Colorado Public School District to Allow Groups to Place Atheist, Satanic Material for Students

Satanic TempleDELTA, Co. — A public school district in Colorado has agreed to allow professing atheist and satanic groups to place their materials in area middle and high schools after the organizations took issue with a recent Bible distribution by Gideon International.

In December, Gideons made Bibles available for students at public schools in Delta County. That prompted a student to complain, and led to secular groups such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers and the Satanic Temple to apply for similar distribution.

Kurt Clay, the assistant superintendent of the Delta County School District, told reporters this past week that the district can’t turn down the groups because of way the distribution policy is written.

“The way the policy is written, cannot discriminate what is handed out. We just have to follow the process,” he said.

The only prohibitions pertain to material that contains obscenity, pornography or violence, promotes hate, is commercial in nature or promotes a candidate in an election, as outlined in a public statement.

“Therefore, if the school district is going to make literature for things like: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, Girls on the Run, etc… available for students, we have to allow all to be available to students,” the district explained.

Although the word “distribution” is used in describing the allowance, no groups are permitted to pass anything out. Instead, the literature will be placed in a designated area on a table where students may take the material if desired. Material is reviewed for approval.

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“Delta County School District is committed to supervising our schools and students. We adhere to the Constitution and fully support the separation of church and state,” the district said in its statement. “As a district we believe that our mission is to provide information to our students and teach them to think critically. We want to be able to get information to our students that will be meaningful and help them. With this belief come some consequences.”

Censored Atheist BookOn April 1, the atheist and satanic groups are expected to place literature in Delta County middle and high schools. FFRF said in a press release that some of the publication it may make available include “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” “Why Women Need Freedom From Religion” and “What Does the Bible Say About Abortion.”

The “x-rated” brochure features a vulgar image of a Bible with arms placing its hands under a woman’s dress.

Other materials may include “What’s Wrong with the Ten Commandments and “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.”

FFRF says that it attempted to end the Bible distribution altogether, but since the district would not back down, the groups decided to place their materials as well.

“The school district is not required to maintain this open forum and is free to close it rather than allow FFRF to distribute materials,” attorney Andrew Seidel wrote in a letter to the district earlier this month. “We do not think schools should be a battleground for religious ideas. But when schools allow the Gideons to prey on children, their message of eternal damnation for any who don’t believe in their God must be countered.”

According to KJCT-TV, parents have expressed opposition to the upcoming distribution.

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  • The Skeptical Chymist

    This is the way it works – if the school allows the Gideons to distribute bibles in public schools, they must also allow all religious viewpoints to distribute their materials as well. The government (the public school system) doesn’t get to validate one particular religious viewpoint over another.

    • bowie1

      I assume it would still require parental approval regardless of the type of material.

      • The Skeptical Chymist

        I didn’t see anything about parental approval requirements in the article. It sounded like the Gideons set up a table, and students could take what they wanted, if they wanted something.

        • bowie1

          Perhaps it will be the same with this satanic group if they must remain consistent.

          • The Skeptical Chymist

            I suspect that is the case.

    • Josey

      They do have a say over obscene materials being laid out for kids to pick up and by the look of those covers of the material they are being allowed to place there, they are obscene.

      • arc99

        The Old Testament has no shortage of tales about murder and incest. Do you consider those to be obscene?

      • CHL111

        What is obscene about them?

        • Lexical Cannibal

          I mean, there’s the bit where Lot’s daughters rape him and God’s just like “Yeah whatever, that’s cool.”

          Then there’s Ezekiel 20, which I’m apparently not even allowed to post here because of how graphic it is.

          Defining something as “Obscene” is kind of subjective; it’s determined by community standards in most cases. You could make a pretty good argument for stuff like that though.

          • CHL111

            I agree with you, the scriptures are loaded with vile things. I was replying to Josey, who I believe was calling the satanic handouts obscene.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Well that’s what I get for not paying better attention to the reply line. My bad.

    • Becky

      Rubbish! The heathens make the complaint against the distribution of bibles and now you’re defending that they’re all about equality! They tried to stop the distribution and when they didn’t succeed they decided to have their books distributed, too. It had nothing to do with equality…no one was stopping them in the first place. They did it to get back at the schools/parents with their vicious propaganda against the bible in hopes of discouraging the bible distribution.

      • gogo0

        no bibles, no quran, no other ‘holy’ books = equality
        bibles, qurans, and any other ‘holy’ books people want = equality
        the only inequality is the situation you favor -only christian bibles allowed

      • CHL111

        Its funny watching supporters of bible distribution struggle with basic logic. I take it you were not on the debate team in high school.

      • George T

        Becky: The “heathens” have accurately pointed out that offering bibles opens a forum for every religion. They requested that the school close this forum. The school declined. So they are setting up a tabling similar to the bible distribution for other beliefs and faiths, as this is an open forum.

