UK Therapist Suspended for Sharing Christianity With Muslim Co-Worker Loses Appeal

WasteneyLONDON — An occupational therapist who was suspended from her job for nine months after her Muslim co-worker alleged that she was trying to convert her to Christianity has lost her appeal before an employment tribunal.

As previously reported, Victoria Wasteney, now 39, had developed a friendship with her colleague Enya Nawaz, now 28, as they worked at the St. John Howard Center in London. The two had discussed Islam and Christianity, and Wasteney had talked to Nawaz about her church’s efforts to fight human trafficking.

“The whole basis of our conversations around faith started with her telling me that she’d had an encounter with God, that she felt she had been brought to London for a particular reason,” Wasteney told reporters.

“We were both interested in what one another were involved in,” she said. “It was part of the normal process of building a relationship with someone, to talk about primarily things we were interested in outside of work.”

In 2013, after Nawaz told Wasteney about her personal health concerns on a lunch break, Wasteney offered to pray for her. Nawaz replied, “Okay,” and Wasteney laid hands on her and prayed that God would give her “peace and healing.”

Wastney also invited her co-worker to church and gave her a copy of the book “I Dared to Call Him Father,” which is about a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity. Wasteney said that she had never read the book, but that it had been recommended by a friend.

“Because we had had these conversations, it did not seem abnormal,” she explained.

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But Nawaz soon lodged a complaint with her employer, alleging that Wasteney was trying to convert her. Wasteney was consequently suspended for nine months with pay while an investigation was conducted into the matter.

In 2014, while dismissing several other accusations, a disciplinary panel declared Wasteney guilty of “bullying and harassment,” stating that she was wrong to pray with her co-worker, invite her to church and give her a book about her faith. She was presented with a written warning and allowed to return to work—but not in her specialist field.

The matter then was appealed to an employment tribunal out of an effort to draw awareness to concerns over those who might face discipline for speaking about their faith in the workplace. But the tribunal upheld the panel’s ruling, stating that it dealt properly with the situation.

Wasteney was granted permission to appeal the decision, but on Thursday, Judge Eady QC agreed that Wasteney’s employer was right to discipline her.

“What the court clearly failed to do was to say how, in today’s politically correct world, any Christian can even enter into a conversation with a fellow employee on the subject of religion and not, potentially, later end up in an employment tribunal,” Wasteney said in a statement. “If someone sends you friendly text messages, how is one to know that they are offended? I had no idea that I was upsetting her.”

She provided an example of a text that she received from Nawaz.

“Hope you’re okay, Victoria. You’re an amazing manager and a wonderful person. I hope you never feel otherwise!” it read.

“I believe the NHS singled me out for discipline because Christianity is so disrespected,” Wasteney said. “Previously a Christian worship service that I set up for patients was closed down, but accommodation for Muslims to practice their faith wholly facilitated and encouraged.”

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  • Josey

    Religious freedom for all, yeah right, only if you are of any faith other than Christianity or of the Jewish faith. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Nobody said she couldn’t be a Christian, only that she can’t browbeat her subordinates with her Christianity.

      • ShemSilber

        She was NOT “browbeating,” only offering. When we witness for the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), that’s what it is, witnessing, and the hearer has a choice to accept or reject the witness. Anyone who browbeats another is in the same class, though not as violent, as the Muslim who holds a scimitar to your neck and tells you to recite the shahada. Each must choose and not have anything forced, or it is not true conversion, but duress, as was done by the inquisitions of the Roman Catholic church, which was not authorized in the least by the Master whom they CLAIMED to serve, when they were really serving the devil. Those forcers of religion will be quite justly dealt with by the Master Yahushua, the One and ONLY Righteous Judge of all mankind, omein.

        • PatriotForever

          Great reply, very well stated. God Bless

        • Concerned

          Well stated. If we cannot communicate effectively with our fellow workers, we have committed ourselves and our company to failure. There was nothing in any of this message that implied any browbeating. It seemed clear that Nawaz could have disengaged from this religious conversation at any time. A more fundamental question is why are the Muslims allowed to continue practicing their faith in the work-place and it is “facilitated and encouraged”?? Where is freedom of religion and religious equality?

          • ShemSilber

            This is a righteous concern, for “freedom of religion and religious equality” is rapidly fading away under the influence of Azazel, the devil, alias Allah, who is ramping up his anger against believers in the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), per Revelation 12, because of the shortness of time until the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) sends him to the pit where he belongs, Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire. But our Master can deliver us from and through all the trials that are coming. Hebrews 11 speaks of many witnesses, some who were delivered and some who suffered and died, and all will have their rewards together. THEN we shall learn what true freedom is, in the Master Yahushua’s Presence, omein!

      • Chuck

        Where did you find that she was “browbeating”.?

