Dentist Sued for Damages by Employees Allegedly Fired for Objecting to Playing Christian Music

Dentist-compressedLAKE ORION, Mich. — A Michigan dentist is being sued by several of her former employees who were allegedly scolded or fired for objecting to the Christian music she played at her practice.

Dr. Tina Marshall of Lake Orion is facing accusations of discrimination and violating the Michigan Civil Rights Act over the matter, which involves four former employees: Kimberly Hinson, Nancy Kordus, Tammy Kulis and Sara Bambard.

According to reports, Marshall played Christian music and the local Christian radio station at her practice during business hours, and eventually left it playing overnight.

“Playing the Christian music is just to keep God on your mind. It’s just soothing to the spirit,” she told the Clarkston News. “I can’t tell you how many patients I have come in and just make comments that it is so calm in here. They’re like, ‘I’m at a dentist office. This is weird.’ And we just smile.”

But some of her employees were unhappy with being subjected to the music.

“I told her I did not think it was right to play the music all the time, as we had a wide range of religious beliefs as patients,” Kordus said in a statement. “She told me ‘you have to plant the seeds’ and the music had to be played 24/7 even if no one was in the building ‘to keep the demons out.'”

She said that several patients “questioned” the music being played, and so Kordus turned on the television instead.

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“So I was ‘disobedient,’” Kordus stated.

The complaint against Marshall also claims that the dentist held prayer gatherings with staff each morning and also prayed over her patients. Her former employees claim that the morning prayers eventually became mandatory, but Marshall denies the allegation and says no one was ever required to pray with her.

Kordus claims that she wrote to Marshall in 2014 to ask that she stop pushing her religion on others, and was soon fired. Kulis said that she resigned over the matter.

Attorneys for Marshall have requested that the lawsuit be dismissed as the dentist disputes the claims.

“[Marshall is] being attacked in this lawsuit for her Christian beliefs, based solely on her desire to play religious music and radio stations in the dental office of the business that she owns,” attorney Keith Jablonski told the Washington Post.

“We believe that when the facts, and not baseless allegations, are presented to a jury, we will establish that this group of former disgruntled employees are simply looking to profit off of their own prejudices towards Dr. Marshall and her Christian faith,” he said.

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  • acontraryview

    It’s certainly her right to play Christian music at her office. The issue will become if she fired people for merely disagreeing with her choice of music.

    • Cady555

      Yes. This article doesn’t go into all the claims, including the fact that a minister was brought in as office manager and fired experienced employees for not sharing the dentist’s religious beliefs.

      Do you think it is okay for a business to fire a competent Christian employee because of their religious beliefs? Do you think it is okay to fire a Christian employee because they will not participate in the employer’s religious practice?

      There is one standard. Employers cannot dictate the religious practice of employees.

      • Guest

        This has more to do with subordination than musical choice. She should have fired these ninnies long ago.

      • acontraryview

        “This article doesn’t go into all the claims”

        Well no surprise there.

        “Do you think it is okay for a business to fire a competent Christian employee because of their religious beliefs? Do you think it is okay to fire a Christian employee because they will not participate in the employer’s religious practice?”


  • Nidalap

    A clear violation of Separation of Church and Dentistry! 🙂

    • acontraryview


      I’m sure they will drill her in court. She may not be able to extract herself from this situation. Too bad there’s not a root canal she could hide in. She may find herself getting implanted in jail.

      • Nidalap

        Ha! Stop…oh, the PUNishment! (^_^)

    • Becky


    • Josey


  • Coach

    All will stand before Christ at the great white throne judgement. Repent and place your faith in Jesus Christ alone.

  • Guest

    I would have fired those employees long before this. They have no business questioning and berating their boss regardless of how she chose to run HER office. Good riddance!

  • Becky

    Ha! It appears that the Christian Doctor is the one being discriminated against.

    I’d like to know how long the four intolerant employees had been working for there before they decided to sue her. I highly doubt that the Doctor surprised these employees with her Christianity.

  • Josey

    It’s her business, she can play whatever music she desires. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to the doctor to hear their godless music blasting or t.v. shows honoring homosexuality, etc. but I occupy my mind reading my bible or other material and I don’t go and sue them for discrimination. These employees were probably not doing their jobs and is why they were fired, they should have spent their time doing their jobs instead of stirring up rebellion and gossip against their boss.

  • If the employees did not like it, then they could work for another Dentist. If the patients didn’t like it, they could go to another Dentist. This is bull squeeze.

  • D.M.S.

    My Dentist has TV’s on the ceiling and loves baseball. I try to make my appointments between mid October and mid-April. If he starts showing football on them, I’m going to find a new Dentist.