‘Headlines Would Be a Disaster’: Planned Parenthood Reps Feared Baby Body Parts Biz Going Public

VanDerheiThe latest video expose’ released by the Center for Medical Progress shows representatives of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood seeking to keep their involvement in the harvesting and sale of the body parts of aborted babies on the down-low.

“I have been talking to the executive director of the National Abortion Federation. We’re trying to figure this out as an industry—about how we’re going to manage remuneration—because the headlines would be a disaster,” Deborah VanDerhei, the national director of the Consortium of Abortion Providers, which is under the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).

During the conversation, VanDerhei asks who she believes is a representative of a human biologics company–but is actually an undercover investigator–how their company handles compensation.

“Do you—Can I ask you about renumeration?” she says. “So, what’s your policy and what have you been [paying]?”

“However they want to work it is fine with us. Typically, however they want to work it is fine with us,” the investigator replies. “Typically, most places are doing per specimen because it just makes the most sense because that’s how they work and that’s how we work as well.”

He states that he understands does not have a policy on how abortion facilities are to handle the matter.

“We are absent a policy, and that’s relatively intentional,” VanDerhei replies. “[If our affiliates] decide that you want to engage in renumeration, [they] really need to think that through, and think ‘New York Times’ headline when you’re creating your policy.”

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She later reiterates that it is up to each facility as to how they wish to work with fetal tissue procurement companies.

“If they do it, that’s fine. We’re not going to say no,” VanDerhei states. “But we want them to think about really, the New York Times headline. How could this go bad?”

When VanDerhei states that she doesn’t know how much a specimen goes for, and if informed by the investigator that it varies from company to company, she acknowledges that some abortion facilities “generate a fair amount of income doing this.”

“And if they have smaller margins or don’t have the ability to fundraise because they’re not a non-profit, that’s really helpful,” she explains.

VanDerhei also outlines that the subject is one that she is “not comfortable talking about on email.”

“From email black-outs to contorted oxymorons like ‘donation for remuneration,’ the lengths to which Planned Parenthood leadership will go to cover-up their illegal sale of aborted baby parts are nothing less than the desperation of a guilty conscience,” said David Daleiden, Project Lead for CMP in a statement on Tuesday.

“Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards openly admits they receive ‘$60 per tissue specimen,’ and their contracts with StemExpress offer payments per fetus ‘determined in the clinic to be usable,’” he said. “Planned Parenthood runs their abortion and baby parts business in open disregard for the law and should be prosecuted immediately. Their taxpayer funding should be reassigned to Federally Qualified Health Centers, which provide more and comprehensive health services at locations outnumbering Planned Parenthood 20 to 1.”

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  • Jeff Brown

    The law specifies ‘act’, not ‘belief’. Don’t annoy anybody with your mythology, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    • bowie1

      This goes to crimes against humanity with the murder of millions of babies while yet in the womb way beyond the embryonic stage.

      • Jeff Brown

        i think you are talking about the ‘abortion of millions of fetuses’. last time i checked, it was legal, to a point. last time i checked, most women who had abortions in the US were christians. last time i checked, god aborts far more fetuses than doctor’s do.

        maybe god needs to set a better example. maybe christian women need to lead the way.

        • bowie1

          It may be legal but that doesn’t make it any more right than gassing millions of Jews in World War II. As for miscarriages God has sovereignty over life and death and my wife had one of those 18 1/2 years ago much to our grief. Since then and even before we have not been able to have children in our 35 year marriage.

          • Jeff Brown

            i understand that you might be sad about a miscarriage, but i don’t understand how you can praise god’s plans at the same time. that makes no sense to me at all. but i am allowed to question god’s plan, while you are not.

            my wife and i were not able to have children, either, soi feel your pain, but i blame biology. if i believed in god, i would have to blame him for the defective products that he created.

          • bowie1

            It wasn’t easy any more than it was for Job who lost everything. Yet there are other things in our lives that we can be thankful for. All we receive from God is part of His grace and gifts that come our way. When God created all things everything was perfect, but when sin came into the world through one couple everything changed and became “defective.”

