School Calls Police on Seven-Year-Old Who Brought Bible Verses to Read at Lunchtime

School Bible pdPALMDALE, Calif. – A seven-year-old first grader was recently reprimanded in front of his entire class and a police officer was dispatched to his family’s home because the child had brought notes with Bible verses on them to school.

Christina and Jaime Zavala live in Palmdale, California. In January, they enrolled their son in the first grade at Desert Rose Elementary School in the Palmdale School District, according to a recent letter from the nonprofit group Liberty Counsel. To encourage her son at school, Christina gave him brief notes to read during lunchtime. Each note included a Bible verse for him to read.

The Zavalas’ son, identified as “C” in the Liberty Counsel’s letter, began telling his classmates about his mother’s encouraging notes and began reading the Bible verses to them. Each day, several students would gather around C to hear the lunchtime notes and Bible verses written by Christina.

“After this had occurred for some time, one friend asked for a copy of the Bible verse, that he, too, could have,” the Liberty Counsel letter explains. “C relayed the request to his mother, who began to send a Bible verse for C, and one for his friend. Soon, five more students asked C for a Bible verse, and C brought additional copies for them, as well. The notes grew to include a short story providing context for the Bible verse, which C would read to the children.”

However, in April, C’s first grade teacher learned of Christina’s note-writing when a girl in her class came up to her one day and said, “Teacher, this is the most beautiful story I have ever seen—C gave it to me.” When the teacher saw that the “beautiful story” on the note was from the Bible, she told C in front of the other students that he was not allowed to share the Bible stories at school but would instead have to stand outside the school gate after the bell rang.

The teacher also called C’s mother to explain the situation.

“Please tell your son that there is a separation of church and state,” the teacher reportedly told Christina.

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Christina responded by writing a letter to C’s teacher, explaining that C was only sharing the notes with children who asked to read them, that he was not interrupting class time, and that none of this was prohibited by the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

“However,” the Liberty Counsel reports, “despite the accurate information about student religious rights which Christina shared with her, when the students were lined up in the classroom the next day, in front of C and the whole class, C’s teacher again told C that he was not allowed to share the notes at school.”

So, in compliance with the teacher’s request, Christina (or, on same days, Jaime) and C began to share the Bible verses with C’s friends after school outside the school gate. This continued until May 9, when the school principal came up and informed them that their actions were “against school policy.” Later that day, a Los Angeles deputy sheriff knocked on the Zavalas’ door, saying he had been sent by the school. He reiterated that the note distribution was not permitted because “someone might be offended.”

In a press release issued on Thursday, Liberty Counsel described the school’s treatment of C and his family as “a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child.”

“I would expect something like this to happen in Communist Romania, where I went to elementary school, but cops don’t bully 7-year-olds who want to talk about Jesus in the Land of the Free,” opined Horatio “Harry” Mihet, Liberty Counsel’s Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Litigation Counsel.

“It was outrageous and should shock the conscious of every freedom-loving American,” Mihet said, according to a Fox News report. “Apparently all the real criminals have been dealt with in Palmdale and now they’re going after kids who share Bible verses during lunch time.”

“If students are permitted to pass out Valentine or birthday cards at school or to talk about Superman and Captain America at lunch, they cannot be prohibited from sharing Bible verses and discussing their faith during their free, non-instructional time,” he added.

Liberty Counsel is representing Jaime, Christina, and C in this case and is urging the Palmdale School District to respect the family’s Constitutional rights.

“The District has a duty to correct the record, not only to C, but to these other future citizens,” the Liberty Counsel’s letter states. “If we do not receive this response, we will take further action to prevent irreparable harm to the cherished First Amendment liberties of our clients.”

In a Facebook post on Friday, Christina provided her perspective on the situation.

“We are learning firsthand about our ‘rights’ as Americans and learning to walk in the grace and truth God has given us through Jesus,” she said, saying their family would continue to be “bold in love and truth.”

“God is awesome we give Him ALL the glory!” she wrote.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Amen to Christina. The United States of Communism? What a change has taken place in the land of America. So sad. Americans need the Bible verses – all of them. Present secular Americans are criminals in the view of yeasteryears’ Americans who created the great nation. I hope Americans are still reading their nation’s founding documents( not just the constitution) and monuments and still singing the national anthems… Europeans and Americans will have to ban everything moral and everything about their past to stay truly secular. Just sad.

    • Peter Leh

      the school wont win this one

      • ?Jennifer

        Yet the damage can’t be undone.

        • Peter Leh

          agree… they is why there should be a lawsuit in addition

    • The Last Trump

      Yes, sending the police to the home of a 7 year old child over Bible verses isn’t overkill at all, is it! Bizarro AmeriKa’s descent into tyranny and totalitarianism continues…

      • Josey

        That cop should have refused, seems he could have been doing something better with his time that the taxpayers pay him for in that city like going after real criminals.

