Check Printing Company to Pay $75,000 to ‘Transgender’ in Restroom Settlement

Toilet1MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A nationally-recognized check printing company has agreed to pay a man who identifies as a woman $75,000 in a settlement over a discrimination complaint regarding the use of the company restrooms.

Deluxe Financial Services, Inc. had been sued by a former call center employee who goes by the name Britney Austin, who announced to his employers in 2011 that he was in the process of transitioning into a woman. Austin alleged that Deluxe officials would not let him use the women’s restroom and would not change his name to Britney on his employment forms, stating that a sex change operation would be required first.

He also stated that when the location where Austin worked closed, he was not given severance pay.

In June 2015, Austin sued Deluxe with the backing of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), alleging discrimination and harassment.

The two sides have now agreed to a consent decree in which Deluxe declined to acknowledge any wrongdoing, but settled with Austin in the amount of $2,254 in back pay and $72,783 in damages. Deluxe will also pay nearly $40,000 in attorneys fees and expenses.

The company announced this past week that it had changed its policies as well to allow men who identify as women and vice versa to use the restroom that corresponds with their preferred identity.

“The company has changed its policies to ensure that transgender employees may use a restroom commensurate with their gender identity, that the company will promptly correct that employee’s sex designation and name in our internal records and systems, and that we will take hostile comments based on sex- stereotyping seriously, investigate them, and take prompt corrective and remedial action,” it said.

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“We are extremely grateful to the EEOC for taking on this important case on behalf of our client and working side by side with us to achieve a settlement that marks yet another Title VII victory for transgender employees,” attorney Jillian Weiss, who represented Austin, also remarked in a statement. “The Jillian T. Weiss Law Firm is also excited to have achieved the first major Americans with Disabilities Act victory on behalf of a transgender employee.”

As previously reported, the New York City Commission on Human Rights recently issued guidelines that would impose fines on employers who decline to refer to transgender workers by their preferred pronouns or disallow them from using the restroom of their choice. Violations could result in penalties up to $125,000 and up to $250,000 for transgressions of the law that are considered to be “willfull, wanton or malicious conduct.”

However, not all believe that it is loving to support and affirm a person’s desire to live as those of the opposite sex. As previously reported, Walt Heyer, a 75-year-old man who obtained a sex change operation in the 1980’s to live as a woman for eight years before reverting back to his biological gender, is now sharing his story with the world of how Christ redeemed his life and gave him hope.

“Nobody’s ever born a transgender,” he told the Daily Mail in January of last year. “They’re manufactured as a result of something, a developmental childhood issue that has yet to be determined for many people.”

“All of them have some level of depression, and we’re not treating them,” Heyer lamented. “We’re just cutting off body parts and giving them a new name and a new gender.”

“God designed man; He designed women,” he also said in an online video in which he shares his personal testimony. “God will redeem the lives of people who struggle with gender identity issues just like I did. He redeemed my life, and I’ve been free from it as a result of that.”

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  • Nidalap

    Yep. The inmates have been put in charge…

    • afchief

      You are exactly right!!!

  • Reason2012

    “who announced to his employers in 2011 that he was in the process of transitioning into a woman”

    See what he just said? So becoming a woman is a physical process that takes time and doesn’t happen the moment you “identify” as a woman. He is unwittingly admitting you’re not a woman just because you “feel like” you are – that you’re supposedly not a woman until at least you go through surgery (although even then it’s debatable, but besides the point here).

    So now we can use this against them to refute any who claim discrimination and haven’t had surgery yet. You’re no longer a ‘woman’ if you haven’t had surgery yet – case closed in schools where kids are only claiming it and haven’t had surgery, and here’s your legal precedent.

    • gizmo23

      They settled out of court so legal precedent was set. So you are just looking for ways to hurt and hate them?

      • Reason2012

        It’s hate and hurt to point out they continue to rebuke their own claims about transgenderism, and use these claims to hate and harm others? How so?

        • gizmo23

          You seem to hate gay and transgendered people. It shows in your posts. You even say you can use this against them. Against them how?
          This is one person so let’s use your logic. One person says God told them to kill someone, that means all Christians can kill and use the same defense.