  • mikeg

    Fools and poseurs. Dangerously sick minds, who see kids as objects that need corrupting.

    • The Skeptical Chymist

      Are you referring to the Gideons?

      • darh477

        On a Christian blog, that kind of post is very rude.

        • Chris Hall

          It’s a legitimate question; you just don’t like the idea that someone with a different world view may get to give children a different perspective.

        • gizmo23

          This is a commercial public site

          • Is that so? How about that.

          • gizmo23


          • pud


  • jjgrndisland

    Colorado is as fruity and flaky as Calipornia. States with too many single people always go psychotic.

  • Josey

    The only prohibitions pertain to material that contains obscenity, pornography or violence, promotes hate, is commercial in nature or promotes a candidate in an election, as outlined in a public statement.

    And yet, one or several books contain graphic depictions of obscenity right on the front, talk about backwards.

    • acontraryview

      What depictions are you referring to?

    • George T

      Josey: They already allowed the bible hand out. Pretty raunchy and violent stuff in there.

      • Lexical Cannibal

        For example:

        “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”
        Ezekiel 23:20 NIV

        “But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother.”
        Genesis 38:9 NIV

        “Your stature is like that of the palm, and your breasts like clusters of fruit. I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.” May your breasts be like clusters of grapes on the vine, the fragrance of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the best wine. She: May the wine go straight to my beloved, flowing gently over lips and teeth.”
        Song of Solomon 7:7-9 NIV

        • bowie1

          A record of what they did and said as it happened.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Unless you’re not a (Literalist) Christian, then it’s someone else’s semi-historical religious text, espousing morality I may not find all that moral and depicting stories I may not want my children exposed to before a certain age.

            Even as you try to assert its approprateness in schools, the moderators at Christian News Network removed my comment, which was about 90% direct quotation from the bible and contained no words of my own outside of “for example:”

            If verses from your own book aren’t appropriate for this site, I’d second-guess their appropriateness in schools.

      • Lexical Cannibal

        There was a comment here before. That comment was almost entirely direct quotes from the bible. You can’t read it now, because it was removed by the moderators. Apparently verses from the bible are too explicit for Christian News Network. My point stands where my comment no longer does.

        • George T

          Lexical Cannibal: Ha! Not suitable for a website, but A-okay to hand out to children at a school (>_<)

        • Secular Liberation

          They can’t handle the truth.

    • Cady555

      What about a book where two sisters get their father drunk, both have sex with him and both get pregnant?

      • Secular Liberation

        Sounds like a Dixie classic.

    • TheKingOfRhye

      Just from looking at the pictures, the only obscene one was the one about the Bible…..

    • Secular Liberation

      That’s your holy book Josey.

  • Becky

    “The school district is not required to maintain this open forum and is free to close it rather than allow FFRF to distribute materials,” attorney Andrew Seidel wrote in a letter to the district earlier this month. “We do not think schools should be a battleground for religious ideas. But when schools allow the Gideons to prey on children, their message of eternal damnation for any who don’t believe in their God must be countered.”

    This is laughable really. They’re so threatened and tormented by bibles being placed on a table. What an awful way to live…the constant turmoil in their hearts. What is it they’re always barking…it’s all about protecting the rights of citizens??? Clearly, this has nothing to do with the constitution…it’s just another excuse to attack the bible.

    The fact is, atheism/satanism (tomato/tomahto) has always been everywhere for everyone to see, including kids. It’s in music, movies, tv shows, video games, etc., yet, their groups remain in the minority…the wee minority. Now, they’re giving it a go by placing books that attack the bible in hopes that the school (or parents) will give in and have the bibles removed…that’s their goal…to keep the bible out of sight. It’s evident that their lives revolve around the constant attempt to discredit the bible…some of their aforementioned book titles prove just that. Clearly, they don’t care about what kids learn, nor do they care about the constitution. They’re hate groups and anyone can see that their actions reveal their hate against God’s word and his people.

    • arc99

      It is remarkable how followers of Judeo-Christian beliefs see it as an “attack” when confronted with the Constitutional requirement that all beliefs are to be treated equally under the law.

      Regardless of your personal opinions, the legal issue is quite clear. If Christians can provide literature, then so can any other religious group. Why are you so threatened by equality under the law for all religions? No one wants to “hide” your Bible. All we want is to have the same rights accorded to all religious beliefs, and if that means distributing Bibles in school, it also means distributing all religious materials in schools.

      • Becky

        Ha! It went right over your head. Heathens can, and do, say whatever they want…it’s their right. However, it’s very clear what they’re trying to do. In fact, it’s made clear in the article by the heathens themselves, FFRF…

        “FFRF says that it attempted to end the Bible distribution altogether, but since the district would not back down, the groups decided to place their materials as well.”

