Southern Baptist Deacon Under Fire for Working on Renovations for Oklahoma Abortion Facility

Yarbrough-compressedOKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A Southern Baptist deacon is under fire after it was discovered that his heating and air conditioning company decided to complete a renovations project for an Oklahoma abortion facility, stating that his company believes in “finishing what they have started.”

Yarbrough & Sons is a heating and cooling business owned and operated by First Baptist Church of Blanchard deacon Darren Yarbrough. Last month, a local Christian spotted the Yarbrough & Sons truck outside of the South Wind Women’s Center and called the business to advise that the facility was going to be opening as an abortion facility.

“I’m not saying you knew,” the man says in the phone call uploaded to YouTube. “However, I am saying now that you know [you should stop working on it].”

The receptionist who took the call said that she personally could not comment on the matter, but would have the owner contact the concerned citizen. However, she refuted the man when he stated that the company is essentially “aiding and abetting child sacrifice.”

In a Facebook post dated March 23, which has since been deleted, the Yarbroughs stated that they were not aware that the South Wind Women’s Center would be opening as an abortion facility, but felt it would be breach of contract to walk away from the job.

“If we had known the women’s clinic also provided services that go against the convictions of the owners and the many men & women within the company, then we simply would not have bid the job and moved on,” son Kolby Yarbrough wrote. “Unethically breaking contract is not in our belief system as a company; We believe in finishing what we have started. Having completed roughly 80% of the work, walking off the job would go against upholding the aforementioned characteristics.”

Kolby also posted a statement on March 25 where he called those who expressed concern a “cult,” but later removed the post as well.

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“For the past week, our heat and air conditioning company has been under harassment and cyberbullying from a pro-life cult. … We were 80% done with the job and started to receive polemic protests, phone calls, voicemails, comments, and reviews. Their intent is to harm our reputation and get people to boycott our company,” he said.

“My dad has been in contact with our pastor and many mentors over the last couple of days. After much thought, prayer, and mentorship we have decided to complete the job because we are contractually bound and know that a breach of contract is illegal,” Yarbrough stated. “Such actions would also be dishonoring to our code of conduct and what we believe in.”

A petition to Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Director Russell Moore was soon launched, asking Moore to look into the matter and issue a statement “condemning Southern Baptist cooperation within the abortion industry.” The petition generated over 500 signatures.

First Baptist Church Blanchard, led by Andy Finch, soon issued a statement advising that it was working to bring resolution to the conflict.

“The First Baptist Church of Blanchard’s pro-life position is well known throughout our community. We believe strongly in the sanctity of life, and we oppose abortion and any effort to expand abortion,” Finch told the Christian Post.

“Accordingly, our church leadership always counsels our members to protect and defend the sanctity of human life,” he said. “The church is continuing to work through the current situation internally, with all seriousness and prayer.”

Alan Maricle, in writing for the blog site Pulpit & Pen, says that the Yarbrough’s reasoning is invalid and that they should not have continued the work after becoming aware that the building was being renovated to open as an abortion facility.

“First of all, breach of contract is not ‘illegal.’ That’s preposterous. It’s a violation of a civil contract, in which there are civil penalties. It is not criminal to violate a contract,” Maricle said.

“Chiefly, Yarbrough entered into a contract to provide services to a facility to murder children. Rather than being bound to a civil contract upon which there may be financial penalties, Yarbrough’s heart should be bound by conscience and the Word of God,” he stated, opining that it would be better to receive man’s consequences for breaching the contract than face God’s consequences for helping those that murder children.

“Yarbrough’s ‘code of conduct’ involves not engaging in what they call elsewhere ‘regressive business practices’ (IE losing money), but their code of conduct apparently does not include not helping infants have their brains sucked out of their mother’s womb,” Maricle wrote. “This is precisely why Yarbrough should be called to repentance by his church, and should he continue in his work, be forbidden from the Lord’s Table lest he drink damnation upon himself and be treated like a gentile and tax collector.”

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  • TheBottomline4This

    “…now that you know [you should stop working on it]”
    Yes, he should stop doing the work on that building.