          • Reason2012

            Seems like you’re projecting. Perhaps it is you that hates those who are not homosexual since you’re the one that always brings up hate. Do you also hate those who have on their own permanently turned away from homosexuality?

            I’m standing up for the rights of women to be able to use the restroom, get a shower, or get changed without a male who’s confused on being a male walking in on them, and hence using this admission LEGALLY against their attempt to step on these rights of everyone else.

            You turn it into killing others, which is the only hate here.

          • gizmo23

            If you are so convinced you are correct, why hide your posts?
            Where has the bathroom, shower, etc been an issue?

      • Out-of-court settlements do NOT set precedent.If two parties come to an agreement “out of court” then the matter is never adjudicated, no decision is rendered, no precedent set.

        • acontraryview

          That’s what he said.

          • Yes, sorry. I misread that. never mind.

          • Michael C

            the original comment was missing the word “not”. it was corrected after you brought it to their attention.

          • Thanks, my friend. I already know I’m going crazy but I don’t need any more fuel on that fire.

    • Michael C

      Might I recommend bettering your understanding of Minnesota nondiscrimination laws and what legal precedent is and how it works?

      • afchief

        Transgender = homosexual The “transgendered” lie is a response to the recognition that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. Therefore, to normalize it, the homosexuals try to insist that heterosexuality is also a choice, which it isn’t. The human species reproduces heterosexually, period. Our biology is our destiny, at least in that regard. No amount of lies and word games can change reality.

        • acontraryview

          “Transgender = homosexual”

          No, it does not.

          “recognition that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.”

          Sexuality is not a “lifestyle”.

          “homosexuals try to insist that heterosexuality is also a choice”

          Please cite an example of homosexuals saying that heterosexuality is a choice.

          “which it isn’t.”

          How can it be that heterosexuality is NOT a choice, but homosexuality IS a choice? Either sexuality is a choice, or it’s not. And, as you pointed out, it is not.

          “The human species reproduces heterosexually, period.”

          Clearly false.

          • afchief

            November 7, 2015

            There Is No Such Thing as ‘Transgendered’

            By Tom Trinko

            Conservatives win when people have the truth, because modern liberal causes are always built on lies.

            When conservatives buy into the lie, we lose. For example, gay marriage is culturally accepted, in part, because for 30 years conservatives have been unwilling, out of misplaced sympathy, to correctly describe the gay lifestyle.

            Sexually active gays are essentially never monogamous, die young due to diseases they get from their promiscuous lifestyle, are depressed and despondent, are likely to use drugs, and are fixated on sex, not love. Being a sexually active gay is worse for one’s health than being a smoker.

            Yet conservatives generally haven’t objected to the lie that gays are just like heterosexuals. But once one agrees to that, it’s really hard to explain to low-information voters why gays don’t make great parents and shouldn’t be allowed to marry. On the other hand, conservatives have been constantly pointing out the lies of the climate alarmists, and as a result, the average American couldn’t care less about climate change. Given the truth, the vast majority of people will pick the conservative position most of the time.

            The latest round in liberals’ assault on Judeo-Christian morality is their demented desire to normalize insanity – namely that one’s sex is merely a matter of what one wants it to be. As usual, their position is based on the totally false claim that a person’s sex is not biological, but psychological.

            Christians, whom liberals constantly label as “anti-science,” have no problem realizing that DNA defines our biological identity but not who we are. Yet modern liberals reject settled science and claim that someone with a woman’s DNA can really be biologically male.

            The reality is that the only time a man is trapped in a woman’s body is before he’s born. Similarly, a man can no more will himself to be a woman than he can will himself to be Napoleon – a side-effect of this thing called reality.

            Now, men and women can suffer from gender identity confusion, but while we should strive to help those who think they’re something they’re not, the right way to do so is not to enable their delusions. If an Elvis impersonator suddenly declared that he was Elvis, no sane person would think that the loving response would be to start calling him The King.

            Showing true love to people who identify as transgendered is helping them love who they really are, not telling them that they have to change because they’re not good as they are.