        • Josey

          He didn’t find it, he like a few others know they have gotten away with making things up and mocking Jesus on this site and they do not care to learn the truth, just mock. I’ve had enough of their lies and mocking my Precious Savior Jesus Christ and fellow believers. It would be one thing if they were here to learn and discuss things but that isn’t why several of them keep coming back and it’s time for it to stop, the moderators of this site should put a stop to this, if they don’t I am out of here for I am not going to continue on casting pearls before some of these swine and no other child of God should either. The same old mockers such as gizmo, ambulance chaser, contrary and a couple of others, you know who they are, they aren’t here for discussion but to mock and tear down. I’m sure most Christian sites have blocked them already and this one should too!

          • gizmo23

            I expect an apology from you when you claimed I was lying and I proved you wrong.

        • Michael Stashuk

          In giving her ‘friend’ a deeply offensive and unsolicited book about a muslim woman converting. Had the opposite occurred, not only would you agree with it being ‘browbeating’, you would have called FOX news and called it an attempted terrorism recruiting process.

          I am a Christian. However, you might consider some objective study of Jesus’ teachings, including in the Middle East and yes, in the Qu’ran. This woman wasn’t doing was Jesus’ would. She was indeed ‘browbeating’, an excellent description.

          • gui1hermegano

            Funny, you claim to be a Christian, but you always side AGAINST Christians.
            If there’s every any burnings, you’ll be eagerly helping pile up the firewood.

            Sorry, but Christians who hate Christians are not Christian.

      • PatriotForever

        Say what? Nawaz set her Victoria up. She fished her in and she bit the bait. Victoria
        cared about Nawaz’s health because Christ
        cares. The fact is: Muhammad doesn’t care, nor did she care. Her only goal is to become like Pinky
        and the Brain, and that’s to convert others, throw them under the bus if they are Christians and take over the world.

      • Josey

        Subordinate? they were colleagues and there was no browbeating as you say, they both had mutual conversation. Victoria was being a loving Christian to her, when she wasn’t feeling well she offered to pray for her, Nawaz could have said no to that but she received and welcomed the prayer and no one can force anyone to get dressed and go to church, that has to be an action on the part of the one going unless you are suggesting that Victoria went to the ladies house, dressed her and kidnapped her, dragging her to church and forcing her to stay against her will…how ridiculous. I’ve been invited to church by many different ppl but no one can force me to go and if I can’t or don’t want to go, I say no. You are another ridiculous commenter, I guess the other sites you have tried to comment on blocked you so you come here where you’ve been allowed to post whatever because you certainly aren’t here to learn anything or even read the article correctly. You consistently deny God and His power in your every comment, you and several others who come here because you have found these ppl to be a lot more patient with your lies and mocking of our gracious God and Savior Jesus Christ but enough is enough!

        • Ambulance Chaser

          I haven’t been blocked by any site to my knowledge.

        • gizmo23

          Why so angry?

        • Cady555

          No. Victoria was her superior. She also was involved in several other situations where she pushed religion inappropriately on staff and clients.

        • The Last Trump

          He’s just another fstdt troll here to harass Christians.
          Engaging these people in polite conversation is a complete waste of time.
          They don’t have it in them.
          Ignore him.

      • Al Workman


  • Michael C

    Am I understanding this correctly? The Christian woman was the Muslim woman’s manager? Yeesh. Yeah, her behavior was inappropriate.

    Why does the headline say that they were “co-workers”?

    • Peter Leh

      if she was her superior could she not suspend her herself?

    • PatriotForever


    • Dr. Bill

      Michael C.,
      I don’t think you are understanding this correctly. Nowhere does it say there was a manager-subordinate relationship between the two women. They were co-workers. Nawaz is quoted as teling her co-worker
      “Hope you’re okay, Victoria. You’re an amazing manager and a wonderful person.” That does not say Victoria was Nawaz’s manager, only that Victoria was a manager within the organization. Don’t read things into this that aren’t there.

      • Michael C

        Are you saying that Enya Nawaz was not Victoria Wasteney’s subordinate?

    • petej

      Because it looks funny with no hyphen – “coworkers.”

      • Michael C

        It’s true. I’ve never seen and orking cow.

  • Max

    The louder a society screams about “tolerance,” the less tolerant it becomes.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Being able to evangelize is the freedom of speeches. People need Judeo-Christian values for rights and morality and freedom.

  • ShemSilber

    2Timothy 3:12 tells that all who seek to live righteously in the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus) “shall suffer persecution.” That persecution has already included many killed in recent times, dying for their faith in the Master. All such will be richly rewarded if we remain true to the death, with rewards being added to the free salvation we have for our wholehearted request for Him to be our Redeemer. We need to keep our chins up and cheerfully confess our submission to Him, and He will help us to deal with all consequences, even as He stood up from His throne and encouraged Stephen, when Saul of Tarsus and others made false accusations against him and stoned him to death. Saul’s call to become Yahushua’s servant proves that even the worst of us can find mercy in the Master Yahushua, for he became the Apostle Paul. It is significant that the same false charges are laid against Paul as against Stephen: that he speaks against the Torah and against Moses, whereas he was a Torah-observant rabbi, just as Stephen was. HalleluYAH for the revelation of the Almighty Yahuwah to mere mortals like us, in Yahushuah’s Name, omein.

