Georgia ACLU Leader Quits Over Young Daughters’ Encounter With Men in Women’s Restroom

Smith-compressedATLANTA — The head of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has resigned from her position over her disagreement on transgender restroom use following an experience where her own young daughters became frightened in encountering three large men in the women’s restroom.

Maya Dillard Smith says that she realized that her values were different from those of the ACLU, which has backed the Obama administration’s controversial transgender restroom mandate for schools and has expressed opposition against North Carolina’s restroom law.

“It became very evident to me that the ACLU and myself were simply principally and philosophically unaligned on a number of issues,” she told Fox’s Megyn Kelly this week. “And I found myself and at the crux of the transgender rights and transgender restroom controversy.”

Dillard Smith, formerly of California, has been recruited to fill the executive director position after her predecessor Debbie Seagraves retired last year. She explained that before being offered the job, an incident occurred that largely influenced her thinking on transgender restroom issues. Smith had escorted her elementary school-aged daughters to the restroom at a public facility, and minutes later, three men dressed as women also entered.

“After we were in, entered three trangendered young adults—all over six feet, all with really deep voices, all obviously men—and my children were visibly frightened,” she said. “I was very uncomfortable, and it engendered a lot of questions from my daughters, which I was unprepared to answer.”

After accepting a job at the ACLU, Dillard Smith soon found herself in the midst of a national argument over transgender restroom use. Considering her own experience, she began asking the organization questions about how their push for transgender rights balanced with the rights of women and girls, but found no room for dissenting opinions.

“I certainly felt like there is not an opportunity to have robust discourse on the competing civil rights that are implicated—not only in the context of bathrooms and the advancement of transgender rights, but even in the context of religious refusal bills, which you’ve seen across the country,” she outlined.

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Dillard Smith, a Democrat, said that she found herself agreeing more with states such as North Carolina and Georgia than the ACLU, and knew she could not continue if the ACLU would not allow room for other opinions.

“There are real concerns about the safety of women and girls in regards to this bathroom debate,” Dillard Smith told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It seems to me that instead of stifling the dialogue, we [should] want to encourage a robust debate to come up with an effective solution.”

She now contends that in protecting some rights but not all, the ACLU is “a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights. In that way, it is a special interest organization not unlike the conservative right, which creates a hierarchy of rights based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

Dillard Smith has consequently launched an online effort called “Finding Middle Ground” to discuss how to find a balance in the issue of transgender accommodations.

“Despite additional learning I still have to do, I believe there are solutions that can provide accommodations for transgender people and balance the need to ensure women and girls are safe from those who might have malicious intent,” she said.

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  • storie

    I’m glad she saw the problem but unfortunately, in this case, there can be no middle ground. Men are men and women are women. There are only 2 physical genders and we cannot practically occomodate Transgender feelings.

    • Amos Moses

      “Transgender feelings” = Narcissism

    • hytre64

      I wonder how they would be willing to accommodate the 55 different “Gender Designations” as posted on Facebook… ;-O

    • Ellen Bell

      It could have been addressed by single-person facilities for anyone who chooses to use them. But, nooo, that’s not good enough–they have to be able to share bathrooms with women! The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Rapists and pervs target women in restrooms. Liberals desire more crimes to happen in USA.

    • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

      Also, women will not feel comfortable if there r penis-bearing transvestites in their restroom.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Secularism fails to protect women and children. How can men just watch it happen? Sad.

    • Ellen Bell

      Yes–how will a woman know if the man is a transgender and no threat to her, or a rapist in woman’s clothing? This is one of the most insane ideas imaginable.

  • Amos Moses

    Truth is treason in the empire of lies ………..

    Politically incorrect – making up your mind to not make up your mind about things that truly matter ….. the art of almost saying something ……..

    • Ellen Bell

      “In time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”—George Orwell

  • Amos Moses

    America = Jerusalem = Egypt = Sodom and Gomorrah = Babylon ………….

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    This is how God uses man’s evil toward His Good: when the bathroom wars were overplayed, this woman, and others like her, have found that “progressives” are regressives and that Democrats are anti-Christian.

    May this woman next give up the Democratic Party and find Christ Jesus.

    • The Last Trump

      Truly shocking that these people actually require personally suffering from their own ridiculous and foolhardy decisions, before finally realizing the truth.
      Just completely devoid of the common sense and foresight everyone else has.

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        True. At least this woman had the courage to admit she was deceived by the wicked ACLU. Most do not – they would rather stoke the fires of Hell than admit they are wrong.

        There is hope for this woman because she is a seeker of truth.

        • Lothar Herzog

          That is the reason why we have global warming, Satan is
          heating up hellfire because of the increasing of evil in the world!!

      • Josey

        I don’t wish harm on any children but if this is what it takes to wake ppl up who promote this junk, then so be it.

    • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

      Since the Democrat Party also pander for the Black-vote by giving them all kinds of benefits n rights/riots, she’s unlikely to leave.

  • Emmanuel

    There you go. Some learn the hard way. More of the ACLU crowd needs a rude awaking to see the mess they have made. and sadly, their children will be the victims for them to wake up.

  • bowie1

    If taken to the extreme it would be necessary to have all one person bathrooms/change rooms with an inside lock to preserve each person’s privacy.

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    The motto of the ACLU n Obama = Liberty for the Few, Compulsion n Tyranny for the Many.

  • gatekeeper96740

    How do you cure a snake bite?

    How is it made?

    From the venom of the snake that bit you.

    So it is with progressivism the cure it saturation.