    • gizmo23

      Perhaps his church, or a pro life group, could cover the legal costs of him breaking the contract. In any case he should not be harassed for completing work he agreed to do

      • TheBottomline4This

        I haven’t harassed him. If he is a Christian, he will obey God over man. Once he found out what it was going to be, he can and should wrap up the section he was working on and leave the rest for someone who doesn’t mind if babies are going to be murdered there to finish it. Babies being murdered is worse than not completing the contract on a building where murders will take place.
        As it said above, ““First of all, breach of contract is not ‘illegal.’ That’s preposterous. It’s a violation of a civil contract, in which there are civil penalties. It is not criminal to violate a contract,” “

        • Peter Leh

          “If he is a Christian, he will obey God over man.”

          translation: he will agree with me and my interpretation or he is not a “christian”

          bullies get popped in the chops, son

          • TheBottomline4This

            Try it and see how far ya get Petey.

          • Peter Leh


          • TheBottomline4This


        • gizmo23

          I don’t believe I said you were harassing him. He stated he was being harassed

          • Peter Leh

            naw .. he is harassing and controlling

    • Jalapeno

      That’s not exactly taking the moral high road though…

      • TheBottomline4This

        Why not? What is your opinion on how it should be handled?

        • Jalapeno

          Completing the job you started is a pretty good start. Leaving people battling to find a way to finish a mostly completed job just because they disagree with what it’s going to be used for is..questionable.

          It’s obviously well-known that they don’t approve at this point, so hurting other people just to make a point? How is that being mature?

          • TheBottomline4This

            If he is a Christian, he will obey God over man. Once he found out what it was going to be, he can and should wrap up the section he was working on and leave the rest for someone who doesn’t mind if babies are going to be murdered there to finish it. Babies being murdered is worse than not completing the contract on a building where murders will take place.

            As it said above, ““First of all, breach of contract is not ‘illegal.’ That’s preposterous. It’s a violation of a civil contract, in which there are civil penalties. It is not criminal to violate a contract,” ”

            Your comment about “hurting other people” is laughable given part of the subject matter in this story…Abortions.

          • Jalapeno

            That’s fine..different people have different moral stances.

            It’s silly to deny that this isn’t a case of someone hurting someone else to make a point about their own beliefs though. It’s not like they’re actually changing the outcome if they finish, they’re just doing a job that they agreed to do. Reasonable people understand that it’s not exactly like they’re standing up and saying that they’re okay with abortion.

            I’m not sure if you noticed though, but I never claimed it was illegal. I said it wasn’t taking the moral high road.

          • TheBottomline4This

            The “moral high road” is to not continue in the project once it IS known what it will soon be…a place that in part kills babies. That trumps some contract that can easily be given to someone who doesn’t care that they are working on a building that will perform the murder of babies.
            Do you not care about the lives that are going to be taken in that building or are you pro choice and support the women in being able to choose to kill their sons or daughters?

          • Jalapeno

            I can’t think that putting other people at an inconvenience because it is something you disagree with is ever the “high road”.

            Refusing to take it is one thing, but failing to follow through with something you agree with…

          • TheBottomline4This

            You are very sad that THAT is your main concern. I guess the moral low road is your friend.

          • Jalapeno

            Yes..I’m concerned with failing to follow through on an agreement because of my own beliefs.

            How disgusting…not letting my own ideals get in the way of other people.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Your ideals are disgusting if this is any clue, choosing a contract…something that can be changed over babies being murdered. The Bible talks about people like you…little care for human life, especially those who can’t fight for themselves. Hard hearted ones who follow death and destruction. SMH

          • Jalapeno


            If I agree to help someone, I follow through, even if it’s something that I personally find reprehensible. I do that because I try to prioritize other peoples feelings over my own. What a crazy idea.

            (Let me is where you tell me again that you don’t like my morals even though that’s not the point..or you tell me that I don’t have any..or tell me again (incorrectly) that I don’t care about life…)

          • TheBottomline4This

            I pity you.

          • Jalapeno

            Because I have different morals than you?

            Because I care more about inconveniencing other people than my own ideals?

  • RWH

    Bad advice. One can’t stop working on a project and leave things torn up. The litigation and liabilities in all of this would be a disaster.

    • cadcoke5

      Since the owners decided to conceal the very significant fact that this was to be facility to murder the unborn, I think the contract is void. In Nazi Germany, would a plumbing company be wrong to terminate a contract with a prison camp, when it discovers that the gas lines they are installing at a facility to hold Jews, were not for shower water, but for poison gas?

