Muslim Imam Converts to Christianity, Now Preaches Jesus to Islamists

TafikA former Muslim imam in Africa is sharing his story of how he converted from Islam to Christianity and now preaches Christ to Islamists throughout his country.

World Watch Monitor recently released the video testimony of a man who once was taught to persecute Christians as a Muslim and is now facing persecution himself as he preaches the gospel as a convert to the Christian faith. Tofik—not his real name—shares that as a child and young adult, he participated in violence against Christians as instructed.

“In school I only learned about Islam,” he stated. “Parts of our teaching were about destroying Christianity. So we did what we learned, by attacking Christians once we finished our training.”

“Our teachers would tell us every time there was a new church in town and we were told to go and attack the people and destroy the church,” Tofik continued. “So that’s what we did.”

Tofik was selected to receive continuing studies in Islam and went on to study in Saudi Arabia. He then became an imam and worked to extinguish Christian evangelism in his African village, forbidding anyone from preaching Christ within its borders.

But in 2002, his life changed forever.

“There was an incident where I had a vision from the Lord early in the morning around 3 a.m.,” Tofik explained. “In the vision I saw Jesus very clearly telling me to follow him.”

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He told his wife about his dream, but she was skeptical. When he went back to sleep, he had the vision again.

“Jesus appeared saying ‘It’s Me, follow Me. When you follow me you will pay a price, there will be persecution in your life, but in the end you will be victorious. I am with you,’” Tofik said.

His family continued to reject his story.

“After my dreams I again shared with my wife and she was reluctant to encourage me to follow Christ,” Tofik recalled. “I also shared the situation with my eldest son and he was also reluctant, so the rest of my family rejected the idea of following Jesus.”

He began attending a local church, and while some were unsure if his interest was genuine or not—and feared that he might have ulterior motives being an Islamic leader—he began exhibiting changes to show repentance.

When word spread that Tofik had converted to Christianity, he became the target of Islamic violence.

“[T]hey destroyed my house, setting it on fire, and they took my cattle, and the remainder of my property,” he said. “They then falsely accused me of burning another house, so I was jailed and taken to court. It was only in the court process that the witnesses proved their dishonesty by having contradicting testimonies.”

When the former imam was released from jail, he began preaching the gospel to Muslims.

“The Bible became my weapon. I traveled many places to preach and teach about the Christian faith,” Tofik recalled. “I planted a church right in the compound where I live and many people decided to follow Christ. And as a result, local villagers were upset. So again, they attacked me physically and burned my house.”

Although he continues to endure beatings and other brutality for the name of Christ, Tofik said that he takes it all in stride.

“I want people to realize that persecution isn’t all bad. It has some good in it,” he stated. “When I face persecution, I know God will do new things and this is not the end—that my life is not the end here.”

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  • bowie1

    Terrible. It reduces the child to the equivalent of a car that is ready for the scrap yard, but still has some parts that can be sold for money.

  • Josey

    This is so disgusting! Breaks my heart how callous these people can be to do such a thing.

  • Homer for God

    Go ahead atheists and supporters of abortion…tell us how again that it’s right to kill an unborn child and not look at this article in disgust. Capitalism has sunk to a new low in this country. These are more signs being shown that judgement is ever so closer. I can only be thankful that these little souls are with God now and they will live forever in peace and away from these butchers.
    Keep your armor on brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s only going to get worse and worse. Be of peace that at least we won’t see the last few years on this earth as we will be raptured before the end happens. For you non-believers, I pray your eyes open soon and your heart soften before it’s too late.
    God Bless

    • Annmarie Quesada-Green

      Lord YESSSS The time is near! I never thought Id live to see it, but I just may!!