            Sadly, there are signs that some conservatives are buying into the liberals’ false narrative. You might have seen conservative sites that said that the Houston “anti-discrimination” law didn’t pass. This is a bit of terminology that buys into the transgender lie. Letting biological men who simply say they think they’re women into women’s restrooms is not anti-discrimination; it’s pro-discrimination against women. Does the phrase “sexual harassment” ring a bell?

            Similarly, conservatives use the term LGBT as though it were a valid description of biological diversity rather than a purely psychological construct, developed by psychiatrists who tend to self-identify as members of the LGBT “community.”

            Like all other groups, the “transgendered” are viewed by liberals in terms of how they can be used to further the expansion of liberal power and control. If liberals really cared about the “transgendered,” they’d be helping those suffering from gender identity confusion accept who they truly are. Instead, liberals support the “transgender” cause because it’s a direct repudiation of the Judeo-Christian view that men are not gods and that men and women have a biological identity they can’t change. Additionally, by supporting the “transgender” cause, liberals attack the Judeo-Christian view that sex is about more than recreation and is intended to be between a man and a woman.

            Some conservatives feel bad about condemning the “transgender” lifestyle because they think that’s not compassionate. That’s a result of another liberal lie: the lie that saying that a person’s lifestyle isn’t good for him is an attack on the person. Liberals clearly don’t believe that, since they have no problem attacking smokers’ and overweight people’s lifestyles. However, it’s a convenient bit of intellectual octopus ink to muddy the waters and deflect the train of thought of people who aren’t very analytical.

            The reality is that it’s not cruel or unloving to point out the reality of the “transgendered” any more than it’s uncaring to describe the disaster that is the gay lifestyle. What kind person would purposely lie to a smoker about the health consequences of smoking? Yet if we lie about what being “transgendered” or gay really means, we’re lying to people confused about their sexuality about the consequences of their choices.

            Even worse, by buying into the “transgender” lie, we’re directly supporting discrimination against sane people. When a man wants to be in a women’s locker room because he claims he thinks he’s a woman, one of two things is true:

            • He’s lying, because he’s a pervert who’s pretending. This may be more common among teens than one might think, since saying one identifies as a woman does not require one to dress or act like a woman, much less mutilate oneself.

            • He actually thinks he’s something he’s not, which means he’s not really mentally stable.

            In the former case, supporting the “transgender” cause is synonymous with supporting sexual harassment. It’s amazing that the same women who decry “micro-aggressions” by men and who say that a woman can decide days after having sex with a man that she was raped believe that making a teenage girl shower with a boy is just fine.

            In the latter case, allowing a testosterone-powered boy to compete with women in sports is unfair to women. Additionally, many young girls will be emotionally disturbed by the fact that even though this guy claims to be a gal, it’s visually obvious that he isn’t when he looks at them in the shower.

            While liberals claim to worship at the altar of the nonexistent “privacy” clause found in the penumbra of the emanations of the Constitution, in this context, they appear to believe that young women have no right to privacy at all – unless, of course, they want to kill their unborn daughters.

            Once one strips away the liberal lies, the reality is that to properly live the love and compassion that comes so naturally to most Americans, one should not follow unscientific and disproven liberal dogma that one can changes one’s sex merely by willing it. Rather, one should help people suffering from delusions about what they are to become comfortable with reality.

            Once we get voters in general to realize that just as the most loving thing to do for a smoker is tell him that smoking is bad, the most loving thing to do for the “transgendered” is to point out that they can never become the other sex and that they are wonderful just the way they are. Then we’ll be able to block liberals’ attempts to force acceptance of the “transgendered” on Americans.

          • Valri

            Tom Trinko’s article which you quoted comes from the ironically-titled publication “American Thinker”.

            The Huffington Post has said of American Thinker, “It is your typical, garden-variety right-wing site, created by and for fact-challenged people who believe that liberalism is the root of all evil, and that Jesus Christ personally hand-delivered the U.S. Constitution to the founding fathers.”

            Seriously, afchief, you’re going to need to do a better job finding unbiased sources when you post your hate.

