Department of Education Releases List of Colleges Seeking Exemption From ‘Transgender’ Law

Carey-compressedWASHINGTON — While it is not known if the move was done due to the request of homosexual and transgender advocacy groups, the U.S. Department of Education has released a list of Christian identifying colleges and universities who have requested exemptions from a federal law that has recently been interpreted to pertain to homosexuality and transgenderism.

As previously reported, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) had released a statement earlier this year calling for the government to post the names of Christian colleges and universities nationwide that have requested an exemption from Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against a person based on their gender.

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance,” it reads.

Although the law has been most known as being applied to discrimination against women and in situations related to girls who desire to participate in sports programs, the Department of Education recently told various schools that it interprets Title IX to also apply to transgender students.

Schools who do not seek an exemption may be required to allow male students who identify as female to use the girls’ restroom and vice versa, or may be mandated to permit male students who identify as female to share dorm space with the girls and vice versa.

But Title IX also contains a provision allowing religious schools to request an exemption from the law if “application of the law would conflict with specific tenets of the religion.”

HRC noted in its report earlier this year that nearly 60 Christian schools nationwide have requested an exemption, especially in recent years, with 23 seeking an exemption surrounding their convictions about homosexuality and 33 seeking an exemption surrounding transgender issues.

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Only 12 schools had applied for an exemption before the Obama presidency. The list has quickly grown in recent years considering the government’s broadened interpretation of the law.

HRC believes that it is discrimination for religious schools to refuse to allow transgender students to use the restroom or dorm of their choice, or to prohibit students from engaging in homosexual behavior.

“Prospective students and their parents deserve greater transparency, and we urge the Department of Education to take action by helping to increase accountability and to ensure that no student unknowingly enrolls in a school that intends to discriminate against them,” HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement. “We believe that religious liberty is a bedrock principle of our nation, however faith should never be used as a guise for discrimination.”

Those included on the list posted to the U.S. Department of Education website as of April 26 include Oklahoma Christian University, William Carey University in Mississippi (named after the renowned missionary), Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania, Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin, Colorado Christian University, East Texas Baptist University, Indiana Wesleyan University and Northpoint Bible College in Massachusetts.

The full list may be viewed here.

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  • Cady555

    If you don’t like the federal rules, don’t take federal money.

    • MarkT.

      As a Christian I agree, Christian colleges should not take any government funding at all.

    • bowie1

      Would they still be exempted down the road, even if they did not accept federal money.

    • Also, if you don’t like the federal rules, don’t pay federal tax.

      • gizmo23

        And then take the consequences

      • acontraryview

        Let me know how that works out for you.

    • ComeOnPeople!

      Rule was made in 1972 … Transgender wasn’t even heard of or in any law that was passed. You need to go back and study the intent of the law that was passed. I grew up in the 70s and we never heard of such a thing as transgender. We all knew if we had a penis or had a vagina what we were.

  • DanH

    Strange how liberals talk about tolerance and multiculturalism when they despise both.

    • gizmo23

      How does that relate to this article?

  • Nidalap

    Well, this could be looked at in two ways. The list is probably meant to give activist groups their targets.
    It DOES tend to give folks who prefer their children not to be exposed to the perversion movement a list of potentially good schools to go to! 🙂

    • Ronald Carter

      And it gives the ones wishing to keep their children free of religious persecution a list of schools to avoid.

      • ComeOnPeople!

        ahahaha oh wait ahahaha I can’t even respond that was so beyond reason.

        • acontraryview

          How so?

          • ComeOnPeople!

            Let’s see… How many children are suffering persecution by Christians? It’s beyond ridiculous to say the list helps parents to keep their children free of religious persecution. COME ON!!!

    • acontraryview

      On the flip side, it gives those applying to college more information regarding the policies of various schools so they can make a more informed decision regarding which schools they may not want to attend.

  • Reason2012

    So notice the hypocritical logic they use:

    If you’re a man who only FEELS like a woman, even though you still have male genitalia, it’s “discrimination” to make him use the bathroom with other men.

    But if you’re REALLY a BIOLOGICAL woman (who obviously also FEELS like a woman, btw), then it’s NOT discrimination to make her use the bathroom with other men who will now walk in on her, both in bathrooms and locker rooms.

    Behold the hypocrisy of their “discrimination” lies.

    They want to discriminate against everyone else in the name of stopping discrimination. They are discriminating against and endangering everyone else by enabling_perverts, predators and_pedophiles.

    Contact your representatives about the REAL discrimination: forcing 100% of women and little girls to use the bathroom with men who will walk in on them in bathrooms and locker rooms.

  • ComeOnPeople!

    This law is talking about sex as in a male or a female. Transgender wasn’t even a issue then or even in the courts . They are taking laws meant for either a male ( person with a penis) Or a female (Person with a vagina) and using it to their benefit .

  • Michael C

    Do any of these schools care if it’s public knowledge that they receive a Title IX exemption?

    Was it supposed to be a secret?

  • Gena B

    I think it would be odd if a Christian school did not apply. That should be expected and if a transgender person want to go to a Christian school and be subjected to things of Christ, terrific, they need to be there. Bathrooms? Make a third bathroom designed for ‘the others.’

  • acontraryview

    “Department of Education Releases List of Colleges Seeking Exemption From ‘Transgender’ Law”

    Actually, no, they are seeking exemption from the requirements of Title IX. There is no “transgender law”.

    • hytre64

      Actually, what they are seeking exemption from is the tyrannical overreach of the current administration to redefine the word “sex”. When Title IX was passed, the clear definition of the of the law meant that schools had to treat both men and women in the same fashion. Now they have extended it to mean those with mental illness in that they are either attracted to the same sex, or have confusion over their own gender.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
    Deuteronomy 22:5