Professor Sues After Suspended for Criticizing Teacher Who Forbade ‘Gay Marriage’ Topic in Class

McAdams-compressedMILWAUKEE, Wisc. — A Wisconsin political science professor has filed a legal challenge after he was suspended last year for criticizing a teaching assistant who forbade a student in her ethics class from speaking against same-sex “marriage” in the classroom.

According to reports, the matter began in 2014 at Marquette University as students in an ethics class were to discuss John Rawl’s ideas on equal liberty and come prepared with possible topics that would correlate. One student, who is only being identified as Matt, privately approached the teaching assistant to express his disappointment when she wiped same-sex nuptials off the list of topics, being taboo to discuss.

“Regardless of why I’m against gay marriage, it’s still wrong for the teacher of a class to completely discredit one person’s opinion when they may have different opinions,” he said, secretly recording the encounter.

“Okay, there are some opinions that are not appropriate—that are harmful, such as racist opinions, sexist opinions. And quite honestly, do you know if anyone in the class is homosexual?” the teaching assistant replied. “And do you not think that that would be offensive to them if you were to raise your hand and challenge this?”

“So, because they’re homosexual, I can’t have my opinions,” Matt stated. “And it’s not being offensive towards them, because, I am just having my opinions on a very broad subject.”

“You can have whatever opinions you want, but I will tell you right now in this class, homophobic comments, racists comments, sexist comments, will not be tolerated,” the teaching assistant replied. “If you don’t like it, you’re more than free to drop this class.”

When she realized that Matt had been recording, she ended the conversation. The student advised that he would play the discussion for her superiors, and consequently went to the administrator of Arts and Sciences, who directed him to speak with Dr. Nancy Snow about his concerns.

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However, Matt was unaware that Snow was a lesbian. In a voicemail left to another colleague, Snow called Matt an “insolent little twerp.”

Eventually, Matt approached professor John McAdams to express his concern, and McAdams took to his blog over the matter, stating that the teaching assistant was “using a tactic typical among liberals” to silence opposing views.

“Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed ‘offensive’ and need to be shut up,” he lamented in his blog post.

The matter drew national attention and much controversy from both sides of the issue. The teaching assistant soon transferred to another school over the uproar, and McAdams condemned those who were treating the teacher too harshly, stating that their actions were “deplorable.”

Officials at Marquette University soon suspended McAdams because he included the name of the assistant teacher in his writings and other identifiers. Last month, the university announced that the professor would remain suspended and requested an apology.

Now, McAdams has filed a legal challenge over the matter, calling his suspension illegal.

“In February, Marquette University President Michael Lovell announced that he would follow the recommendation of Marquette’s Faculty Hearing Committee and suspend McAdams without pay through January 2017, yet adding the requirement that McAdams apologize in order to be reinstated,” a press release from the Wisconsin Institute for Liberty and Law reads. “Professor McAdams will not apologize because he has done nothing wrong.”

“This case is not about same-sex marriage. It is about freedom of speech. It is about open discussion of issues at American universities,” the organization states. “The university president has said that he is ‘not asking for Professor McAdams to be responsible for all the vitriol from the lowest of the Internet,’ but that is precisely what he and Marquette are doing.”

Marquette has called the matter an instance of intolerable public shaming.

“Our main goal throughout this process has been to ensure that no other Marquette student is ever subjected to an extensive public shaming campaign by a member of our faculty,” it said in a statement this week, welcoming the lawsuit and accusing McAdams of “mistreatment” of the teaching assistant and presenting a “false narrative” of the situation.

“[W]e are deeply concerned about the attention that Dr. McAdams and his legal team continue to focus on our former graduate student. He continues to call her out by name in his blog, and even recently went out of his way to name the university where she is continuing her studies today,” officials stated. “These actions have exposed her to additional harassment, more than a year after she left Marquette.”

But McAdams says that the main thrust of his blog post still remains unaddressed: the right of an ethics student to express his disagreement about same-sex relationships in class.

