Chaplains Concerned Over Pentagon Repeal of Ban on Open ‘Transgenders’ in Military

Military prayer pd
A group of military chaplains are expressing their concern over the Pentagon’s recent announcement that it will end the military’s ban on open transgenders in the military.

As previously reported, the Pentagon issued its announcement on Thursday, a year after officials outlined that a six-month study would be conducted to determine whether lifting the ban could have any adverse effect on battle preparedness.

The study was to encompass a variety of aspects, such as how transgenders will be housed, what uniforms they will wear, what bathrooms they will use, and what physical fitness/training standards they will be held to as a person that now seeks to be known as the opposite gender.

Officials also planned to consider whether the government will pay for “gender reassignment” surgeries and other treatments sought by those who identify as transgender.

“We’re eliminating policies that can result in transgender members being treated differently from their peers based solely upon their gender identity rather than upon their ability to serve,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in his announcement last week.

He advised that within 90 days, the Pentagon would craft a manual for superiors on how to handle the matter, which will also include information for military doctors.

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty is now expressing concern for how the development will affect religious liberty, noting that chaplain endorsers recently were present on a conference call with a senior Pentagon official, who outlined the implications of the decision.

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According to the Alliance, those who struggle with their gender identity will be required to see a military medical professional and obtain a statement certifying that they have gender dysphoria. Once this has been accomplished, the person will have be permitted to obtain any sex-change procedures.

“An endorser on the call asked whether medical professionals who hold a biblical view on human sexuality will be required to violate their consciences and do as these persons demand,” explained Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, USA Retired, who serves as the executive director of the Alliance, in a statement, “and the response was that it is the responsibility of medical professional to serve military persons.”

“It’s an understatement to say that this raises serious religious liberty concerns,” he said.

Crews stated that medical professionals in the military should not be forced to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

“The Department of Defense must ensure a service member is not forced to violate his or her conscience and that doctors and nurses who hold to a biblical view of human sexuality can serve in today’s military,” he said. “Congress has spoken on this issue in the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act.”

Crews also advised that endorsers were told that military members with “mixed genitalia” may be present in showers and barracks as they will be in the process of changing their identity.

“Americans need to know the extreme implications of this policy,” he said. “Do we want our sons and daughters to be forced to share showers and sleeping spaces in a ‘mixed genitalia’ environment with no recourse for objections of conscience?”

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  • Joshua Krug

    How did these people get placed in decision-making positions?

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Now they may deliberately hurt the Christian population in military. So sad. Immoral people who love falsehood cannot be trusted. Christians need some autonomy to be protected from the liberals. USA is not blood-related. Only the Christian conscience protects all men equally.

  • TheBottomline4This

    Of course they should be concerned. The mentally ill should not be given a spot in the Military. It’s just going to drag it down and cause problems. Which if you think about it is exactly part of BHO’s plan. So glad that guy will be gone soon.
    And hopefully lying, FBI protected Hillary won’t win. I don’t want the Trump either, but the more dirt is shown on Hillary, it makes Trump not seem as bad.

    • This style ten and six

      Where did you get “mentally ill ” from, there is nothing about it in the anoucment.

      • Amos Moses

        DSM-5 – Body dismorphic dysphoria (disorder) ……………

        BDD – Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD

        The DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for BDD require the following: …. Many individuals with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) report intense feelings of shame and low …

        • This style ten and six

          If they do it is because persons like you discriminate against and shame them.

          • Amos Moses

            No ………… they know they are wrong ………. those who are guilty and know they are guilty ….. FREQUENTLY blame others for their woes ………… so it is just an avoidance of RESPONSIBILITY ………..

          • ComeOnPeople!

            Their conscience is what shames them not men telling them to stop harming themselves by taking hormones and surgeries to try to become something other then what they are. Love says you are created by GOD and are HIS masterpiece. Hate & deception says you are not ok as you are, you need to change yourself and become something other than.

        • cadcoke5

          This is analogous to people who feel they are fat, when they are in reality under weight. Some continue to loose weight to the point of death. And even with psychological treatment, they may struggle with it their whole lives.

          For these individuals, it is clear that affirming their disillusion is not helping them in any way. For those with gender identity issues, it is the same, and they can be driven to extremes of having their genitals mutilated, and other surgical modifications, plus the hormone abuse.

          Affirming this practice is harmful to the individual. Also, those demanding such affirmation trample the rights of those who disagree with them.

      • TheBottomline4This

        Transgenders are emotional/mentally ill. they are the gender/sex they were born and nothing else. It is a mental illness. Bruce Jenner revealed what brought his on and so did Laverne Cox reveal what brought his on.
        Now I understand you won’t be able to agree with this, which is expected, but it is the truth. Born a male, will die a male. Born a female, will die a female. Thinking/feeling you are the opposite sex is a mental illness.

        • This style ten and six

          What kind of illness is ignorance? I understand that you will continue to remain ignorant of human sexuality, probably because you only read one book, the bible.

