Atheist Continues Effort to Have ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from U.S. Currency

MoneyAKRON, Ohio — A prominent professing atheist has filed another lawsuit in his effort to have the motto “In God We Trust” removed from U.S. currency.

As previously reported, atheist Michael Newdow, who has filed numerous suits challenging the mixture of God and government, first submitted a complaint in the Southern District of New York in March 2013, asserting that the motto violates the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution as it serves to proselytize unbelievers.

But in September of that year, U.S. District Court Judge Harold Baer, Jr., nominated by Bill Clinton, rejected Newdow’s arguments, opining that “the inclusion of the motto on U.S. currency . . . does not violate the Establishment Clause [of the Constitution].”

He consequently appealed his case to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, but in May 2014, the court likewise ruled against the prominent atheist.

“The Supreme Court has recognized in a number of its cases that the motto, and its inclusion in the design of U.S. currency, is a ‘reference to our religious heritage,’” it wrote. “We therefore hold, in line with the Supreme Court’s dicta, that [the motto appearing on currency does] not violate the Establishment Clause.”

Newdow soon began seeking plaintiffs to challenge the motto from a different angle—the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) signed in the 1990s by then-President Bill Clinton.

His new federal suit, filed in Ohio this week, has 43 plaintiffs, with nine of them being children.

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“When [the child] is confronted with ‘In G-d We Trust’ on every coin and currency bill she handles or learns about in school, the power and prestige of the federal government is brought to bear upon her with the message that her father’s (and her own) Atheism is false,” the complaint reads in part.

“Additionally, she is taught to carry and promote a religious message her father is teaching her to at least consider denying, and to also make a completely false declaration as to what is likely to be her own religious view on the matter of G-d’s existence,” it says.

Newdow’s lawsuit asks the court to place a permanent injunction on the U.S. government from printing or minting the motto on further currency out of a declaration that the saying violates the First and Fifth Amendments, as well as the RFRA.

The motto “In God We Trust” has appeared on U.S. coins since 1864 and began being printed on paper currency in 1957. The phrase is to believed to have originated with the Star Spangled Banner, written during the War of 1812, which declares, “And this be our motto: In God We Trust!”

Following a Civil War-era proposal from a number of pastors to the U.S. Treasury Department that God be acknowledged on American currency, Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase obliged and ordered that a design be created. Its inscription was first upheld by Congress in 1864, and then again in 1873 when Congress passed the Coinage Act, which specifically declared that the secretary “may cause the motto ‘In God We Trust’ to be inscribed on such coins as shall admit of such motto.”

In 1956, Congress passed a resolution making “In God We Trust” the national motto, which was again upheld by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2011 by a 396-9 vote.

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  • brine

    That’s an easy one to fix. Just let him tell the kids to think of that slogan as referring to the money itself as that is usually many a person’s god….nobody usually has a problem in trusting in currency issued by the USA…

    • Violet Vanderhelm

      Brine, sad truth but well stated. This is bad news.

  • Cady555

    Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he should win. There is no reason a person should have to carry and distribute a religious claim.

    • bowie1

      You could always try to use Canadian money which has Queen Elizabeth or a politician on it!

    • afchief

      Under the 1st amendment, they will lose.

  • Frank Dorka

    In God some of us trust. But some Americans don’t believe. So, It’s a BIG lie.

    • MountainDewFan4

      Even most of those people who do “Trust” in God, don’t really. They still commit sins, they still commit adultery, many work on the Sabbath, they still eat things such as lobster which the good book tells them not to. So … looks like this “Trust” thing … isn’t really there for any of us.

  • Mark Moore

    If we actually trusted in God it might make sense but the US relies on atheistic enlightenment principles and science but thens give lip service to an imaginary god. Long past time for the motto to go.

  • gizmo23

    For most of our history Christians opposed putting the slogan on money. Lincoln was criticized for doing it during the Civil war, which is the first time it was done on 1 coin

    • TheKingOfRhye

      Theodore Roosevelt was opposed to having it on money. He called it “irreverence, which comes dangerously close to sacrilege.”

