Utah Governor Says Using Anesthesia on Babies Being Murdered May Be ‘Most Humane’ Abortion Method

HerbertSALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Republican governor of Utah said on Wednesday that he would consider signing a proposed bill requiring the use of anesthesia on babies that are being murdered in the womb, opining that it may be the “most humane” way of ending a child’s life.

Gov. Gary Herbert said that he is personally opposed to abortion, but remarked that if the practice is considered legal in America, it should be carried out as “humanely” as possible.

“You know, abortion is a very emotional issue,” he told reporters at a news conference. “Rather than get into the abortion debate, I guess the question is: If we’re going to have abortion, what is the most humane way to do it?”

Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, is currently working on drafting legislation to require anesthesia use on babies that are at a gestational point where they would feel pain. He told local radio station WKSL that the goal of the bill would be to circumvent “the pain inflicted at the time that that unborn child’s life is taken.”

Herbert said that he would generally be in support of “eliminat[ing] that discomfort,” but would need to read the language of the measure before making a definite statement about the concept. He stated that he doesn’t know when a child feels pain, but noted that babies are found to have a heartbeat within mere weeks of being conceived.

“Fetuses have a heartbeat after about five weeks,” Herbert outlined. “And the idea of just being callous about that should cause all of humanity concern.”

Planned Parenthood is already opposed to the legislation, as Karrie Galloway, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, said that she considers such efforts to be government intrusion into women’s lives.

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“Obviously, he wants to insert his political opinion in a private decision between a woman and her physician,” she said of Bramble in speaking with Deseret News.

During his 1854 introductory lecture to his obstetrics course at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Hugh Lennox Hodge declared, “We blush, while we record the fact that in this country, in our cities and towns, in this city, where literature, science, morality and Christianity are supposed to have so much influence; where all the domestic and social virtues are reported as being in full and delightful exercise; even here, individuals, male and female, exist, who are continually imbruing their hands and consciences in the blood of unborn infants.”

“Yea, even medical men are to be found, who for some trifling pecuniary recompense, will poison the fountains of life, or forcibly induce labor to the certain destruction of the foetus, and not so unfrequently of its parent,” he lamented. “So low, gentleman, is the moral sense of community on this subject. So ignorant are even the greater number of individuals, that even mothers in many instances shrink not at the commission of this crime, but will voluntarily destroy their own progeny, in violation of every natural sentiment, and in opposition to the laws of God and man.”

Nearly 60 million children have been aborted in America since the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade.

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