Fox News’ Shepard Smith Rails Against Christians Supporting Kim Davis During Live TV: ‘Haters Are Going to Hate’

During live coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ release from prison, Fox News’ Shepard Smith unexpectedly started speaking over the press conference, calling it a “religious play” and chastising Davis and those who supported her decision to refuse to issue “gay marriage” licenses.

Shepard, who has had his own run-ins with the law, has had his share of random on-air outbursts, this one occurring during Tuesday’s live news broadcast.

Here is the transcript of his statements during the live show:

“Well, they set this up as a religious play again. This is the same crowd that says ‘we don’t want Sharia law. Don’t let them come in here and start telling us what to do. Keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well here we go again.

When this started, this lawyer said he needed an accommodation for a woman who wanted one. She said she didn’t want her name on a license — but — for gay people. They couldn’t come up with an accommodation. Now they’ve come up with one, they’ve let her out of jail, said ‘all right, you don’t have to have your name on there, just put the name of the county on there. All this is done.’ But it’s not what they want. You’re hearing now what they want.

This is what they want, and this is what they’re going to get. They’re gonna get a stirred-up argument and a couple of days of the news cycle and they’re gonna be able to make these claims — and the truth is when you get right down to the fundamentals of this, the Supreme Court of the United States says that you can’t have things being okay for one group of people and not okay for another group of people.

This is not unprecedented. They did it when they said that black and white people couldn’t marry. And they said oh, wait, I guess you can. And now they’ve said straight people and gay people can also all get married. You want to get married? Go right at it. The government’s not going to get in the way of you anymore than they did in the way of straight people back in the day.

But haters are going to hate. And we thought that what this woman wanted was an accommodation, which they’ve now granted her — something that worked for everybody, but it’s not what they want. This is what they want.” [emphasis added]

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Shepard, who married Virginia Donald, a University of Mississippi classmate in 1987, divorced in 1993 with no children, and in a published 2013 news story by Gawker: “Smith is dating a 26-year-old Penn State grad and Fox Business producer named Giovanni ‘Gio’ Graziano.”

“According to multiple sources with knowledge of their relationship, the couple met sometime after Graziano started working at Fox Report in October 2011 as a production assistant. He’s the man with whom Smith frequents Bathtub Gin,” the news site reported.

In 2012 when president Barack Obama came out in support of homosexual “marriage” after telling ABC News’ Robin Roberts that he has completed his alleged “evolution” on the matter, Smith played a part of the interview of Obama speaking, and then said, “the president of the United States, now in the 21st century.”

Earlier this year in January during his Fox News program, Smith compared states fighting against legalizing “gay marriage” to those that fought for segregation in the 1960’s.

“Not in every case, but in most cases, the same states which were fighting integration are fighting this as well. Those states which always seem to be behind the curve for reasons which are explainable and understandable,” he said.

“Those are the places where this is going to turn out to be the most difficult, especially if the Supreme Court stays with what has seemed to be a trend toward inclusion and away from discrimination,” Smith concluded.

According to, “Shepard Smith currently serves as the chief news anchor and managing editor for the network’s breaking news division. Additionally, he is the anchor of Shepard Smith Reporting (weekdays 3-4PM/ET). Smith’s highly relatable reporting has been a trademark on FOX News Channel (FNC) since he joined the network at its inception in 1996.”

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  • Marly King

    It seems like Shepard Smith is the Pot calling the kettle black. You can’t have it both ways. He thinks it is bad for anyone to talk out about their opinions if it is against his but if ” Christians ” stand up for their beliefs and voice their opinions then they are haters, bigots and racists. Hey Shepard, I used to respect you but name calling is juvenile. This woman stood up for her Christian beliefs and did what her Christian values propelled her to do just as you stand up for your beliefs in the Gay community. I applaud her for being brave enough to stand up for her beliefs. This can no way be compared to the segregation of the 60’s. If I am a bigot in your opinion because I don’t approve of the Gay lifestyle then so be it, I will do what Christ said…just Love. It is the greatest gift of all. You keep livng your life and quit telling us how to live ours. May God Bless you.