  • Sam Langford

    well if you don’t like it then don’t collect it!! pass it on over to us that Believe and don’t mind using it. The Atheists are one to talk about bringing things into a Neutral light.. well then If we Christians have to put up with you and your Unbelief then YOU can Put up with Us too.. Its not about making either one the center of the Universe However. That place is already taken so many of you all need to get off your own Pedestals for once… It all doesn’t have to be one way or the other.. but Co Exist is a Must… Unless you choose not to… and that’s your choice.. not mine..

    • MountainDewFan4

      Is that what you would say if the money said, “In White Males we trust”.
      Would you tell anyone who does not believe in that statement to just “… don’t collect it”.
      Of course not.

      So why is it OK to say “In God we Trust” ???? Not everyone in this country believes that to be true. So,. what’s the answer? Do we put “In God/Gods/Allah, etc. we either believe or don’t believe”? Of course not. The best solution is to NOT PUT ANY message on our money which takes a stance on religion one way or another!

      • Sam Langford

        Well Hiding behind Mountain Dew.. I wasn’t around when it was voted on nor applied to our money.. However I do know that the Pilgrims WERE of the Faith and that’s why they Left England for America. to get out from under the Catholic Church and its strict rule.. so Yes they did believe in God.. It wasn’t until years later their sorry offspring growed up and became senators that decided that they wanted a government without God. Its cool I can live right on.. and get the hell over it… How about you?? Nope?? the How about you follow Suit and find some other place to plant your backside if you don’t like how the country is ran. Im sure it would make the other Believers lives a lot better off.. Besides.. Its not about being White, Black or purple.. What the Atheists dont see is that if we take that off our money and turn our backs on GOD.. then HE will do the SAME thing TO US in America. When your dangling over Hell and there is only ONE Rope that is attached to Gods hand.. You don’t start Chopping the rope and burning his hand just to make your self free.. Btw.. You maybe free for a short time just before you bust Hell wide open.. and Don’t Blame the Believers for your stupidity!! Btw.. One day you will get your way with your ANTI Christ and on you think its going to be so fun.. well guess what … God Holds Time.. Not anyone else but HIM. Enjoy your two seconds while you have them.

        • MountainDewFan4

          You HONESTLY believe that this mythical God of yours really cares about what is or isn’t written on the U.S. dollar bill?
          You think he’s up there sitting on his cloud and thinking to himself … “Oh boy, those friggin Americans are gonna take my name off of their dollar Bill … looks like it’s time for another mass killing”.

          Wow. That actually makes me laugh. Your all loving God, your all caring and all Powerful God, would actually “Turn his back” on YOU, if the government took his name off of it’s money…. wow, what a strange God.

          Also, FYI, atheists do not believe in God, they also do not believe in heaven or Hell … so saying things like, “When your dangling over Hell” .. really has no effect on us. It would be like saying that Darth Vader is going to chop our hand off with his light saber … we all know that both of those are made up stories, so they do not bother us.

          But …. you can go on believing in your invisible fairy, that’s fine with me … just don’t put something on my country’s money which states that I “Trust” in him, because I and about 80 million other Americans, DO NOT!

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Or it would be like saying that Kylo Ren is going to {DELETED – SPOILER ALERT}…….lol

