Juanita Bynum, Twice-Divorced ‘Prophetess’ Who Spoke at Homosexual ‘Ordination,’ to Be Made Bishop

Bynum-compressedA self-proclaimed “prophetess” who divorced her second husband in 2008 and raised concern in 2009 after it was found that she spoke during an ordination service for a homosexual minister is set to be promoted to the position of bishop.

Juanita Bynum is a Georgia-based speaker and author of the books “Walking in Your Destiny,” “Heart Matters,” and “No More Sheets,” the latter of which resulted in Bynum revealing that she once had been involved in lesbianism.

“I’ve done the drugs, you know, I’ve been with men, I’ve been with women,” she told the “Frank & Wanda in the Morning” show in 2012.

Bynum also discussed her divorce to her second husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, who she said physically abused her.

“That abuse that I suffered was because I attracted after my own kind,” she stated. “That abuse was already sitting in me. I had already abused myself mentally and emotionally for years, trying to fill a void that only the power of purpose can fill.”

Bynum has been a regular on the global Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and has spoken at T.D. Jakes’ “Woman, Thou Art Loosed” conference.

In 2009, she spoke at Vision Church in Atlanta during an ordination service for a homosexual minister. During her talk, part of which was posted online, Bynum praised the congregation for providing financial support and other aid during her divorce and subsequent tax problems.

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Bynum also specifically addressed an elder in the congregation named Alana Thompson, a lesbian whose child was conceived after she placed an ad on Craigslist seeking a sperm donor.

“Alana, you are an amazing person,” she said, thanking her for her support. “We just love you. … You’re not just my friend. I keep telling you, you’re my sister from another mother.”

“Vision Church” is led by Oliver Clyde Allen, who has lived with his partner Rashad Burgess since 2002. Burgess is called the “first gentleman” of the congregation, and the men have adopted two children.

Global United Fellowship, led by Bishop Neil Ellis, has now announced that it will promote Bynum to the position of bishop.

“GUF professes they will not allow any name denomination, doctrine, tradition, socio-economic or cultural composition, to separate or prevent us from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the saints of the Living God,” reads a report about her elevation. “Their focus is on empowering and the perfecting of the saints through biblical training, mentoring, discipling, personal and ministry development.”

The organization also seeks to “focus on the cultivation of spiritual gifts rather than on doctrines and theological positions.”

There are a number of bishops serving in Global United Fellowship, including Carolyn Showell, who serves a vice presiding bishop.

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  • Josey

    More like self made false prophetess. Matthew 7:15-20 15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Deuteronomy 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    Ezekiel 12:25 For I am the LORD: I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass; it shall be no more prolonged: for in your days, O rebellious house, will I say the word, and will perform it, saith the Lord GOD.

    Jeremiah 28:9 The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the Lord hath truly sent him.

  • Emmanuel

    This is why I,We should not follow a man or woman and have the discernment to rebuke and leave. Our focus is on Christ and find a good pastor man/woman that fears the Lord and teaches the truth from the pulpit.

    • David Donovan


      • Lori Greenhill Sharpe

        Where, David? If you read, God appointed women as judges over even men. If you refer to the NT where women were admonished to be quiet and consult their husbands, read also that Paul said that wasn’t God saying that, but rather Paul said that. Those times were a time of newness for women to be present during worship and teaching because women in the Jewish religious were not allowed to be there with the men. They were finally included and social mores were still hard to change.

        • Angel Jabbins

          Here: 1 Timothy 2:12-14. This verse and its use as it relates to the full context of the chapter is explained in detail here: https: //carm. org/1-tim-212-13-and-women-pastors-and-elders (loose the spaces) Also, many common arguments against this biblical view are refuted.

          Yes, Paul WAS saying women are not to have authority over men and the reason he gives is based, not on his personal preference, but on the bible since he goes right back to Genesis…’for Adam was created first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” So it was not a cultural thing…it was (and is) a biblical thing.

          Women are not to be pastors or elders in the church or hold positions of leadership in the church. But they can still minister and teach in other Christian venues, however.
          Also 3 Tim…talks about a bishop being the husband of one wife and ruling his own house well. Also in Titus 1 the qualifications of a bishop (elder, pastor, deacon) is again discussed…and again the text says…the husband of one wife (v6). If God had intended women to hold these positions, He would have included them…’wives of one husband’. He didn’t. This is not a matter of Paul’s personal preference. It is a matter of being faithful to the Word of God. He was.

          Please read the article I referred to for more explanation.

          • TruthHurtsYou

            Amen! These people are just plain old rebellious! The word of God is right! She about to be False Bishop Liar, her & the rest of the women with these titles Elder, Bishop Pastor etc. Running in complete error!

          • Dave_L

            Thanks for sharing this, I never saw this before.

        • Ria Pendergrass

          Amen. God is no respecter of persons.
          ” There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal. 3:28 Enough said.

          • Sharon Billington

            Well said. God the Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts as He wills and ordains as He wills. Spirit has no gender, and neither are those of us who are God’s in His sight.