      The abortion company owes the A/C company compensation for both its work to this point, as well as the damages caused by the affair.

      A possible resolution from the A/C company’s point of view, would be to stop work immediately. Then, spend some time as a company protesting at the abortion facility once they have commenced their evil work.

      Yes, there will be legal proceedings, and I would hope the Christian community would help the company through this financially. Though, the “cult” statement would tend to hint that the company was actually OK with the abortion facility and tend to drive support away.

  • bowie1

    It is always good to do some research before bidding on a job in case this sort of thing happens.

    • NCOriolesFan

      My point exactly. It’s one thing to claim breach of contract to walk off the job before completion. It’s wholly another matter to investigate the job BEFORE signing the contract. His church is taking the correct approach to resolve the situation. I would hope the business learns a lesson for the future.

  • Toro Keng

    Hmmm…..Interesting news…..
    Another typical dilemma whether to obey the local law or to obey God’s law.

    WWJD ??

    • TheBottomline4This

      “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29.
      When man’s laws violate God’s Word…God wins.
      See gotquestions dot org/laws-land dot html

  • Sam Langford

    I feel His company needs to ful fill his Obligations to that company and let that go. and the Hate from the Church needs to focus on the right things.. My take on this is simple. I realize that there are some that are not Christian or have a faith system.. and most of those are steeped in the notion that the child is not a child but a problem that needs to be solved. and yes, I am pro life but I cannot make the decision for everyone. If Every child was to live in this world then it would be so.. There is one way out of this dilemma and that is if all churches come together and form an alliance to have every facility be a pro life facility and when the child is born it is assigned a nanny to help care for it. until it is old enough to get on its own feet.. That means the church will have to start to Love ALL children in the world.. Wake up Churches.. and be about your Fathers business.!!!!

    • TheBottomline4This

      If he is a Christian, he will obey God over man. Once he found out what it was going to be, he can and should wrap up the section he was working on and leave the rest for someone who doesn’t mind if babies are going to be murdered there to finish it. Babies being murdered is worse than not completing the contract on a building where murders will take place.
      Trying to push off the responsibilities of the irresponsible on to the Church is silly. Yes, the Church is to help, but along with that people need to start being responsible for the children they bring into the world. There is efforts to be made on both sides of that issue.

  • Peter Leh

    christians just have to control others….. “Pharisee” come to mind

    • TheBottomline4This

      Too bad women who have sex and get pregnant couldn’t have had control if they didn’t want a baby. “Lack of self control” and “being responsible” comes to mind.

      • Peter Leh

        sexism and bigotry come to mind.

        neither a christian virtue.. or perhaps it is?

        • TheBottomline4This

          Neither is irrespsonsible, lose sexail activity Petey. Your values seem to be low enough to step over.

          • Peter Leh

            my values are quite high , i assure you.

            those who attempt to control others get stepped over. 🙂

          • TheBottomline4This

            I’ll never get stepped over 🙂 God will eventually take care of satan pleasers like you dear. Bye Petey 🙂

          • Peter Leh

            like me indeed?

            and now you are god and judge?

            what does the bible say about those who claim to be god?

            Indeed a sorry ending


          • TheBottomline4This

            Your ignorance is your bliss 🙂
            Bye Petey.

          • Peter Leh

            ignorance is indeed bliss, i assure you.

            but once you see one who attempts to control others it gets my ire up. brings back bad memories of spiritual abuse. 😉

            you play god you get what you get son

          • Peter Leh

            “Bye Petey.”

            there is the door…..

          • Peter Leh

            so now you are god?

            what does the bible say about those who claim to be god?

      • gizmo23

        Does that include married women?

      • BarkingDawg

        just as long as the men can be as irresponsible and as uncontrolled as the want.


        • TheBottomline4This

          Nope. Equal responsibility.
          And with that said, that means if they get pregnant also, if a woman wants to abort the baby so she doesn’t’ have to raise it, but the Dad disagrees, then she should have the baby and let the Dad raise their son/daughter.

