‘We Are Apes:’ Abortionist Blasts Atheist Recording to Drown Out Christians’ Pro-Life Pleas

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NORFOLK, Va. — An abortionist in Virginia recently blasted an atheist message from his facility to drown out the Christians who were preaching the gospel outside and pleading with women not to kill their children.

David Peters is an abortionist at Tidewater Women’s and LGBT Primary Care in Norfolk, and is the owner of Brute Strength Gym in the city. In recent weeks, as Christians have been standing for life outside the facility, Peters has played music through the speaker on the side of the building, and on one occasion, blared a message from atheist P.Z. Myers.

“He’s played some heavy metal stuff, and this last one was the most interesting,” Jason Sleichter, who was present when the message was played, told Christian News Network.

“He said we came from pond scum,” Don Karns, who recorded video of the incident, explained.

“We are apes and the descendants of apes,” the recording of Myers’ book “The Happy Atheist” declared. “We’re the descendents of rat-like primates, who were the children of reptiles, who were the spawn of amphibians, who were the terrestrial progeny of fish, who came from worms, who were assembled from single-cell microorganisms, who were the products of chemistry.”

“Your daddy was a film of chemical slime on a Hadean rock and he didn’t care about you—he was only obeying the laws of thermodynamics,” it continued. “You aren’t here because of grand design, but because of chance, contingency and selection.”

The voice of a man preaching is faintly heard in the video as it is largely overcome by the recording. Sleichter said that he believes Peters purposefully blares the audio to combat Christians.

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“I think that his purpose is to try to drown us out,” he said. “It’s opposition to the gospel.”

“I don’t know what it sounded like inside. I would think it would sound crazy to the moms inside, but on the street it’s really hard for us to minister to women because he’s drowning us out with the loud music,” Karns stated.

The men explained that while Myers’ message was telling women that they are an accident and a product of the evolution of slime, the Christians were calling out to women to let them know that they and their unborn child are valuable.

“We were telling them that their baby was made in the image of God, and what was going on that day was that God’s image was being destroyed,” Karns outlined. “[We said that] every child has a value no matter the color of their skin.”

He said that the Christians were also offering assistance to the women, that “if they would allow us, we would help them any way we could to have their baby.”

“Our message is a message of hope, a message of life and a message of truth,” Sleichter explained. “Our goal is to share the gospel with them, that Christ died for our sins, and that our sins is what every one of us–not just the women in there—need to be delivered from. That’s the root of abortion—it’s the root of anything wrong with society—our sin. It’s our selfish nature that we need to be delivered from.”

The men are not deterred by the incident, but find Peters’ broadcast of the atheist audio book to combat the gospel interesting.

Sleichter encouraged Christians pray for those who are taking the word of God to the abortion facilities in our nation, and urged believers to become active themselves in reaching abortion-minded women for Christ.

“People need to get involved in putting this to an end and seeing the reality of what is, and saying, ‘I can’t go to sleep at night while this is still going on in my county and in my community,'” he said.

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