        • WorldGoneCrazy

          He has to respond to the call, but the way to handle that is to go to the person and say “this is the complaint made against you, but you are within your 1st Amendment rights to do what you are doing, and I am merely notifying you of the complaint, NOT accusing you of any wrongdoing.”

          We see this on the sidewalk all the time, where a bro choice kid comes up and calls the cops on us because we are protesting an abortuary. The cop shows up, chews the kid out, and usually leaves without talking to us. But, if he DOES talk to us, he just says the same thing: “the complaint against you is that you are protesting the abortuary. This is 100% allowed under your 1st Amendment rights – you are doing nothing wrong, but I am required to respond to the complaint and I am merely notifying you of it.”

          The deputy sheriff exceeded his authority in this case by falsely saying that their distribution is not allowed because it might be offensive. He needs to be fired or severely reprimanded, NOT for answering the call – he is required to do that – but for exceeding his authority upon arrival.

          • Rob S

            Would keep in mind that we only have hearsay of this conversation and not direct access to the actual conversation that took place.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            True. If this report is wrong, if he was merely repeating the complaint and NOT saying the complaint was valid, then he was doing his job. But, it is also ethically incumbent upon him to remind the family that he is NOT accusing them of any wrongdoing (unless he observes some), but merely reporting the complaint.

            Otherwise, it looks like intimidation. Or worse. And there ARE some poorly trained cops out there, not many, but some. This was a deputy sheriff. So, he should know better.

          • Rob S

            Absolutely, an officer has a duty to uphold and enforce the law, which innately includes properly informing citizens of their rights. Unfortunately, I have firsthand experience of school administration abusing their access to law enforcement in attempts to bully parents into doing what they want.

            Either way, I say more power to them. It’ll make things that much worse for them when it blows up in their face, becomes a national story and the courts get involved.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Beautifully put, Rob. I am SO concerned about what is happening in the public school system – on so many levels.

            I also have first hand experience on sidewalks in front of abortion mills, and when we have a save or something goes right for us, the deathscorts invariably call the cops on us and make something up.

            Fortunately, the police are used to these false alarms, and it almost always backfires on the deathscorts – first when the cops chew them out for wasting their time, and second when the presence of the police reduces the abortuary business during that time period, thus saving lives.

            We have gotten to the point where we beg them to call the cops on us. Not just for the entertainment, but because lives will be saved. 🙂

          • bwf309

            He relayed the message he was told!! The school told the reason they were doing it and he relayed it. get off the deputy’s back and your self righteous high horse.

    • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

      Everything that is now happening in America is happening very fast. It has become very heart breaking. Please Pray for us.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Yes, we will fight together. Human liberty is for obeying God alone, not to appease the atheists. Secularism means filthy reign of atheists.

        • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

          We will fight. And in the end we through God will win.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Amen. God brings His victory in His time and in His way. Thank God for His victories!

      • ?Jennifer

        It’s also happening just as the Bible warns us it will. None of us should be surprised that things are getting progressively worse.

        • WorldGoneCrazy

          You’re everywhere, you’re everywhere!

          And we thank God for it!

          • ?Jennifer

            Like mold.

        • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

          Yes God has warned us through His Word. The very people who hate God and His word are the very people who are proving that God’s Word is true. I am not really so surprised it is happening, The good thing is that one day Christ will return. I hope to see many of these people we all have tried to reach make it.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      Americans can no longer reed nor spel or rite. You spect 2 much ob dem.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Americans did good to me and to my homeland, to my mother countries, and to my fatherland. You never forget the favor you received. I respect American Christians very much. USA is my heart’s homeland because I love America very much. You can’t help it if you read things like “Little Women” and “Little House on the Prairie” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”( the best!!) I owe them my life next to my Lord Jesus and my own parents. I want to do anything to remind Americans of Christianity so they could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and remember the Way. I do rough works because today’s Americans are not raw pagans but just wayward descendants of good Christian men, the best kind of species on Planet Earth.

  • Amos Moses

    Freedom is an historical anomaly ………. slavery and oppression are the norm ……… we are quickly headed to the “norm” ……

    • ComeOnPeople!

      When men choose to serve their carnal nature or the enemy of their souls then they become slave to whomever they choose to serve. My prayer is that men everywhere rise up and choose to serve the KING of KINGs … a righteous MASTER who judges not as men but according to HIS LAW which is HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and JUST.

      Oh that HIS people would humble themselves, and pray, and seek HIS face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will HE hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • bowie1

    Now the bigots are in control of the public school system that a first grader can’t even read an innocuous bible verse. It sure is a long way from Dick and Jane that I read as a first grader so many years ago in a Canadian school when there was still a Christian influence in the system.