    • Ken M

      every time you post…

      • Peter Leh

        every time i post you are reminded you are a pharisee?

        good… one day pharisees may find time to be comfortable in their relationship with jesus and not be so controlling over others. 😉

  • BarkingDawg

    The Holy God of $$$$$

  • archaeologist

    we have no problem with this company working on an abortion clinic. Christians do not generate enough business to keep other Christian in business. A Christian is going to have to work with or for someone who goes against God’s laws so let’s not get absurd here.

    The logic of those objecting to this man doing his job would mean that Christian teachers would have to quite working in secular schools; Christian doctors and other medical professionals would have to quit working for secular hospitals, clinics and labs and on it goes.

    Obviously the objectors do not understand the Christian life and that these men could be used of God to witness to and influence some of the people in charge of that center. Don’t hinder God’s work because you have an error in your Christian thinking

    • women speaking for women

      It is not God’s work to continue working for an abortuary….a place where little baby boys and girls are unmercifully murdered! Not at all!
      It is not the Christian life to lock hands and receive filthy lucre from people making money off of slaying innocent human beings.
      The very words you are using are the same that came from a pathetically weak and cowardly Christian church during the rise of Adolph Hitler leading to the Nazi holocaust. Just like the pastor who would not take the Jewish baby that was brought to the Ten Boom family….he was more concerned about breaking the law and getting caught giving safe harbor to this child then obeying God.
      And that is nothing but compromise when you mention, “these men could be used of God to witness to and influence some of the people in charge of that center.” That is poppycock and compromise! These men can witness on the outside and to the world that they will not compromise with the evil deeds of darkness! The Bible says to NOT to:11) have anything to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but to rather expose them,” (Ephesians 5:11)….you, have an error in your Christian thinking if you really think that God would have Christians helping to build and open a child killing center. And I would say, do not hinder Christ’s true Biblical teaching…..Obey God, not man.

      • archaeologist

        Your emotions blind you to the truth.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    He should stop the work immediatly

  • women speaking for women

    As I have read through this thread, I have heard such excuses for carrying on business for a company that will literally make it’s money off of dismembering, disembowelling or poisoning an unborn human being in the womb such as “finishing a job you have started.” Well, that may be true if the contract is with a business that will not be slaughtering innocent babies…..but now that the Yarbourgh air conditioning company knows bloodshed will be taking place in this building, the only alternative as a Christian, is to break the contract.
    If the Yarbourough’s and those that have given counsel from the First Baptist Church think that this is a good witness to the Lord……I am sorry to tell you, this is a horrible witness. You claim to be followers of Christ and adamantly pro-life and say that abortion is the killing of babies….really? But yet the work will continue, knowing babies will be murdered? No wonder people don’t take us Christians seriously.
    God wants us raise a standard, to not be compromising. He is a jealous God, and demands righteousness (Amos 5:24), no matter what! We are to trust in HIM and not man. Jesus would never tell someone to keep to the plow and finish a job that will kill children…..instead He tells us to let the little children come unto HIM.
    You, First Baptist Church have compromised, you Yarbough air conditioning service have compromised! Break the contract now…..set a standard…..have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them! (Ephesians 5:11). If you do not…..surely, the bloodshed will be on your hands, and God will not bless you. This is a VERY serious thing.
    Forget about what man will think, do what God requires.
    And trust me, there are plenty of businesses who have broken contracts in this very situation. There was a landlord that leased out office space in a medical complex in south Florida to an abortion mill, and when confronted, he basically said the same thing the First Baptist Church & Yarbourghs are saying, but in the end, the day the abortuary was to move in, the changed the locks and broke the contract. Was this uncomfortable, did the landlord have to go to court? You betcha, but guess what, he came to realize, that he did not want the blood of those children on his hands, and things worked out in the end because that abortuary had not been up front with him about doing abortions, so he was able to break the contract with no penalites.
    So please don’t use excuses, do the right thing. And First Baptist Church, shame on you for giving unbiblical advice……Christ would have nothing to do with this bloodshed, God says that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Repent today and set the standard Christ requires.

  • Rick Thomas

    Tares among the wheat care more about what men think than what God thinks. I’ve followed this from the beginning. Any Christian business owner would’ve ended the work and led as an example to his employees. This could’ve been a great testimony, but instead it’s been a disgrace to the company, the church, and the community. No man can serve both God and manna. I hope that they all find repentance. Matthew 7:21