‘Something to Strive for’: Planned Parenthood Abortionist Laughs About Harvesting Intact Baby Heads

Dermish-compressedAUSTIN, Texas — The eleventh Planned Parenthood expose’ video released by the Center for Medical Progress captures a Texas abortionist laughing about how obtaining an intact baby head would be “something to strive for,” and explaining how she performs breech or partial birth abortions to harvest the child’s organs.

“My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” Amna Dermish tells the undercover investigator posing as a representative from a fetal organ procurement company, who explains that he would expect any organs to be intact.

“Can you convert to breech?” he asks.

“I can if I need to,” Dermish replies. “I don’t usually do it in the 16 t0 18 weeks [babies] because I don’t really need to, but with the further gestation, I will sometimes do that if it’s a celaphalic presentation (head first) just because it’s easier to get.”

The investigator then states that he was told by Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s medical director, that it is easier to harvest intact organs, including the baby’s brain, by turning the child breech.

“I haven’t been able to do that yet—the intact calvarium,” Dermish replies.

“It’s like, well, maybe next time, right?” the investigator states.

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“Well, this will give me something to strive for,” Dermish responds, laughing.

The abortionist was also asked how intact the bodies were from the previous week, during which time her co-worker comments about the “cuteness” of the organs of the dead children.

“[The 20-week-old baby] was trunk intact. They’re usually—what I’ll do— if it’s a breech presentation, I’ll remove the extremities first—the lower extremities—and then go for the spine and sort of break it down that way,” Dermish explains.

“I always try and keep the trunk intact just by function of always trying to aim for the spine and bring it down,” she says.

Dermish also explains that one of their workers is interested in organ donation and likes to look for the various body parts following the abortion procedure.

“[S]he’ll pull out kidneys and heart, and heart we usually see at nine weeks and she always looks for it,” she says.

“Just like for fun,” the investigator says.

“Well, it’s cute. It’s cute,” the co-worker replies.

“It’s amazing,” Dermish chimes in. “I have so much respect for development. It’s just incredible. So she’s always at 10, 11, 12 weeks, she’s like trying to find the kidneys and any of the organs of that gestation.”

The Center for Medical Progress states that it believes the footage is proof that the organization is performing illegal partial birth abortions, which were outlawed in 2003 under then-President George W. Bush.

“Less than 4 miles away from the Texas state capitol, Planned Parenthood routinely practices barbaric partial-birth abortions on living, late-term fetuses,” said CMP Project Lead David Daleiden in a statement. “Planned Parenthood’s crimes are not just the result of local bad actors, but are tolerated and even encouraged at the highest levels of the national organization. State-level criminal investigations must press charges, and Congress’ new select committee must pursue a deep and comprehensive accounting of Planned Parenthood’s atrocities against humanity.”

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  • Lisa

    Ya I guess looking at a dead babies heart would be considered cute? The callousness of what these people are talking about is astounding.

  • “something to strive for,”
    This is the striven result of “Freedom FROM Religion” instead of “Freedom OF Religion.”

  • afchief

    That our country, our congress, our lawless pResident are not outraged and demand that this human butcher mill be shut down just shows how far our country has fallen.

    Our tax dollars do NOT need to fund the murder of innocent babies. If a medical need arises that requires a medical abortion, we do NOT need a baby chop shop to handle it. DE-FUND PP and DEFEND human life!

  • Josey

    The videos are so hard to watch but it is necessary and shows the hardness and madness of the one’s performing these abortions, murders. Breaks my heart and angers me too! Sacrifices to the evil one, what an abomination. Soon, God will pour out His wrath upon the unbelieving, those who refuse to repent. Vengeance belongs to Him and the execution of it will not be pleasant upon those who will not repent and whom take pleasure in unrighteousness.

    • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

      Right now I believe PP is destroying it self. I just hope they finish the destruction of themselves quickly. Some are having a change of heart since the videos came out. Some states have stopped funding PP. I hope more will. Hope and pray.

  • Cosmic Mastermind

    I suspect shenanigans here, on the part of the guy BEHIND the camera. He’s posing as a “buyer”? Instantly I am skeptic mode; the reference to payments of $50 and $60 is most likely in reference to payment for transportation and storage of legally obtained tissue samples. Some parts of the conversation have been edited out and I suspect the raw video would tell a different story.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Full footage of this undercover video and of all the other videos are available at the Center for Medical Progress website (. org). Just click on ‘full footage’ under the video entitled: “Planned Parenthood TX Abortion Apprentice Taught Partial-Birth Abortions to ‘strive for’ intact baby brains”. (So disgusting that we would even be talking about such a thing!)

      Complete written transcripts of the conversations are also available at the bottom of that page. Click on the last transcript, #13, to read every single word of the conversation. Of course some editing was done to shorten the content, but that does not change what was said in the full version….not one bit.

      Even if there were some gaps in the coverage (due to bathroom breaks and such), that in no way takes away from what was said on those tapes….’grabbing the spine to break it down’. This is a human being we are talking about…there is no way you can get around what she described doing to that baby. No way! She said what she said…and she does it…a lot with no pang of conscience whatsoever either.

  • Miriam Luz

    These are the people that will protest and be enraged over animal cruelty. They’re beyond sick. They are sadistic and evil. I love animals, but I love and value a human life more.

  • Better to use tissue from aborted fetuses for lifesaving medical research, rather than simply chucking it into the medical waste incinerator.

    • I’m sure Dr. Mengele would upvote your post. Better to use living Jews for medical research, rather than simply sending them to the gas chambers.

      My point being, of course, is that there should never be aborted fetuses in the first place. Would you condone harvesting organs from unwanted postpartum fetuses (commonly known as “babies”) if it could save another person’s life?

    • MamaBear

      As someone with a terminal disease, as much as I want a cure, I do not want unborn babies lives taken for the sake of research.
      Abortion needs to end!

  • Rebecca

    Abortions are never right. Those who have participated or support Abortions are sad, pathetic, disgusting wastes of skin. Basically empty shells killing babies for profit. They will get theirs when they burn in Hell for all the blood that is on their hands. I wish them a horrid life since they have killed many. They are just disgusting and evil.

    • Cosmic Mastermind

      Never? That’s putting it a little strong, I can think of many situations where abortion is ethical. Also, the claim made here by CMP is deceptive, no criminal acts are involved and PP are following legal guidelines.

      Even if this were a case of a “bad abortion clinic”, which it isn’t, you can’t judge them all by the failure of one.

      • Rebecca

        Abortion is never right.

    • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

      I do not wish them a horrible life. Even though I want to. If they die without repenting what they will go through in eternity will be beyond anything we could ever understand.They can laugh now. But the day will come when their laughter will turn to eternal tears.The pain they caused the unborn Humans they killed they will feel.I hate Abortions! I will do my best to fight for the Unborn Human Lives till the day I die. And I will Pray for the day Abortions will stop.

      • Rebecca

        I agree, it is just so sad the way they are.

        • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

          Very sad and heart breaking.

          • Rebecca

            satan has them blinded.

          • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

            Yes he does. By the time they find out it will most likely be too late for them. They will never forget any of the Unborn Human Lives they killed. They will remember each one.

  • Truthhurts24

    Every abortionist better repent and pray hard that God will forgive them for their brutal sadistic way of life towards his creation, because if they don’t repent I cant even imagine what awaits them in hell.