          • Sam Langford

            look Idiot.. My God is Not Mythical. Never has been. He sent his Son as LIVING PROOF of his Existance. that would be Jesus Christ. Now because of that the WORLD rejected him as such and because of that fact. they face THEIR OWN DEMISE.. Jesus can save souls all day long but only if you are willing to Accept him. The secular world doesn’t accept it because your too busy trying to Deny what you cant see and the Reason you cant See is because your heart is darkened by the Things of this world. You trust in what you can see.. and what your seeing is fading away by every second. Including your own body. I’m sorry you cant see the truth.. for being blind is such a hard reality to swallow. You think by removing all traces of God on this planet will Solve your problems… but it wont.. matter of fact it will only FURTHER COMPLICATE it Further.. From a Christian stand point We all… that is Humanity is living under the Dispensation of Grace as God permits. Now the minute all Believers Leave this place All Hell will be unleashed.. and mark my words you may get to see that take place. The money wont be able to Buy your soul a place of rest. nor will you find it. Maybe just maybe in your sorrow will you find that I was spot on with my words.. Now you can get angry all you want but its not going to do any good. for I know My GOD will NEVER leave me nor Forsake me.. but what about you?? what about you? Its not up to me.. Its up to YOU…. Now for all the Millions you speak of.. that’s fine.. for for every unbeliever there is 4 to 5 that do…Its not in the numbers that’s important.. Its about the one that is willing to open their eyes to the Truth.. Not my Truth but Gods Truth.. Hes the only one that WILL NOT LIE!!! let that sink in.. the Only ONE that knows the Future. I just hope you will change your mind in time. Btw.. Its not My Country Nor your country.. but OUR country.. Until we depart…

          • MountainDewFan4

            You know that your god is not mythical … how?

            Is Zeus a myth or real?
            Is Allah a myth or real?
            How do you know this?

            Have you seen this God? Have you talked to him? HOW do you know he is real? Oh because it’s written in a book? So that means that Superman is real too? We are all very curious as to how you KNOW that God is real. How do you KNOW that “All Hell will be unleashed” ???

            The truth is … you don’t actually KNOW any of this. You are just saying what your parents and your church tells you.

            I will agree with something which you said, “Its not My Country Nor your country.. but OUR country”. That is correct, so shouldn’t OUR country motto be something that both of us can agree on?

          • Sam Langford

            Look. I don’t have to prove any thing. Go’s already has proven he exists. I told you how from my last response. I guess you didn’t get it.. look at it this way. Your parents once sent you to school .. why?? So you could learn about the world.. mine also sent me to Sunday school to learn about God and it contains information about the Spirit world and the natural world. Don’t blame me because your parents didn’t send you to Sunday school.. in tge Bible it tells you alot about how the world came into being. Yes some information is flawed but so are some of our text books because some are dealing with Theory.. and at that time that’s what was believed to be true.. now we have scientists tgat are totally off base but I don’t hold it against them because they are human and make mistakes.. we all do
            But when a Spirit that is truth tells yiu the truth and you know it is the truth you tend to understand and see it for what it is.. and of course when you then get it. It unravels the mysteries that have been under yout nose the whole time and couldn’t see it.. until now… Btw God revealed himself to those that are open to see him. He is Deity and is Not limited by anything. However heis not a genie in a bottle that only shows up when You demand him too.. he is tge Master and not us!!! I know many Athiests that think that are angry because they are frustrated at the state of the world. But they don’t get the concept that God is a gentleman. He’s not going to make anyone do or say or accept him. The one question that God asked and that was will mankind love me as I have loved them?? Why love amother person if they don’t love you in return?? The answer is Either they will or wont. And they have to decide that based on you Relationship with him. You only get out what you put in any relationship.. another question is why can’t I see God.. well at one point man did. But can’t now because it would kill us all because of man’s sin. God is Holy and he is clothed with righteousness. Something so bright and powerful that man cannot handle that much light.. only if your in the spirit can you actually see him.. but if your in flesh you would be dead in two seconds from his glory. Matter of fact in science it tells you that your outer flesh is dead.. that’s why we call them dead skin cells.. that’s what this world is. Death.. but Christ said I’ve come to make all things new. He is Life. You cannot kill that which lives forever… and his spirit is Life. Now this day Choose who you will serve.I serve a living God that loves us and shows his love every second of time we have. Now that’s what I call grace.. giving us time to live when we dont deserve it… by our ugly attitudes and behaviors.

          • MountainDewFan4

            You stated, “God’s already has proven he exists”.
            How has he done this? Just answer this one simple question. How?

            My parents did try to teach me that God exists, I went to church and everything, but when I grew up, I began to realize that it all didn’t make any sense. I started to think about all of the religious claims and realized that many of them could not possibly be true. I asked questions, and got strange answers which all made me come to the conclusion that this “God” was just a myth, made up to make kids act better, like Santa Claus, but somehow when many of those kids grew up, they kept holding onto their nonsensical belief in this being … not Santa … the other one.