“I think the most overlooked aspect of this matter is that no one in the Marquette administration has taken seriously the complaint of the undergraduate student who was silenced by the instructor,” he said in a statement. “I’m saddened that Marquette’s treatment of the undergraduate student at the center of this controversy failed to adhere to its guiding principle of Cura Personalis.”

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  • TheBottomline4This

    Gay “marriages” are not real marriages.
    Too bad they had to be intolerant of an opposing view and suspend him.
    Truth hurts, so they kick out the ones who share the Truth.
    Practicing homosexuality is an abomination. God will deal with those who do so.
    Hope they enjoy their temporary “victories”, because the eternal won’t be pretty for them.

    • Theodore Fenton

      All legal marriages are “real” marriages.

      • TheBottomline4This

        Gay “marriages” are not real marriages.

        • Theodore Fenton

          Gay marriages are legal marriages; therefore, gay marriages are “real” marriages.

          • TheBottomline4This

            A real marriage is only between a man and woman. Anything else is not a real marriage. You may think it is real, but God trumps your opinion or feelings on the issue.

          • Theodore Fenton

            You are referring to opposite-sex marriage, and the particular deity you worship is irrelevant.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Why do you think God is irrelevant?

          • Theodore Fenton

            Hate lost. Love won. Time to move on.

          • TheBottomline4This

            You didn’t answer the question. Why do you think God is irrelevant?

          • Theodore Fenton

            Your question makes no sense.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Are you gay?

          • Theodore Fenton


          • TheBottomline4This

            Well that explains a lot.
            You said, “Hate lost. Love won. Time to move on.” No, perversion has temporally “won”, but ultimately the One you hate will deal with you and your hate toward Him.
            Enjoy the temporary “victories” (perversions), because the eternal won’t be pretty for you, unless you turn from your evil ways.
            It’s interesting you bring hate up. The one who has you blinded, satan, hates you and wants you to think and feel the way you do. He is very pleased you are doing what he wants. Hope you change or satan will be your eternal roommate.

          • Peter Leh

            Kind of difficult to live your life and another’s at the same time, kid.

            Unless you have your life altogether then jump in the water is warm.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Having you life “altogether” isn’t the solution. No one has their life “altogether”.

          • Peter Leh

            it is if you are offering an example of a better way, no?

            or is it do as i say not as i do? Did Jesus not say don’t worry about your neighbors speck while you have a log in your own eye?

            until then we all have the privilege to wrestle with life as god wants and we are all in the conversation.. so I see you are enjoying the warm water with the rest of us. 🙂

          • Theodore Fenton

            I certainly don’t “hate” anyone. I understand you have chosen certain beliefs and practices, but you should never forget that you live in the real world. Make the most of this life. When the pressure seems too great, there is no shame in seeking comfort in counseling.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Says the fool. You hate truth. You seem to hate God. I understand you have chosen certain perversions.
            We both live in the real world dear, yours is just tainted by abominable choices in certain areas.
            I do make the most of life and part of that is not shying from sharing the truth.
            Not sure what pressure you’re referring too. Truth is pressure to you.
            I do encourage you to seek counseling and turn from your evil choices Teddy.

          • Theodore Fenton

            Obviously you are consumed by anger and hatred, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Plenty of individuals who self-identify as Christian live lives of tolerance and are accepting of diversity.

          • TheBottomline4This

            You don’t realize how twisted satan has you. I don’t hate you or feel anger over this issue. You presume that because you hate truth. Your “self-identify” phrase is foolishness.
            Any “christians” you come across who say they tolerate and accept you evil choices are not true Christians. True Christians don’t support things satan is the author of.
            Hope you change or satan will be your eternal roommate.

        • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

          They do not realize that Gay “marriage” is only legal and real in the eyes of sinful humans. God will not see it the same way as there is no sin in God.

          • TheBottomline4This

            satan has blinded them and they don’t even know it.

          • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

            The heart breaking part is that if they die in their Rejection/Sins they will see the truth. Only it will be too late to change.