          • Jeff Brown

            yeah, this whole “everything is god’s plan” except, apparently for “sin” as a result of “free will” doesn’t make sense. either everything is part of god’s plan, or it isn’t. either you were created by god, according to his plan, or you weren’t. blaming ‘sin’ is a cop-out, if god is in charge.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Everything IS part of God’s plan. He is sovereign, over all things, and works all things for good of those who love Him (even hard things) and for His glory. No one is ‘blaming sin’… the blame belongs solely on our own sinful rebellious hearts which do not want God ruling over us. We want to be our own gods and worship ourselves and do just as we please. But, as we see in our wicked, twisted world where babies are murdered daily in the womb and their body parts sold to the highest bidder, man just makes a mess of everything he touches…heartless, cruel having a conscience that is seared because he has no moral grounding. Without God, he is has no law, no restraint, and anything/everything goes…even murder and genocide can be looked upon as good if enough people feel it is so. The atheist has no objective standard upon which to base morality. It can only be subjective and changes with the whims of men when there is no God…no Ultimate Lawgiver. That is the world we are living in now as we head closer to the judgment of God which is sure to come. You may mock that idea now, but that day is fast approaching.

          • Jeff Brown

            it is obvious that you are a True Believer, and trying to have a rational discussion with you would be impossible, but i will go ahead and make some observations:

            1. if everything is part of god’s plan, then god is the most sadistic s.o.b. that ever existed, and incompetent, too
            2. blaming myself for god’s incompetence is the same as making excuses for god. if i can violate his plan, then he is a poor god, indeed.
            3. PP is doing nothing illegal, and it is common knowledge that the videos have been doctored
            4. more people have died in the name of god, or killed directly BY god, than for any other reason
            5. morals are independent of any ‘god’, and existed long before your cult was started
            6. why do we need an Ultimate Lawgiver, especially one who makes a point of not doing anything?
            7. yeah, yeah, jesus has been coming back ‘any day now’ for 2000 years. sounds like a scam to me. when jesus shows up, i may change my mind.
            8. you have no evidence that your god exists–none. why should i care about a god that doesn’t exist, much less fear it?

          • Angel Jabbins

            1) ‘God’s plan…. is sadistic…’ Everything IS part of God’s plan…the good and the bad things that happen to us….all of it. God works all things for good (strengthens, builds our character) and for His glory…even bad things can turn out to be a blessing if we know and trust in God. (It has happened so many times in my own life.) If not, then we will bear the consequences for our rejection of Him and for our sin which we freely choose to commit.

            2) ‘If I can violate His plans, then He is a poor God.’

            God’s plan includes allowing men the freedom to commit sin. He did not make us to be robots. He gave us brains with free will. You get to choose and if you chose to rebel against the loving God who gave you life and sent His one Son to die so all your sins can be forgiven…you have no one to blame except yourself.

            3) It is NOT common knowledge that those video were ‘doctored’. You are drinking the liberal Koolaide. The entire transcripts of the conversations are available online for anyone to read. Of course they had to edict them into smaller portions because nobody has time to listen to hours and hours. But ALL of them…every word spoken is available. In the link below…loose the spaces. Under the videos is ‘full footage’ link for each. Some videos are 13 hours long…so they HAD to be edited down. Also, on this page are links to full written transcripts.
            http: //www. centerformedicalprogress. org/cmp/investigative-footage/

            4) More people have died in the name of ‘god’…yes, Muslims are killing people today in the name of their false god today…most of whom are Christians. Stalin and Mao Tse Tung killed millions as well in the name of their false god…atheism. So what does that prove? God…the real God…did kill people in the Old Testament as judgment on them because they were committing terrible sins…sacrificing babies to their false god, Molech. He had warned them over and over and gave them many chances to repent. They would not…so He had the Jewish nation wipe them out. He was justified in doing it. He IS God and has a right to do as He sees fit with people. He will come again to judge the whole world….as once again we are killing babies…sacrificing them to our god of pleasure and self worship.

            5) ‘Morals are independent from God’. If that is true and there is no objective standard for morals, then morals are just dependent on people’s whims. What is right today may change tomorrow. Maybe Hitler wasn’t so bad after all….I mean…if there is no objective standard by which to judge morality…how can we say anything is wrong? Is it ALWAYS wrong to torture babies to death for one’s own personal pleasure? Yes! So there IS an objective standard outside of ourselves and that standard come from something transcendent….beyond us….GOD. You know in your heart it is true. We all know it.

            6) Why do we need an Ultimate Lawgiver…one who does not do anything. I don’t know what you are talking about. He has done everything for us…made us in His own image, given us the blessing of life, a wonderful world to live in, family, even sent His own Son to die for us so we can be forgiven and have an eternal home in heave. For Christians, He is our comfort, hope, and peace. We have His law, 10 commandments, to show us how to live…how to honor God and how to treat our neighbor. If we all just obeyed them, there would be peace on earth. But we don’t…because we are sinners.