    • Peter Leh

      the schools lose every time of these things. It is more poor training on the district. Students are free to bring bible and evangelize just as are Muslims and Satan worshipers.

    • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

      Could you imagine what it was like for that child? This is getting so sad.

      • bowie1

        Yes, they probably already have to deal with bullies of their own age.

  • LadyFreeBird♥BlessedBeTheLord

    To do that to a young Child………….. We have become a very sick Generation. That child was not hurting anyone. This is ridiculous. May God forgive us for letting this happen in America to a child.

  • StanW

    Nope, no war on Christians or Christianity. More along folks, nothing to see here.

    • Peter Leh

      no war… bad training. The school will lose

      • StanW

        Not bad training, but a attitude of the school. They very well may lose, but the damage has been done. The teacher and the school has now created a hostile environment for the students.

        • Peter Leh

          it is bad training if you break the law.

          the school will pay. the staff will be “reeducated” on the law

          • StanW

            Unless the teacher and principal are fired, the school will not pay anything

            This is far worse than a training issue.

          • Peter Leh

            firing might be a bit extreme. The staff obviously doe not know the law nor has been paying attention to all the other students winning in court over these unnecessary procedures

          • StanW

            If the staff is that ignorant of our basic freedom in this country, then none of them need to be teaching our young people.

          • Peter Leh

            it is not the ignorance of freedom that keep kids from being educated in public schools. but that is a different topic. 🙂

            what goes on in that school is no different than here in texas or anywhere else.

            every time they do it.. like they did in my high school in dallas.. they lose. I dont know why they dont learn. But they will again lose this one

          • StanW

            Firing is too good for these people. They need to be unemployed and unemployable!

          • ?Jennifer

            His point is well taken though. It goes beyond any ligation or retraining. The disdain for religion or, let’s just say it, Christianity is no longer subtle.It’s becoming an all out attack and we are the minority.

          • Peter Leh


            We hear it every Sunday: ” the world hates you.” until it becomes a self- fulfilling prophesy.

            The fact is any student can bring whatever religious documents they wish. The school cannot stop it. Case after case after case uphold this.

            chrisitan, jew, muslim, sataism… anybody. 🙂

    • ?Jennifer

      Yeah, right?

  • Mr. Lips

    Cornyfornia sucks big time. Another of the thousands of reason I moved my family out of Cornyfornia years ago.

  • George Lewis

    Dear God: Would you please reserve a place in Hell for those adults who prevent little one from coming to thee? The people who don’t like the idea of a little girl reading Bible verses should be one of those with a reservation.

    • Peter Leh

      nice “christian” prayer to the god who wishes “for all to come to repentance” no?

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        Indeed. Kind of like this Guy:

        “Jesus said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks will come, but woe to the one through whom they come! It would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” — Luke 17:1-2

        • Peter Leh

          nothing to do with a special place in hell.

          however may have something to do with christians wishing a special place in hell for those god is moving heaven and earth to save (ie our fellow man)… so indeed take heart with the stumbling block you put in front of “unbelievers”.

          thanks WGC

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            That is a very serious quote by Jesus, Peter. You might wish to heed it when it comes to any false doctrine you affirm that will cause unbelievers to stumble and not come into the fullness of Christ.

          • Peter Leh

            am i indeed sensitive to false doctrine. Especially the false doctrine that controls or attempts to control others, god, or the holy spirit.

            Praying for a “special place in hell” might not be the best way to evangelize the lost, no?

            In addition, disagreeing with WGC does not equate to false doctrine.. as there are many who disagree with WGC and are well within orthodoxy. (see all the different denominations on the same street your church is on)

            That said.. I am open to correction, i am well documented. If you find anything false outside of opinion just let me know, brother.

            “Jesus only …anything else comes from the pharisee”

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            OK, so first off, let me find something we agree on: orthodoxy and the lack of need for denominations. 100% agreed.

            I’m also not picking out false doctrine on you. Yet. 🙂

            If you believe in God or the Holy Spirit, you would surely respect them enough to capitalize them. Is that just an oversight? As a former atheist who cursed the God I did not believe in, I would be, and am, in full repentance for not capitalizing my Creator, Counselor, and Savior, much less the horrible things I said about Him in those days.

            Being thankful that the unrepentant have a place to go where they will be happier than if they were in Heaven is nothing more than gratitude toward God’s love that He respects His creatures’ free will so much that He lets them choose to be apart from Him.

            The modern-day Pharisees are like their predecessors in that they deny Christ by denying Who He is, what He said about His true followers, and Hell being for real. (That would be liberal theologians.) If we are not talking to people about Hell, it means that we are not following Christ, nor are we loving our fellow creature enough to warn him or her of the consequences for denying Christ. Previous generations of Christians understood this intuitively. Only in the soppy, anything goes culture of today’s West does it sound “harsh” to talk about eternal destinations, well, one of them anyway.

