Video Shows Muslims Seeking to Convert Africans to Islam: ‘Jesus Is the Slave of Allah’

Campaign-compressedA video compilation released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) appears to show Muslims seeking to convert Africans to Islam, asking them to repeat the words, “Jesus is the slave of Allah and Mohammed.”

According to the organization, Egyptian cleric Wahid Abd Al-Salam Bali has been leading the efforts in Africa, traveling to predominantly Christian areas of Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana. Bali claims to have converted over 4,000 people within a seven-day period in Malawi.

The video footage of various Muslims engaged in Islamization activities shows men altering the recitation of what is called the shahada, which is the Islamic creed. In addition to the customary, “I attest that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger,” the men seem to customize the declaration for Christians to renounce their faith.

“I bear witness that Jesus is the slave of Allah and his messenger,” the video repeatedly shows clerics asking professing Christians to repeat.

Moments into the footage, Bali is seen leading a group of children in the chant, followed by repeated exclamations of “Allah Akbar.” He teaches the children to hold up one finger as they recite the shahada, a Muslim gesture that signifies their belief that there is none but Allah.

The video also shows a young man being instructed by an Islamic cleric to remove his cross necklace and repeat the shahada.

“You will become a Muslim. You will pray five times a day with the Muslims. You should take off the cross, because this is only for Christians,” the cleric states. “Take it off right now.”

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The man then rips the necklace off his neck, raises his finger in the air and repeats the Islamic creed.

A clip in the video called “Conquering a New Village” shows a crowd of Africans being addressed by a panel of Muslims who ask, “Who among you wants to join Islam?” The majority of hands are raised in the air.

“All of you do? In that case… Wait, these two don’t want to,” the cleric states. “Who wants to join Islam? Do you want to join Islam?”

He then leads the crowds in the shahada, followed by declarations of “Allah Akbar.”

The cleric, through an interpreter speaking into a megaphone, tells the African crowd that Muslims have come to help them because of its belief that the rich should give the poor, exciting those gathered.

“It is Islam that commanded us to come here, to resolve your problems, and to help you,” he says. “Because the Prophet of the Muslims, Muhammad, peace be upon him, says that the rich should give to the poor. That is why we have come to you.”

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