Closed Planned Parenthood Facility Purchased by Pro-Lifers Re-Opens as Pregnancy Center

Hope Pregnancy-compressedBRYAN, Texas — A former Texas Planned Parenthood facility that was purchased by a pro-life group last year has now opened as a pregnancy center.

The Planned Parenthood location in Bryan closed in August 2013 after the state passed a law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges and to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers.

Last year, Hope Pregnancy Centers of Brazos Valley purchased the building, spending $725,000 to buy and remodel the facility. On Wednesday, it held its grand opening after seeing an estimated 40 women since it opened its doors on Sept. 1.

“What was once a place of death and grief where an estimated 6,400 abortions were performed has been transformed into a place of life,” Tracy Frank, Hope Pregnancy’s executive director, said in a statement. “We feel like we have reclaimed and redeemed the ground.”

The 6,000-square-foot facility offers ultrasounds, counseling, STD testing, parenting classes and baby supplies—all free. It also will serve as the office for its global pro-life work. Hope Pregnancy Center believes that its clients will largely be students from Texas A&M University and Blinn College.

The organization’s College Station location has already been providing services to women for a number of years. Both offices operate entirely on donations, as opposed to government funding, and the pregnancy center is now working on paying off a loan for purchasing and renovating the former Planned Parenthood building.

“This entire journey has been one fueled by our desire to provide more free and confidential sexual-health services to this community,” Frank stated. “Unlike Planned Parenthood, which receives government funding, faith-based nonprofits can’t thrive without donor support. We are trusting God for yet another miracle.”

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Hope Pregnancy Centers says that it also shares the gospel with the women, although it notes that the majority of those that seek help profess to be Christian. It outlined that 75 women just last year repented and turned to faith in Christ at the College Station location.

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  • Rebecca


  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Awesome news!

    Not 100% sure, but I think this former PP is the one that Abby Johnson headed when she was the director of a PP somewhere in Bryan. She talks about this in her book “unPlanned,” as well as her conversion to the pro-life cause when she had to aid an ultrasound-guided abortion and witnessed firsthand the horror of it all.

  • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

    A former place of murder of the Unborn Human lives. Is now a place of hope and Life for the Unborn Human lives. Praise God!!! May many more PP close down forever. May other Pro-Life organizations buy these buildings of death and to make them into building of life.
    Thank you Jesus for this death camp becoming a LIFE camp. < < <

  • Peg

    Excellent! Turning lemons into lemonade.

  • Jen

    Have fun explaining to that 13 year old girl who is pregnant because her father raped her why it’s the lord’s will that she not have the right to choose not to be forced to have it.

    • scragsma

      That’s simple. 1. God loves the baby has as much, and the baby has as much right to live, as she does. Killing what God has given life is a bad idea 2. An abortion would only deepen the trauma of the rape, harming her even more for the rest of her life.

    • Michelle Stewart


      Counseling women pregnant through abuse is not fun, but it must be done to assist her healing. Abortion does nothing to heal a woman’s psyche from the trauma of rape, prostitution, or incest: abortion removes consequences of abuse by keeping pregnancy secret, allowing a woman to be repeatefly returned to abusive conditions under control of her abuser.

      At a life-affirming free pregnancy support facility, women choose their next step from several options without coersion, which is a very empowering act. No one is “forced to have a baby” at prolife clinics, in spite of inflammatory PP rhetoric. In support of this significant reality, I remind you of the preponderance of pregnant women who walk OUT of prolife clinics with the ability to do what they choose (even to abort!) —- YET, THEY RETURN TO RECEIVE THE FURTHER COMPASSIONATE, FREE SERVICES THEY NEED, even long after the baby is born.

      Abortion industry exposés reveal such service providers knowingly returning teens to her rapist, pimp, or incestuous relative after her abortion without reporting the pregnancy, nor the child abuse to authorities. Due to such complicity, the woman continues to be sexually abused.

      • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

        Thank you for your AWESOME love&support for moms&babies!

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    Praise You Lord Jesus Christ!! And THANK YOU to all amazing&courageous ProLife Warriors

    who selflessly fight against the evil of the pro-abort, baby-butchering agenda!