‘Thy Guiding Hand in My Work’: Abortionist Thanks God While Standing Next to Photo of Dead Baby

abortionist-compressedCHICAGO — An abortionist recently stopped to say a prayer next to a poster providing an image of an aborted baby, claiming that God’s hand is upon her, while conversely, pro-lifers are prideful and unChrist-like.

The incident occurred outside of the Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton as the North American Forum on Family Planning was underway. Members of the Pro-Life Action League stood outside of the event holding signs, including a sign being held by Director Joe Scheidler that provided a photograph of a child known as “baby Malachi,” who was dismembered at 21 weeks gestation.

“My dear Heavenly Father, I’m grateful today to be here at this wonderful meeting,” the woman, wearing a Planned Parenthood sticker on her jacket, says as she approaches and stands next to the photograph. “And I wanted to express to You the gratitude and humility that I feel as an abortionist.”

“I can imagine no person who is in greater need of Christ-like love and excellent medical care than a woman who is faced with an untenable pregnancy,” she continues. “And I am grateful every day to feel Thy Spirit and Thy guiding hand in my work as I speak to women of all faiths and all creeds.”

The abortionist then asks that she not consider any mother as wrongful for seeking an abortion.

“I just want to pray to continue to have the humility to accept that I am incapable of knowing anyone else’s heart and mind, and my role as my human being is not to judge others, but to give them care and compassion when I can know nothing of their heart,” she prays, “and leave the judgment to You, to Thy divine wisdom and omnipotence, and just provide them the love of Christ that we all need and deserve.”

The woman continues by characterizing pro-lifers as prideful and hard-hearted.

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“[I] ask for You to touch the hearts of those that in their pride fail to have compassion and truly live the example of Christ and love all,” she says, “and to reserve judgment and to humble themselves before Thee as the all-seeing and all-knowing and the magnanimous and loving being.”

“And I hope that you would soften their hearts and help them to see the cruelty and the damage that their actions lead to,” the abortionist continues, stating moments later that she is “furthering the work of the Lord.”

“I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen,” she concludes, and then walks away.

The Pro-Life Action League released a blog post about the matter on Friday, asking others to pray for the woman.

“She specifically tells the Lord that she is ‘incapable of judging anyone else’s heart and mind,’ and yet a few long-winded clauses later, she asks for God to ‘touch the hearts of those that in their pride fail to have compassion and truly live the example of Christ and to love all, and to reserve judgement and to humble themselves before Thee,'” writer Matt Yonke noted.

“I don’t feel I’m reaching too far to assume she means us, but how could she possibly know about our pride or lack of compassion or who we are and are not judging, when she admitted her fallibility in the heart-reading department a few paragraphs back?” he asked.

“From the content of her prayer, it’s clear that she has some knowledge of Jesus, and we all need to pray that whatever seed of faith she has will be nurtured and grow until she can see the injustice she is committing against her unborn brothers and sisters,” Yonke said.

The video of the incident may be viewed by clicking here.

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  • Josey

    I think she is feeling the wrong spirit, it’s a spirit of death she is worshipping, she is in need of truth and a sorrowful repentance of what she believes for God is the God of the living not the dead and she kills babies, she is so deceived it’s unbelievable and only God through the power of the Holy Spirit can reach her. I pray her eyes are opened and that an overwhelming sorrowfulness comes upon her so much that she can no longer perform her abortion duties, in other words she is being turned over to satan with the hope she can be found of God and in her distress turn to Him who is her only hope for deliverance from that sorrowfulness is to turn to the Living God in repentance and in receiving forgiveness for the murders she is doing and that a true born again heart God will grant her through His mercies for the path she is now on is the road that leads to hell. Just as God turned Saul of Tarsus who oversaw the murders of Christians into Paul one of the greatest apostles to have written and taught us so much, God can do for her and I pray she turns to Him for her life from now on will be misery by the very demons of death she worships. There will be no more rejoicing for her from now on unless she repents and turns to Christ who can give her true everlasting joy.
    Does this sound harsh? It is the first time I’ve felt led to pray this way, I commit it to God.

