Tennessee Man Convicted of Selling Daughters to Sex Film Ring

McCall-compressedJOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — A Tennessee man has been convicted of selling three of his four daughters into a sex film ring and faces a mandatory sentence of at least 30 years behind bars.

Ronnie Lee McCall, 60, of Johnson City was taken into federal custody in 2013 along with his wife Connie. They were initially charged in 2012 with child abuse and neglect after being arrested by local police, who said that the conditions of their mobile home were “deplorable.”

But officials soon found that sexual exploitation of the couple’s children had also been taking place. The McCalls’ daughters were ages 5, 11, 14 and 16 at the time that the crimes were committed. It is unclear which three of the four daughters had been abused.

According to local television station WJHL, the man who filmed himself having sexual contact with the girls committed suicide.

Connie McCall plead guilty to the production of child pornography by a parent in Feb. 2014, while Ronnie McCall’s case went to a jury trial. On Thursday, a jury declared him guilty of four charges: permitting a child in his custody and control to travel in interstate commerce to produce child pornography, production of child pornography, production of child pornography by a parent and using a means of interstate commerce to induce a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.

The case had been prosecuted by the U.S. Attorneys’ Office for the Eastern District of Tennessee and the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section.

“This prosecution underscores the importance of our partnership with local and state authorities, social service agencies, and others in protecting children, who are some of the most vulnerable members of our community,” acting attorney Nancy Stallard Harr said in a statement released by the Department of Justice on Friday. “While we cannot reclaim the children’s lost childhoods or innocence, we will hold people who sexually victimize children accountable for their conduct.”

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McCall is scheduled to be sentenced on June 6, 2016. He faces a mandatory minimum of 30 years behind bars.

As previously reported, according to The Global Slavery Index, it is estimated that between 57,000–63,000 sex slave victims currently reside in America. Child prostitution is marked by watchdog groups as a growing problem that is inadequately addressed in most states.

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  • Kenneth Hanson

    Sounds like a really great guy. No doubt he will get what he deserves from his fellow inmates?

    • Laurence Charles Ringo

      Take it from someone who has been to prison(NOTfor that!!),he WILL get what he deserves.NO ONE is more hated and despised in the prison system than child molesters and/or killers of children; often the correction officers will point them out to inmates. Most of the prisoners have children themselves,so in a sense,no matter what they themselves have done,they draw the line at the molesting or murdering of children.

  • Sell him to ISIL…

    • Josey

      ISIS would be proud since they are proficient at sex slavery.

  • Angel Jabbins

    “….according to The Global Slavery Index, it is estimated that between 57,000–63,000 sex slave victims currently reside in America. Child prostitution is marked by watchdog groups as a growing problem that is inadequately addressed in most states.”

    How about a new slogan: CHILDREN’S LIVES MATTER! Stop the abuse and stop the porn! This is just shameful and that it is happening right here in America to such a degree says a lot about how far down the cesspool our country has gone in just a few years.

    There is a very hot hell waiting for the likes of this couple and all those who prey upon children.

    • Josey

      amen angel

  • Josey

    It’s unbelievable that parents who should have an innate love for their children are so depraved and greedy to sell their children, they deserve life in prison for such a depraved act! I pray God heals these children of the traumatic experiences they have had to live through and the horrendous acts of their parents who were suppose to be their protectors, may God show each child mercy and restore unto them a hundred fold for the crap they have been put through and have seen and all other children going through the same ordeals. Stricter penalties are necessary! Makes me sad and sick all at the same time.

    • acontraryview

      You don’t wish God’s grace and mercy on the parents? i mean, if they accept Christ as their Savior aren’t all of their sins forgiven and despite the incredibly heinous acts they committed, won’t they get to then spend eternity in heaven?

      No wonder Christianity is so popular…..do whatever you want, ask for forgiveness and accept Christ as your savior….any and all is forgiven….oh and since we are all sinners you’ll probably continue to sin….but as long as you are genuinely remorseful and ask forgiveness, you still get to spend eternity in bliss. Oh, and good works don’t really count….so while it would be nice if you helped others, you don’t really have to….as long as you accept Christ as your savior, you’re good to go.