          • TheBottomline4This

            Transgenders are emotional / mentally ill.
            They eventually reveal the reason behind their illness 🙂

            Are you trans?

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            I always come on this channel when I need a good laugh. Some of these comments. Firs thing that goes through my head, are they serious.

          • TheBottomline4This

            I hear ya. I do the same thing on channels you would agree with and support. It does make one wonder how long you all can go on without medication.

          • hytre64

            It is called “Gender Dysphoria”, and it IS a mental illness. The current prescribed treatment for this mental illness is sex reassignment surgery.

  • Michael A. Todd

    It’s all about tearing down traditions, normal boundaries and our military.

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      And conscience and religion(Christianity).

    • axelbeingcivil

      I’m curious how people actively wanting to join the military and serve translates in your head into someone wanting to tear it down.

      • Chet

        They want to buck the well established centuries old tradition of men acting and functioning as men, period…

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    What is USA fighting for? It’s useless if they exist to uphold such falsehood instead of truth and religious liberty. God created man and woman. Transgenders must live according to their birth genders as created by the Creator God. USA’s moral corrosion only hurts the homeland and spreads the grief into the world. Why is USA doing such a suicidal thing this century? Americans need Christianity for the truth and life. Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life. (John ch.14)

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    USA shouldn’t lose what the nation was born to protect – truth, rights, equality, liberty, and justice. So sad to be thrown by immorality and the unconditional falsehood( transgenderism). Americans need Jesus Christ for salvation.

  • hytre64

    Crews also advised that endorsers were told that military members with “mixed genitalia” may be present in showers and barracks as they will be in the process of changing their identity. – What the HECK!!! – Might as well make them non-gender specific dorms, showers and latrines.

  • hytre64

    What about the battle readiness of the transgenders who must pack along the supply of hormones and hormone suppressors which they need to take on a daily basis?

    • axelbeingcivil

      Not all transgender people go through hormone replacement therapy. Many – perhaps most – transgender people don’t feel like hormone therapy or surgical reassignment would help them.

      For those who do, though, their assignments might be varied based on medical requirements; a pill bottle shouldn’t be a difficult addition for someone who is working from a well-maintained outpost. Not everyone who joins the military does so to end up at a front line firebase.

      Many enlisted people also become maintenance crews or otherwise have a role that doesn’t really make it much of an issue either.

      • Chet

        Why continue to present a lie as truth. Truth is, no pill or hormone will ever alter one’s birth DNA, and DNA determines one’s gender. One can snip off parts here and puff up parts there, yet, nothing changes. A man can lose his parts via war, auto accident or cancer, yet, he remains a man, period… And no woman will ever become a man…

  • Gena B

    So, we know in the service a guy may need to lift a lot of weight, if there is a female who can lift as much and not be a burden to the troop, more power to her. But crossing lines there are going to be some who may not meet the obligations and I wonder if this could not only be a burden but put soldiers in harms way in a crisis.

    • TheBottomline4This

      Can you imagine also if a woman who thinks she’s a “guy”, where is she “he” going to sleep? In the men’s quarters I guess they’ll be forced to put up with that. That could definitely affect morale, camaraderie, etc. Some may buy into the she’s a “man” so no problem to them, but the ones who don’t buy this will be forced to deal with the fraud that this woman is a “man”. Then we also have the issue of a man who thinks he’s a “woman” going into the women’s quarters.
      Those of us who know, know who the author of confusion is.

  • rsheat

    As the evil doers spread their wicked agendas. The respectful tolerant personnel cash their checks quietly.

  • axelbeingcivil

    Turns out that if you voluntarily join the military, you have to actually do the job assigned to you. Shocker.

  • Praise God! However, this is about 230 years too late! America needed pastors storming the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787!

    This is but one of thousands of consequences of the whirlwind today’s America is reaping as a result of the wind sown by the 18th-century founders when they replaced the 17th-century Colonial governments of, by, and for God established upon His immutable moral law for their own humanistic government of, by, and for the people based upon capricious Enlightenment traditions:

    “[B]ecause they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law … they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind….” (Hosea 8:1,7)

    America was sold down the river when founders replaced Biblical responsibilities with Enlightenment rights. See blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

    Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • Grundune

      Kingdom Ambassador, aka Ted R. Weiland is trying to recruit the unwary for his campaign to get the U.S. Constitution abolished along with the freedom and liberty enjoyed by generations of Americans. His reasons are based on reading into the Bible that the Constitution is “seditious” and that people shouldn’t have rights. He’s got more, but they are all more loony then the next.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    I strongly urge all Romans 10:9 Believers that are working for any municipal corporation in any capacity, and that includes military, to end your contract ASAP with that entity and “come out of Babylon”. This also includes ending any/all contracts that are perceived to be needed for necessity, such as Driver License (not needed for travel) or Marriage License (not needed for any reason) or other such “permissions” issued by muni-corps. In the name of Yeshua, be it so.

  • Chet

    The Commander In Chief has determined no such trans people in uniform, period, as such is incompatible with good order and discipline. Get right with the command, chaplains and commanders…