          • Soysalva

            I though it was over and out for you.

          • Sharon Billington

            You make no sense. God’s truth is plain to those who are blessed with spiritual eyes to see.

      • Emmanuel

        I read the holy bible that shows us that God used women to do His work.

        • Soysalva

          Of course He did. But not as church leaders.

      • Sharon Billington

        What you refer to is 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. This was Paul’s administrative decision for that particular fellowship where some women were being disruptive. He was right in saying that those women should not preach and teach. In no way was this a general edict. Priscilla ministered along with her husband, and Lydia had a church in her home. In the Old Testament, Deborah was anointed by God to be a judge.

        It’s vital for all of us to read scripture in context and not try to make it say what you want it to say or what you think it means.

        • Angel Jabbins

          Deborah (Judges 4, 5) was an Old Testament Judge – not a New Testament elder. (That God had to use her because there were no men to lead at that time, was really a judgment on Israel.) Prophesying women (Acts 21:8, 9) are not elders/pastors. Priscilla (Rom. 16:3, 4), a fellow worker in Christ, is not said to be an elder/pastor. Phoebe (Rom. 16:1) is a servant (diakonos) of the church – not an elder/pastor. Note that Jesus came not to be served but to serve (diakonos) (Mark 10:45). The government is called a minister (diakonos) of God (Rom. 13:4). Junia (Rom. 16:7 may have been a female apostle (not one of the 12) though this is debated. Still, even if she were, apostles are not for today; and an apostle is not a pastor/elder. The Chosen Lady of 2 John 1 is an honored woman – not a pastor/elder. Basically, the standard verses cited by people to support women being pastors and elders do no such thing. And, while Lydia opened her home for worship, I could not find any verses indicating she conducted the services as the pastor.

          What about women who feel they are called by God to minister as pastors and elders? Essentially, this is making doctrine based one’s experience. Just because a woman “says” she is called by God or feels she is, doesn’t mean she is, because it isn’t biblical. God’s word is the standard–not our feelings and experiences.

          Why is this important? This is important because compromise in one area often leads to compromise in other areas. Even if the biblical position is not popular or politically correct, it is biblically correct. As Christians, we must never let compromise seep into the Christian church and weaken it. If Christians refuse to submit to the teaching of God’s word in this matter, can they be trusted to rightly deliver God’s word to us in other matters?

          1) How can an elder/pastor who is a woman be “the husband of one wife,” lit. “a man of one woman,” (Titus 1:6)?
          2) How can a woman be in a place of authority as a pastor/elder and not violate 1 Tim. 2:12-13 where Paul clearly says he does “not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man?” (He did not differentiate between single women and married women here.) This is what it says, and there aren’t any qualifications to it. What do you do with it?

          While to is true that women are under-appreciated and under-utilized in the Church, God’s word is supreme. It ranks above our desires, above culture, and we need to adhere to what God tells us and not substitute it with a feeling or even an experience….or ‘politically correct’ cultural norms of the day. The health of God’s church is linked to its dependence on God’s word, and pastors and elders will be held responsible before God for what they teach.

          Finally, research shows that the majority of churches and denominations that affirm women pastors and elders often then adopt pro-homosexual and pro-abortion positions. Women, in my opinion…being one myself, are more prone to swayed by emotion than men are.
          The created order is what is at issue here. A woman’s subordinate role did not result after the fall as some cultural chauvinistic corruption of God’s perfect design. Rather, God established her role as part of his original creation. As Paul stated in 1 Tim. 2:13-14: (13) Adam was created first. Eve was created as a suitable helper for Adam. And, the fall actually collaborates God’s divine plan of creation. By nature, Eve was not suited to assume the position of ultimate responsibility. By leaving Adam’s protection and usurping his leadership, she was vulnerable and fell, confirming how important it was for her to stay under the protection of the man that God had placed over her. (14) Adam was not the one deceived. Eve was deceived, beguiled by the devil, and she is the one who fell into transgression. Adam violated his leadership role allowing the woman to lead him into sin and thereby plunged the whole human race into sin. Ultimately the responsibility for the fall rests on Adam when he violated God’s planned role for the sexes…he chose to disobey God apart from being deceived.

          • Sharon Billington

            And yet, despite all your words, women have been ordained spiritual leaders throughout scripture. Have a problem with that? Take it up with God.

          • Ria Pendergrass

            Yes it’s true, thank you sister! Anna was the first New Testament evangelist. Luke 2:36-37 Enough said. ????

          • Angel Jabbins

            Anna was not a pastor or an elder. She was a prophetess. As I stated above, women can minister and have ministered in many ways in the Christian community. But Scripture clearly states she is not to rule over men in the church. Did you even read what I wrote above? If so, then why not refute it sentence by sentence if you have verses that disprove those I quoted.