      • amostpolitedebate

        Why do you sound so happy about that? >_>’

        • She’s happy because when the Lord comes, He will take His children and those left here will know what it is to be like without God’s protection here on earth. The first 5 months of it, people will get to the point of begging for death and none will come to them. So if someone blows off their head, they will be alive and know the pain and suffering they chose for themselves. Heaven is paradise without any sin… Who wouldn’t be happy about that? oh except those who rejected God and have persecuted Him time and time again, and continue to live away from Him because they don’t want to acknowledge the truth! God exist! Heaven exist! and hell exist, a place of torment, torture and gnashing of teeth…

          • Homer for God

            It really is sad to see the non-believers (or trollers) on this site not only reject the concept of eternal life and peace in heaven, but are satisfied to die alone and and go into nothingness because that’s what they believe they come from. It’s that kind of thinking I guess is what these heathens have to excuse themselves to do these horrific acts to these children and be ok with it.
            I am more then ready to go up. I’m more then ready for my family to go as well.God has a place for his loyal and faithful and I can’t wait. It is not too late for non-believers. We can continue to pray and have faith God will reach their heart. After all, they must be hanging out on these sites for some reason.
            God Bless MizKrys….keep up the great work!!!

          • amostpolitedebate

            Yes but why is she HAPPY about that? It sounds like a lot of people will suffer when that day comes. Shouldn’t she be sad or at least bittersweet? For that matter how do you think God will feel about someone so openly taking delight in the suffering if his children?

            Just saying.

          • Homer for God

            If God has claimed them his children. No Christian wants any suffering (to say that is against being Christian). No we will be greatly sad on that day. Sad because God has given them so many opportunities to repent ant turn from their wicked ways, to take up the cross and follow Christ, and to accept the most wonderful gift of eternal life guaranteed and they still said no. The Word is clear on what happens to those non-believers.
            Ultimately the choice is theirs (yours). We will be sad for you and those who choose sin and not God, but there will be no parties. We have our own judgement to look at like everyone else.
            God Bless

      • Yes, I am thinking the same. We might actually be one of the ones that are changed like the angels in heaven and taken up to meet our Lord Jesus Christ..

    • They can explain all they want and they can fool themselves all they want. But we know and even they know that one day, there will face God… Believe me! They know God exist! They just do not want to follow His ways because their lustful and evil hearts, love the sinful life.. But God will judge all….

    • Dave_L

      Most adults are not saved so if the automatic salvation of deceased infants were true, it would make more sense for Christians to promote abortion. Paul teaches that infants who never consciously sin die as a result of Adam’s imputed sin. This is another reason why abortion is even more hideous to me.

  • FoJC_Forever

    The innocent blood cries out for Justice.

    Judgement is coming.

    • Dave_L

      We need to think of ALL the innocent children being killed including those who are the victims of parents who are taught that God doesn’t use medicine to heal.

      The infant and child mortality rate is as much as 100 times the State average in “Word of Faith Churches”.

      • FoJC_Forever

        I’m not joining you in your personal obsession against those who call themselves WoF. You might as well move along and leave me out of it. Your brand of Christianity is obviously a lie and only serves to make you look good and knowledgeable. Others have tried your tactic of trying to identify and associate me with a particular denomination. If you want to attack people, that’s your decision, but you and I are not in agreement. As far as I’m concerned, your just a religious troll.

        Medical science kills more children than any singular group.

        God doesn’t use medicine to heal. This is Truth, as taught in the Scripture. While it’s not a sin to use medicine, it is a sin to claim God uses it to heal. If God used it to heal, then everyone would be healed by medicine – they are not.

        You are a fake Christian and a liar.

        • Dave_L

          Their blood is on your hands WOF or not. Your position on faith healing is wicked.

          • FoJC_Forever

            No, it is not, and your intention and goal are evident. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You want people dependent on medicine and the industry which bilks trillions from people. Sickness and disease are used by the falsely religious to simply get rich and control people.

            Those who know the Truth, know what He has spoken. Those who do not know the Truth, simply play religion and look good in front of others who do the same. You are fooling people, but not those who know Jesus (the) Christ.

            Others came, using natural substances to “heal” people, and called in the Power of God. They hunted and murdered Christians. You are like them.