            But yes, it can be delivered a little better sometimes. Sometimes.

            OK, so I will finish with a point of agreement: the best thing to say would be that we hope the liberal fascists who run this school, and our nation right now, come to repent. Otherwise, they have the same reservation in Hell that I did prior to turning my life over to the One True God through His Son, Christ Jesus.

          • Peter Leh

            #1 if you notice I rarely delve into theological discussions. why? because if yo ask 10 christians was a verse means you get 13 answers.

            believe it or not you and i theologically probably are at least 85% in agreeance, if not more. I believe the DIFFERENCE may be i have jettisoned by allegiance to politics: a sin the american conservative christian church has exchanged for the kingdom.

            just a hunch…. 🙂

            “I’m also not picking out false doctrine on you. Yet. :-)”

            ha… we all have it. no one is 100% right… until we reach the other side.

            “If you believe in God or the Holy Spirit, you would surely respect them enough to capitalize them. Is that just an oversight?”

            not really. i don;t capitalize much. if god gets me capitalizing i guess i’ll take my lumps.

            in the meantime ” i apologize for all my shortcomings” said rhett butler. 🙂

            “OK, so I will finish with a point of agreement: the best thing to say would be that we hope the liberal fascists..”

            again.. see exchanging religion for politics. 🙂

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            “again.. see exchanging religion for politics.”

            Nice projection. It would appear that you are the one exchanging Christ by accepting the sins of liberalism. If we do not take sin seriously, how can we take our Savior seriously? Seriously enough to even capitalize His Name.

            Have you ever noticed that you get a lot of up-votes from atheists and others who love evildoing?


            “not really. i don;t capitalize much. if god gets me capitalizing i guess i’ll take my lumps.”

            He won’t get you for not capitalizing. He will get you for not showing Him the respect He deserves. By not caring about sin and not giving Him the honor He is due.

          • Ronald Carter

            Liberalism is a sin?
            Since when? Did I miss the memo?

          • Peter Leh

            only when you exchange religion for politics, jesus for republicanism, and the kingdom of god for nationalism. 🙂

          • WorldGoneCrazy


          • Ronald Carter

            No, I don’t think so. Sorry.

          • Peter Leh


            “Nice projection. It would appear that you are the one exchanging Christ by accepting the sins of liberalism”

            projection or reflection?

            what are the sins of conservatism?

            “If we do not take sin seriously, how can we take our Savior seriously?”

            I do. however, i have a hard enough time living my own life much less another’s for them. I trust the HS will make the necessary change as promised in scripture.. for me and the other.

            ” Seriously enough to even capitalize His Name.”

            your cross to bear. 🙂

            “Have you ever noticed that you get a lot of up-votes from atheists and others who love evildoing?


            i was unaware this is popularity contest.

            all truth is god’s truth.. even christians dont see it. truth is not sin. even if you label. start with truth of our history then ask why are we continuing the very same thing the SBC apologized for in 1995: prohibition of equal protection of american citizens

            “He will get you for not showing Him the respect He deserves.”

            as he will to all who do…. be careful how you treat is children

            “By not caring about sin and not giving Him the honor He is due.”

            certainly does not describe me..

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            “i was unaware this is popularity contest.”

            Oh, you are VERY popular.

            With those who deny Christ. THAT is the problem.

          • Peter Leh

            “Oh, you are VERY popular.

            With those who deny Christ. THAT is the problem.”

            like jesus was?


            pharisee hate that.

            ” if he was really the messiah he would act like us and not let theses “sinner” get so close”


            all truth is gods’

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            “like jesus was? good.”

            No, Peter, Jesus was NOT popular with people who denied Jesus, like the Pharisees. But, you ARE popular with people who deny Jesus.

            So, that is a problem. That puts you in the Pharisee camp, which today would be liberal theologians who deny Jesus.

            And can you not even capitalize “Jesus?!?” I mean, this is my Savior we are talking about – and yours too supposedly. You would not believe the Hell He saved me from!

            Otherwise, I agree with your post that “all truth is God’s Truth.” God bless you, Peter.

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            The Word of Jesus/God …….

            MATT.23: = 29 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” ….’ 31 “Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt.
            33 Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?”

          • Peter Leh

            “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”

            take it to heart my friend.