            Luke’s pairing of Simeon and Anna provides an interesting comparison. Simeon arrives first, and Luke records more of his encounter. Simeon is an old man. He exclaims, “Now, Sovereign Lord, you can let your servant depart in peace” (v. 29). He prophesies that the child in his arms is God’s salvation, “prepared in the sight of all people, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel” (Luke 2:28, 30b-32). Notice Luke’s deft writing: Simeon praises the Lord while Anna offers thanks; he prophesies, but she is called a prophetess (Luke 2:29-32, 34-36).

            There is no prohibition in Scriptures to women evangelizing….none whatever. We are talking leadership…pastor or elder…in the church setting here. So Anna is not an example you can use to prove your point.

          • dianna purcell

            Well Said Angel!

          • TomW63

            Now, you ladies stop arguing now… 🙂

          • Angel Jabbins

            Tom, it is an important issue….that is why I kept pursuing it. A lot of false teaching is entering the church today through this new unbiblical trend of women in the pulpits. You will see some of these churches with woman pastors begin to cave in on gay marriage before long….just like this so-called preacher Juanita Bynum. More of this kind of thing come.

          • Soysalva

            I agree Angel, and I too am a woman.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Thank you so much.

          • Soysalva

            This is why the world is going down in flames. We cannot accept what God has proclaimed since before the beginning of time. We need to throw a curve ball. Just like the people of Israel, we cannot accept or obey God’s written Word. We have our agenda, our own addenda and tack it on to God’s Word as if we can change what is truth.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Women have been used of God in various ways, yes. But ordained to be pastor or elders? No, none ever were. Show me where? The Scripture specifically teaches against women being in authority over men in the church setting. You obviously did not take the time to even read what I wrote…too many words is your excuse. You will not even open your mind to the possibility you could be wrong.

            I have already taken it up with God. And I didn’t like what I found…at first… because I felt the same way you do. But, the more I read and studied what the Word says, the more I realized I was in error. I think I laid it out pretty well in my post above (had you read it) so I can’t add anything more at this point.

            The church is in the mess it is today because men have not stepped up to lead as they should….left a vacuum..which women have moved in to fill. And the results have been disastrous as we see in the article above about this so-called preacher women. There are so many other ones I could name who are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing… leading people astray from Biblical truth. That is the sad reality.

          • Sharon Billington

            I know many denominations sincerely believe what you say, but they are sincerely wrong. There’s no point in my showing you the truth of God ordaining women spiritual leaders throughout scripture because you have chosen not to see God’s truth for what it is. My posts here have been clear. You can prayerfully take them to God and ask Him to show you. If you sincerely want to know, He will show you. If not, Jesus will set things right when He returns in power and glory.

          • Angel Jabbins

            I laid out out the case against women being pastors and elders with scriptures to back it up. Instead of engaging me, replying to my detailed comment and refuting it point by point with Scriptural references to prove me wrong…you didn’t even take the time to read it and just parrot back the same thing you have been saying. You posts are NOT clear and you have not demonstrated from Scripture that women are permitted to be pastors and elders…especially when Paul specifically stated: “I do not permit women to teach or have authority over men”…in the church…and he then connects it with directly with the created order so we know it was NOT a cultural issue at all. It was an issue of God’s will. So we should just ignore what Scripture says just because it offends our emotions? No, we obey Scripture.

            As I said plainly above, I HAVE prayerfully taken this issue to God since I once felt as you do and was offended by this scripture in Timothy. He did show me, once I committed myself to studying those verses and comparing scripture with scripture.

            ‘Jesus will set things right’. There we can certainly agree because things have gone very wrong in the ‘feel good’ mamby pamby American church we have today….thanks in part to so many women in positions of leadership where they do not belong.

          • Sharon Billington

            I don’t have to justify God’s ordaining women. That’s something He has done until this day and continues to do so. I am not here to argue, just to share God’s absolute truth, and there it is. Please understand that just because you use scriptures does not mean you understand God’s inspired word. God the Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide. Heed Him.

          • Angel Jabbins

            If you have strong solid biblical arguments/evidence why your position is correct, then present them. I presented biblical arguments to you in a respectful manner. You then derided me for using too many words, saying I am wrong, and that you do not want to argue. But if you state a position, then you should be able to back it up with evidence that your position is valid and biblical. That is exactly what I did.

            ‘Because you use scriptures does not mean you understand God’s inspired word.’

            I certainly can understand it, especially when it is as plain as the nose on your face. This is not a difficult text to interpret. The problem is that people let their emotions and preconceived notions get in the way and will not yield to the truth of God’s Word. And how else will I know the truth, if not by reading and studying His Word? I ‘heed Him’ by heeding and obeying His inspired written Word.

            This issue is very important, because if you ignore what God’s Word says in one area, you are on a slippery slope. It is easy then to ignore it in another area later on. We are seeing many of these churches that put women into leadership eventually moving to approve gay marriage as with this so-called preacher, Juanita Bynum.

            Wait, watch and see what the fruit is this will be. Time will tell…is already telling.