            7) 2 Peter 3:3-7 (NIV)
            “Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. By the same word, the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.”

            That day WILL come. It will be too late when you see Him. the time to get right with God is NOW.

            8) No evidence? Look around you. Look at creation. Look at your own human body so wonderfully designed.

            Romans 1:19-22 (NIV)

            ‘….since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.’

            You have no fear now, but you will when you stand before a holy awesome God…your Maker…one day and have to give an account for your life.

            Please consider these things.

          • Jeff Brown

            even if any of that qualified as ‘evidence’ (and it doesn’t), it is not evidence for your specific god. any god could be responsible.

          • Angel Jabbins

            ‘any god could be responsible’

            And you would still be accountable to him.

          • Jeff Brown

            you may as well say that i am accountable to santa claus. there is not a single shred of evidence that any gods exist. until some evidence is produced, gods do not exist. why would i, or anyone else, be accountable to something that doesn’t exist?

            you have been sold something that doesn’t exist–a psychotic boogeyman who may or may not roast you for eternity. that is YOUR problem. no way is it MINE.

          • enough

            Or the pesticides your food is swimming in.

          • Jeff Brown

            pesticides are apparently part of god’s plan, amirite?

        • Josey

          Where do you get the statistics that Christians are the highest number to get abortions, stop putting out lies about Christian women. I know many Christian women and not one of them has had an abortion. Their hearts would convict them if they are truly Christian, followers of Christ. Abortion is murdering the innocent, there are plenty of families in line just waiting to adopt so there is no need for abortions. What needs to change is the legalities on adoption so women would not have to go outside of the U.S. to adopt. And I’m sick of hearing how PP gives so much more concerning healthcare to women and now their claim they give to men, with Obamacare many can go get healthcare at health clinics or at other facilities, PP simply is not needed any longer!

        • Angel Jabbins

          “I think you are talking about the ‘abortion of millions of fetuses’.”

          And what is a fetus? Proven…..A human being…

          A fetus is a human. Even though this human is not yet fully developed, the preborn fetus is a living member of the human species. It is also interesting to note that, in Latin, “fetus” means “little one,” referring to the relatively small size of the preborn baby.

          In other words, the meaning of the word fetus provides a description of how babies appear to us in the early stages of development. And as we know, there are many other stages in human development as well: infant, toddler, etc.

          There is not a single one of these stages in which the developing life should be thought of as a mere blob of cells. Even at the very earliest stage…fertilized egg…all of the very intricate DNA of a unique, one of a kind human being who has never existed before, is present. All that is left is for this tiny human to continue its development to birth.

          The word fetus has been used for such a long time for a reason. It provides an apt description for the life growing inside the mother; the preborn life is human, and deserving of the same right to have its life protected that all people deserve.

          • Jeff Brown

            only a ‘human’ fetus could ever be called a ‘human’.

            there is no argument that a human fetus is a potential human being. the LAW has never been about ‘humanhood’, it has been about ‘personhood’.

            the medical community doesn’t care about the term ‘person’, but it can determine when a fetus becomes viable (able to survive outside the womb). we, as a country, have decided that a fetus legally qualifies for ‘personhood’ when it could possibly be viable outside the womb, minus a few weeks. that is why abortions are prohibited in the third trimester, except in very rare cases.

            since YOU are not willing to take responsibility for someone else’s fetus, YOU have no right to make any decisions regarding it. until YOU are willing to take personal and financial responsibility for someone else’s baby that you FORCED them to carry to term, you should mind your own business.

          • Angel Jabbins

            ‘since YOU are not willing to take responsibility for someone else’s fetus, YOU have no right to make any decisions regarding it. until YOU are willing to take personal and financial responsibility for someone else’s baby that you FORCED them to carry to term, you should mind your own business.’

            Sorry, but that argument does not wash at all. Nobody is FORCING anyone to have a baby. In this day, when all kinds of birth control is available, that is an astonishing statement. People act irresponsibly, get pregnant due to carelessness (rarely rape), and then the baby is the one to suffer for it. Pure and evil selfishness! We live in a generation that does not know how to take responsibility for their own selfish actions. Have the baby…kept and raise it…(plenty of gov’t programs to help you)…or give the baby up to a loving home through adoption…the loving option rather than murder the child!!!

