming religious-base agencies were not required to act against their beliefs). I would much rather see a baby survive to be adopted by a gay couple than to be aborted

    • Alex A

      Right, let’s not kill babies. Instead, let’s have them experience developmental and behavioral problems that occur in children raised by sodomites.

      • Dave L

        Are you not aborting babies yourself when you take their life because of quality of life issues? Look at the mess many Christians were raise in. Divorce and remarriage is equally as wrong as Gay marriage in God’s view yet how many Christians are raised in broken homes?

        • Alex A

          I’m not condoning the behavior of Christians in that regard at all, it is important to follow God’s Word.

          But in addition to fighting those issues in the church, we shouldn’t be complicating the issue by introducing and promoting something that is just as wrong.

  • FoJC_Forever

    I am certain those who go to these alternative crisis pregnancy centers are aware they can get an abortion. This just a law made by the Wicked to force others to promote murder.

  • tyler

    Why don’t you christian’s look to what Jesus and God said about abortion: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    • cadcoke5

      There are several passages that address the issue. The most direct is Ex 21:22-23.

      22 “When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out… 23 But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth…

      This is a clear reference to the death penalty for killing an unborn child in Mosaic law. The same as killing an adult.

      • tyler

        actually, not one of those quotes says directly anything at all about an unborn child or abortion.
        Nice try, though!
        The reason why Christians cling to the bible for everything that happens in their life is that it’s fuzzy, translated and re-translated stories that don’t related very specifically to life today.

        • Homer for God

          “Thou shalt not kill”. Shouldn’t be more clearer. Women are not 3d printers. There is no such thing as an instant baby. They have to form first somewhere. Your claim of “only tissue or only cells and thus not human” is a bunch of lies. What it is, is an innocent human being taking forming and taking shape over a nine month period. The point of “a fetus can’t live outside the body” it’s stupid as well. If you know your child will die if you sent them into oncoming traffic, then why send them?
          The real truth is the lack of proper education and strict rules and discipline. We live in society that praises the way our forefathers ran this country not realizing the hard work they put in and the discipline in doing so. Their population control was done through education and discipline. Of course abortion did exist then as well as unwanted pregnancy, but it no where near as rampant today. We’re too lazy to put in that level of work our forefathers did . We look for the easiest decisions; and in this case abortion is a easy solution. I just don’t blame the government, but this “hands off” parenting being encouraged as well of just plan “I don’t care” attitude of parents is one of (not the only) the real problems. I fully believe in God and I am washed the blood of Jesus. You don’t even have to believe in God to know that education and discipline on our kids will go a long way in prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

          • tyler

            Your last sentence said it all. You are correct, I don’t have to believe in God to know that education and discipline goes a long way in preventing unwanted pregnancy. And back to your first sentence – I don’t need to believe in God to know that I shouldn’t kill people. Morality pre-dates the bible.
            I don’t need the bible or Jesus to know about morals.
            Half of the 10 commandments refer to worshipping God – which has nothing to do with morals. Who in the world doesn’t know that stealing, killing, lying, disrespecting your parents in wrong? I didn’t need the 10 commandments to tell me that.
            Why aren’t there commandments denouncing rape, human trafficking, incest, slavery, genocide, pedophilia? that stuff is all recommended in the bible.

          • Alex A

            Pretending to be a biblical scholar to hide behind your anti-life bigotry tyler?

          • tyler

            Please point out exactly where I’m pretending to be a biblical scholar. I’m not, thought I do know a lot about the bible. Also, I’m not ‘anti-life’, whatever that means, and I’m not a bigot. Good for you for believing in something – go for it. I happen to not believe.

          • Alex A

            Jesus also didn’t talk about rape, pedophilia, bestiality, etc.

            Just because Jesus didn’t condemn something word for word doesn’t mean beans. Jesus upheld the Ten Commandments, which proscribe murder.

          • tyler

            I guess those things are more important to me. Those seem like huge infractions to me that should have been listed along with the other ‘sins’.

            On a separate note, Jesus never said anything about gays or abortion, yet many Christians make these 2 topics utmost priority

          • Alex A

            The apostles, under influence of the Holy Spirit, write about how homosexuality is sinful in various NT books.

            Jesus himself was one of the four visitors who rescued Lot from the Sodomites and God’s wrath on them in Genesis.

            Christians are focusing on those two issues because they are in the spotlight. If for some odd reason, something like shoplifting would be legalized, or something else that’s a sin would be made legal, Christians would be criticizing that as well.