          • afchief

            Do you really think I’m going to use liberal website garbage like you post? Lying is liberals and homosexuals defining characteristic. I see it in every one of your posts. Especially when you have been given over to a reprobate mind like you. There is NO truth in you. Only lies!!!

          • acontraryview

            “Sexually active gays are essentially never monogamous, die young due to diseases they get from their promiscuous lifestyle, are depressed and despondent, are likely to use drugs, and are fixated on sex, not love. Being a sexually active gay is worse for one’s health than being a smoker.”

            All of that is untrue.

            “Yet conservatives generally haven’t objected to the lie that gays are just like heterosexuals.”

            No, they are not “just like heterosexuals”. Heterosexuals are attracted to people of the opposite gender. Homosexuals are attracted to people of the same gender. Did you not know that?

            “the lie that saying that a person’s lifestyle isn’t good for him is an attack on the person.”

            That would depend on the “lifestyle”, just as it does for everyone – not just homosexuals. There is no single homosexual “lifestyle”.

            As for the rest of it – Mr. Trinko is certainly entitled to his opinions.

          • afchief

            Did I not say you are a liar and have a reprobate mind? I sure did and your posts are proof!!!

          • acontraryview

            “Did I not say you are a liar and have a reprobate mind?”

            Ad nauseam.

            “I sure did and your posts are proof!!!”

            Please cite where I lied in any of my posts.

        • HazumuOsaragi

          ”Transgender = homosexual”

          ”homosexuality is a lifestyle choice”

          ”try to insist that heterosexuality is also a choice, which it isn’t”

          So, let me get this straight…

          1• You claim that heterosexuality is NOT a choice.

          2• You claim that homosexuality IS a choice.

          3• You claim that Transgender is EQUAL to Homosexual.

          I have a question for you about the third point. But first, I need to set the stage:

          It takes a person a MINIMUM of two years to transition to being fully transgender:

          —Initially, 3 months of twice-a-month visits with a behavioral counselor with experience in gender issues.

          —When the behavioral counselor determines the patient is really transgender (via DSM-V and WPATH guidelines,) is ready, and has no comorbid issues, but in no case sooner than 3 months after the patient initiates contact with the counselor, the counselor can write a letter saying this patient can start taking cross-sex hormones. Starting hormones causes loss of libido. This is where some drop out.

          —At the same time as starting hormones, the patient begins preparing for the coming year-long Real Life Experience (RLE). The patient pays to have his beard permanently burnt off (via traditional electrolysis or via laser. He starts collecting a gender-appropriate wardrobe and growing his hair out.

          —When the counselor determines the patient is ready, the patient begins the Real Life Experience, changing his name to a gender-appropriate name, and living 24/7/365 as the opposite gender. If the patient is going to have his manhood surgically mutilated, he must spend a minimum of 1 year in the RLE. When the counselor determines the patient is ready, the counselor writes the first of the two ‘surgery’ letters. Another counselor then interviews the patient weekly for a month. before writing the second letter. One of the counselors needs to be a Ph.D. with experience in gender issues.

          —The patient can then shop for a surgeon who will perform the surgery. Due to the nature of the surgery, most take liquid funds only, payment in full before the surgery commences.

          My question to you is, if some guy goes through all of the above, but at the end of it, and after healing from the surgery, he still is ‘attracted to’ women…

          …is he still a homosexual?

          • afchief

            Yep, he/she sure is a flaming homosexual!!!! Did the DNA change? NOPE!!!!

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Ah, I guess I was wrong earlier about how you see this….OK, the thing that matters is DNA? So then what’s your problem with the person in the example above? (a man who had a sex change operation but continues to be attracted to women) You still have someone with “male DNA” with someone with “female DNA”, right? If only DNA matters, the person is still a heterosexual man.

          • Valri

            No!!!!!! You just have a REPROBATE MIND!!!!!!!!!!111

          • TheKingOfRhye

            And you don’t even know the half of it! lol

          • afchief

            And a queer!

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Do you actually think I would consider that an insult?