        • Peter Leh

          I think people have the certificate to prove they indeed are real in the civil sense.

          any religion can make up what a marriage is or is not….

          matters little to the government

          • Marshal Phillips

            Paul, the father of Christian theology, said ALL the Law is fulfilled in one word: Love thy neighbor as thyself, inspired by Jesus who issued a new commandment that we love one another.
            Yes, love wins.

        • jjgrandisland

          Actually mine is. I have all the rewards and challenges which yours does. Gotta pay the bills, get the kids ready for school, make sure I get them to baseball on time. My daughter comes home from her first year of college in a few weeks. We are so proud of her.

      • AndrewDowling

        No way. The Supreme Court might as well rule that 2 + 2 = 5. Gay “marriages” are just a joke, no love, no emotional commitment.

  • Michael C

    The legal recognition of the marriages of gay couples was not the topic of discussion in the class. Discussing gay marriage was not necessary to illustrate the actual topic of conversation. A teacher has the right to guide a discussion in the classroom. That’s not a the student’s job.

    McAdams says that the main thrust of his blog post still remains unaddressed: the right of an ethics student to express his disagreement about same-sex relationships in class.

    If the teacher decides that gay marriage is the topic of discussion, students have the right to voice their opinions. They do not, however, get to take charge of the class and set the topics of discussion.

    Good luck to Professor McAdams and his lawsuit. Personally, I think that publicly stating that the university that employs you is not a “real university” would be reasonable grounds for discipline.

    • Amos Moses

      So they should sit down and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it……….. The purpose of education…….. IS TO EDUCATE………… how can that happen when the topic,,,,,,,,,,,,, any topic……. is “taboo”…………… WHAT are they afraid of………… FYI, Marquette…….is a UNIVERSITY ……. with GROWN UPS……….. who are supposed to be ADULTS…….. not fragile little scared children who need coddling and “safe spaces” to cower in fear…………

      • TheBottomline4This

        They are afraid of the Truth.

        • Amos Moses

          And they KNOW the truth……… they have no excuse……..

      • Peter Leh

        you are supporting students disrupting class? Others have paid just the same for it.

        • Amos Moses

          Ahhhhhh……. if you read the story……..

          ” One student, who is only being identified as Matt, privately approached the teaching assistant to express his disappointment when she wiped same-sex nuptials off the list of topics, being taboo to discuss.”

          So how is privately approaching the teacher……….. disrupting…….. and the idea of an education…….. ESPECIALLY a college education….. is to be exposed to others points of view…….for ALL concerned…… who have ALSO paid…………so again……. how is that “disrupting” in any way shape or form………. unless your idea of “education” is only INDOCTRINATION………… and to just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP….

          • Peter Leh

            ah thanks for point that out.

            “unless your idea of “education” is only INDOCTRINATION………… and to just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP….”

            we all get indoctrinated… education is not even finalized in the classroom. Education happens when you engage life.

            You have no Idea what kind of indoctrination you are under unless you leave the four walls… of education and religion. 🙂

            So i agree with the professor” “If you don’t like it, you’re more than free to drop this class.”

      • DavidPatrick

        Obviously, Amos Moses is one of those who never even finished grade school.

        • Amos Moses

          LGBT Advocacy Group Launches Center For Advanced Ad Hominems

          BOSTON, MA—Touting the vast potential of the new organization to equip a new generation with state-of-the-art training in forming and deploying ad hominem attacks against social conservatives, LGBT advocacy group GLAD formally announced the opening of its Center for Advanced Ad Hominems with a celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday.

          The nonprofit organization, made possible by a federal grant of $21 million, aims to create and distribute content to improve the average LGBT advocate’s ad hominem reasoning, with a special focus on their ability to launch an ‘efficient and effective’ personal attack in any political or cultural disagreement, instead of replying directly to arguments made by any backwards idiot who might challenge their progressive views on sexuality, according to CAAD President Genny Fitzgerald.