    • PK Hodges

      This is scriptural, Josey, and was prayed from your heart in the right spirit. We are in a day when the Lord Jesus, our Messiah, will be coming so soon. He’s right around the corner now. And as we are all noticing–those of us immersed in the Word of God–there are two of everything now. One is rightside up. The other is upside down.Your prayer was prayed in true love, the God kind. Keep praying, keep loving, keep warning, keep blessing. Stay strong in the faith and endure till the end. (we’re almost home!)

      • Josey

        Thank you for those words for I have never prayed like that before, God’s will be done not mine for I love God with all of my heart and love all people and don’t want to see anyone lost or in her case lead more people astray with her attempts to use Jesus name as she did.

        • PK Hodges

          There will be many led astray in this day of increasing lawlessness and delusion. Sadly most of the world are following the Beastly Boys and the dragon who gives it power, but as we rise up strong in the Word and praying always in the spirit and with all supplication, watching unto all the saints, holding out the Word of life that is able to save our souls (and theirs!), the Lord says, “many will be saved.” I can tell by your words that you love the Lord Jesus and Him only do you follow and serve. I do too, and there are many like us. Time is so short, but here’s the beautiful thing. In Romans 5 we are told that as sin increases, grace increases even more. Sin is breaking into a run, but try as it may, it cannot outrun the grace of God. God’s grace is faster and greater. As the Judgement is poured out on this world, many will be brought to their knees, and God’s favour and love and mercy and power and strength and anointing–his own arm–will bring salvation to many. WATCH, warn, gently correct, teach, instruct other believers who are temporarily fooled by this one and others who are preaching sin, sin, sin in the truth without compromise.

          • Josey


    • Kandy

      It was not too harsh.Maybe your Prayer will lead her to Repent and come to Christ.I agree with your Prayer.

      • Josey

        That is my hope as well, that she come to the true knowledge in Christ Jesus, thank you Kandy

        • Kandy

          your welcome.

  • storie

    Sickening, to say the least!

  • thara43

    Wow, Satan showed up at that Pro Life Action League gathering….

    • Josey

      he shows up at churches and lot’s of places, it is when the true children of God who can make him flee in a hurry as we submit to God and what does it mean to submit to Him? It means to obey Him in whatever circumstance we are in at that moment, for example I love a clean home, a job that we all know never gets done, it has to be done everyday, there are always messes, dust and dirt on this earth and it can become monotonous and the devil will come and push my buttons by using those who don’t care as much about a clean home as I do and as I am cleaning the devil will bring to my mind how no one cares about keeping the home clean like me (pride) and how I get all the dirty jobs no one else will do and on and on the devil goes with these thoughts and in order to submit to God I have to repent right then for murmuring and complaining and acknowledge that I am doing the cleaning of my home as unto the Lord and no one else and then I have to resist every complaining thought and sing praises even when I don’t feel like it at the moment but w/out fail as I obey and submit the devil can’t leave fast enough, he always comes back to try it again but it gets less and less as I learn to submit and overcome, praise to Jesus. and when God’s people sing God’s praises, he flees also, makes him so mad…lol…satan is not after those he already has, he is at war with God and God’s people but God has given us spiritual weapons of warfare…Hallelujah! We can do nothing apart from Jesus. John 15:5 5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. God bless all my brothers and sisters in Him, may He meet your every need, comfort you when you need it, strengthen you in the power of His might for it’s not by our might or power but by His power and might we overcome, may He give you wisdom and faith to endure always in Jesus Name and may He come soon.

  • pamlinson

    woe to those who call evil good.

  • SavannahSummer

    One of the many things she got wrong was where she said this: “and just provide them the love of Christ that we all need and deserve.”

    It’s ONLY by Jesus’ death on the cross that God shows/gives us LOVE. It’s all through Jesus Christ and NO ONE else. We DO NOT deserve His love in and of itself because we are all “as filthy rags” to God if it had not been for our Saviour Jesus.

    This chick is in such (truthful need) of Jesus Christ in her life because she isn’t feeling the correct Spirit that’s for sure and for certain.