          • Soysalva

            Of course you don’t have to justify God ordaining women, because it never happened. It happened in your world. Share God’s absolute truth, not your interpretation, please.

          • Sharon Billington

            Scripture says it is of no private interpretation, so please stop trying to make it say and mean what you want it to say and mean. God’s truth is absolute, but you need your spiritual eyes opened and the leading of God the Holy Spirit to see it.

          • Antoinette Lee

            Girl, you are are talking to legalistics. All they want to do is try to make you feel small by bulling you.

            I take issue with people who quote scripture (wrongly), then wanna be rude about it, and have the last say.

            Got all this scripture, but they’re rude, self righteous, unkind and demonstrate absolutely no fruit of the spirit, but this is the measuring stick I am supposed to use to discern the saints. Lol.

            Why should I even bother receiving what you share with me, when the least you could do is share it in patience and love, and you refuse to do that?

            The church is messed up ’cause we lead with judgement and not with love.

          • Soysalva

            Absolutely true!

          • Soysalva

            Again, where?

          • Sharon Billington

            Where, what? God’s word is plain. Lord, help her to see Your truth.

          • Soysalva


          • Sharon Billington

            Where, what? Lord, help her to see.

          • Johnnie C. Onwuzulike

            Sharon, you’ve not minced words, nor allowed the juicy element that’s oft the comedy of our compromise, to disrupt the aptness of your focus, purity, sagacity, and accuracy of your understanding. It’s very difficult to disagree with you, where there’s not been a baggage of bias!

        • Names_Stan

          This was Paul’s administrative decision for that particular fellowship where some women were being disruptive. He was right in saying that those women should not preach and teach. In no way was this a general edict.

          I admire your effort, but you might as well be explaining nuclear reactions.

          Well, it’s actually worse. They probably don’t make nuclear concordances that tell people how to make scripture harmonize with this or that denomination’s decided-upon answers.

          • Sharon Billington

            Sadly, you do have a point. All denominations have spiritual error and doctrines of men that conflict with how God created us to live and love. That’s why it’s vital to have God open our spiritual eyes to see His truth.

          • Angel Jabbins

            “That’s why it’s vital to have God open our spiritual eyes to see His truth.”

            And, how do we know and see God’s truth? By reading and applying the Word of God, especially when it so clear as it is in this instance. Clear as a bell and I don’t know how you can get around it. Either you obey the Word of God or you don’t. If you are just waiting for God to drop His truth into your mind by osmosis through your feelings, you will open yourself up to be deceived by demons.

          • Sharon Billington

            From what you write, it’s clear you lack understanding as to how to discern God’s truth. This is a gift of the spirit. Your comments show that you are not spirit-led, and that’s the core issue. If you were, you would be able to rely on Him to reveal what He led yielded human instruments to write in scripture. It appears you rely on yourself and not Him.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Sharon, please! Go back to my first response to you where I exegeted the specific scriptures verses pertaining to women pastors. Take my points one by one and refute them if I am wrong. Prove your position with scripture and specifically indicate where I misinterpreted the scriptures I quoted.
            You just keep saying the same things over and over with nothing whatever from the scripture to back it up. Every Christian has the Spirit of God and the ability to read and understand the Word. Problem is… most don’t read and study it anymore. They just want to wait for God to zap them miraculously with the Holy Spirit so they get some impression directly from Him of what is right. You either trust what the Bible says or you trust in impressions, experiences, feelings. What I did was go directly to the Word of God, examine the issue by reading the verses that apply and comparing those verses with other verses in scripture to understand what the Holy Spirit meant as He inspired the writers.
            You have not refuted one thing I have said. All you have done is complain and now you insult me by telling me I do not rely on the Holy Spirit. How do you know that? If I pray before I read asking the Holy Spirit to open the Word and its meaning to me, I AM relying on the Holy Spirit. Are you some superior type of Christian who gets direct words from God then? You are making no sense at all…just don’t want to admit you have no leg to stand on biblically in the view that women can be pastors.

          • Sharon Billington

            Please understand that I don’t have to do things your way nor do I have to refute anything. However, I will point out one scripture for you to prayerfully ponder: Open your bible to 1 Corinthians 12, verses 27-30. This tells of the offices in a fellowship. This is the same Paul that made an administrative decision for that specific congregation where some women were being disruptive in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Note that Paul does not refer to gender where church administration is concerned, nor does he refer to gender earlier in the chapter when he talks about spiritual gifts. My bible says that God is not a respecter of persons. Now go your way and do what seems right to you. Jesus will set things right when He returns in power and glory.

          • Angel Jabbins

            My way?

            No, not my way…not your way…God’s way. Where do we find out what that is? His Word. We all must read and obey the Word of God.