          Asked if the grand opening had met any push-back from critics, Fitzgerald replied, “Only from subhuman, hate-mongering bigots.”

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Haha – very good, Amos. And sure to fly over the heads of the Gaystapo.

          • DavidPatrick

            Seig Heil Trump.

    • Gal5:22-23

      That the teacher can set the parameters of what topics will be about is obvious, the student can’t demand a topic be allowed. The class was about understanding the mechanics of John Rawl’s ‘original position’ thought experiment and removing hot-button issues that could easily distract the class from its purpose and risk making the topics ‘personal’ to individuals in the class.

      And most schools have rules against members of the staff publicly criticizing other members, that’s what HR is for and the professor violated those policies. And considering all the school required was an apology – not for his opinion – but for violating school policy, this is just another obvious attempt to try and appear a victim by the victimizer.

      They might settle just because court would be more expensive but the Professor is the own in the wrong.

      • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

        Pls see my reply to Michael C.

    • Peter Leh

      quite reasonable

      • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

        Pls see my reply above.

        • Peter Leh

          i read your opinion

    • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

      [ “According to reports, the matter began in 2014 at Marquette University
      as students in an ethics class were to discuss John Rawl’s ideas on
      equal liberty and come prepared with possible topics that would
      correlate. One student, who is only being identified as Matt, privately
      approached the teaching assistant to express his disappointment when she
      wiped same-sex nuptials off the list of topics, being taboo to discuss.”]
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      SSM is very related to the topic at hand, ie John Rawl’s ideas on equal liberty.

      This is nothing but liberal indoctrination of political-correctness by liberal colleges, in order to pander for the LGBTQ-vote. Similarly, for the Black-vote, Hispanic-vote, feminist-vote, etc.

      • Gal5:22-23

        “this is nothing but liberal indoctrination…”

        Or it’s a class about the mechanics of how the thought experiment works, not about trying to find solutions involving distracting and volatile issues.

        They can second guess the teacher all you want but it’s their class and they can restrict the topics they will use during this part of the instruction.

        They want to use the skills they learn in the class on topics they want have at it – check out a room in the student union and slap up a poster.

        Still a violation of policy to speak out against another instructor publicly without going through HR channels. All the arrogant, prideful professor needs to do is apologize for acting inappropriately. pretending to be a victim doesn’t accomplish anything other than be the perfect example of how a Christian shouldn’t act.

        • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

          Isn’t SSM about equal liberty.? Why r the liberals afraid about SSM being discussed/debated in the class that they hv to censor it.? Isn’t that tyranny or communism.?

          • Gal5:22-23

            Why does the teacher not want their class about the rationale and method of the thought experiment not be distracted by hot-button topics in the hands of students who haven’t even learned the basics yet?

            Ask them though it sounds like you’re asking why med students shouldn’t just start off with open heart surgery to me.

            And disagreement on how another teacher is running their class isn’t done by public criticism by a professional. All he has to do is apologize.

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            Aren’t colleges the place for students to discuss/debate hot-button topics n learn from it.? Do u expect such discussion/debates to be done only in the work-place/office, ie after they leave college.?
            …….Discussion/debates about SSM may hv already happened in senior high-school classes.

            Yr claim about distraction n volatility is just FUD. I think nearly all college students r matured enough to be able to engage in discussion/debates about SSM or religion or politics in a civil manner. They r not toddlers/kids who r very prone to distraction n volatility/fighting.

          • Gal5:22-23

            And all your questions are about why the teacher was teaching the way she did. If you were an instructor there with the same questions there are ways to ask them, public criticism isn’t one of them.

            If he wants to keep his job apologize because if he doesn’t they are fully within their rights to terminate him.

  • 201821208 :)

    gotquestions dot org/gay-marriage dot html

  • DavidPatrick

    “Christian News” – more like christian liars. Report on the part where McAdams violated FERPA repeatedly and harassed female students and threatened his coworkers, rather than just repeating his lies.