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            Fyi, Jesus Christ was condemning the scribes n Pharisees to hell as unrepentant murderers, who eventually also murdered Him with false accusations that JC wanted to revolt against the Roman rulers as the King of the Jews.
            ……. In the above case, the teacher n school authorities who unlawfully n unrighteously bullied a 7 yo Christian kid should also be condemned, like the scribes n Pharisees. Yet, u say they should not be condemned. The 7 yo kid may hv been scarred for life by this experience.
            …….Anyway, the teacher n school authorities r very likely already on their way to hell, like the ISIS Muslim terrorists, no matter how u think they may be loved n evangelized.

            REV.21: = ” 8 But the cowardly, unbelieving,[e]
            abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all
            liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and
            brimstone, which is the second death.”

          • Peter Leh

            held accountable? absolutely.

            condemn their actions? you bet.

            pray for a “special place in hell” ?…………………………………………

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            REV.21: =
            ” 8 But the cowardly, unbelieving,[e]
            abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all
            liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and
            brimstone, which is the second death.”

            ROM.12: =
            19 Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,”[a] says the Lord. 20 Therefore
            “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
            If he is thirsty, give him a drink;
            For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.”[b]_ _ _ _ _ _ _

            Fyi, George Lewis was only stating or praying about what God/Jesus will likely be doing to such unbelieving school teacher n authorities, ie heaping coals of fire on their heads n sending them to hell for bullying n traumatizing a small child of God.

          • Peter Leh

            Are we heaping coals on our enemies heads to bring to repentance or send to hell, according to said passage?

            It god fight for their salvation or damn nation? That why are we going around our responsibilities to the one god loves and pray for a special place in hell?

            I cont believe there are people defending this and not see it for what it is ” a violation of the great commission commanded directly from our creator”

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            MATT.10: =
            ” 14 And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet. 15 Assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city! ”

            2TIM.2: =
            Approved and Disapproved Workers

            14 Remind them of these things, charging them before the Lord not to strive about words to no profit, to the ruin of the hearers. 15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 16 But shun profane and idle babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness. 17 And their message will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of this sort, 18 who have strayed concerning the truth, saying that the resurrection is already past; and they overthrow the faith of some.

            19 Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ[c] depart from iniquity.”

          • Josey

            Amen world, it was a very stern warning from Christ Jesus who is Lord over all!

        • Paulyho

          Exactly! I was going to comment the same Scripture when I read this…it says it all, eh?

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Every now and then I get it right. By the Grace of God. Love your screen name, BTW!

      • Lee Turner

        Agree with you Peter .. I am a Christian George & thats not the way to represent our loving.gracious God …pray for those that have been involved that they may feel the love that Jesus has for EVERYONE not just those that have come to know Him we ALL have a journey to travel some just dont realise it yet but by damning them to hell is not acting on Gods behalf… standing bold does not mean demeaning others ..

        • Peter Leh

          well said… how can we “love our neighbor” if we ask for a special place in hell for said neighbor?

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    ‘Later that day, a Los Angeles deputy sheriff knocked on the Zavalas’ door, saying he had been sent by the school. He reiterated that the note distribution was not permitted because “someone might be offended.”’

    This deputy sheriff needs to be removed or severely reprimanded.

    • Peter Leh

      maybe so

    • bwf309

      What??? The sheriff did what he was told to do. Fire the teacher, the school board and the principal maybe, but the sheriff?? What are you nuts?

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        False. The sheriff operated outside of the law. There is no “right” to “not be offended” in the United States, and it is certainly NOT illegal to offend other people. Read the story again.

        • bwf309

          Wrong. The Sheriff sent to the home was doing his/her job and what they were ordered to do. The sheriff was not flagged down by the teacher and told to go to the parents home. He was ordered by his dispatcher to go to their home. Get over your distaste for the police and stick to the real point of the story.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            False. The sheriff was responding to the situation, but responded in an inappropriate, and arguably, illegal manner.

            There is no “right” to “not be offended” in the United States, and it is certainly NOT illegal to offend other people.

            If you knew anything about law enforcement, you would know this.

            It’s people like you who give aid and comfort to the rare police officers who overstep their authority, making the 99% of ethical officers look bad.

          • bwf309

            Are you dense, just like to argue, or just have a thing about police officers? the officer did not say anything about rights, the officer was doing as he was requested to do, he was a messenger. The issue is with the teacher, the principal and the school district. He did not go out on his own to the kids house. He did not initiate the response. Jeesh, stick to the real issue here, which is not the cop!

          • Rob S

            That isn’t accurate. Certain schools in each district have officers attached to them. The school can bring situations directly to their assigned officers – those officers are not always sent through a checks and balances system with the precinct. At the school’s behest, officers will often contact parents directly at their homes in an “unofficially official” manner as a show of authority/threat.

          • far2right

            And if the sheriff was ordered by 0bama to arrest this person, is the sheriff supposed to mindlessly comply?

            The sheriff is the last Constitutional officer between an despotic government and the people he/she represents.