          • Sam Langford

            Yes, He.. God has.. He Proved he exists thru everything he touches.. From everything in this Universe. And also some he appeared to them without being in human flesh such as Adam and Eve and even Moses. Read

            Exodus 33:18-23

            18 Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”

            19 And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. 20 But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

            21 Then the Lord said, “There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock. 22 When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by. 23 Then I will remove my hand and you will see my back; but my face must not be seen.”
            Now Since Moses, Jesus the Christ was born which is God In Man.. thus his name is also Immanuel.. which means God with us.. Gods spirit son within a fleshly body.. His birth was announced by Angels and prophets of old. No other has been brought forth in this way. So as it is written and spoken by Jesus.. “If you have seen the Son you have also seen the Father” Now you said you went to church but it didn’t make sense… that’s because you just cant go a few times and get it.. Its too Adult and a child cannot grasp all there is.. and Many Adults all their lives also have a hard time since they either don’t allow it to soak deep inside and THINK about it.. To do as Mary and “Ponder” these things in your heart. The World is Geared to get an instant response for everything and if you cant google it your as a lost sheep that don’t know which way is home.. You have to Let his words marinate your brain for a while and in time you will understand it makes PERFECT Sense.. Now as far as Santa Clause believe it or not there WAS a Saint Nicholas that Santa Clause was based on.. He did go around and give children gifts in the winter.. The people at the time adapted this ran with it. for their children.. And the parents also threw in the aspect that Santa gives toys to the good children and Coal to the naughty ones. But a Saint does believe in God as well and that’s where they get the charity to do good. Please do not get Santa and God Confused.. they are two different identities entirely.. It is up to Every individual on the planet to either accept Christ as their savior or not. Jesus Christ came to Earth to unite God and Man together. God saw us in our sinful state and took pity on us. Why is mankind going thru what it is? because Adam and Eve dis obeyed what God had said and wanted their way. Eve was deceived but ADAM was not… Although he went along with what Eve told him.. He freely took of the Tree of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL. and once he did that not only changed his body from life and tainted it towards Death.. but His eyes were opened and the glory he had departed that’s how he saw his nakedness.. beforehand he had the same covering of light that God had. And the Spiritual side of Adam started to fade and It broke the “BLUE TOOTH” connection between God and man.. That’s why when God came down to speak with him in the Evening as he had done many times before… God had to Ask… Adam where are you? God knew he was there. but Adam had to tell him where he is.. A lot of people do have a hard time with the bible because it was translated into Elizabethan English for the English speaking Europe people. Its original language is Hebrew. The first 5 books of the bible was written by Moses since God knew from that point It would be translated and brought forward to us now. It was meant to show Gods loving favor towards HIS people. Those that are open to his words and understanding. It never was meant to spawn any wars over. That you can thank Religion which is so stern and Harsh because it wants to dominate the human aspect and dictate to everyone what is what Religion is different from the spirit as Night is from day.. You only can grasp its differences when you Learn to dig in and grab the Truth.. ” Jesus said “Behold I stand and knock at the Door and if any man opens it I will come in and sup.. (commune) and open all things unto you. Now.. If you will take the time. Then you will see that Religion is help open up the scriptures.. but you have to get past all its dictates… to see the truth.. also many Scriptures and parts of the bible have been withheld from us. either its Translation has limited due to English restraints or the Roman Catholic Church wont allow it to be Fully Disclosed.. why I’m not clear on.. but I still think its being restrained…in some way. Well I hope some of this helps to open up your reasoning. and allows you to make a better decision on life. Or at least you can get some sense of how it fits.. Peace. Sam..

  • Emmanuel

    Hey turds, how about that one eye, pyramid garbage on the other side of the bill? where is the outcry for that?

    • Amos Moses

      Atheists like that bit.

