‘I Didn’t Look and I Didn’t Care’: Satanic Temple Leader Blogs Her Thanksgiving Day Abortion

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DETROIT, Mich. — The leader of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple recently blogged about her medical abortion, which she carried out on Thanksgiving Day.

“I had a Thanksgiving abortion,” wrote Jex Blackmore on her blog “UnMother.” “This was good because I don’t care much for the holiday and was provided ample time off from life to recover.”

Blackmore began blogging in mid-November, stating that she didn’t believe it was the “right time” to have a child.

“The pro-creator of this little lump lives in the middle of the desert 1,700 miles away from here, and I am one million miles away in my own head,” she wrote. “On the verge of World War Three, the deification of Kim Davis and President Trump, this is not American soup for future family.”

The Satanic Temple leader shared about the various steps that she took to obtain the abortion, including visiting the abortion facility for an examination and pills that would end her child’s life. She expressed her objection to Michigan’s 42-hour waiting period and its requirement that women obtain information about fetal development and abortion.

Blackmore took her abortion pill on Thanksgiving Day and settled in to watch the 1988 science fiction horror film “They Live.” She later blogged about the intense pain, bleeding and nausea that she experienced for approximately seven hours until her deceased child fell out of her body.

“Something took hold of my abdomen and began to ring it out. I woke up covered in sweat and blurry-eyed. I vomited,” Blackmore recalled. “Then I was taken over by electric, resonant throbbing. I didn’t feel prepared. I expected waves of pain, but this was relentless.”

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Hours later, she said she “felt something drop,” but didn’t wish to look.

“Everything became a sort of alternative reality where I was floating above myself. I transcended pain and became primal, and bloody. A relentless electric shock,” Blackmore wrote. “I vomited again. Then felt something drop out of me. I didn’t look.”

“I bled and I bled until I expelled one last something. I didn’t look and I didn’t care,” she said.

The Satanic Temple leader later told reporters that the experience was “horrible,” but did not express regret for the abortion.

Just as Blackmore took to the Internet to blog about her abortion, others have also shared their stories online—but to urge other mothers not to deprive their child of the gift of life. One of those women, only identified as Doreen from New York, shared her story on the site “Silent No More.” She recalled seeing her baby’s arm fall out of her body while taking a shower.

“I had taken my baby’s life—a human life. I just killed my baby. I was in terror. I stood in the shower for what seemed like hours contemplating what to do,” she recalled. “Not being able to pick up my baby’s arm I finally removed the cover to the drain and used it to push my baby’s arm down the drain.”

“I was so traumatized by what I had done. I was sickened by my choice and its harsh reality. I was sickened by what I was capable of. Most of all I was sickened that my baby was dead and that it was final. There was no escaping what I had done,” Doreen continued.

She urged other women not to rely on their own understanding, but to put their trust in God and recognize the child inside of them as a blessing.

“I didn’t know how precious God’s gift of life was and took it for granted, but I found out how precious life is and how much we need to protect and respect life,” Doreen wrote. “Go to God, for He is life and love. Swallow your shame and put aside your circumstance and just go. Don’t be afraid. Don’t choose. You don’t really understand what you’re choosing. You can’t possibly know. You can’t imagine the deep spiritual pain of abortion.”

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  • Nidalap

    Did we really expect the Satanic temple leader to be upholding the sanctity of human life?

    • The Last Trump

      I’m a little surprised she and her group didn’t perform their own “ceremony”!
      Probably an afterthought.

  • The Last Trump

    Seems like a nice girl… 🙁

  • Every day, I pray for the lives of unborn children. When I read stories like this it only increases my fervor. Abortion will end when the hearts of the people are changed and it is only the Holy Spirit who can accomplish that. Prayer is not our last resort, it is our first response to such unabashed cruelty.

  • Representative

    This is really really sickening. I am so sorry for what both of these women put themselves through. Everyone has been deceived into murdering the innocent for the glory of Satan.

