False Prophet Claims Panthers Win in Super Bowl Will Usher in Third Spiritual ‘Great Awakening’

Joyner-compressedFORT MILL, S.C. — A false prophet from South Carolina is predicting that if the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl on Sunday, it will usher in the third spiritual Great Awakening in America and possibly “the greatest in-gathering of all time.”

Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina explained his position on his broadcast “Prophetic Perspectives” on Tuesday, which was also posted online. He said that the first person to make the prediction was the late Bob Jones, who he also billed as a prophet.

“[Jones predicted that] when our Carolina Panthers won the Super Bowl, major revival, awakening, moves of God are going to break out in America,” Joyner said.

He told the story of when the Black Panthers, a black power organization, came to Charlotte, North Carolina in the 1980’s. Joyner said that he received a call from Jones about the development, which he found to be concerning.

“Bob calls me [and] he says, ‘The Black Panthers are coming to Charlotte,’ and I said, ‘What does that mean?’ Joyner outlined. “He wasn’t sure what it meant. I said, ‘Sounds like an attack.’ And he said, ‘Well, it may be. I don’t know. But they’re coming to the lumber yard in Charlotte.”

He said that the men then found it to be prophetic when the Panthers football team later built a stadium where the Black Panthers had met at the lumber yard.

“Several years later, we get this professional football team, and they name them the Panthers—their panther is a black panther—and they build a stadium on the lumberyard downtown. So we knew there was a prophetic destiny to this team,” Joyner asserted.

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He said that many in the prophesy world soon began to remark how the ups and downs of the football team “would be teachings for us (the Church)” and would be an “incredibly accurate parallel of things we were going through.” He said that it was believed that many of the football stadiums being built were actually for revival purposes and would one day be “filled with worshipers and people seeking the Lord.”

Joyner explained therefore, that when the Panthers ascended to the Super Bowl in 2004, he thought it might signal revival.

“When they went to the Super Bowl once over ten years ago, we thought, ‘This is it. Revival’s breaking out in America,'” he outlined. “Well, they didn’t win.”

Joyner said, however, that if the Panthers win this year, he believes it will serve as a sign that the next Great Awakening has arrived.

“If they do [win], to me it is a very definite marker of something remarkable breaking out,” he stated.

Joyner noted that one of his friends had predicted that when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series, an outpouring of God would take place.

“Of course, they won the World Series again this year—the first time in 30 years since 1985,” Joyner said. “Well, that really got our attention.”

“And we said, if the Panthers win this year, we know it’s all hands on deck,” he continued. “And we are going to see the outbreak of, I believe, the third Great Awakening in America.”

Joyner opined that it could even bring about the “greatest in-gathering of all time.”

“It would not surprise me if the revival that breaks out in America starts getting so much attention, it starts getting covered more than our NFL is being covered on the news now,” he said.

Some are now remarking that Joyner’s words are absurd.

“You better not be rooting for those Denver Broncos, folks! That’s to be rooting against the Holy Spirit and His plans for the ‘greatest in-gathering’ harvest of all time,” joked Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith. “Uh-huh, right.”

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