            You state that Paul does not refer to gender where church administration is concerned. That is incorrect. Yes, he does. Go back to 1 Timothy 2 and 3, chapters primarily devoted to church administration. You cannot derive major doctrine from a verse like 1 Corn 12:27-30 just because Paul does not refer to gender there. He does not need to. He has already explained proper behavior in the church in 1 Timothy. In order to properly interpret scripture, we must compare scripture to scripture. 1 Timothy 2 and 3 clearly state women are not to be in leadership roles in the church assembly. 1 Corn 12 does not overturn that in any way. The principle (no women in leadership) was already a settled matter…already laid down in scripture. In 2 Timothy 3: 15 …Paul states he wrote these verses (those that came before) so that ‘you may know how you ought to behave yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God.’ Right there you are…’.church administration’.

            You take verses out of context and twist them to make them fit to your preconceived view. We do not handle the Word of God that flippant way. We set our preconceived opinions aside, pray asking God to show us His truth in a matter, and then read, study, letting scripture interpret itself.

            You say God is not a ‘respecter of persons’. But, again, you take that out of its context. Exactly what does it mean that God is no ‘respecter of persons’? It applies to salvation only…. God offers salvation to every man, no matter what race, nationality, social status, etc might apply to him. God does not offer salvation only to the Jew, just because he is a Jew, or only to the Gentile because he is a Gentile. That is what is meant by that verse. Go look at it in its context. It has nothing whatever to do with women being allowed in church leadership roles.

            God does gift and bless all people but in different ways. God’s impartiality does not mean that everyone gets exactly the same gift or ability. God created us male and female and gave each gender special blessings and abilities and we are equal in our worth to God. But we are not the same or equal in our gifts, abilities, nor in our callings that are dependent upon our gender. God wanted this difference to exist; otherwise he would have just made us all one gender.

            Bottom line: Will we obey God or go with our feelings and preconceived ideas of what we think should be right? Go looking into God’s Word for the truth rather than going to it and looking for verses to prove your own idea of what is true.

          • Sharon Billington

            I am going to end here because you refuse to see the truth when it is plainly presented to you. I do not take verses out of context nor do I attempt to make scripture say what I want it to say. It’s not about me. It’s about God and His truth, and the truth is that He has ordained numerous female spiritual leaders throughout scripture and continues to do so today. I am blessed to be among them. Now, please stop arguing and trying to validate your point of view. May God open your eyes spiritually so that you stop your struggles and see His truth for what it is.

          • Angel Jabbins

            ‘refuse to see the truth when it is plainly presented to you’

            Where was it ever plainly presented? Where in all of your comments did you even address 1 Timothy 2 and 3 and the reasons you feel you can just ignore what Paul says in those chapters? You quote verses from Corn. that relate to gifting but do not relate to church administration. That was supposed to convince me? Sorry, but I will stand by what the Word of God says and there is no ‘struggle’ with it. That struggle is long past since I learned to obey the Word.
            Yep, end of discussion for me too. Was a waste of my time.

          • Soysalva

            Sharon, I am sorry to say, that you refuse to see the truth. You have convinced yourself that you are a preacher. But, that’s your own conviction. You say God spoke to you. God cannot go against His own Word. May God open your heart to accept the truth. You seem to have dreams of grandeur, but God is the one that we are supposed to Glorify is God. May God have mercy!

          • Sharon Billington

            You do not know how God ordains, and that’s for Him to show you. I am indeed His ordained spiritual leader.

          • Angel Jabbins

            We DO know how God ordains. He has told us clearly in His Word. But people do not want to believe and follow it today.

          • Sharon Billington

            Ah, so was speaking to another of your avatars. Go your way, Angel. God will show you His truth when He wills. I will continue to be and do what He has ordained me to be and do: preach, teach and witness.

          • Angel Jabbins

            I don’t have any other ‘avatars’. (I am so old, Sharon, I don’t even know what one is 🙂 ) ‘God will ‘show you His truth’….He already has…in His Word. We CAN read it, understand it, and obey it. Women are not to preach in a church setting. They may teach and surely witness and do many wonderful works for God. But the scriptures plainly teach, as I have repeatedly shown you, that women are not to be pastors…’since Adam was first created’…and Eve was the one who was first tempted and fell into sin. God cannot bless disobedience.

          • Sharon Billington

            I will continue to obey God and follow His lead in preaching and teaching where and when and how He wills.

          • Angel Jabbins

            Where exactly in God’s Word did He tell you that you are to preach in a church setting…to be called ‘pastor’. Show me, chapter and verse.

          • Sharon Billington

            Angel, I do not have to to your will, but I do have to do God’s will. I will end by showing you that anointing and spiritual gifts are given regardless of gender. Read 1 Corinthians 12. Goodbye.

          • Angel Jabbins

            One last comment….you stated I need to prayerfully ponder. I have already done that. As I explained to you previously, I was of your opinion on this issue at one time. I was challenged to set my view aside and just read what God says. It was through prayer and reading the Word, I realized I was wrong. This is a serious error in the church today, leading many towards apostasy as predicted in the Last Days.