  • PatriotForever

    Nawaz set you up Victoria. She fished you in and you bit the bait. You care about her and others like her and your faith cares because Christ cares. Muhammad doesn’t care, nor does she care. Her goal is like Pinky and the Brain, that’s to convert and take over the world.
    I pray that your attitude will light her soul on fire and that what she did to you will backfire and the Holy Spirit will bring her to a place of recognition of what love versus duty really is.
    God bless you for your precious heart and the strength you have

  • Chuck

    This is Looking Glass Land. Everything social and political is running on a reverse vector. If this Islamic woman was uncomfortable she should have had the balls to say so. Instead, typically Islamic she appears to like the lady’s attentions and at the first chance stabs her in the back (hooray for Taqqiya). The officials then with their heads firmly ensconsed where the sun don’t shine support this nonsense. The very worst that could happen should have been a private reprimand to stop disseminating to the Islamic woman and carry on.

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    This is what happens when foolish n misguided Christians go n love every Tom, Dikk n Harry, n especially love their enemies.
    1JOHN.3: = 10 In this the
    children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever
    does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    And then the Muslim tattle-taler likely got promoted.

  • Karen

    This is ridiculous! As a Christian, we are COMMANDED to share the gospel! If she would have said from the beginning that she didn’t want to hear about Christianity, I am sure the Christian woman would have backed off. As Christians we “share” the gospel, not “shove” the gospel! If the muslim was so offended, she should have told the other woman from the beginning! She befriended her as all GOOD muslims do and when she had a chance to strike against her non-muslim “FRIEND” she did as muslims are commanded.. STRIKE the infidel!! This proves that there are no “GOOD” muslims and they are coming soon to YOUR neighborhood!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • Dr. Bill

    This is NOT the Britain where I used to live. Forty years ago, Brits were a friendly and quite tolerant people. I think most still are, but the powers-that-be have completely gone off the deep end. This is religious intolerance of the worst kind.
    It use to be somewhat difficult for foreigners to gain resident status there and those who were allowed in were expected to conform to the societal norms exhibited by the majority of the people. Today, it seems that entry is granted to anyone who is likely to ignore the norms of that society and attempt to pervert the communities in which they have been allowed to live. The British government should be ashamed of its adoption of intolerant P.C. attitudes and persecution of its rightful citizens as a result. Followers of Islam, where is the tolerance you brag about? It doesn’t exist, that’s where.

  • gizmo23

    Why no mention of the companies or organizations rules concerning disgusting faith at work?

  • Sara

    I don’t see anywhere that her long time Muslim coworker ever expressed to her first that she didn’t want to discuss such things, other than the mention in the interview that the lady said OTHER people were pressuring her to file a complaint, not that she herself felt that way. That being said if nothing is missing from this story, I find this to be very unfair to Victoria. When you develop a friendship, it’s normal to discuss such things as long as it’s mutually agreeable, so filing a complaint without asking the discussions to end first is complete two faced betrayal and just plain nasty. Maybe the Muslim woman was pressured so much, maybe even with threats of beatings from a spouse or something that she caved and did such a thing and the “pressure from coworkers” was her way of earning. Who knows? As long as my professional license wasn’t revoked, I would not want to return to that particular workplace. She deserves back pay until she finds another job in her field.

  • Ronald Carter

    Proselytizing is an offensive practice no matter which religion is doing it.

    • The Last Trump

      As is trolling.

      • Max

        They are lonely and bored. Alcoholism and drug addiction are sky high among homosexuals.

    • The Skeptical Chymist


  • Pity the poor Muslims. If folk are allowed to talk to them about Christ, what they believe crumbles. Their religion needs government protection. Save these poor folks from hearing the truth! Do not discomfort them on the broad road to hell!

  • Al Workman

    More left-wing liberal ding-dongism running amuck in UK,Cada & USA??!!

  • lizk

    Jesus said I am the way, the truth, the life. There is only one way. Walk as He walked. If you live your life for Christ they will hate you just as they hated Him. But He died for all people who accept His sacrifice and call on His name.

  • rayapfr

    Case should have been treated in a different way…..Christian women should have told the authority/tribunal that she was discussing about Islam’s Jesus (who is one of the prophet according to Islam) with Muslim women.

    -Praise the lord (JESUS)-

  • rayapfr

    Another point, Western laws are foolish laws which does not allow people to talk about religion, prayer, god grace, mercy…etc in workplace that too in hospitals. What I feel is patients (who are not atheist) will be happy if hospital workers support them religiously/pray for them along with medical support.

  • Royal Rican Prince

    Any belief that does not have Jesus Christ as the Redeemer is a satanic construct invented with the sole purpose of leading people in to eternal damnation.