Planned Parenthood Sues to ‘Protect’ Having Aborted Babies ‘Steam-Cooked,’ Burned and Sent to Landfills

Stericycle DenverCINCINNATI, Ohio — The abortion giant Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit on Sunday in an effort to stop Ohio officials from taking any legal action against the organization for having the bodies of aborted babies picked up by medical waste companies to be steam-treated or incinerated, and then dumped in landfills.

As previously reported, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who identifies as pro-life and believes that abortion is “morally reprehensible,” announced the finding about Planned Parenthood’s practice on Friday.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” he said in a statement. “It is important the public be aware that these practices are taking place at these Ohio facilities.”

DeWine’s office had been investigating whether Planned Parenthood facilities in the state were selling the body parts of aborted babies following the release of national undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

While determining that aborted babies in Ohio weren’t being sold to research, DeWine’s Charitable Law Section rather found that the children were being picked up by medical waste companies and either steam treated or incinerated and then dumped into a landfill with household and commercial trash.

He said that the practice is illegal as it violates Chapter 3701-47-05 of the Ohio abortion law, which states that a “fetus shall be disposed of in a humane manner.”

Accu Medical Waste Service, Inc. in Marietta had been serving the Cincinnati and Columbus Planned Parenthood locations, and had transported the containers of aborted babies to its steam plant where they were autoclaved and then trucked to a landfill in Kentucky.

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The medical waste giant Stericycle, which serves the Bedford Heights Planned Parenthood, had been picking up aborted babies from the location and either having them steamed or incinerated, depending on how Planned Parenthood had marked the boxes. The fetal remains were then trucked to Republic Services Carbon Limestone Landfill in Lowellville after being treated.

Corporate representatives of Stericycle had claimed to DeWine’s office during the investigation that the company does not accept fetal remains for disposal.

As DeWine said that he planned to file for an injunction in court to require that Planned Parenthood cease disposing of aborted babies in autoclaves, incineration plants and landfills, Planned Parenthood subsequently filed for a restraining order against any legal action on Sunday.

It claimed that it is being falsely accused of inhumane disposal, as the organization believes that its current methods are no different than most abortion facilities.

“Planned Parenthood handles fetal tissues just like other health care providers handle all sorts of medical material. It is either treated for sterilization or incinerated, and then disposed of,” Planned Parenthood said in a statement. “The false claims are motivated by politics, not by the facts and not by medicine, and are intended to ban abortion in the state.”

“It’s clear from the Attorney General’s press conference that we’ve acted properly and legally, and this is just part of his longstanding political agenda to ban abortion in all cases,” it continued.

Planned Parenthood said that its filing on Sunday is meant to “protect abortion access.”

“Without the help of Stericycle, and companies like it, the abortion industry would collapse,” says the Campaign to Stop Stericycle, which was launched in 2010 to call upon medical waste companies to stop helping facilitate the abortion holocaust, just like the Jewish Holocaust when Nazis killed and incinerated thousands with the aid of local business services.

“If businesses would refuse to collaborate with the abortion industry out of ethical and moral integrity, then the doors of these killing centers would soon close and the murder of millions of innocent children would come to an end.”

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  • Nidalap

    They probably intend to toss them in the landfill with the proper amount of respect and decorum, I’m sure…

    • The Last Trump

      And like I said, it won’t matter what is done with the bodies of these ruthlessly slaughtered children as long as these liberal progressive monsters can continue to get away with their ridiculous claim that developing fetuses don’t actually qualify as people! Madness.

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        “”The sub-human, that biologically seemingly complete creation of nature with hands, feet and a kind of brain, with eyes and mouth, is nevertheless a completely different, dreadful creature. He is only a rough copy of a human being, with human-like facial traits but nonetheless morally and mentally lower than an animal… For all that bare a human face are not equal. (Pamphlet published by the Race Settlement Main Office, Germany, 1942)”

        http://www .abortionfacts .com/literature/abortion-the-hidden-holocaust

        • The Last Trump

          Hard to believe that people that think like that actually exist.
          Oh wait. What am I saying!
          We converse with countless of them daily on forums such as this.
          The heart of man and all of that. 🙁

          What a contrast in how Christians go around building hospitals and orphanages and setting up charities and humanitarian organizations to serve the needs of the downtrodden and the helpless.
          If there was no other evidence of Almighty God outside of just THAT, I would still be convinced. The incredible transformation of the human heart for good. Christianity. A tree and it’s fruit.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    ‘Planned Parenthood said that its filing on Sunday is meant to “protect abortion access.”’

    Another PP euphemism, amongst many, for “knocking off babies in the womb.”

    “An official Nazi report of the fate of 15,000 Jewish women and children killed in the area of Serbia in mobile gas vans was discovered. Jews were locked up in the air-tight rear container while exhaust fumes from the truck’s engine were fed in to suffocate them. The report simply stated that they had been “evacuated to the East”, just one more in a long list of euphemisms for “killed”.”

    “Between 1970 and 1977, California millionaire-abortionist Dr. Edward Allred was personally responsible for destroying 35,000 human lives before birth, including some 7,000 mid-trimester abortions by salt poisoning. When asked by a reporter what happens in an abortion, Dr. Allred said: “the contents are evacuated.” (Assignment Life, New Liberty Films)”

    http://www .abortionfacts .com/literature/abortion-the-hidden-holocaust

    • Nidalap

      Any Holocaust worth its salt will end in mass graves of some kind…

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        In this case, mass landfills, mass steam generation, mass profits for Big Abortion, mass “medical research,” etc.

        ‘To left the concentration camp experiments Dr. August Hirt supplied this rational, “These condemned men will at least make themselves useful,” he said. “Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to execute them and send their bodies to the crematory oven without giving them an opportunity to contribute to the progress of society.” (Aziz, Doctor of Death, 3, 305)’

        • Nidalap

          Once the sanctity of human life is left by the wayside, this course of history repeats, over and over again…

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            So sadly true.

            Now, at the last Christian Theocracy Meeting, there was an issue that came up about just how many Bible verses would be required to be memorized for naturalization purposes. Did you have a thought on that?

          • Nidalap

            Funny you should ask… ::Papers ruffle:: Ever since that was put forward, I’ve been uncomfortable with it as any sort of true test. Satan himself has been known to quote the Scriptures, after all!
            I’m thinking a probationary period must be put in place, living with a mentor. Examination of their life will be the only sure way to tell…

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Well, it’s a good point, but it would keep the liberals out since they invariably butcher any verse they dare try. 🙂

            How about this for one of the questions:

            “What do you call the human in the womb?” Pretty sure we could ferret them out based on that reply. “Clump of cells” calls for immediate deportation, as does “meat for a crockpot.” (LeRoy Carhart)

          • Nidalap

            Hmm… it’s a good question, but we can’t let them know it’s a test for them, lest they give some prepared falsehood.
            Perhaps we should place them in a ‘holding area’ with agents masquerading as fellow outsiders. They could subtly ply the questions with much less suspicion…

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Pro-aborts are not that smart, Nidalap. I spend 6 days a week surrounded by them: they are the gift that keeps on giving. We need nothing fancy to fool them: let’s save the money and use it for our many Bible museums. In addition to the Green family museum set to open in 2017, how many will we need? Also, a cross on every street corner – will that be sufficient? (instead of a cop, which won’t be necessary)

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        This page is not popular with atheists and pro-aborts, is it?!?

        • Nidalap

          Well good! We should be the more worried if they did NOT count us as their enemies, wouldn’t you say? 🙂