      Such a deal!

      • Josey

        Where in the world did you get all that from my post? your online name says it all, how contraire. I don’t believe parents who commit such heinous acts are truly born again, the Holy Spirit convicts one of sin and warns even the thoughts of committing the act of sin beforehand, this couple could not have possibly had the Holy Spirit residing in them and commit such horrendous acts. And living a Christian life is not as you say, “do whatever you want then ask for forgiveness” for that would be willful planned out sin and rebellion and a person who behaves in such a way is not sincerely remorseful and I would have serious doubts about their claim to salvation in Christ. By your own statements or rant I doubt you understand what truly being remorseful over a wrong act means when your heart is so grieved and you have lost all peace that only God can restore and you will lay on your face so downtrodden and low before God crying for the peace that passes all understanding is restored. David the psalmist understood this by asking God to cleanse him and renew a right spirit within him and he would not rest until God answered. And as far as good works go they are the fruit of a Christian’s life but not the way to Heaven, good works naturally follow a born again believer so all you have managed to do in your strange rant is mock the truth.

        • acontraryview

          “I don’t believe parents who commit such heinous acts are truly born again”

          I agree. I asked why you only were asking for God’s mercy on the children, and not the parents. It would seem that the parents are equally in need of God’s mercy, wouldn’t you agree? And, if the parents who committed these heinous acts come to accept Jesus as their savior, will they not then be absolved of these heinous acts and be rewarded for the acceptance of Jesus as their savior with eternity spent in heavenly bliss – despite what they have done?

          “And living a Christian life is not as you say, “do whatever you want then ask for forgiveness””

          I didn’t say that was living a Christian life. I said that a person could do whatever they wanted just so long as at some point before they die, they accept Jesus as their savior. Then all will be forgiven – no matter how heinous – and they will be rewarded with eternity in Heaven. Are you saying that is NOT true?

          “willful planned out sin and rebellion”

          Would you have some examples of sin that is NOT willful?

          “And as far as good works go they are the fruit of a Christian’s life but not the way to Heaven”

          So, while nice, they are not a requirement, correct? Or are you suggesting that only those Christians who actually do good works are true Christians and the rest are not? What about cloistered nuns and monks who practice orthodox Christianity? What are their “fruits”?

          “mock the truth.”

          Please tell me what I said that isn’t a part of the Christian belief system.

          • Laurence Charles Ringo

            NONE of what you said is”part”of the what you termed “the Christian belief system”…The Christian Faith is not a system,as any well-informed person would know.Putting YOUR spin on it simply serves to showcase your ignorance,acontraryview”. You’ve got a looong way to go in understanding exactly WHO Jesus the Christ is,but keep trying; perhaps The Holy Spirit will get you there. But know this: Almighty God is a God of revelation,and he certainly didn’t reveal that sad caricature of Christianity to you; frankly, that sounds like the fleshy imaginations of your own sin-darkened mind.When (or if) you ever become born again,your confusion will be cleared up.PEACE.

          • acontraryview

            Please show me where I am mistaken, Laurence.

            Am I mistaken that it is a part of the Christian belief system that regardless of what a person has done in his/her life, if that person accepts Jesus as their savior that all their sins are forgiven?

            Am I mistaken that it is a part of the Christian belief system that when a person accepts Jesus as their savior that they are going to spend eternity in Heaven?

            Am I mistaken that it is a part of the Christian belief system that God realizes that we are all born sinners and that even after accepting Jesus as our Savior, he does not expect that we will never sin again?

            Am I mistaken that it is a part of the Christian belief system that good works do not provide a path to Heaven? That the only way to get to Heaven, and the only requirement for entrance, is accepting Jesus as your savior?

            Which one of the statements I made about the Christian faith is not actually part of the Christian faith, Laurence?

