Florida Senate Candidate Admits to Sacrificing Goat, Drinking Blood in Pagan Ritual

Invictus-compressedORLANDO, Fla. — A U.S. Senate candidate in Florida is raising eyebrows after he admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood two years ago as part of a pagan ritual.

Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, is a candidate for Marco Rubio’s seat under the Libertarian Party and also works as an attorney.

His moniker means “majestic unconquered sun,” similar to the sun god that was worshiped in the Roman empire in the first few hundred years following Christ’s death and resurrection. However, reports state that he chose the name in following Thelema, a philosophy created by Satanist Alestair Crowley. Invictus’ real name is not known.

This week, Invictus admitted to reporters that in 2013, he walked to the Mojave Desert from Orlando and spent a week there fasting. After his return, he killed a goat and drank its blood to give thanks for surviving the journey.

“I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans,” Invictus told the Associated Press. “I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness. … Yes, I drank the goat’s blood.”

The Daily Beast also notes that in a letter he wrote he wrote that year, Invictus renounced his U.S. citizenship, his part in the Roman Catholic Church, his legal license, and all of his physical possessions.

“To those who believe that this great renunciation is evidence of mental illness rather than the initiation of a spiritual journey: If my example stirs nothing in you, if you can see no further than the confines of what your secular humanism & its hallowed psychiatry allow, then there is nothing I can say to you that would wake you from your slumber,” he wrote. “You are less than the beast in man. You are fungi. Would to God that you pass quickly from this Earth.”

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He said that he was going to the desert to prepare for a civil war.

“I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself. Mark well: That day is fast coming upon you. On the New Moon of May, I shall disappear into the Wilderness. I will return bearing Revolution, or I will not return at all,” Invictus wrote.

The Senate candidate told reporters that he doesn’t “go on [his] lunch break and start hacking chickens to death,” but is an avowed pagan.

If elected, he said that he wants to tackle issues such as immigration, the federal budget and U.S. intervention in foreign countries. Libertarian Party Chairman Adrian Wyllie resigned last Thursday due to disagreements with Invictus’ candidacy. Invictus has remarked that Wyllie’s vocal opposition has been just to “smear” his campaign.

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  • Matilde Tavares

    Wow for a

  • FoJC_Forever

    I wonder if he actually has a chance of winning the seat. He can make some headlines by being a pagan, but I don’t think it will set well with very many people – religious and non-religious alike.

    He’s in for a big shock one day. Hopefully, for his sake, it won’t be one Day when it’s too late for him to repent of his wicked beliefs and call upon Jesus (the) Christ to save him from his Sin.

    • Lexical Cannibal

      I’m a pagan and I wouldn’t vote for this guy. Like, I’m not bothered by the sacrifice or the name change, because sometimes pagans do those things, depending on their tradition, but the man is clearly at least a little insane. Saying things like “you think I’m insane? That’s just because you’re unenlightened; you’re blinded from the truth! Wake up, sheeple!” is usually a pretty good indicator of that.

      • FoJC_Forever

        All pagans are “insane” – meaning they aren’t in the Righteous frame of mind.

        Follow Jesus, find Truth.

        • Lexical Cannibal

          Hey man, party foul. I’m not out here calling your religion crazy.

          Follow Odin, fight jötun.

          • FoJC_Forever

            Odin was a demon worshiped by those who rejected God. This Truth was revealed to the Apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit. Those who choose to worship any other “god” but the only God and Creator are not in a Righteous frame of mind. I don’t necessarily think you’re “clinically insane” (a danger to yourself and/or others). However, you are being misled into thinking that Odin is God, if indeed that is what you believe.

            You, like everyone else that has ever been born of male and female, are tarnished by Sin. This Sin keeps your from having an Right relationship with God. God, in His great Love with which He loves us, sent His Word to become a man, born through a virgin woman apart from male seed. Jesus is a complete miracle, and it is He who willingly paid the price of Death for all mankind, so that we could be given the Gift of His Righteousness. His resurrection was the Seal declaring and affirming that Jesus’ sacrifice was more than enough to redeem all who call upon Him for Salvation from Sin.

