Ex-Convict Turned Christian Says He Now Has God-Given ‘Urge’ to Pray for Police

AmeyTEXAS CITY, Texas — A photo of an ex-convict turned Christian who recently prayed on the street with a police officer who once arrested him has gone viral.

Edward “Doc” Amey is no stranger to the police. He’s been arrested on numerous occasions and went to prison three times, mainly because of drug activity.

But while in prison seven years ago, Amey cried out to God in desperation and asked Jesus to change his ways. After being released, he began attending Bible college and remained faithful in church attendance.

Amey says that in recent days, the Lord has been moving on his heart to pray for members of law enforcement.

“The last week-and-a-half God has really been giving me the urge to pray for police officers,” he told local television station KHOU-TV on Thursday.

Last weekend, when Amey saw Officer Salvador Chapa on the streets—an officer that once arrested him on a gun charge—he approached him, stating that he just wanted to pray for him.

“I pray that You continue to watch over him,” Amey prayed, joining hands with Chapa. “Continue to guide him and lead him in the way that You may have him go, Lord.”

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Kevin Woods, a friend of Chapa’s, was standing nearby and witnessed the encounter. He pulled out his phone and took a photograph. Woods then posted the photo to Facebook.

“I got to watch something so amazing I’m speechless,” he wrote. “We are at a cook-off and I see Sal Chapa get pulled away. I look over and they are in prayer.”

“Sal arrested this guy about eight years ago on a gun charge. … While he was in prison he said, ‘God, if you are real, turn my life around,’” Woods continued. “This man wanted to pray for the officer’s safety.”

He said that the incident further showed that under God, all lives matter.

“We should be seeing more of this in America. There shouldn’t be race involved and this is living proof that color doesn’t matter. This is a prime example,” Woods wrote. “Continue on your path, brother. Thank you for saying a prayer for my brother.”

The photograph has had over a million views, and the Texas City Police Department, which also shared the photo on its Facebook page, has received over 26,000 likes for its post.

“I love you,” Amey told Chapa at the conclusion of the prayer.

“I love you, too, brother,” Chapa responded. “Thank you very much for praying for us.”

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  • JohninRedding

    Excellent. More Christians need to take the lead in situations like this. This is the lifestyle Christ prayed for among his followers.