            The sheriff’s office should have told the school that they have no authority to tell the mother to cease and desist unless there is a specific law stating so.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            More brilliance.

          • getstryker

            Actually, ‘far2right’ is correct on this one . . . see my response to him for details.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            I was agreeing with him. And you.

          • getstryker

            Your comment to ‘far2right’ surprised me as I very often agree with your insight and comments. It appears I misread it as ‘sarcasm’ rather than approval. Thank you for correcting my misunderstanding.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            I can see why you read it that way – I am often sarcastic. But, I just thought it was brilliant. I spent a lot of time further up the thread making the same case, but he did it very succinctly, and I loved that!

          • getstryker

            I have to agree with ‘far2right’ on this one . . . My friend Sheriff Mack formed the CSPOA to educate county Sheriffs on the vast extent of their authority to defend the ‘constitutional rights of the people in their county jurisdiction’ FROM the unconstitutional acts of ALL levels of government. As unbelievable as it may seem, even the POTUS, IRS, fed and state agencies, EPA, etc.can NOT tell a Sheriff to break his oath of office and violate the rights of the people. There is much more – search Sheriff Richard Mack and CSPOA.

          • far2right

            My son is a Captain in the U.S. Army.

            He teaches the constitution in it’s original intent to officers and his soldiers in classroom sessions.

            The first question he asks is, “Did you swear an oath to Barack 0bama?”

            He then tells them they swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

            And then proceeds to give the history of it so that the men and women finally know what they swore to uphold.

            One thing he is careful to tell them is that if they carry out unconstitutional orders, saying they were just obeying orders is no protection.

            Like Nazi officers tried to do in the Nuremberg trials.

          • getstryker

            My compliments to the Captain AND to his father. The importance of the ‘Oath of Office’ is often overlooked and dismissed and yet, properly understood and exercised, it supports a wealth of power and authority to protect ‘We The People’ and to resist tyrannical government and it’s agents on all levels. I would be quite surprised if your son was not very familiar with Sheriff Mack and the case he and another Sheriff took to the Supreme Court against the Brady Bill. Certainly, a landmark case. God Bless you and yours.

      • LionKing

        @bwf309:disqus Are you suggesting that sheriffs, like zombies, have to do what they’re told without using their own brains? The teacher, school board and the principal never swore to uphold the law, but the sheriff did. He/she should know better.

        • bwf309

          Oh Jeez, do you have a job? Do you have an employer? Do you have customers? The deputy is an employee and in this instance does as he is asked (which is in effect an order). The stupidity is in the school, the teacher, the principal, and the district. What the heck are you all upset about a deputy doing his job. He enforces other laws he may think are stupid, but they are the laws. Is he supposed to lose his job because he refused to do as he was asked? You and world have got to get off your high horses and face the fact that this is not some fantasy land that we live in that everybody, including you, has a 100% choice in what actions they have to take. The prince and Snow White did not live happily ever after either. They got married and had the same troubles every married couple have. Now focus on the issue, the child being told not to share, at other kids request, his mother’s inspirational quotes from the bible.

          • Skip Knittle

            Apparently, you are the one living in a fantasy world. I would also say, you don’t have any sense of logic. None of this has anything to do with whether LionKing has a job or the fact that Prince Charming and Snow White had marital problems. Since you have a reading comprehension problem, if you have a child 6 years old or older, have him/her read this to you. The Deputy Sheriff went to the boy’s home and said, (read this carefully) “He reiterated that the note distribution was not permitted because ‘someone might be offended.'” According to this quote, he wasn’t simply passing along a message from the school to the boy’s mother, he “reiterated” that the note distribution was not permitted. I don’t care if this was a Deputy Sheriff, Prince Charming or Snow White that said this, it is simply wrong. None of the people you responded to are out to disparage policemen or any law enforcement officer. The simple fact that this Sheriff doesn’t know the law, doesn’t know the Constitution and evidently doesn’t care about First Amendment rights. This disqualifies him from being a Deputy Sheriff.

          • bwf309

            Okay Skip, he reiterated what the school had told the child/mother. IOW he repeated what they had said. That was what he was supposed to do! REPEAT (say again, reiterate) what the school had told the child/mother! He is not a judge, it is not up to him to decide on the finer points of the legality of the concept of “separation of church and state” It is his job to “reiterate” the message from the school. And it is supposedly the schools rules based upon their interpretation of the Constitution.
            And you know that none of the people I responded to are not out to disparage policemen, how? The sheriff is an incidental player in this wrong that was done by the school. Making him out to be some sort of villain in this misses the point of the article. Personally, I think that the police have more serious issues to be addressing than this and should not have been called or asked to deliver the message. That should have been done by the principal or district representative.