          • Dave_L

            ““Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1–2, ESV)

          • FoJC_Forever

            There is no blood on my hands, nor my head. My position on God’s Promise of healing comes directly from the Jesus (the) Christ, the Living and Eternal Word of God.

          • Dave_L

            Your view kills people who believe the same as you and refuse medicine or doctors. I know of one church alone where 97 perished believing your folly.

          • FoJC_Forever

            There you go again, making a false accusation.

          • Dave_L

            Read the news. Tell me you do not believe the same as the majority of victims to Faith Healing as taught today.

          • FoJC_Forever

            I read the news all the time. There are Unbelievers pretending to be Christians everywhere. Most of them don’t teach or believe the healing Jesus promised for all those who would follow Him is Truth. They don’t practice what the Apostle James taught, either. There is so much evidence of God’s desire to heal people through Faith that those who reject it are revealed to be nothing but religious liars hell-bent to destine people to natural suffering.

          • Dave_L

            In the one Faith Healing Church I mentioned there were 97 unnecessary deaths over 10 years time. Many, blamed those who died for having a lack of faith. It did not occur to them that perhaps the message was wrong. People do not go to jail or die from lack of faith. They do so because of it. Simply put, the message is wrong.

        • Dave_L

          You said “it is a sin to claim God uses it (medicine) to heal.”

          “And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs. And they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered.” (2 Kings 20:7, KJV 1900)

          • FoJC_Forever

            Again, you quote Scripture out of context and lie to people. You want people in your unbelieving religion, rather than hearing the Word of God, receiving Faith, and manifesting the Power of God.

          • Dave_L

            Jesus only answered Satan by quoting Scripture.

          • FoJC_Forever

            Satan quoted Scripture too, when trying to get Jesus to obey his word.

          • Dave_L

            False teachers quote Scripture too. Jesus said you’ll know them by their fruits. Your twisting of Scripture in denying or discouraging people the use of medicine and doctors is proof enough, especially when you start tallying up the needless deaths. Anyone reading this should search “faith healing deaths”, what the beliefs are that lead to their deaths, and recall what FoJC_Forever teaches.

          • FoJC_Forever

            Yes, you are a false one.

            I don’t twist the Scripture. You think an OT passage about using figs to cure a boil is proof that God uses medicine to heal, although the boil is not what was killing him. Jesus never once used medicine to heal anyone. You stand in the way of people believing the Word of God.

            If people actually read everything I’ve written, they will know you are a false accuser. Those who want to know the Truth, will find Jesus (the) Christ. Those who don’t, will think you speak true.

            No one has ever died from ‘Faith Healing’. People die because they aren’t seeking the Truth, so they don’t hear Jesus, so they don’t have Faith. They die because they fellowship with people like you who have no Faith. You poison the Word of God with your Unbelief.

          • Dave_L

            Jesus held up the Good Samaritan as a role model for his people. The Samaritan poured wine and oil on the wounds and bandaged them. The wine and oil are both antibiotic medicines. Grape juice would have bred bacteria and probably made the situation worse. Paul did not heal Timothy but told him to drink wine (antibiotic) for his stomach instead. God gave herbs (Medicine) for the service of man. Please take another look at your anti medicine/doctor position. If you use drugs for sorcery it is sin. But it is not sin to use drugs for acts of mercy in Christ’s name.

          • FoJC_Forever

            More twisted Scripture references to validate your unbelief.

          • Dave_L

            Can you show documented examples of faith healing based on your views? Any amputees with limbs restored? Teeth replacements? The raising of the dead? Any of the works of the Apostles? I can show you a lot of dead people who tried it your way.

          • Dave_L

            Is what I said true or not? If it is not true, please refute it.

          • FoJC_Forever

            Everything Jesus said is Scripture. Jesus (the) Christ is the Word of God.

          • Dave_L

            Agreed, except you seem to disapprove of my quoting Scripture.