          • afchief

            I won’t call it “gay”! Sodomy is dirty; in fact God calls it abominable. Calling it “gay” is nothing more than trying to dignify what we/they KNOW to be deviant. You are looking for society to tell you it is OK. It is not. It is abominable. The Supreme Judge said so.

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Not even answering the question I asked, but I guess that’s typical of you.

          • Valri

            KOR – come join the newly created community hub at the “other board”!

          • Valri

            Very Christ-like of you, throwing words like that around. Why are you here, exactly?

          • afchief

            Calling it “gay” does not make it so. That word was stolen!!! Sodomy is dirty; in fact God calls it abominable. Calling it “gay” is nothing more than trying to dignify what they KNOW to be deviant. They are looking for society to tell them it is OK. It is not. It is abominable. The Supreme Judge said so.

          • Valri

            Sodomy is practiced by more straight people than gay people. You are trying to define a whole group of people based on a single sexual practice and it’s both senseless and disgusting.

          • afchief

            You are a liar and serve the father of lies…..satan!!! There is NO truth in you. You have been given over to depraved mind to do things unnatural and sinful.

          • TheKingOfRhye

            What is a lie that Valri said? You like to do that, don’t you….just call someone a liar without actually saying that any particular thing they said is a lie….

          • Valri

            OK, buddy. I have had enough of you and your baseless accusations and screaming fanaticism. I have no affiliation with Satan whom I don’t even believe EXISTS and I am not a liar. I just have zero patience for hardcore uneducated religious zealots and bigots. Provide your proof (from something other than a far-right wingnut source) or stop posting crap.

          • StanW



          • Valri

            Translation; Stan is a stalking fundie troll.

          • StanW

            How many boards have you been run out of, little pro-abort? And how many new personas will you create to keep your need for attention alive?

            Tell us some more, Valri!

          • Valri

            How many abortion clinics have you bombed, Stan?

          • StanW

            Not any, how many children have you killed, Valri?

          • Valri

            Zero. Stop being a hateful pig.

          • StanW

            You first!

            Want to follow me over to LAN….. AGAIN?

          • Valri

            Flagged for stalking and taunting. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson from the board administrators.

          • StanW

            Poor Poor Valri, got banned for another board and now your feelings are hurt.

          • HazumuOsaragi

            Did the DNA change?

            Nice example of moving the goalposts. The DNA argument wasn’t used until now.

            I infer from the response that someone who transitions to a gender other than the one assigned at birth is, as @afchief stated, a flaming homosexual!!!!, whether the transitioner is attracted to one sex, or the other, or both, or neither.

          • afchief

            December 19, 2015

            The Gay Agenda and the Real World

            By David Deming

            Thus we have come in a short period of forty years from regarding homosexuality as a criminal and immoral activity to one that is not only acceptable, but a lifestyle worth celebrating. Progressives view the gay agenda as the inevitable outcome of the moral evolution of the human race. In 2003, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien bolstered his endorsement of gay marriage by explaining that “you have to look at history as an evolution of society.” Acceptance of homosexuality as normal and healthy is viewed as akin to the abolition of torture, slavery, and bear-baiting. It’s another milestone in a grand morality play featuring the inevitable triumph of reason and enlightenment over superstition and prejudice.

            There’s just one problem with the gay agenda: it’s based on a lie. Homosexuals are not like heterosexuals, nor is the practice of homosexuality innocuous. The single largest problem for the gay agenda is medical science. In 2014, the CDC found that men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM), about 1 percent of the population, accounted for 83 percent of syphilis cases in the U.S. Syphilis, a disease that was once on the verge of eradication, is spreading like wildfire. According to the CDC, syphilis rates “are increasing at an alarming rate.” The statistics for AIDS are similar. In 2010, MSM were responsible for 63 percent of new AIDS cases in the US. The rate of anal cancer among MSM is seventeen times higher than among heterosexuals. It is alarming that the gay community exhibits no restraint and cannot be self-policing. Even school children know about condoms, yet venereal diseases rage unchecked through the population of gay men. A recent report in the medical literature found that infection rates for both gonorrhea and chlamydia are increasing among MSM.

