Illinois Residents Call for Shutdown of Store for Adults Who Want to Be Babies

Tykables-compressedMOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. — Residents near a newly-opened store in Illinois that caters to adults who want to live like babies are expressing concern over how the business reflects on their community and are calling for it to be shut down or relocated.

The store, called Tykables, is located in a suburb of Chicago, and features adult-sized diapers, cribs, playpens, high chairs and others items for those who who have a fetish for living like a baby, or Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL).

“It is a lot of fun,” owner John Michael Williams says of his seven-foot-tall crib in a YouTube video, wearing diapers himself. “We’ll have some teddy bears and other things like that in there as the days go by. … We definitely want to fill the space with things for people to come in and play [with and] take pictures. Not everybody has access to a nursery, so one of the things we wanted to do is provide one.”

But not everyone finds the store to be cute. On Tuesday, concerned community members spoke their mind during the regular city hall meeting.

“It’s hard for us to swallow in this community. This is not the community that I moved to,” said local resident Brandon Richards.

“Why isn’t their license being pulled?” another asked.

Some expressed concern about the business being in close proximity to a school and park, as well as its affect on other businesses.

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“Our concern is how the village will ensure that this business won’t be detrimental to us as residents and business owners,” Anne O’Donnell of Hearth & Home told the Chicago Tribune.

Mayor Arlene Juracek said that while she finds the business to be odd, it isn’t illegal.

“When you look at the codes and all the definitions, there’s nothing pornographic about it, there’s nothing that would violate any sense of decency and any of our liquor codes or any other codes,” she told reporters, although opining that the business seems “icky” to her. “What they are are doing is legal.”

Tykables, which conducts most of its sales online, is only open by appointment and its windows are covered so passersby cannot see inside.

Chicago sexuality coach Tyomi Morgan told the Daily Mail that she found the business to be fine since those with diaper fetishes are not pedophiles.

“This is the cardinal rule about sexual expression: Any expression is okay as long as it doesn’t harm yourself or anyone else,” she asserted. “Adults wanting to play as babies isn’t harming anyone. And if that sexually arouses them it’s okay. That’s how they personally choose to express their sexuality and it isn’t harming a soul. The average person won’t understand it because it’s atypical. Infantilism is not a traditional sexual stimulant and that’s why it’s considered a fetish.”

But others who have learned of the matter do not find the store to be appropriate.

“This is just one of the many next steps that we have to take after caving in to every single odd/deviant proclivity under the sun!” one commenter opined. “Maybe these people should get their own bathrooms with ginormous changing tables. That way, public facilities one day will be required to have 10 or 12 different styles of bathrooms to cater to every stupid tendency known to society.”

“And now this is out in the open and we all must go along with it?” another asked. “Well, its how they ‘feel.’ And once you give rights based on how someone feels, you might as well figure on the worst things imposing themselves into society.”

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