          • Sharon Billington

            You need to continue to prayerfully ponder. Interestingly enough, I once thought scripture said what you think it says until God showed me it was not so. I struggled mightily because he was leading me to preach and teach, and the fellowship I belonged to was sincerely wrong in its teaching that only men are to preach and teach. I asked God to show me His truth, and I pray He convicts you of it as well. His truth is absolute and brooks no argument or debate, so I will end here.

          • Angel Jabbins

            You have not provided any scripture to back it up except those you have torn from their true context. You never did address the verses in 1 Timothy 2 and 3 to explain how they can mean something other than what they clearly say. You have no basis to preach in a church setting and are being disobedient to the Word of God.

          • Soysalva

            Heaven help us! For this reason God said: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8.

          • Sharon Billington

            Heaven is helping you. Read God’s truth, for that is what He tasks me to share. Your scripture quote and its mispplication are inappropriate.

        • Ria Pendergrass

          Thank you! ??

        • Soysalva

          So, Sharon, what you say here is that, I Corinthians 14:34-35, does not fall under: “ALL SCRIPTURE is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction,for training in righteousness;
          that the MAN of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”
          (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
          And how do the qualifications apply to a woman, since God, specifically, says to the overseers and deacons: “the husband of but one wife,”
          Your context, is out of context.

          • Sharon Billington

            You do not have spiritual eyes to see what the Apostle Paul is doing. May God help you, for I do not need to. Answer this: if Paul were so against women being ordained, how is it he s aid nothing against Lydia having a church in her home and leading worship services and Priscilla assisting her husband in ministry? Stop being ridiculous.

          • Soysalva


          • Sharon Billington

            Huh, indeed. You obviously don’t know God’s word as well as you think you do. Go your way. May God help you to see.

      • David Anderson

        Plenty of women. Read it.

        • Ria Pendergrass

          “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

          God doesn’t discriminate. That’s a human MALE deficiency, unfortunately. ?

      • Soysalva

        That’s right David. See what happened when the first woman lead her husband to destruction. Whether we women like it or not, our Sovereign God has determined that He will deal directly with man. What’s the big deal? As a woman, I have no problems with that. He wants it that way and that’s fine.

  • afchief

    Is there any doubt we are in the last days? The “great falling away is happening before our eyes. Homosexuality has infiltrated the church. Between 50 to 90% of Christians men are watching porn. The wheat is being separated from the chaff.

    The idea that we are all the same and that all cultures are equal is folly. This “Cultural Marxism,” dressed up as “multiculturalism” has destroyed this nation. It is the AIDS virus of American society. All societies and all beliefs are not equal and not all behavior is appropriate.

    Marxist ideals and communist beliefs did not die with the fall of the Soviet Union. Ideals do not die, they merely change their names. Today, Marxism is ravaging the American society in the same way that AIDS destroys the body. We were told that Communism was dead, but have failed to realize that it has merely changed tactics.

    Instead of guns and bombs the weapon Communism’s foot-soldiers have chosen to employ are words. Their stealth attack has come under the guise of tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity.

    It has infected the church.

  • Ruth Davis

    I will never ever listen to , those who know her history, but yet promote her. I am so glad I stopped listening to tv, preachers, and if I smell a rat , in the , worship place I’m gone. JESUS IS MY SOURCE.

    • Candice Tisby Dilliard

      If you smell a rat at work do you quit ??? If not why would you expect a perfect church, when we’re not perfect, only christ is through him we are perfected

      • Ruth Davis

        I don’t expect a perfect church, show me one and I will join it, but I will not follow those , who have not left their sin behind , and keep doing the same thing. Women need to go sit down, and stay in their place. JESUS told us what to do , but some women are disobedient, they are disobeying JESUS.

        • Ria Pendergrass

          And just where is the “woman’s place”? Do tell. #ignorancegonetoseed smh ?

          • Ruth Davis

            Support for her husband or pastor. 1 Tim 2, 12-15 . Where is there a woman preacher in bible , and where does it say a women should lead the man? The next time you address me address with knowledge .

        • 1PierreMontagne1

          It is hard to find a responsible Church.
          Since Liberalism has been welcomed into the evangelical churches it become clear very quickly ( clear to anyone not on anti-depressants)

          It becomes clear that “the role of the Post Modern Church is to;
          Rebuke the righteous and to affirm the reprobate.”

          • Ruth Davis

            I agree

        • Soysalva

          A “perfect” church, made up of imperfect humans, is one that is controlled by the Perfect Book – the Bible – the Perfect Word of God. There’s nothing missing in the Book; and it’s not for personal interpretation. God did not need an imperfect man’s assistance to clarify that in (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22;20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27 He teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. And in I John 4:1, God gives us the right to decide whether we need to find another place to worship: Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

      • Klitius Smooth

        That is true, Candice Tisby Dillard you also are being let know research the people you look as teachers in the body of Yehshua. 2 Peter 2 1:3 tells us But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. The will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them and their destruction has not been sleeping.

      • Ruth Davis

        No you don’t , but don’t follow the rat either, he will lead you down the wrong path.

