Colorado Bible Study Goes to Pot: ‘Stoner Jesus’ Group Combines Weed with the Word

Study-compressedCENTENNIAL, Colo. — A Bible study group in Colorado has literally gone to pot, inviting its members to smoke marijuana together while discussing the Scriptures.

The group is called the “Stoner Jesus Bible Study” and was formed after Colorado legalized the use of recreational marijuana. It was formed by Deb Button, who first posted her invite on Craigslist. Only one person attended at first, who told reporters last month that Button was “so baked out of her head she forgot that she’d invited me over.”

“Many people have a thirst for spiritual connection that is lacking in the traditional church setting and we aim to learn from the wisdom of His word and teachings,” the group writes on its website. “And yes, cannabis is welcome as it can bring clarity of thought and a sense of connectedness that we often only find in a small group of fellow stoners.”

The stoner study has now grown to several people, including a Mormon, a Catholic and an atheist, according to New York Magazine.

“Jesus didn’t hang out with the Pharisees,” attendee Cynthia Joye told the outlet. “If somebody passed Him a pipe, He wouldn’t say no.”

JeTaun Brown told CBS Denver this past week she reading the Bible while stoned “enables people to relax and focus.”

“I think you have a deeper thought process, which makes you better understand,” she claimed.

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Button told the outlet that she didn’t see a problem with mixing weed and the word as some congregations have small group studies with wine and cheese.

However, many Christians nationwide remain opposed to the smoking of the plant out of their belief that the substance interferes with the Biblical command to be “sober-minded.”

“Sorcery/witchcraft is from the Greek word ‘pharmakia’ the same word we get pharmacy from. It means the general illicit use of drugs (same application as today) and the use of drugs to cast spells,” writes Steve Rudd in “Drugs and the Bible: E, Shrooms, Cocaine, Crack, Marijuana.” “Psychologically, drugs can cause us to lose all sense of control. We switch our entire dependence and reason for living to the chemical.”

“The Bible teaches in I Corinthians 6:19-20 that God has given us our bodies; our bodies belong to Him,” he continues. “We are also told in Romans 12:1 that we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God. Can we do this and be drug dependent?”

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  • Nidalap

    Well, when you’re worshiping at the ol’ golden calf altar you gotta get in the right frame of mind, right?

    • gizmo23

      You mean like those that race out of church during service so as not to miss football?

      • Nidalap

        Ha! Well THERE’S a whole ‘nother golden calf to some! 🙂

      • Debbie WestGate Tutor

        Spot on Gizmo. Let he who lives in a glass house!

        • Nidalap

          What, the stoners? They’re not really in a glass house. They just caught sight of their bongs and got a bit confused! (^_^)

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Must I break out the Cheech and Chong tonight?!?

            I have seen potheads, and I can assure you that there is zero “clarity of thought” there.

  • This is like, hey man, you know, really, if you get my .. I just gotta say, like the bible and also oh yeah like Jesus and like all that good with and all you just have to, you must really like always with everything towards. Also having since and totally.

    • Becky


    • storie

      I know! Ha!

  • upload

    It brings clarity of thought, but she was too stoned to remember inviting someone to her house. Yeah, great idea, this.

  • jennylynn

    Shaming the name.

    Why do you call me Lord, Lord if you do not do what I say. Luke 6:46

    Matthew 7:23
    “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS

    • acontraryview

      Well thank goodness what they are doing is not illegal.

  • acontraryview

    It’s nice that they are making use of one of the things God put on the earth.

  • lorac odraned

    What a bunch of wackos! Thank God Vermont won’t copy them. We are the least religious state in the US. But we do have a lot of stoners, just ask Bernie!

  • Toro Keng

    Another joke…..

  • 201821208_456512019 :)

    This is wrong.

  • storie

    Lol…..that’s funny. People can be so silly sometimes.

  • All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

    1 Corinthians 10:23 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    The issue, as I see it, is not whether or not it is sinful. It really boils down to “is this the best I can do?” I think this falls under the category of “not edifying.”


      The NASB falls under the category of “Vatican-produced garbage”

  • Nidalap

    Come on, guys! The Rastafarians already have this covered! (^_^)

  • Coach

    They’re worshiping pot, not God. Though a far out comparison, it would be just as idolatrous if they replaced the pot with the lighting of candles and said that brought them closer to God. They’re closer to the god of this age, who has blinded their eyes from seeing the truth.

  • FoJC_Forever

    This is like combining another plant – a tree – to something purportedly about the birth of Jesus.

    Follow Jesus, find Truth.

  • FoJC_Forever

    It’s astonishing what some people will do while under the influence of a chemical substance. It’s more astonishing that all people don’t need any chemical influence to sin against God and other people.

    Follow Jesus, find Salvation.

  • Mic Blaine

    scripture says there is only one unpardonable sin, “blaspheming the holy ghost” or denigrating cannabis ! if u keep saying no you are in danger of never getting any ! living in vain