            Your argument above has no bearing at all on the morality of killing human beings. It is just plain silly… a red herring….and yet many Christian couples already DO adopt babies and older children from foster care. There are also a great many childless couples (of all religious persuasions) waiting years to adopt an infant. Many are having to go to foreign countries to find babies to adopt which is a very expensive and lengthy process. There are plenty of couples to adopt these babies….not one of them would have to go without a family…not even the disabled children….not one!!

            My husband and I have adopted two children, one with a severe mental disability which was challenging in many ways. Yet we were committed from the start and remain committed to her (28yrs) still today. Not every single pro-life person is in a position to adopt children due to whatever their circumstances (health, finances,etc) may be, but plenty do and those who can not often do support ministries that reach out to unwed mothers through Crisis Pregnancy Programs and other ministries.

            What are YOU doing? Easy to point fingers at others, isn’t it? It is easy to be complacent when the pain is someone else’s. Ask Ginana Jenson how it felt to be survive a saline abortion…to have her skin literally burned off her body…to now live the rest of her life with cerebral palsy, the direct result of her ‘mother’s’ aborting her. Thankfully, she was adopted by a loving Christian couple who loved her, disability and all. Today she is a very articulate young woman, a strong pro-life advocate. She just testified before the Congress on the realities of abortion and her experience of being born alive, burned inside and out, left to die, but thankfully saved by a nurse who called 911. If it were up to you, I guess she should be dead so some woman would have the ‘right to choose’ murder of another human being.

            Sad, sir…very sad!

          • Jeff Brown

            if it were up to me, there would be no market for abortions, but the reality is that such a market exists. you will never be able to prevent abortions, no matter how hard you work at it. what YOU want to do is prevent safe and legal abortions, and force women seeking abortions to go to back alleys and put themselves in the hands of butchers. given that abortions WILL be had, it is better if they are had in as safe an environment as possible.

            i understand what you think you want, and why. do you have any idea how you would effectively enforce a total ban on abortions? are you going to test all women for pregnancy on a regular basis, and assign themm a government watchdog to make sure they don’t get an abortion? are you going to ban travel by pregnant women, to keep them from going elsewhere for an abortion? how will you punish women who have an abortion? will you jail a single mother of three for having an abortion, and put her kids in government care? who is going to oversee all of this, and who is going to pay for it?

            let’s assume that you all able to pass a law banning all abortions. explain how you plan to enforce that law.

            tell me how it works, in the real world.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Good grief…up until 1973, we HAD a total ban on abortion in this country. Laws were on the books and they were enforced, probably more leniently in some states sadly, but abortion was illegal in all 50 states. Women were NEVER punished or thrown into jail for having illegal abortions. But those who performed the abortions were. When those laws were strictly enforced for many years with huge fines and long jail times, there were few back ally butchers. There were very few abortions before it became legal. Now there are 1,000’s every day and many women now use it as a means of birth control. The huge number of abortions today is also related to the increase in promiscuity since there are now no consequences for fornicating with whomever. Sacking up is the norm with the younger generation….no more waiting until after marriage. The situation we have now is all due to the moral breakdown of our society and culture. A society that loves death.. Someone else is always to blame for our choices and we must never be made to suffer the consequences of our actions. Oh, dear…..we can’t allow women to be faced with an unwanted pregnancy. But why not? Provide counseling, provide assistance and whatever help she needs so she can keep the baby or provide assistance in finding a good home for the child. There is NEVER a reason to kill a baby. We do it because we are selfish…for no other reason. A narcissistic society…that is what we have today.

          • Jeff Brown

            i didn’t ask you about the past, i asked you how you would enforce a total ban on abortion.

            can i assume that your answer is “just like it was enforced in 1972”? never punish the supposedly-promiscuous woman who wants the abortion, just the provider, if you can catch them … if you even KNOW about the abortion at all.

            do you think that worked before 1973, and would work again today? do you believe the law prevented any abortions, or would prevent any abortions? what would you do about abortions performed in canada or mexico, where the abortion provider is out of reach … if you even KNOW about the abortion at all?

            gracious, i don’t believe you have thought this through. please try to answer the questions i asked.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Double good grief! Can ANY law of man ever be enforced completely… perfectly? No. Why? Because men are devious at heart and will always try to get around any law…man’s or God’s. So that means we should just not have any laws at all?…because they cannot be enforced perfectly? Let’s get rid of all stop lights then. If abortion were again illegal, the number of abortions would go down drastically. That you cannot deny. What some people do…going to Canada or Mexico…they will do. We can’t control what happens beyond our borders and, if women do that, they and the butchers who do those abortions will bear the consequences of their actions in this life and before God one day. You can’t police every single person on the planet. But people have a conscience. If abortion is illegal and not so convenient as it is today (with no moral stigma at all), then most women will be less likely to kill their babies.