    • PK Hodges

      This was a lying spirit at work. Love GIVES life. Love does not TAKE life. Jesus made the difference between him and the thief, “For the thief comes not but to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give LIFE and to give it more abundantly.” We are in a day when the delusion blinding me hearts is so strong. It is as in Noah’s day. The deluded sinning world walking its own way did not want to hear the Word of God. The book of Job reveals that they cried out, “Leave us alone! Shut up, shut up.” And they are saying (and praying) the same thing now. Enoch revealed that Noah(his grandson) had to be hidden (by God) for a time because he became so hated, or rather the words of Judgement He spoke. Remember the reaction of the ones Stephen preached to–all those Jewish leaders? He spoke the Word too. If they had listened with their inner ears, it would have brought them to repentance, but they hardened their hearts, flipped out and fell on Stephen biting him, before stoning him to death.
      The WORD of God convicts of sin in order to clean our hearts, to being repentance. This is why the world does not want to hear it, and they are shouting the same thing the lot in Noah’s day shouted, “Leave us alone! Shutup, shutup.” Can you hear them? Their cries are joined together.
      Daniel tells us that the truth is being thrown down on the ground in our day, and it will look like and feel like and sound like evil is winning, just like that dark day when Jesus walked His lonely walk to the cross to die in our place. He triumphed then, LIFE over DEATH, and through Him, we triumph now. In love, not hate. Love gives, hate takes. “in this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world..and in Him so will we.”
      The Lord Jesus tells me whenever I see the devil throwing truth down on the ground, just pick it up and throw it back in His face. So I do, and so are you. Keep speaking, testifying and preaching the Word. =)

  • The Last Trump

    “The guiding hand in my work.” Yikes.
    Chilling. Religious extremists doing the Devil’s work.
    You just can’t have Satanism without child sacrifice. Sick puppies.

    • Kandy

      Sick and evil.

  • jennylynn

    “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    John 8:44

  • Truthhurts24

    What a sadistic women to actually believe she is doing the work of God by killing babies. Hell is not far away for this women if she does not come out of her satanic deception.

  • wit brown

    “The abortionist then asks that she not consider any mother as wrongful for seeking an abortion.” well she is following the feminist creed “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race .

    This abortionist is echoing the sentiments of most women, in and out the church….but most won’t dare say so. But many does get an abortion and see a woman’s right to chose as of primary importance to the “equal rights” agenda that has dominated our culture.

    This is abortionist is deceived, just like gays and lesbians are. I wonder if she have a problem with them?

    • Josey

      She is deceived for sure but to pray in the name of Jesus as if she is making him one with her murderous spirit is blasphemous, the abortionists all are doing wrong and have blood on their hands but she is doing worse by linking Christ to it and praying it in His name, it is just more serious what she is doing, imo.

      • wit brown

        Agreed ! But what is more disturbing, she is not the only one being deceived by this abortion issue — it is base on “rights” and too many women subscribe to the equal right mantra of the feminist movement….hence too many are deceived, and feeling good about it, thinking that they are doing God’s work. A sad state of affairs …our culture.

        • Kandy

          The feminist movement is the work of evil. Women have been deceived by it. Too many lives have been lost through it. The Unborn Humans have paid the price with their very lives. And in many cases both Men and Women are okay with the killing of the Unborn. In the end they will see how wrong they were.

          • wit brown

            In many ways we are already reaping the effects of abortion.
            Consider the immigration issue, the rate of birth to death and seniors ratio compared to Muslims…and what we have is more Muslims with voting power in many cities and states including Europe. Just look at Detroit Dearborn city and many school boards where policies are influenced by majority vote.
            Why, we don’r really appreciate that “Babies are our inheritance” from God for our good. We have insulted Him as a people ….Oh Lord have mercy.

          • Kandy

            Yes Lord have mercy. I agree with what you are saying.

    • Kandy

      If she is for the right to murder the unborn and take money fort doing so . I am sure she has no problem with gays and lesbians.I’m sure she is okay with all sin.

    • afchief

      She is praying to the wrong God. Satan is a murder! God gives us life!

      • wit brown

        So true…

  • Logan Ashli Greene

    Forgive her, Father. She knows not what she does.

    • Basset_Hound

      I’ll bet she knows quite well what she’s doing but loves money more than God.

      • Kandy

        She knows she is killing a life. And being paid to do. I agree with you. But she does not understand where it will lead her to at the time of her death.

    • Do NOT forgive the murderess Father: she KNOWS what she does.

