Senator Introduces Resolution to Support Designation of Feb. 12 as ‘Darwin Day’

Blumenthal pdWASHINGTON — A U.S. Senator from Connecticut has introduced a resolution that would express Congressional support for the designation of Feb. 12 as “Darwin Day.”

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduced Senate Resolution 337 on Dec. 17, which was referred to the Congressional Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation for consideration.

“Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution by the mechanism of natural selection, which, together with the monumental amount of scientific evidence Charles Darwin compiled to support the theory, provides humanity with a logical and intellectually compelling explanation for the diversity of life on Earth,” the measure reads in part.

While asserting that teaching biblical creation in public schools “compromises the scientific and academic integrity of the education systems of the United States,” the resolution rather contends that “Charles Darwin is a worthy symbol of scientific advancement on which to focus and around which to build a global celebration of science and humanity intended to promote a common bond among all the people of the Earth.”

Blumenthal’s effort serves as a companion to a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Jim Himes also of Connecticut. Co-sponsors of Himes’ measure include Charles Rangel, D-New York; Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-District of Columbia; Alan Grayson, D-Florida; Alan Lowenthal, D-California; Matt Cartwright, D-Pennsylvania and Mark Pocan D-Wisconsin.

The American Humanist Association says that it has been attempting to have the resolution passed for the past five years.

As previously reported, since 2006, hundreds of so-called churches across the nation have commemorated Darwin’s birthday each year with “Evolution Sunday.” But to counter the celebration, Tony Breeden, the founder of Creation Letter, created “Creation Sunday” in 2009 so that churches could publicly proclaim the truth of Genesis.

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“Even in Darwin’s day, there were ministers who said that there was no contradiction between evolution and Genesis, [and] the fruit of that position is telling, for today Europe is a spiritual wasteland where Christianity is concerned,” he told Christian News Network last year. “This is precisely why we urge churches in the United States and abroad to make a stand for the ultimate authority of the Bible and the historical veracity of Genesis by celebrating a Creation Sunday rather than an Evolution Sunday.”

According to historical documentation, not all of those who accompanied Darwin on his journeys supported his theories. During the 1860 Oxford evolution debate, Admiral Robert FitzRoy, who had once served as the captain for Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands and played a significant role in the development of the Origin of Species, repented of his participation.

Reports state that FitzRoy walked to the front of the room during the debate, “lifting an immense Bible, first with both and afterwards with one hand over his head, [and] solemnly implored the audience to believe God rather than man.”

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