            Two things I said: Laws that we enforce the best we humanly can and compassionate programs in place to help those facing unwanted pregnancies. It DID work for many years. Churches ran homes and programs for unwed mothers…now a thing of the past. Bring it back! It can work again…but of course it won’t be perfect since people will always find a way to sin…because that is what they love to do.

            …’if you even Know anything about abortion at all’…I know all I need to know. Abortion stops a beating human heart. What else do I need to know? We need to stop the practice and get back to valuing human life….all human life.

          • Jeff Brown

            so, you concede that you can’t actually prevent any abortions, but you still insist that unsafe, illegal abortions are better than safe, legal abortions? it sounds to me like your goal is not to prevent abortions, just to withhold your approval from any law that might allow abortions.

            won’t god know what is in your heart? and if god is going to deal with it, why don’t you just mind your own business and let the rest of us take our chances with god’s judgment?

          • Angel Jabbins

            No, I do NOT concede that we ‘can’t actually prevent’ ANY abortions. We can prevent almost all of them by passing a law making it illegal, giving a very stiff penalty (not a slap on the hand) to those who try to do back ally abortions. By your reasoning, we should have no laws against murder, theft, or any other abhorrent behaviors just because we won’t catch every single criminal. How absurd!

            Yes God is going to deal with it on Judgement Day, but that does not excuse those of us who know it is wrong so that we can just look the other way. Is it ok to look the other way if you see a man knock an old woman down and steal her purse?….or if someone knifes another person in an ally? Just look away…God will deal with it someday? No, we are responsible to protect the weak in our society and we will be held accountable for our actions or lack thereof.

            “If anyone, then, (who) knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” James 4:17 NIV

            “Why don’t you just mind your own business and let the rest of us take our chances with god’s judgment?”

            Whether you or anyone else faces God’s judgment is not my primary concern at this point. You have a conscience and I have tried my best to share the truth with you. You do with it what you want.

            Why don’t I mind my own business?….because this IS my business….saving the lives of babies should be everyone’s business. Giana Jenson is very thankful for the nurse who called 911 and saved her life after a botched ‘safe and legal’ abortion. Dr. Gosnell who ran an abortion butchery and is responsible for the death of many women…yeah….he was ‘safe and legal’ too. His ‘clinic’ was filthy and rat infested.

            You need to think rationally, logically…not with your emotions.

          • Jeff Brown

            i am hardly thinking with my emotions. that’s actually laughable. YOU are the one who is thinking with your fear of god.

            you have yet to give me any details about how you are going to enforce a total ban on abortions, or how you can be sure that you have prevented ANY abortions. once you ban abortion, there will be no reporting of numbers, but abortions will still happen.

            making it illegal, with stiff penalties, especially if you don’t plan to punish the woman, simply will not work, especially since you haven’t specified what those penalties would be. pregnant women who want an abortion, and don’t have access to safe, legal abortions, will seek out black market abortions, at high prices — just like they did before 1973. a ban on safe, legal abortions might ease your conscience, but it will not prevent abortions, and it will increase crime.

            and you need to keep in mind that the wrath of your god is YOUR problem, not anyone else’s. it is unreasonable to expect other people to live by your god’s rules. personally, i think it should be illegal to indoctrinate children into religion by scaring them with eternal damnation, but our society decided a long time ago that the religious upbringing of children was the province of parents. just like we decided in 1973 that it was better for society to have safe and legal abortions, with limitations, than unsafe and illegal abortions with NO limitations.

            the abortion fight is almost completely about keeping you morally outraged, so you will keep paying a pastor for his ‘direction’. it is certainly NOT about doing what is best for society.

          • Jeff Brown

            i didn’t say ‘about abortion’, i said ‘about THE abortion’, as in ‘any specific abortion procedure’.

  • Rebecca

    Unless they repent, they will burn in Hell.
    Anyone involved in PP has blood on their hands.
    PP needs to be defunded!!

    Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knows us before He forms us in the womb. Psalm 139:13-16 speaks of God’s active role in our creation and formation in the womb. Exodus 21:22-25 prescribes the same penalty—death—for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder.

  • FoJC_Forever

    Judgement is coming.