            The Gift of Righteousness imparted to those who believe, love, and follow Jesus (the) Christ is what allows us to be in Covenant with God. It is His power that saves us from the Sin present in us. Odin cannot give you or make you Righteous. Righteousness (not self righteousness) it is something you and everyone else needs more than anything.

          • THOR is also a ruling devil.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            You can spare the diatribe; I think everyone in this conversation is already familiar with it. I probably know it by heart, and clearly you do too, so let’s just skip past that bit, yeah? I’m a sinner, we’re all sinners, but Yaweh/Elohim/Yeshua gave us a way out of that, and that’s grand. I’m also not going to talk comparative Heathen/Christian theology with you. Under other circumstances, I might, but I’m going to hold off because it seems like you’re more interested in conversion than conversation and those aren’t normally productive discussions.

            What I will say is this; You’ve got your faith and I don’t begrudge you that. I hope it brings light to your life and support through your hard times. Personally, I don’t buy into it, but that doesn’t make it any less valid or effective for you, and I will never try to tell you that your religion’s bunk because not only is that an awful way to talk to another human being, it’s also a woefully ineffective way to try to change someone’s mind. People don’t respond to stuff like that with “Oh, you know? Maybe it is, I’ll re-examine it real quick” they respond with “Wow, you’re being a jerk and that jerkiness makes me feel like I’ve got plenty of license to ignore you.” If you ever had anyone attack your faith, then you almost certainly responded in the same way. You may have, at most, attempted to disprove that person, but you likely never, not even once, entertained the idea that they might be right, right? Because people don’t respond to that kind of discourse, they react.

            I’m not even saying you shouldn’t proselytize. Go ahead, do that, go crazy. I’m saying, no matter what your beliefs, starting a conversation with “Your god is a demon deceiving you away from god” will more often end them in the same breath. Even if you think that’s true, it’s hugely disrespectful at is more likely to get you long-winded explanations of why that’s so disrespectful, if anything at all. If I told you that I believed that your god was a morally reprehensible schizoid born from the collective neuroses of bronze-age sheep herders, you’d be pretty offended, right? That’s an incredibly disrespectful way to talk about your religion, regardless of how true I think it is.

            Then again, I’m not sure how much that treating other people with respect matters to you, so there’s that to consider. Not exactly filled with optimism so far.

          • FoJC_Forever

            One thing about you, you are sincere. God can work with sincerity. He’d rather you be hot or cold, not lukewarm.

            The reason you don’t believe is because the god of this world, Satan, is blinding you from seeing the Truth, clouding your mind from knowing the Truth, and deafening your spiritual ears from hearing the Truth. You won’t even believe the previous statement, because it is Truth.

            I don’t begrudge you for rejecting the Truth, rejecting Jesus (the) Christ. I do pray that one day your heart and mind opens so that you can receive the Word of God and be saved from your Sin.

            However, I do take issue with people who pretend to know the LORD, but only make up their own doctrines and beliefs about Him, but that isn’t you of course.

          • Kena

            Love you man and I’m praying for you.

  • For a man sold out to idolatry he looks great in a suit.

    • Like the AntiChrist will look like – and hey, all the world leaders who derive their power from Satan. Pharisees. Full of dead men’s bones & shit.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    Mental illness spans far and wide, but dangerous when it introduced unhindered into politics. The proof is in today’s liberalism. Wacky is as wacky does.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    Mental illness goes far and wide, the real danger though is when it enters into politics, unnoticed and unhindered. We’re seeing much of it today.

    • Desertcatn

      I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, to call this mental illness; it gives a pass to pure evil. Most mentally ill people are not evil and many evil people do not fit the profile for mental illness. Many people who suffer depression or other chemical imbalances are stigmatized by labeling evil acts, as symptoms of mental illness. Satanically-sourced evil is given a pass, by labeling it as mental illness. As the evil grows in our world, we need to correctly identify it.