  • Robert Taylor

    I’m so glad she felt pain and suffering for taking that abortion pill and the only thing that comforts me is that the baby is in heaven with Jesus and she will be in hell when she dies! Of course she still could repent of her sins and turn to Jesus and less of course she has committed the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit!

    • gizmo23

      Could you explain your last sentence? Thanks

      • Sean_in_Nyc

        And less = unless

        • gizmo23

          I don’t understand the concept of unforgivable sin. How and when does that come into play?

          • The Last Trump

            Great question!
            Type “unforgiveable sin” or “blaspheme the Holy Spirit”
            into your google search menu and enjoy!

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            There are several views of this:

            1. Assigning the works of Jesus to the devil. (This is the context in which the phrase is uttered but most theologians agree that this probably is not the full condition requirement for blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.)
            2. A lifelong unrepentance or rejection of God that continues until death. (This is the view that I tend to favor, although the next view is compelling.)
            3. Such a strong rejection of the works of the Holy Spirit at some interval of one’s life, that God withdraws the Light or works of the Holy Spirit from the person, and the person can no longer repent because he or she no longer has Light. This view is favored by some reformed and studied theologians and would be consistent with the example of Pharaoh (followed by God) hardening his own heart. In short, this view says that, unbeknownst to others, a person could harden his own heart beyond the possibility of salvation even long before he or she died. Pragmatically, however, Christians would not KNOW that this had happened, and would still be compelled to continue to pray for and try to reach that person.

            BTW, it is not possible for a true believer to blaspheme the Holy Spirit because he or she already has the indwelling of the Spirit. This is my understanding of this topic, but, of course, many others on this site are much smarter than I am on theology.

          • gizmo23

            Thanks. I tend to agree with you on #2

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            You are most welcome. Even if 3 turns out to be true, there would be no way for us to know when it occurs, I think, so it seems to me that we can’t give up praying for really hardened hearts. Some theologians think option 1 expired after Jesus’ ascension, i.e., that one would have had to be living in Jesus’ time to perform option 1.

          • Ken Faivor

            The unforgivable sin is ANY wilful sin that you are aware of, and refuse to repent of, which is of course, what defines it as willful. You can not take any sin or rebellion into heaven with you, that would be blasphemy to the Holy Spirit.

          • Pamela O’Connor Olson

            It doesn’t, according to my understanding.

          • psychenudity

            The unforgivable sin is , and would be, if you were to sincerely give your life to Christ and become born again.

            Then later , you officially RENOUNCE Christ as your Lord & Savior & you RENOUNCE Christianity altogether.

            This is why, when the anti-Christ’s system is put into place , and you – as a Christian – accept the Mark Of The Beast – you have forfeited your salvation, you have willfully renounced your identity as a Christian.

            This nonsense about sinning as Christian etc.. – all Christians sin,…even willfully. Why? Because only the SPIRIT is renewed in Christ at the time of salvation, not the soul, mind or body – THAT has to be worked on.

            There’s a reason why when Christians die , they will THEN become “righteous” & whole , with their new body and mind along with their spirit.

            The fact is if you’re caught up in a type of sin, as a Christian, that you cannot get free of (i.e. like heroin or something), then you give power over to Satan, he creates inroads into your life,…and basically he can kill you…because the Christian has given him permission. BUT, this does not forfeit the salvation. SIn has it’s own consequences, without any condemnation from God (contrary to most Christian’s view on this)

  • Shaun D.

    Hers is coming……

    Romans 1:18 KJV
    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

  • crusader51

    Abortion is the Great American Holocaust. A true crime against humanity. Every child is a gift from God and as the Bible states clearly “He knew them before they entered their mothers womb.” The taking of the most innocent of lives is Satanic and it is murder.

  • Ray S

    Wonder why she couldn’t look at what came out of her. I’ll tell you why. She knows it would have haunted her for the rest of her life. A lot of murderers do the same before ending a victims life… they will look away.