      • Rev Donald Spitz

        The sheriff was complicit. The school does not order the police force around and if he did think something was wrong with the school’s request, he should have kicked it up to his superior.

        • bwf309

          Wow, another Monday quarterback. “Judge not, etc”

    • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

      Nope. The Deputy went there because he was ordered to, because the school called it in. What he did there was correct. Advised he was sent, told them why, then he left. I guarantee he did not want anything to do with the school’s Bovine Excrement.

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        ‘He reiterated that the note distribution was not permitted because “someone might be offended.”’

        Outside of the authority of a law enforcement officer to say that. There is no “right” to “not be offended” in the United States, and it is certainly NOT illegal to offend other people.

        The deputy sheriff exceeded his legal authority.

        • far2right

          Exactly. All the parent had to do was ask, “what law are you enforcing? State chapter and verse.”

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            Thank you – succinctly put!

        • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

          He merely passed on what the school told him they were doing. He didn’t prevent anything.

          • Seniorsquadldr

            “I was only following orders” was the number 1 defense at the Nuremberg Trials. Nuremberg needs to be brought back.

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            He didn’t “do” anything. He just told the family the school sent him over. Then he left and closed out the call.

          • Seniorsquadldr

            He will soon be at your door.

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            Probably. I worked with him and he comes by for coffee.

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            I hope so. We had lunch together last week and he owes me a beer.

      • 1PierreMontagne1

        The deputy is a willing participant in the School extending it’s bullying from the playground into the family home.

        Think of it – since when do the police come to your house to warn you about what your 7 year old is doing in school regarding a matter that concerns freedom of speech and freedom of religion?
        Again think about this – The Police taking direction from the school to warn the parents about a non-criminal matter?

        People who accept this kind of intrusion will soon accept Sharia law.

        • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

          I have thought about it. The schools have political clout with the cities, counties, and police agencies. They squeal like pigs until the cops do what they want. I myself have had calls that I was forced to accept because a school superintendent called the unit commander personally and complained. I ended up writing the superintendent up for filing a false police report and she got fired, but I was forced to conduct an unneeded investigation based on her rant. Libs don’t like to be told they have no case, and will force their view on anyone they can. Believe me, the Deputy did not want to even answer that call, but that is his job. The school is at fault, and I personally would sue them for violating my child’s 1st amendment rights. I would also loudly protest on the sidewalk in front of the school until they gave up and let my kids read the Bible and talk about it to anybody they wanted to.

    • Seniorsquadldr

      This deputy and his brothers and sisters will soon be rounding you, you, you, you, and you up for transport to a FEMA camp for trial.. The charge? Being a Christian and being a Christian make you a terrorist. So says the totalitarians of the left.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0


  • Scott Davenport

    How does one keep a straight face when a teacher that received a worthless degree in education tells them that there is a separation of church and state??? I’d be laughin’ that idiot out of the country… 🙂

  • I thought it spoke wonders of how the Word of God spread without ‘shoving it down the throats’ as some claim. It took a small child & it spread like wildfire.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Amen, Tammy! Isn’t that a beautiful picture of the Great Commission?!? Mama should be proud.

    • Lee Turner

      Yes and amen to that Tammy from Australia same here our right to celebrate Christmas in school because it might offend..we are asked to respect other peoples traditions while ours are taken away ..people working in stores are not permitted to say merry Christmas .. we do as Gods family need to stand and and be bold ..

  • sammy13

    These ‘teaches’ would have been working in a saloon in the good old days when Mcguffey’s Readers were used throughout America if they objected to everything and anything with a biblical bent. These readers are still available and used in home schooling.

    Do not expect things to get better if Hillary is elected, only worse; and I do not trust Trump as I think he has an agenda that has not been revealed.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Why, has Hillary come out as anti-Bible?

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        She is a Democrat. QED.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          Uh huh. So, “no” then. Got it.

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    This was not separation of Church n State. This was pure hate for Christians, God n His Bible. This was like a hate speech n hate crime.

  • Greg Trujillo

    Hatred of God and His Son Jesus Christ. I can’t wrap my head around that. The Bible says that God has put the knowledge of His existence into every living human being. So denying him is ludicrous. And their is a stern warning for anyone who leads a little one who loves God astray, or offends them concerning the God of the Bible.

  • Josey

    Matthew 19:13,14
    13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. 14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

    Matthew 18:3-7 3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. 6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

    In this passage Jesus is not just referring to just little children but He is saying that all must become as little children such as the children in this article and Jesus gives a stern warning to the ones who offend these little children who come and believe in Him whether a little child or an adult who comes as with the faith of a little child which is how we all first come to Christ with childlike faith but WOE to this teacher for this and the policeman who should have refused this assignment and the school administration who is standing by the teacher, it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their neck and for them to be cast into the sea than having offended these little ones, WOE to them on the day of judgement unless they bow down before Christ and repent!