      #SatanicRitualMURDER #conscienceless #filth

  • David Anderson

    Stoking the fires of Hell.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    “and my role as my human being is not to judge others”


    “And I hope that you would soften their hearts and help them to see the cruelty and the damage that their actions lead to”

    Self-refuting hypocritical insanity.

    ““And I wanted to express to You the gratitude and humility that I feel as an abortionist.”

    Blasphemy of the highest order. Ma’am, if you are reading this, I beg you to fall on your knees and repent of your murderous ways to the One True God, the True Lord Jesus (not His enemy), the God of Life, the Author of Life, the Creator of Life, the Resurrecter of Life, the Redeemer of Life, the Rewarder of Life. You cannot kill the innocent new life He creates without rejecting the Life He is.

    • Basset_Hound

      “Lord, Lord, didn’t I help the poor in Your name by doing abortions?”

      And you can fill in the rest, right?

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        If by “help the poor,” she means “kill the poor,” then yes, I can fill in the rest.

        • Basset_Hound

          Oh, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to judge the twentysomething sexual predator who brings in a terrified 14 year old he’s groomed for months in for an abortion (or report him to the authorities for that matter). After all, he’s the one who’d be expressing “gratitude and humility”.

          And I’ll bet she’s just licking her chops looking at the stories about euthanasia in Belgium and Holland while praying “Please God, let them legalize it here. I could serve so many more people by expanding my practice.”

  • Basset_Hound

    There’s only one word in the whole English lexicon that describes this “logic”. However, I’d get banned from this web site if I tried to use it.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Hellbound? Demonic? Ghoulish? (Courtesy Nordog)

      Oh, I know. 🙂

      • Basset_Hound

        You gotta love Nordog! He just sorta grows on ya

  • Nidalap

    Blind, naked, wretched, and deceived…

  • “all-seeing…” [eye]. I that what she meant the “all seeing eye?”

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    • Kandy

      And she is sowing death.

  • afchief

    This woman is praying to satan, not God!!

    John 10:10 (NASB) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

  • Kandy

    I think she is mocking God and Christians with a fake prayer.. There is noway that God would be for the murder of the Unborn.

  • Rebecca

    She serves satan, not God.

  • Lupe

    “…love of Christ that we all need and deserve.” Obviously not a Christian. If she were she would know that we DON’T DESERVE God’s love. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Rom 3:23. Her prayer is, obviously, humanistic.

    • EscapetheDarkness

      @ Lupe

      Lupe said: “Her prayer is, obviously, humanistic.”

      Named, the Humanist God is the deity of Luciferianist Communism, the final product of the current communist revolution which the West is undergoing under the coming Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ).

      • Lupe

        As we use to say in the 60s: Right on, right on, right on.

  • sick lady, God wouldn’t tell her to take a babies life!

  • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

    If something is guiding her hand in the murdering of the unborn. It is not God. It would have to be Satan and his demonic forces.Shame on her.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    In His earthly walk, Christ *healed* everyone within earshot (no really, yes a few miracles stand out in anectdote, but note how many times it is written that ALL who heard/saw Him were healed). She kills. Pretty much polar opposites.

  • Christian

    Someone please watch the video. This woman was NOT praying!!! ( I think it was Life Issues that posted the video) Anyone with discernment should be able to tell that this was staged. She reads from her phone in her hand the whole time with awkward pause and can’t even pronounce the word omnipotent. She also appeared to have issue ending her so called “prayer” that was clearly scripted for her. You can also look at her posture etc. I’m not the greatest at prayer, but even I know that was fake. This isn’t judging-this is discernment and evidently too many people in this day and age either don’t have it or don’t use it!!!

  • Carmie

    She prays: “I just want to pray to continue to have the humility to accept that I am incapable of knowing anyone else’s heart and mind, and my role as my human being is not to judge others, but to give them care and compassion when I can know nothing of their heart,”

    What about care and compassion for the helpless child. Who’s watching out for her/him? She’s not judging the mothers, but has passed a death sentence on a child. A child who’s heart and mind she does not know either, nor cares to know, as she has made a decision to end his/her life.

    She’s publicly justifying her abhorrent actions through empty words to a God she obviously does not know. I wonder if she believes what she said?