      • yael

        There is no way we are supposed to stay under any teaching of a apostate teacher. The Bible says in the end days this would happen. You are an accomplice when you go along with this sin.

  • NWaff

    I am not sure how these people are examples of “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people”

  • Fikiswa

    This is very disappointing, her song psalm 23 is my favourite worship song and now after this -I feel like I have lost something I realy valued. I can never listen to her music the same way ever again, I wonder how are they interpreting the scripture that is against homosexuals? Daniel 7vs25 does say the beast intends to change times and laws and the saints shall be given into his hands, I guess those in public eye or with celebrity status are more at risk as they have a potential to have much influence and thus to be used by the devil in his plan to bend and change God’s truth

    • J.h.anderson

      Even though she is living in sin, her gift to sing and create music was given by God. So love her song but hate her sin.

      • Amstrong Chi

        Satan’s gifts were also given by God.

  • militarymomm

    I heard her maybe twice and knew immediately there was something wrong. My cringed when I heard her. The Holy Spirit warned me.

  • Sharon Billington

    I am sorry to learn this about Juanita Bynum. She is apparently gender-confused and should not be a spiritual leader. God’s word is clear as to how He created us to live and love and how same sex relationships and behaviors are outside those parameters. She is not a worthy example of what it means to follow Jesus and live His way. God lets us know what we need to know. Christians, let’s follow Jesus and let God the Holy Spirit direct our paths. May He continue to open our spiritual eyes to see and may He grant us wisdom and discernment to determine who is God’s anointed and who isn’t.

  • Clae Brewer

    There us enough stones thrown in this commentary to start a rock quarry. I’m not defending her, but does anyone of you have a reserve seat next to Jesus?

    Galatians 6:1 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.

    It’s easier to pray for someone then to throw away someone…it’s the compassion of Christ.

    • Names_Stan

      but does anyone of you have a reserve seat next to Jesus?

      As our friend Mensa says, “You must be new here”…

      Not only do they have an assigned seat, they actually get to decide who else gets a seat.

      (Hint: It’s not many.)

      • Clae Brewer

        So the word of God is no good here if a person is new in posting? OR! Are you denying it’s truth and encouragement?

        • Names_Stan

          What I’m denying here should be entirely clear:

          I’m referencing people who exercise God’s authority to make decisions on the eternal fates of others….and I think those people are both without any authority and full of sinful pride and boasting.

          How you mean “encouragement” in this particular context, I don’t know.

          • Clae Brewer

            Among all things Gods word provides these essentials, the Truth, Encouragement, Spiritual Bread and Edification with rebuke and instructions at it’s core. Some are justifying throwing stones because of a stance to be ‘Righteous’ (I’m just saying). Is she wrong…yes! Are you reaching out to her in rebuke? No. I’m not conveying not to digress on a known false prophetess, but as the adulteress was caught in the act of a very sin not even her ACCUSERS could attempt to throw ONE STONE because of their infirmities. God will correct Buynum according to the lame facts provided you better believe it, but you will be disappointed to know it will not be by your suggestion fate.

    • Soysalva

      Now we have the other group. The “let it be, don’t judge, you mean, evil people”. The tepid types. That’s why we’ve gotten to this very situation. No one wants to cause a rift. I got news for you. When Jesus came to this earth he caused plenty of rifts, because of this same situation. People want to do things their way. Everyone wanted it their way. There’s only one way, and it involves the WHOLE BIBLE, not just selected portions to fit our need. If Christ was here today, he would be considered a radical, anti-establishment. He calls us His army. We’ve become the army of wimps. Don’t ruffle any feathers; don’t upset anyone. Pray that you don’t ever find yourself in a situation where it’s your head or proclaiming Christ.

      • Clae Brewer

        What is your point no pun intended

  • Rosavera

    There are thousands and thousands of Protestant churches, all individually doing their own ‘thing’… they open up storefronts and immediately they are a ‘church of God’… no one to oversee they are preaching God to their flock, no one to oversee they are not using the storefront for their own riches… some get quite famous like Joel Olsteen, but are they preaching God…

    • Soysalva

      Oversee?! God does not need assistance. I had enough of that as a Catholic. God can handle every storefront. And, just because it is a storefront, unless you’ve sat there, you cannot say it is not of God.

  • TruthHurtsYou

    1 Tim 3:1-7 This IS A TRUE SAYING…………………..(Not a LIE)! If a MAN desires an office of a Bishop, HE first must be……………..THAT SETTLES IT! But these spiritually inept dumb, deaf & blind guides totally ignore the word because they not saved nor have the Holy Spirit. People are following these preachers & getting dumber as well as further from God’s truth. I learned more about the truth of scripture when got away from church

  • Lahoma

    This is why God’s Word says be careful of false teachers and prophets. He says to know his word and know Him.

  • Darryl

    Leaders must be lifted up in prayer they are facing a greater degree of attacks from the enemy rather in the lime light or not we are each other keeper your time will come when you will need much prayer as well.