      • Emmanuel

        We like our bit
        score: 1 to 1, game over

      • MountainDewFan4

        No, they don’t “like” it. They just do not find it unconstitutional.

        • Amos Moses

          It is overtly religious.

          It is just not christian, so it does not bother them.

          So they like it

          • MountainDewFan4

            While they may be religious to some degree, they certainly do not blatantly put forth a message which states that everyone in this country “Trusts” in something called “God”.

          • Amos Moses

            The “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid is the Eye of Horis – an Egyptian god.

            The wording on the back of the one dollar bill “Novus Ordo Seclorum” translates to New World Order or One World Order. It is Masonic in origin and it was all put there around 1935 by FDR and occultists named Henry Wallace and Nicholas Roerich.

  • Amos Moses

    FYI, God, the one true God, is spelled God, not GOD.

    Not sure what GOD they mean, except maybe mammon………….

    • afchief

      Amos, I have not see you in a while. Good to see ya!!!

      • Amos Moses

        Banned on Charisma, cant even upvote an article.

        • afchief

          Me too! I asked the Mod why and he said people like you and I, Ax2root and Adam in Christ and other were too argumentative and controversial. So the removed all of us.

          • Amos Moses

            So they let the ungodly in and take over. They can have it. i keep tabs on it, some of the most vile of things get posted there now.

            Laughing leads to crying.

          • afchief

            They don’t want any confrontations i.e. the “hard truths” and “hard facts”

          • Oh yeah, didn’t that admin say that they didn’t want to “give up the gains” they made over there?

            …what gains? The frequent trolls who switch their IPs and make new accounts again after being banned?

            I’ve gotta take a stand here and say that Christian moderators (in general) have become too “soft-handed” in putting up with nonsense. Boot ’em and ban ’em is my stance. And if they keep coming back — you keep showing them the door and blocking their ID. Most will get the picture, over time.

          • afchief

            Adam, I don’t even know if these moderators are Christian. I think they hire young IT people right out of college who may claim to be Christian or with very little Christian maturity. In the moderators email to me from Charisma, that’s what the Holy Spirit revealed to me.

          • The Holy Spirit always has the correct intel!

            In light of me being a recent university grad (’13), I would be very wary of hiring young IT personnel out of college for a Christian site.

            I’d rather read “IT for Dummies” and learn how to maintain a site myself over hiring a lukewarm crew.

          • afchief

            Being a moderator on a website probably is an entry level IT job and therefore does not pay well depending on web traffic.

          • Amos Moses

            5:38 And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought:
            5:39 But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.
            5:40 And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.
            5:41 And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
            5:42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

  • bowie1

    I wonder how many notice that “In God We Trust”. When I’ve had the occasion to hold onto some american currency (I live in Canada) I didn’t particularly notice. Atheists, though, must be looking under every rock so to speak finding any alleged offenses against the constitution.

  • “with the message that her father’s (and her own) Atheism is false”. It appears that the plaintiff is seeking an endorsement of his Atheism by government.

    • MountainDewFan4

      No he is seeking that the government does not endorse or discourage ANY religion or religious belief. Which is EXACTLY what they should be doing.

      • Removal of “God” is syntactically equivalent to “atheism” – prefix “a” (without, against), suffix “theism” (deity). Your statement can only make sense under the belief that “atheism” is a not a religious belief, even though it is a belief about religion. The set of ultimate beliefs about ultimate beliefs is part of itself.

        • MountainDewFan4

          Atheism is without a BELIEF in God or gods. So removing “God” from anything is not the same as atheism, removing the BELIEF in God from something would be the same as atheism.

          It is confusing as to why religious people think that anything that does not have the word god is atheistic. Here is a short list of statements, can you tell me which is religious and which is not.

          “In God We Trust” – A religious statement
          “There is no God” – An atheistic statement
          “God is awesome” – A religious statement
          “God does not exist” – An atheistic statement
          “E Pluribus Unum” – NOT a religious statement, nor an atheistic statement
          ” ” – NOT a religious statement, nor an atheistic statement

          Removing “God” or “In God We Trust” does not suddenly make our money atheistic. It simply makes it NEUTRAL or SECULAR which is what it SHOULD BE.