          • Laurence Charles Ringo

            Read josey and my posts one more time,acontraryview,slowly and carefully; better yet,ask Almighty God these questions yourself.He’ll answer you.As I’ve tried to make clear to you,the Christian Faith is not a “system”, it’s a Person, The Risen Saviour and Lord; those born of Him are His,and He reveals Himself to them and answers their inquiries patiently and lovingly.The way that you are couching your questions frankly raises suspicions; ask yourself: Is that how YOU understand the issues you raised? Eternal life is not a reward,it’s free gift,and The Scriptures lays out what Almighty God’s expectations are following the reception of said gift.I myself have been / still am a Born-again, Blood-bought, Spirit-filled child / servant of Almighty God for 39 years now, and as long as JESUS IS LORD, that will be the case per His Word.The limited analogy is human birth; once you,me,or every human being born enters into the world,your reality is fixed–you will remain not only a human being,nothing else,but you will forever be the child of your parents; NOTHING can sever that blood tie; your are forever of your parents blood and DNA,that’s irrevocable.No matter what you yourself engage in as you go through life,you will forever remain the child of (Whatever your parents name is.)–the analogy breaks down in regards to the consequences of your actions as a born-again,blood-bought, Spirit-filled child / servant of Almighty God; THAT privilege carries different expectations altogether.I could go on but my point is that the Christian Faith and the life lived in that faith is far more nuanced than your rather simple questions suggest.I would suggest that you peruse a good volume of systematic theology; I would suggest either Wayne Grudem,Norman Geisler,or James Montgomery Boice.Either of those great theologian/philosophers can lay it out for you.It takes longer than I could do it justice in a single post.So…enjoy your search,and I pray that The Holy Spirit will give you understanding and revelation of God’s Truth.I will leave you with this: Our Saviour did not invite us to a” religious system”; He invited us to HIMSELF(And STILL does)…”Come unto ME”…So,God bless you,and seek Him with your WHOLE heart–He WILL be found of you. PEACE.

          • getstryker

            Very well said . . . thank you and God Bless you and yours.

          • Laurence Charles Ringo

            Thank YOU,getstrykyer,God bless you and yours as well.The Saviour said that…”we speak that which we do know and testify that which we have seen”…(John 3:11,KJV),and when all is said and done,that’s all God’s Blood-bought people can do.Our place throughout the New Testament is to seek to found”IN CHRIST”, ALWAYS,and there’s nowhere to go beyond that.We are not obligated to attempt to answer every question thrown at us from whichever direction they come; frankly,our “assignment”,so to speak,is to…”Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”… (1st Peter 3:15,HCSB),and beyond that,we’re not required to go.Those whom we encounter us ought to see Christ’s life being lived through us,and as we seek His Face through prayer,study,and fellowship,He will be made manifest. If you remember,getstrykyer,the man born blind who was healed by Our Saviour,gave a simple yet brilliant answer to the religious elite and theological big shots when they interrogated him concerning what Jesus had done to him:”One thing I do know: I was blind,and now I can see!”(The Gospel of John,9th chapter,25th verse.–HCSB).We don’t have to be brilliant theologians or astute ecclesiastical philosophers; we know that what Our Saviour has done,and IS doing in us,and we can explain that as The Holy Spirit empowers us,and let the chips fall where they may.At any rate,as you can probably tell by now,I could go on and on,as anyone in love can’t shut up about their beloved,LOL!,so I’ll stop.Thanks for your kind words,and again,GOD BLESS. PEACE IN CHRIST, ALWAYS!

          • getstryker

            I have read many other Christian responses to snide comments of those that mock God but only a precious few that have done so with the passion, accuracy and authority of scripture and with the leading of Holy Ghost as you have done. You have a depth of understanding and an ability to relate it cogently that is quite refreshing. Thank you again.