        Clearly, it’s the heathens, who supposedly advocate equal rights for all, that are against the bibles in schools. So, no…they’re not for equal rights.

        • Cady555

          The goal is that the government does not show favoritism toward one religion. Either no distribution of religious literature or distribution of literature reflecting multiple views achieves this objective.

          Doing nothing when one religion distributes literature does not achieve the goal.

          Equal means all religious views get equal treatment. How has the FFRF not lived up to this?

          • Becky

            Who said that the heathens couldn’t distribute their books? They’re the ones that took issue with bibles on a school tables. They’re the ones that went on the attack by trying to stop the distribution. Don’t try to tell me that the heathens are all about equality, because that’s a lie.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            How are they not? That seems to be exactly their goal: all religions to be represented or none.

          • Joe Schmoe

            You are absolutely correct. Logically, politically, and just about every way humanly possible, you are correct. The end-game however, has nothing to do with logic, political correctness, or fairness. The goal is to remove God. From everything….but especially FROM YOU. You can’t see this because there is a thing at work in this world that has pulled a filter over your eyes.

            It’s minions will have you mock me, argue with me, or dismiss me…but there will always be that persistent thorn in the back of your mind (yes, like the Matrix) urging you to dig deeper. If you take nothing away from a total internet stranger, take this…and it’s my prayer that it saves your life.

            This thing that runs the world is very real…and it hates you. It hates you unlike any sort of hate you have ever witnessed in your lifetime. It hates you and it can’t wait to bring you under its influence. I don’t want you to share my beliefs. I want you to open your eyes, find the correlations, and save yourself. The truth is in plain sight.

            Start with the goat of mendes and find the commonality among ALL “religions.” Go in with an open mind and start reading and studying. Don’t stop until you see how deep it goes and then get out.

            Don’t be deceived, death is a transition into one side’s control or the other. It’s a permanent transition and when you cross over that’s it. Once they have you, they have you. You have one chance and all it takes is a little bit of unbiased research.

            Learn who they are, learn what they want, learn what they have done THROUGHOUT HISTORY. God bless you.

          • getstryker

            Accurate and very well said!

        • tatoo

          Yes, equal rights for all, even the nones and heathens and Satanists, and Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs, etc. We are all citizens.

          • Becky

            Who said they couldn’t have equal rights?? The only ones that take issue with equal rights are the heathens. They don’t want anyone reading the bible and they try to stop it from happening. That’s what happened in this case.

        • Cady555

          Yes. The preference is that schools do not promote religion – any religious viewpoint. But if the school is detemined to let a group distribute religious material, we will make sure that multiple views are included.

          it actually is quite easy to understand.

          • Becky

            “The preference…”?? The heathen preference is what you should say, because they’re not about equality for all, at all…obviously.

          • CHL111

            Becky, did you even read the article?

          • Ambulance Chaser

            No? What would equality for all look like, then?

          • George T

            Becky: Yes, I and others would prefer to leave spiritual matters to each child’s parents. The government would be a horribly oppressive, and dictatorial teacher of spiritual material.

            Now how do you think an equal forum for distributing religious material would work? Please. I’d like to hear your opinion.

  • Peter Leh

    if you allow one in you allow all.

    • Mark Bell

      Exactly right! Just liky7666666tjuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiui

      • Ambulance Chaser

        There have been guest chaplains from all major religions and the President can be sworn in on whatever holy book he wants.

        • George T

          Ambulance Chaser: A holy book isn’t even required.

      • Secular Liberation

        Why not just swear on the constitution, the only thing that matters?

  • Guzzman

    The school district blundered by authorizing the distribution of Bibles during school hours. Now they must declare the school a public forum and permit ALL religious viewpoints an opportunity to distribute their materials. The school has no authority to decide which religious viewpoints to exclude, because all are equal before the law.

    The best solution is to follow the Constitutional mandate of governmental neutrality towards religion. As James Madison, Father of the Constitution, wrote, “Religion & Govt. will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together.”

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    Satanic materials.? ……. Fyi, those who consult with the prophets of Satan, eg witches, mediums, voodoo-priests, shamans, etc, to cast evil spells or love charms on others, will be cursed/struck by God with schizophrenia, craziness or other mental disorders, for breaking the law of God at DEUT.18:9-14.
    …….If u want a sane, good n long life on earth, u should consult with the prophets or Bible of God.(DEUT.28)

    • George T

      disqus_O2BUmbLecp: Your ignorant confidence amuses me (^_^)

    • Jalapeno

      That’s weird.

      I wonder why the Satanists and Pagans and whatnot I’ve known haven’t had any form of awful mental disorders?

      I know a few Christians that have though…

      • mai1dude39


        • Jalapeno

          I am?

    • TheKingOfRhye

      “Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!” – Anton LaVey

  • acontraryview

    Thank you RFRA.