  • Ambulance Chaser

    I agree that the school was I the wrong assuming everything in this story was accurate. However, I am amused by the number of people here who suddenly love the 14th Amendment and the Incorporation of the Free Exercise Clause to state action.

  • Dyros

    Bring a Koran verse to a school and you would be hailed as a hero.

  • Kathleen Cockrell

    The faculty and administration cannot push religious beliefs, but the students most certainly can. And this young man wasn’t pushing anything, it was all requested. I’m praying for the heart of that teacher. She was either living in fear or the offended one, herself. Heartbreaking.

  • Another consequence of the 18th-century founders rejecting Yahweh as sovereign and His unchanging moral law as supreme:

    “…Although the First Amendment does not allow for establishing one religion over another, by eliminating Christianity as the federal government’s religion of choice (achieved by Article 6’s interdiction against Christian test oaths), Amendment 1 authorized equality for all non-Christian and even antichristian religions. When the Constitution failed to recognize Christian monotheism, it allowed Amendment 1 to fill the void by authorizing pagan polytheism.

    “Amendment 1 did exactly what the framers proclaimed it could not do: it prohibited the exercise of monotheistic Christianity (except within the confines of its church buildings) and established polytheism in its place. This explains the government’s double standard regarding Christian and non-Christian religions. For example, court participants entering the United States District Court of Appeals for the Middle District of Alabama must walk by a statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. And yet, on November 18, 2002, this very court ruled that Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments Monument violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. Despite many Christians’ protests against this hypocrisy, it was in keeping with the inevitable repercussions of the First Amendment.

    “…Christians hang their religious hat on Amendment 1, as if some great moral principle is carved therein. They have gotten so caught up in the battle over the misuse of the Establishment Clause – the freedom from religion – that they have overlooked the ungodliness intrinsic in the Free Exercise Clause – the freedom of religion….”

    For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on my picture, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 11.

    Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as
    compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the
    right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the
    Constitution by the Bible.

  • PastorRon Aldridge

    Without knowing the sheriff, I cannot say what his feelings are in this matter but, if he was “ordered” by a superior to go the house and tell them that, then he had two choices; go do it, or risk being fired for disobeying. To me, the key is, “Was he ordered to do it by a superior or asked by the school”. Since I don’t know, I can’t make an accurate judgment ( and neither can you).

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Actually it has more to do with Union solidarity. Teachers union supported by Police Union.

  • ron

    The school needs to get a new principal and teacher in this case.

  • MEP1101


    When Jesus and the apostles walked the earth secular Jews like the high priest Caiaphas and the Sadducees were the first Anti-Christ ! They had Jesus murdered over the objections of Pontius Pilate and persecuted Jesus followers. Since then Jesus rejecting Jews have taken the lead in opposing Christianity too. They mirror perfectly their First Century, anti-Christ ancestors. Jews were the main enemy of Christians in the new testament, not only those outside the Christian Congregation, but INSIDE THE CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION as well. ( Look up “JUDAIZERS” in your Bible dictionaries ) Satan rules this world ( 1 John 5: 19 ) and the JESUS OPPOSING JEWS of Jesus day, and it follows, our day too, were called by Jesus himself: Children of the Devil ( John 8:37-47)
    It is no mere coincidence that of all people of the world, it was the Jews who created GOD and JESUS HATING COMMUNISM and The Communist Block of Nations. And under Jewish Bolshevism HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS WERE PERSECUTED, IMPRISONED, TORTURED AND MURDERED with the participation of YEVSKS, Communist Jews. THE MAIN OPPOSITION TO CHRISTIANITY today here in the U.S. is coming from the Jewish dominated Democrat Party, government public schools and universities, the Jewish dominated A.C.L.U., myriad Jewish dominated L.G.B.T. organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the A.D.L. the Jewish porn industry, Hollywood and their Main Stream Media. Remember that V.P. Biden thanked “The Jewish Leaders of Hollywood” for selling Homosexual marriage to the American public. THEY ARE “THE END TIME’S ANTI-CHRIST” JUST AS THEY WERE THE FIRST CENTURY ANTI-CHRIST ! Thus history has come full circle, proving the New Testament of the Bible to be a Book of Truth.

  • Tony

    i used to read my Bible at school NO one ever stopped me. And it is Not the church and state thing. OK schools can not teach church at school. And at a court the ask you to have your hand on a BIBLE and swear to tell the truth. IF a child wants to talk about God the is NO CRIME !!!!!! The school and the state have no say what so ever. First amendment rights. freedom of speech.. God bless America.

  • Polly

    One day God will tell the athiests/agnostics that he is offended. That’s all I got to say about that.