  • David Anderson

    Is this really news? Or is THIS TRASH! Christian trash garbage trash non-sense tabloid non-sense. Go on some where. You crucify the body.

  • The fact that this women, like the rest of her ilk, has a following of supporters is the saddest part of all.

    Many, but not all, within the Full Gospel Movement and Neo Pentecostals (Charismatic) have made a mockery of the church.
    Yes, we all still fall short and have been given much undeserved mercy, but we don’t flaunt this foolishness out there for the world to see and bring reproach on the church.
    Is there any discernment left in the Body of Christ? Are there any Leaders willing to say, Enough!!

  • Candice Tisby Dilliard

    Really we don’t even know if this article is true, every time I hear Juanita Bynum she is anointed, so it’s silly to jump to a conclusion with no proof

    • Soysalva

      You are under a spell.

  • jayc

    God have mercy

  • Amstrong Chi

    She needs deliverance. But she needs repentance first.

  • Dave_L

    “The organization also seeks to “focus on the cultivation of spiritual gifts rather than on doctrines and theological positions.”

    Sound familiar?

    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4:3–4)

    “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will renounce the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared with a hot iron.” (1 Timothy 4:1–2)

  • Chasity Portis

    1 Timothy 3:1-2
    [1] This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. [2] A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

  • Klitius Smooth

    This is the reason the bible gives us warning about the people we listen to for learning from;is the lifestyle of people, shows the fruit. If you go against the scripture, that you profess from and lead other to follow along with what the flesh desires. You will be hold accountable for your actions, just like they are. We as people by scripture are thought to seek Abba(father) be obedient, and perform his works. Galatians 5:16-17 is clear when we are told, but I say walk by the spirit and will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the desires of the flesh are against the spirit and the desires of the spirit are against the flesh. For these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do.

  • Teresa Blakley

    to quote the article ‘The organization also seeks to “focus on the cultivation of spiritual gifts rather than on doctrines and theological positions.”’ when you worship the gift not the gift giver, when you exhalt the gift holder and they have not spiritual integrity and accountablility, you get blasphemy, compromise and downright sin.. it is not the gender, nor her passed… it is her NOW..that is the problem..

    • Sharon Billington

      Excellent point.

  • storie

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense and spiritual discernment can read right through a person like her. She found her cash flow playing on the high strung emotions of charismatic christians. I’ve seen her before and it made me sick.
    It feels good when we see someone so flamboyant and personable that ‘talks God’ but because so many Christians are biblically illiterate they fall prey to charlatans like her.

  • Rebecca

    Bynum is not a prophetess.
    Bynum is not bishop.
    Bynum is a divorced compromiser.
    From her lifestyle, it is doubtful she is a Christian.

  • acontraryview

    Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country where religious faiths are allowed to operate as they see fit?

  • w.a.

    DECEIPTION of the church.

  • Elizabeth Klym

    I believe in God’s words. We are told to study His word it contains life. People just reading the Bible have be transformed. We are to confess our sins to God and He is right add just to forgive our sins. We are told by Jesus go and sin no more. The 10 commandments point out sin, so we know what is sin.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    You state that “but we will not tolerate remarks containing profanity, vulgarity, violence, blasphemy,”

    Is that not what this article on Bynum is celebrating???
    Vulgarity, Blasphemy.
    Read your article again – refute the allegation that this article is a celebration of Bynum and Global United Fellowship.

  • Marie Pappas

    Bishop of What ! and of who ! bishop of demons is what I think

  • Look folks, this woman is merely using religion for self-gain like most (all?) megachurch preachers, especially the “Prosperity Gospel” preachers).

    Wake up folks, you are wide open for exploitation from self-serving preachers and politicians. All they need do is to use the popular Christian rhetoric and Christians will vote for and follow them anywhere.

  • Antoinette Lee

    Let this woman have her journey. Of there is a price to pay, she will pay it.

    The problem I have is that none of these preachers have done any worse than our beloved people of scripture. But we respect GOD’s choice.

    She may not be your choice, and she may be more messed up than you, probably ’cause she has more power. To who much is given, much is required.

    All of you are wrong for coming to a public forum to talk bad or give negative opinions on a woman, you don’t even know. What ever happened to treat people how you want to be treated. That’s scripture too.

    Instead you should be kerpingvyour mouths closed and praying for and undergarfing this wonan, so that she may see the error of her ways, and that she may have the strength to ensure this race.

    The Devil doesn’t take it easy on any of us, and we are so quick to help him tear down the kingdom, with discussions like this. You women in here help me to see why you think women shouldn’t lead. You couldn’t and wouldn’t wanna follow a messy woman like yourselves. We should know better. I’m shamed of the church’s current mentality.

  • Cheryl Favored Coutris

    Yeah, Discernment. There’s a reason I never could listen to her!!

  • Amanda

    I think Juanita is full of it. I pray she repents to Jesus Christ, and gets true direction.

  • brothaman2000

    A lady can not be a Bishop.