‘It’s About Hating and Killing’: Former Muslim Woman Turned Christian Seeks to Spread Truth About Islam

Walter-compressedA former Muslim woman turned Christian says that she now works to tell others the truth about Islam after she began reading the Koran and was disturbed about its contents and the life of Mohammed.

Mona Walter moved to Sweden from Somalia as a war refugee while a teenager. It was there that she says that she began reading the Koran for the first time, as in Somalia she lived more as a cultural Muslim and wasn’t familiar with the tenets of her religion.

“I didn’t know what I was a part of. I didn’t know who Mohammed was. I didn’t know who Allah was,” Walter told CBN News. “So, when I found out, I was upset. I was sad and I was disappointed.”

She said she learned that Islam is not about peace, but killing the infidel.

“It’s about hating and killing those who disagree with Islam. It’s about conquering,” Walter stated. “Mohammed, he was immoral. He was a bloodthirsty man. He was terrible man, and Muslims can read that in his biography: what he did to Jews, how he raped women, how he killed people. I mean, he killed everyone who didn’t agree with him.”

Walter left Islam and lived as an atheist for a time, until a family member encouraged her to read the Bible. She said that she was impacted by Matthew 5:44, where Jesus taught that men must love their enemies.

“It was very strange for me to ‘love your enemy,’ because in Islam it is ‘kill your enemy.’ ‘Kill your enemy and anyone who refuses Islam,'” Walter stated. “But Jesus Christ was all about love and peace and forgiveness and tolerance, and for some reason, I needed that.”

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She soon turned to Christ, and decided to show other Muslim women in Sweden the truth about Islam.

“Sometimes they listen and sometimes they become very upset,” Walter told CBN. “I tell them, ‘You know your husband has a right to beat you if you don’t obey him?’ And they say, ‘No, it does not say that.’ ‘Yes, it does say that.’ I thought if I tell them about Mohammed and about the Koran and about this god of Islam who hates, who kills, … maybe they will have a choice and leave.”

And while she says that she receives death threats for speaking against the Islamic faith, Walter states that she is going to continue to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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