          • Laurence Charles Ringo

            Thanks again, getstrykyer,and give Almighty God ALL THE GLORY!! I’ve become convinced that The Lord our God is trying via The Holy Spirit to get His People to,as Our Saviour said,…”hunger and thirst after Him,to fall in love with Him; we’ve become far too complacent and lackadaisical in our church communities and or worship and service.You yourself undoubtedly can see the signs of the times; the great Apostle Paul described our modern-day world literally to a T in 2nd Timothy 3 : 1-5. (Read that tonight,my brother…),and while I believe that The Lord God will set things to right in His time,those of us who profess to be His People have work to do while it’s still day,so to speak! We all of us have unsaved friends,aquaintances,and family,even those who consider themselves our enemies–If nothing else we can lift them all up in prayer and cry out to Him for their salvation and deliverance,and leave the results to the Holy Spirit.Our Nation,as well as the world at large,is in terrible,terrible trouble,getstrykyer,and we need to stand in the gap,believing in Almighty God for healing and hope.I’m blessed to know that you are of like mind,brother i.e.having “The Mind of Christ.So again thank you for your kind words,and keep me in prayer as I will you and yours.Peace,and God bless you!

          • getstryker

            I read the scripture you recommended and I do understand. Keep the faith and know that I’ll be around – we’ll talk again 😉

  • Nidalap

    As the overall society degenerates into ever worse perversion, these stories will only increase…

  • acontraryview

    Yet another example of why heterosexuals should to be allowed to raise children.

    • BarkingDawg

      I bet he’s a Christian, too

      • Angel Jabbins

        So you just be this monster is a Christian. To be a Christian means obeying and submitting to the teachings of Christ and the Law of God. Christ said:

        ‘Let the little children come unto to Me and to not hinder them’.

        “It would be better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”
        My bet he that is NOT a Christian, but an atheist since they have no absolute, never changing moral values they are bound to obey and no Absolute Moral Lawgiver to hold them accountable for their behavior. Anything goes for those who are a god unto themselves…. when all the moral underpinnings fall away as is happening in our hedonistic society today.

        • Jolanda Tiellemans

          Oh yeah, when something like this comes in the news the criminal must be an atheist. I’m an atheist and I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life. You all be like homosexuals are perverts, sick. To me someone like him is a pervert, sick.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Yet another reason why moral perverts of any type should not be allowed to raise children. And where was Children’s Protective Services all the time this was going on? Oh…probably out taking well adjusted, well cared for children away from some home schooling Christian parents.

      • acontraryview

        “Yet another reason why moral perverts of any type should not be allowed to raise children.”

        So how long have you not supported our Constitution and the protections it provides? Always? Or is this a more recent distaste for our governing document?

        “Oh…probably out taking well adjusted, well cared for children away from some home schooling Christian parents.”

        What is your basis for making that statement? Has Child Protective Services in Tennessee taken any “well cared for children away from some home schooling Christian parents”?

        Based on your statement, Child Protective Services isn’t really needed. You could simply decide which people are not “moral perverts”, which I’m assuming would be any person who does not share your religious beliefs, and then you could direct law enforcement to take their children because, as you stated, they “should not be allowed to raise children”, and the place those children in homes of people who you have determined are not “moral perverts”.

        We could change the name of the country, once we tore up the constitution of course, to Angeland. You certainly have the mindset of a dictator.

  • FoJC_Forever

    Horrible mothers and fathers abound in America. These accounts are extreme cases, but child abuse through lying and deception, irreverence for God and His Word, self-indulgence and false religion are quite common in our society. America is under the sway of Darkness, along with the rest of the world. The false light is shining and many are running to it. Without Jesus (the) Christ being the center of marriage and the family and our individual lives, they fall into decay and rot.

    The LORD has all that we need to live this life in His Righteousness and Truth. Sadly, most are falling for false Christianity of many different sects containing false doctrines. The End is near and things are unfolding just as the Word of God has proclaimed.

    When the LORD returns, will He find Faith in the earth?

    Follow Jesus, find Truth.

  • Frances Maddox

    I agree with Judge that the “innocent years” cannot be reclaimed, however, there is a time and place for explanation as to how evil has penetrated the life of the innocent AND WHAT the cure is…OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  • BeBeX

    When are we going to DEMAND the Death Penalty for Raping a Child?????? The DOC still will not place these murderers in the general population…..and YES they are murderers. When these evil sexo’s rape a child……..they have premeditated murdered the child’s life in the direction it was going. That child’s life is changed and damaged forever.