          • Dave_L

            Here’s the context you fear;

            “Turn again, and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people, Thus saith the LORD, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee: on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the LORD. And I will add unto thy days fifteen years; and I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake. And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs. And they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered.” (2 Kings 20:5–7, KJV 1900)

  • DNelson

    What a horrifying story.

    • jcarls

      Except it’s a deliberately deceptive, heavily edited video.

      • Apparently ISIS is a CIA conspiracy too. And the pentagon flew missiles into the world trade centre to make Muslims look bad. Your own people would never do something like that.

        • Teijo Kakkila

          This video is proof that some evil americans are capable of even blowing up their own buildings and killing thousands of their own. Not saying moon god worshippers aka muhammedians aren’t playing a role in it.

      • DNelson

        Tell me more, please.

    • Yes, sickening!

  • Emmanuel

    May God have mercy on us.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Planned Murder in Da Hood has a long history of breaking laws, excusing sex trafficking and rape, and of course, profiting from the murder of millions of innocent defenseless human beings in the womb. Their new talking points are about how women should be “proud” of their abortions. This should come as no surprise. Their depravity knows no depth – it is a bottomless pit, into which at Judgment, those who work for them and those who encourage and intentionally support them (Demon-crat Party, anyone?) and abortion in general will find themselves. And they will be without excuse.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Amen to that! I have always voted Pro-life…even if it means voting for a third party candidate. My conscience won’t let me do otherwise. Pro-life should be the #1 issue to every Christian. Sadly, it is not. If all the Christians voted Pro-life, we wouldn’t have a man like Obama in office today. As a state senator in Illinois, he was so supportive of late-term abortions, he voted against The Born Alive Infant Protection Act that would allow babies born alive, after a failed abortion, to be given medical care to save their lives. You can’t get more much pro-death than that! Yet many Christians voted for that man. So…we got what we deserved, didn’t we, and look where our disobedience has led us.


      • Amen.. Those who call themselves Christians and go against the Word of God are far away from God. Unless they repent, they are not going to be in heaven.

      • Dave_L

        I believe people should vote for the least amount of innocent bloodshed. Unjust war is mass murder. So we should vote against it as well as abortion.

  • robertzaccour

    This doesn’t surprise me at all, they’re always breaking the law. And millions of our tax dollars pays them every year.

  • Dave_L

    If they really “Planned Parenthood”, they wouldn’t need abortion. Why not have something called “Planned Designated Driver” to shuttle drunks home after they wreck the car?

  • amostpolitedebate

    Don’t buy any of it.

    Look at all the random cuts in the video footage. If this was an honest smoking gun then they would have just posted the entire video and let the evidence speak for itself. Instead there are tons of cuts that just so happen to remove any context for the conversation taking place. For example what was that website? What’s the URL? What organization owns it? For what purpose? You ASSUME that it’s a PP website but the video doesn’t actually say.

    Here is PP’s response to the video:

    “Deborah Nucatela was speculating on the range of reimbursement that patients can receive after stating they wish to donate any tissue after a procedure,” the organization wrote in a report.

    “The promotional video mischaracterizing Planned Parenthood’s mission
    and services is made by a long time anti-abortion activist that has
    used deceptive and unethical video editing, and that has created a fake
    medical website as well as a fake human tissue website that purports to
    provide services to stem cell researchers,” the group wrote in a
    two-page statement.

    It also provided several pages of background research about the
    organization’s use of donated fetal tissue, which it describes as
    “humanitarian undertaking that hold the potential to cure disease, save
    lives, and ameliorate suffering.”