  • Gena B

    Unless it is a Christian school why is there religious material at a public school at all? If you want to teach kids about the Bible it would probably be better if it came from their own family and pastor. Public schools should not be doing a ‘tit for tat’ with religious materials, it doesn’t really benefit anyone.

    • Secular Liberation

      That’s what the FFRF is trying to point out.

  • Another consequence of the 18th-century founders replacing the First Commandment with the First Amendment and Biblical responsibilities for Enlightenment rights.

    See blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights.” Click on my picture, then our website. Go to our Blog and scroll down to title.

    Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    America lost Christianity and now lives for doing evil. Sad. Americans are not smarter than the Germans of 80 years ago. The West always does mega heinous evil by going against the Holy Bible. History repeats in a worse form. The West needs Christianity for truth, salvation, and morality.

    • Secular Liberation

      So your comparing religious equality to the Nazis? You’re a morally bankrupt human being.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Christianity is true, vital, good, and life-rescuing. Satanism is evil and destructive. You secular liberal Westerners cannot differenciate good and evil because you guys have become too immoral and totally chaotic regarding anything of morality unless it hurts your filthy money. You don’t even care about children. You always needed Christianity even for sanity; you never had any morality apart from Christianity. You guys are this way I think because you are being too well-fed and bored in life from having everything and disrespect your own parents and grandparents. Typical of rotten kids from a good family. I feel sorry for all your forefathers. Not even raw pagans are that shameful like today’s secular liberals. One should be really happy not to have today’s secular liberals as his own descendants. America’s forefathers can have consolation in knowing that the Christians are everywhere on earth thanks to their hard works and we remember their contributions properly. Secular liberals don’t know history or history’s significance, and that’s why you guys are blood-thirsty against the Christians again this century, repaying the good with evil. You’d even have no literacy or civility apart from the Christian Church.

        • Noah!

          I was raised by a secular Jewish man who is a proponent of LBGTQIA rights and a critic of Christian privilege, who himself was raised by a secular Jewish professor of biology.

          So I don’t think my morality is based on my disrespect toward father or grandfather. But more a continuation of my family’s values. And Family Values are good, right?

          Anyway, I hope you meet singer lovely secular people or members of The Satanic Temple who help you change your mind and see we are not rotten or evil.

          In Wisdom, Compassion, and Justice

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You Westerners have been always protected by the Judeo-Christian values and were never outside of the Christendom’s finest education. Everything you got right is from the Holy Bible. You’ve been well-fed for the longest time by the Church, and now you are bored because your culture has become evil decadent and you’ve started attacking the Christianity out of full stomach and boredom. If you were a Jew, you should have known the history of ancient Israel. Today’s West is behaving worse than the ancient Israel who betrayed the Lord. God punished Noah’s generations, Sodom and Gomorrah, Canaan, and ancient Israel. You need to repent of your sins and trust in Jesus as your Savior for remission of sins to get saved. Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life. (The Gospel of John)

          • Solomon

            Yeah… man us Jews have always been protected by Biblical morality, except for when Christians decided killing the Jews was the greatest thing for nearly 2 millennia.

            Also, read up on the Religious Wars of Europe to see exactly where “Christian Morality” can lead.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Christian West alone fought for the access to God’s Truth and freedom, unlike other air-headed civilizations who fought only for territory and money and women. The Jews flourished in the Christendom alone( that includes Russia) and nowhere else on Planet Earth, because everywhere else you were just silenced. Count the number of Nobel prizes you got. Where are the Jewish recipients from? Christendom. Who protected so many of you? Christian USA. And don’t forget the Christian Dutch Resistence who died to rescue you. It is God’s providence through Christian Britain and Christian USA who made your independence and preservation possible. No pagan nations involved. They only tried to destroy you.

            And Christians alone believed in Israel’s happiness and autonomy. Jesus of Nazareth is your Divine Messiah whom God has promised from the beginning to save you. Trust in Him and get saved. Read Isaiah chapter 53 and John chapter 3. Have you been a good minority to the majority? Think about that, too. Be beneficial to all. Stop repaying the good with evil by pushing the destructive godlessness upon America, a former Christendom who rescued you. There is no gain in corrupting America, but only God’s wrath. Didn’t mankind have enough lesson on that? Read your Bible.

  • IzTheBiz

    Evil needs good. It is drawn to the good to try and pervert it. Thats why there are so many pagans commenting on a Christian site! They are drawn to the truth, and the truth only. They are not going to the same extent to destroy Islam or any other religion, because they know deep down the truth of the cross. That which they now reject, they will be judged by! Hell will be the presence of the absence of good. There will be no more good to pervert. There will only be evil devouring evil, and the reality of the God they have rejected will torment them forever! Frightening thought!

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      So true.

  • Secular Liberation

    You asked for it Evangelicals.