Texas Principal to No Longer Speak at ‘See You at the Pole’ Prayer Events Over Atheist Complaint

prayerPROSPER, Texas — A Texas principal has agreed to no longer speak at future “See You at the Pole” school prayer events in his capacity as a public official following the demands of a prominent atheist activist organization.

According to reports, for the past 21 years, Dr. Greg Wright, the principal of Prosper High School has been leading prayers and delivering sermons at the annual youth prayer event. But recently, parent Janie Oyakawa contacted the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) about Wright’s practice, as well as his alleged formation of a Christian club for students.

“If he wants to be the principal of a Christian school, he has all the freedom to do that. But I just want our high school to represent the people that are part of the community and contribute financially to it and not all of those people are Christians,” she told local television station NBCDFW.

Her complaints, which were also posted online, resulted in a prayer rally on campus in late September in support of Wright.

As a result of the situation, FFRF sent a letter to Superintendent Drew Watkins to demand that school officials refrain from participating in prayer events or forming religious clubs.

“When a teacher or principal is on school property as part of the school day, even if it is before the official 8:24 a.m. start, they are there for their official duties, just as students are,” the letter from the organization read. “School staffers cannot lead, encourage, or participate in student-led religious activity. And any religious event or religious club at a PISD school must be genuinely student-led.”

The correspondence also took issue with a cross and plaque in the assistant principal’s office that reads, “God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorry, nor sun without rain. But he did promise strength for the day.”

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“We understand that PHS Assistant Principal Grant displays a Latin cross and a plaque about god in her office,” the letter said. “That these displays are in Grant’s office is immaterial. Students enter her office regularly and the displays are orientated towards those student visitors.”

On Monday, FFRF announced that it had received a reply from Charles Crawford, the attorney for Prosper Independent School District, advising that Wright will no longer speak “in his capacity as district employee at future on-campus, student-led See You at the Pole events.” Crawford also agreed that officials will not “prominently display religious materials in school buildings where students are likely to be present.”

But he also asserted that “Principal Wright is not forming a religious club for students.” Crawford contended that the club is rather “being student formed and led.”

FFRF says that it is going to continue to monitor the school to ensure that it is following through with the group’s demands.

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  • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

    No 6 year old Child should go through this! No child of any age should go through this! This Child could become HIV infected!Through medication this child if infected could live for a long time.What about other Children he may have infected? Some may have feared going to their parents.These Children if infected with HIV will not have the treatment they need to live.These could in the future get sick before finding out that they have HIV.

    I understand the two sides of this coin so to speak.One side says He should die. After all this Child may die because this monster forced himself on this Child! The bleeding heart side says Life in Prison. If he would get life in Prison they should not separate him from the other inmates.

    My Prayer is that they will find out if their are other Children involved.So these Children can be tested.

    • Josey

      There probably are other children involved to some extent, these kind of people usually don’t just wake up one day and decide to do these depraved acts, he’s just gotten away with it for a time and I agree with your prayer that they find the other children, they may be grown by now and have spread disease themselves. Just a common sense assumption of course. My prayers are with the child and his family, May God heal him completely and show them mercy.

      • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

        Amen! God is so great. Ad he is able to heal Child and his family.

  • bowie1

    It’s unfortunate that this principal can no longer participate with the see you at the pole over an atheist complaint, but what can he do? P.S. It seems the comments on this thread are in reaction to another article. I’ve emailed the administrators before of some other articles where the comments did not match the article subject but so far it seems they have ignored me.

    • Liz Litts

      He can do like the police chief in the case of ‘In God we trust ” on the patrol cars–he told them to ‘go fly a kite”.

  • Josey

    The comments on this one do not match up with the article, these comments were from an earlier article. What is going on here?

  • Liz Litts

    A Police chief in Texas just told these creeps to stick it were the sun don’t shine–the Principal should do the same!

  • Jean Adams

    The above is about a school being targeted for it’
    s Christian practices. The comments below are not.

  • The Skeptical Chymist

    It is a shame that it takes the threat of a lawsuit to force the school to do the right thing – to show that all are welcome regardless of their religious beliefs, and to avoid making the school a tool of one particular faith.