          Does your dinner plate or silverware have the word “God” on it? Oh no, how can you eat food on that Atheistic Plate with that Atheistic silverware! Oh, maybe because it isn’t atheistic silverware, maybe it’s neutral. Just like our money would be with the removal of the obvious religious statement, “In God We Trust”.

          • You are ignoring the change being requested: it is a change of the removal of the name of God. Nothing in the world is neutral in any case, neither silverware nor clay vessels nor atheists.

  • Orion Jones

    “In God We Trust” and “In Allah We Trust” are unconstitutional since they favour certain religions.
    “We Trust in No Gods” is unconstitutional because it favours atheism.

    Not having any phrase is completely neutral, favours no group and is constitutional.

    • The Skeptical Chymist

      Exactly correct!

    • MountainDewFan4

      Yup, but of course all of those religious people don’t quite see it that way.

  • Josey

    In God I trust and in Jesus Christ I trust whether it is on money or not. Faith is a matter of the heart. The problem here is godless people want to remove God from all of our society, they are a rebellious people who will one day and I believe very soon will bow their knee to Christ for every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior! I just choose to bow my knee now by my own volition for He is the Son of God who is worthy, He came to do the Father’s will and He finished that on the cross two thous. years ago. To those who believe He is precious! Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, there are no other ways and those that believe there are many roads that lead to Christ are misled by their own choice, they are blind. I pray God opens the hearts and minds for the time is so short. God says in Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

  • The Guest

    “And he saith unto them, “Whose is this image and superscription?” They say unto him, “Caesar’s!” Then saith he unto them, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” When they had heard these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their way.” Matthew 22:20-22

    “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (money).” Luke 16:13 … This nation no longer trusts in God.

  • MountainDewFan4

    How would any of you feel if the money stated, “In White Males we Trust”.
    Given the history of this country, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this message might have been printed on our money.
    Obviously in today’s day and age, not everyone believes this statement, so something would have to be done about it.
    Should we change it to “In White people we trust” … nope, should we change it to “In Makes we trust” … nope. The best solution would be to just remove the message altogether, the government does not need to put a message on a dollar bill which states which gender or race we do or do not “Trust” in.
    I’m sure at this point almost all of the country would agree with me.

    So then WHY does the government NEED a message on our money which states which invisible entity we “Trust” in? Why? It serves NO purpose at all.

    An unconstitutional law was made in the 1950s to put it on the money to separate our country from the Communists. Last time I checked, this is no longer an issue. So it should be removed.

    A funny thing is, many people (including the Supreme Court) consider the use of the word “God” to simply be traditional, and not religious. However, when asked if it should be removed 95% of atheists think it should be removed and only 40% of religious people think it should be removed. Hmmm, seems to me that this might actually be a religious message after all.

    The bottom line. Remove it. It no longer serves any SECULAR purpose.

  • Josey

    Money is a means to an end, nothing more, it pays bills. I don’t trust in it except it pays bills. We are leading up to a time where there will be a cashless society, I don’t expect to be here then for I believe in the rapture and can’t wait till Christ calls His bride home. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly. amen.

  • TheKingOfRhye

    “In God We Trust” only appeared on paper money after 1957, also when it was made the country’s official motto. Probably not a coincidence that we were really concerned about distancing ourselves from the Soviet Union at the time, which had state atheism. (which is NOT the same thing as a secular state) Remember, we’re talking about the same time when the Cincinnati Reds changed their name to the Redlegs, because they didn’t want to be associated with communism.

  • FoJC_Forever

    The words “In God We truth” inscribed on our money have not deterred people from loving and trusting in it. It may have originally been meant as a reminder about whom we should place our trust in, but that era has long since passed.

    The End is approaching and those who trust in money, or themselves, or some other vain thing will be removed forever and cast away into Eternal Darkness.

    Reject false religion. Reject the one who continues to push you away from Jesus and call upon Him to save you from your sinful nature.

    Follow Jesus, find Faith.