    • Natarthos Sothratis

      I think that a man named Hitler justifies your comment fairly well.

  • Angel Jabbins

    How is a man who has renounced his US citizenship allowed run for public office?

    • violetteal

      Valid question.

    • Jim H

      Jim H violetteal • a few seconds ago

      INA § 349 states that a citizen, whether a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing certain acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality. The fact of intention is critical; it is not the mere performance of the actions mentioned in § 349. Seven types of conduct are currently listed in the INA as expatriative. The potentially expatriating acts are: (1) applying for and obtaining naturalization in a foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (2) making an oath of allegiance to a foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (3) serving in the military of a foreign country as a commissioned or noncommissioned officer or when the foreign state is engaged in hostilities against the United States; (4) serving in a foreign government position that requires an oath of allegiance to or the nationality of that foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (5) making a formal renunciation of U.S. citizenship to a consular officer outside of the United States; (6) making a formal renunciation of citizenship while in the United States and during time that the United States is involved in a war; and (7) conviction for treason or attempting by force to overthrow the U.S. government, including conspiracy convictions.

      Just saying it doesn’t make it so.

      • Angel Jabbins

        Thanks for the clarification on that. A scary candidate. Doubt he will get many votes. But….the way things are today…I could be wrong.

  • Kayla Waterman

    All officials celebrate evil wake up ppl

    • Desertcatn

      Sadly, Santeria is getting more common in those areas, it’s pretty creepy.

      • Jim H

        This guy isn’t Santerian, he claims he is a follower of Alestair Crowley and follows the law of Thelema, which is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.”

        On the other hand, Santeria is a result of Africans being forced to convert to Catholicism upon arrival in the New World, but also still continuing to practice their native religions.

        A common misconception is that Afro-Cubans blended the two religions into a single one, but a more accurate way to think about religious syncretism in Cuba is to say that the two systems continued parallel to each other in the minds of the Afro-Cuban people, who didn’t see any contradiction between them.

        I know a Santerian, and some other pagans (Wiccan), I don’t buy into any of it, but none of them are all that creepy.

        • Desertcatn

          It’s creepy to me, you know more about it than I do, we can leave it at that.

  • Tamara Mandell-Rudnicki

    Just what America needs… Another pagan in politics making decisions for our nation. NOT!! Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.

  • Nidalap

    This is a commentary on our society as a whole, not just yon pagan. In the not-too-distant past, something like this would doom a person’s candidacy if it were uncovered in someone’s hidden lifestyle. Now, though it be proclaimed openly, all he gets are a few ‘raised eyebrows’.
    Makes you feel a bit creepy about the entire nation…

  • Gabriel A. King

    As if we didn’t have enough trouble in DC already ?

  • sammy13

    America, sinking faster than the Titanic.

  • Bill Kelly

    Do you who call yourselves pagan have no understanding or conviction that drinking blood, and your faith in these ungodly practices, are delusional, and that you are giving yourself an escape from the truth, from the reality, that you are in need of God’s mercy, and that without that, the mercy of God shown through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will face a certain judgement. The time of relative peace and on this earth is to soon be over, and Christ will return as he said, to establish His true peace and righteousness. And all of the things that point to this, are the fulfillment of the old Testament prophesies, and the ones that Jesus and His apostles and prophets foretold. Yes, this is a judgement on the sin of this world, and there will be a cleansing from that, by judgment. But Jesus did in fact, no diatribe, take the judgement for us when He was crucified, buried, and rose again on the third day, as the scriptures prophesied to us. SO repent, and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, For the promise is to you and your children, and those who are far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. The end will come when the whole world understands. The Good News must be preached to every creature, every person on this earth. And it will be. Please decide to be among those who have chosen to serve the God who was, and is, and is to come, our Creator who loves us, and gave His life for us, Jesus Christ the righteous, whose blood will wash away your sins, and who will make you his new creatures in Him, if you will turn to him, and trust him, and learn to walk with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all with the wisdom to choose life. In Jesus name.