            The fact that about two-thirds of syphilis and AIDS cases occur amongst one percent of the population tells us something that is immediate and unambiguous: that homosexuality is not an innocuous choice. What gay men do behind closed doors is fundamentally different from what heterosexuals usually do in their bedrooms. It’s also more dangerous. In 1975, when that young man appeared before my psychology class, and told us in all apparent sincerity, “I’m just like you,” he was lying.

            Statistical data on syphilis and AIDS are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The CDC warns us that “many cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis continue to go undiagnosed and unreported.” Other STDS, including, human papillomavirus, herpes, and trichomoniasis, “are not routinely reported.” And now we have a new horror: a virulent strain of meningitis which strikes suddenly and can kill in a few hours. The Family Research Council describes the sexual practices of homosexuals as “a medical horror story.” Of course, the Family Research Council is a conservative advocacy organization. Nevertheless, their claims are backed up by references to the medical literature. Every thesis has to be evaluated on its intrinsic merits, not the aims and objectives of its advocates.

            Hypocrisy bothers me. Many of the same people who are enthusiastic about the gay agenda will denounce people who object to mandatory vaccinations. They remind us that vaccinations achieve the common good of reducing disease. But they won’t accept that restricting the practice of homosexuality achieves the same end. If you don’t accept climate alarmism, you’re called a denier of science. But what medical science says about homosexuality is ignored or derided as homophobic propaganda. We are informed, endlessly, of the costs of gun violence, cigarette smoking, and obesity. What is the cost of homosexuality? How much does it cost to treat syphilis, AIDS, and a whole host of other diseases? What cost will we bear for the reemergence of syphilis, a disease that was almost eradicated? Neither are these plagues limited to gays. Bisexual men spread them into the heterosexual population.

            I want to anticipate and answer the criticism that venereal diseases also occur among, and are spread by, heterosexuals. Yes, it’s true. Every disease that is commonplace among homosexuals also occurs among heterosexuals. Every dangerous or questionable practice engaged in by homosexuals is also found in the heterosexual population. Granting these facts, there are two reasons the argument fails. First, the primary difference is a matter of degree. When 1 percent of the population gives rise to 83 percent of the syphilis cases, we’re talking about a profound difference. Second, heterosexual sex must be tolerated because it’s necessary for the propagation of the human race. In contrast, homosexuality is completely sterile and practiced only for personal gratification and hedonistic pleasure.

            A lot of people will misunderstand what I am trying to accomplish with this essay. I’m not arguing that homosexuality is unnatural. The word “natural” is hopelessly ambiguous, and there are lots of “natural” things that most people would regard as bad. Examples include murder and the bubonic plague. My personal opinion is that homosexuality is usually ingrained, and not a matter of choice. I am certainly not advocating the persecution of gay people. I favor toleration of people who are different from the majority. I’m not advocating anything other than open discussion. I wrote this essay because I object to having a massive fraud foisted upon me. The gay agenda is based upon a lie.

            It is a medical fact that the practice of homosexuality tends to promote the spread of disease. If you don’t like or accept that fact, it’s just too bad. As the saying goes, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. There is a logical and intelligible argument to be made for restricting and discouraging homosexuality that is not based upon religion but medical science. The moral opprobrium attached to homosexuality by our ancestors was not based on irrational prejudice but sound reasoning. Homosexuality ought to be tolerated, not celebrated.

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Well, to people like afchief there, who apparently don’t believe there is such a thing as gender separate from biological sex, all that matters is what kind of junk you have, I guess. I can only assume he’d be perfectly fine if the trans woman in question was attracted to men before and continued to be with men.

      • Reason2012

        Yes, they cannot discriminate against all females by forcing them to be subject to males walking in on them when using the bathroom, taking a shower, or getting changed. It seems they need a better understanding of all state’s nondiscrimination laws in order to treat those with this mental confusion as to what ‘gender’ they are from violating the rights of all women.

  • Transgender: it’s like printing money. When printing checks gets hard, change your name to Britney, and the government will make your employer pay you a heap of money for telling you you’re crazy.

  • 201821208 :)

    “And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female” Matthew 19:4