    The statement explains that Planned Parenthood affiliates can legally
    receive reimbursement from a tissue donation procedure for the
    “additional expenses related [to] tissue donation, which can vary based
    on individual circumstance,” but it does not go to staff members or

    You can read more on the Snopes article on this topic if you’re interested.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Yada, yada, yada….same old tactics of PP…always being misrepresented…always whining that the undercover video tapes (which are getting quite numerous now) has been doctored or edited. What we did see here was enough! Did you not hear how crassly and nonchalantly this PP abortionist talked…even joked… about harvesting baby parts, all the while she was chomping down you meal? Reminds of Proverbs 30:20 where it says: “This is the way of an adulterous woman: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, “I have done no wrong.” Whether this woman is an adulteress or not I do not know, but one thing is very, very clear from all she said on this video (even without the full 3 hours), she is a hardened, heartless baby killer.

      And isn’t it strange how PP is always ranting on about how it is NOT a baby…just a fetus…a blob of tissue? Yet here they are harvesting BABY parts. It is a baby when they want it to be one. I’ll just bet someone is getting really rich off this scheme, at taxpayers expense. I had heard about baby parts being harvested for sale in China, but never thought I would see the day this would be happening in America. We are doomed as a nation. We won’t even protect the most defenseless in our society.

    • Nothing in the way that they deceived this woman into telling the truth about the use of baby body parts will put those parts back where they belonged. Wait till the spiritists and shamans of Africa discover they can buy baby body parts from planned parenthood! All you need is a front company, and you can mix baby heads with your rhino horn.

      • amostpolitedebate

        They deceived who into what now? The story is a transparently deceptive hit piece and they’re very open that the organs involved can (optionally) be donated for science.

        • Now abortion is science, and science is cool. At first it seemed heartless and gross to chop all these babies up and then sell the fun bits to other folks so they can play with them, but science said it was morally ok. And who am I to argue with science. Science cares. Science will play with my baby when I can’t because she is dead.

          • amostpolitedebate

            I can understand finding the practice of donating abortion tissues unpleasant/distasteful but I’d hardly describe it as “letting scientists play with dead babies”. It’s serious research that has the potential to do real good for people.

          • Scientific research is a serious affair: consider how often they fail to realise that tantalising potential for good, and are burdened by the death dealt to give them a great selection of livers and baby heads. And maybe they will play peek-a-boo with a special cell from your baby, and that makes it all worthwhile.

        • Angel Jabbins

          If you really think these organs were ‘donated for science’, you are extremely naive. Undercover operations have also proven that PP has covered up rape of young girls as well. An evil organization through and through. I would hate to be in their shoes come Judgment Day.

    • Susan Ford Keller

      The nearly 3 hour video is readily available for you to watch. The content is the same in both videos.

      • amostpolitedebate

        Actually it’s pretty ambiguous. Hardly a smoking gun.

  • sammy13

    Abortion is absolutely sickening. I view it as murder. I wonder how many abortions are performed per year because the mother/wife/girlfriend wanted to cover up an infidelity?

  • Horrible.. “Come, Lord Jesus…

  • David Anderson

    Please pray for her and the end of abortion in America.

  • DNelson

    So, as more information flows out regarding this:

    “The promotional video mischaracterizing Planned Parenthood’s mission and services is made by a long time anti-abortion activist that has used deceptive and unethical video editing, and that has created a fake medical website as well as a fake human tissue website that purports to provide services to stem cell researchers.”

    “Planned Parenthood donates fetal tissue “to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs,” which is not illegal. “There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or Planned Parenthood.”

    “Planned Parenthood states that the “price range” refers to the cost to donate tissue. “At several of our health centers, we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research, and we do this just like every other high-quality health care provider does — with full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards,” Ferrero notes. “In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.”

  • Faith Contender

    Life begins at conception. Abortion of any kind is murder. They are shedding innocent blood and selling the body. It is a satanic sacrifice. These people have no shame at all. Their consciences have been seared and they feel no guilt, they have no morality, no feelings, no heart. It’s a holocaust and they are like the death camp operators. God’s law comes above the laws of the land. To disagree is to enable the hitlers of the world to act.

  • Clara Anne Turner

    Little g gubmint thinks they are God, WOW, the demons are dancing in delight now. Their turn is near, Thanks American taxpayers for funding these monsters.