    • Josey

      It’s a shame alright but not in the way you mean.

  • afchief

    The right to pray is unalienable. The First Amendment calls it “free exercise.” The God-haters (and their cops) like to point us to the “establishment clause”, but “establishment” and “free exercise” are connected by “or”. Sort of like love and marriage used to “go together like a horse and carriage” you can’t have one without the other. You still remember when marriage was marriage, don’t you?

    The courts and their legal miscreants have separated the terms. Establishment doesn’t trump free exercise. Every adult and every kid in that school has the right to freely pray if they so desire. Free exercise cannot be inhibited by lawyers or judges. If it is restricted, it is not “free” exercise. Technically only Congress can take away the right to pray, and they are expressly forbidden to do so. In case you’re interested, here is the pertinent section of the First Amendment:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

    Saying a prayer at a school flag pole does not establish a religion. Only Congress can do that…but they can’t. This Principal and students are engaging in “free exercise.” If Congress can’t establish a religion, how can a school or a Principal establish one?

    Only in America, with our un-Godly, un-righteous courts, could such a charade have been foisted upon us. There is no separation between the church and the state. They just tell us that there is and then they use that to dredge our children through the cesspool of secular humanism.

    Free exercise means free exercise. This Principal can pray or not pray. The same is true with every one of his students. Free exercise! Not ACLU enforced “disestablishment” of Christianity.

    • Blaylock

      Funny how you call atheists “god haters”. Atheists do not believe in any gods or deities. Its real hard to hate that which doesn’t exist. Is that your boyfriend on your avatar?

      • afchief

        Yes, atheists are god haters. They attack everything Christian.

        I see you are another person who packs fudge. Disgusting!!!!!

        • Jolanda Tiellemans

          Oh my, before you know it atheists are going to attack churches? Be aware of the evil atheists.

  • Josey

    Unfortunately, they use the first amendment in a backward manner, using it in the opposite manner the founding fathers intended it to mean in the first place and use it to intimidate those who have the right to exercise their freedom of speech or in this case pray. I’ve noticed when they don’t get their way and a school refuses to be intimidated they let the threat go because they know it won’t stand in court, it only works if the school or courthouse becomes intimidated and fearful of the threat of a lawsuit which is exactly why we need to stand against their intimidating tactics like many are rising up to do, they can’t take everyone to court, would be tied up for years., Stand up and be counted, don’t fear for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. Be a Daniel, Meshach, shadrach and a abednego, be a David who slew a giant with one small stone, trust in the Lord with all of thine heart and do not fear what man threatens to do to you! Be like the many mighty men and women of faith that went before us as examples to us of the Power of God. Jericho fell by the obedience of those Israelites who believed God’s word to them, they didn’t have to lift a finger and the walls came down as they marched according to the word of God.

  • acontraryview

    As a government official whose job is to lead all students of all faiths as well as no faith, it is not his place to endorse or support a particular religious belief in his capacity as principal.

  • Goodee Tooshew

    Pure evil religion. Disgusting horrible acts.

    • Nidalap

      Hi there! Pardon me for asking this but what article are you posting to? It just appeared in the ‘principal no longer speaking at the see you at the pole events’ article. Are they mixing them up again? 🙂

  • Lidia En Pieter Becker

    If you are not a Christian why do you send your child to a Christian school?

  • FoJC_Forever

    Christians don’t pray to a flag or the pole that holds it. The prayers of the falsely religious don’t release the Power of God into the earth, but the power of the devil to deceive and empower people with a false anointing.

    Follow Jesus, find Truth.

  • Yet it’s perfectly fine to teach the religion of big bang/evolution in science class. If we are going to totally eliminate religion from public spheres, let’s get rid of all the speculation on how life formed and how man came into existence. None of it can be proven or verified scientifically. Let’s stick to physics, chemistry and real science that can actually be applied and used in a meaningful way rather than teach nature and earth worship disguised as science.

    And please no one tell me evolution is scientific….I know that is what you were told in public school, but guess what….they lied to you. Just like they did about “everyone is a winner”.